Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 902 - 902 Little Four (2)

902 Little Four (2)

By chance, he used the Nine Nether Earth Fruit to save Lu Qingdai, who had a useless spiritual root, and took her in as his disciple.

That was only a temporary measure at that time. Later on, he only let her stay in Green Mountain Residence and gave her a simple pointer before not paying much attention.

However, they were still master and disciple after all. There was still some fate.

After Jiang Li was strong enough and his identity no longer needed to be hidden, he brought her back to the Scripture Storage Valley as his registered disciple.

The useless spiritual root that could not even cultivate was already a dignified Earth Immortal.

Perhaps this was the importance of fate.

Just because of the title of disciple that the clone casually took in, it completely changed Lu Qingdai’s life!

Without Jiang Li, she would forever be a mortal. Perhaps after living for decades, she would die of old age.

However, with this relationship, she actually cultivated to the Earth Immortal realm in a short few hundred years.

Now, she had become an elder in the Scripture Storage Valley.

“Leave it at the side. Thank you for your hard work.”

Following this voice, a thin figure walked out of the Pill Chamber.

The former Alchemy Hall’s Little Four had already grown into an alchemy grandmaster.

She had once controlled the alchemy matters of the Great Mountain Alliance and even Fengdu City. She had worked with many legendary alchemy masters and had been taught everything by them.

With her participation in presiding, she had refined more than a hundred Heaven-rank medicinal pills.

Later on, for some personal reasons, she chose to give up those rights and positions and returned to the Scripture Storage Valley alone. She focused on studying the ancient immortal formula in her Pill Chamber.

The immortal pills refined by those immortals were extremely powerful, but many spiritual materials had already disappeared.

If one wanted to successfully recreate the pill formula, one had to find suitable substitute materials.

It was an extremely heavy job that could not guarantee that they would definitely gain something.

Many alchemists were unwilling to plunge into this invincible abyss.

Only Little Four chose this difficult path without any hesitation.

She, who had a clean ponytail, walked out of the Pill Chamber.

Time did not leave any traces on her face, but her face was no longer as childish and lively as before.

She was still dressed as simply as before.

She did not put on airs as an elder and personally started to move the jade box on the ground.

That place contained all the spiritual materials she wanted.

The Divine Brilliance Grass came from the West Mountain of the Great Desolate. Spiritual materials that grew in the same environment might have the same characteristics and could replace a portion of the medicinal effect.

However, the work was still extremely heavy.

No one else understood why she gave up on such a place that touched the center of authority in the Three Realms and returned to the Scripture Storage Valley to cultivate alone.

Only she understood that that was because continuing to refine ordinary medicinal pills could no longer help him.

If they could not help him, it was meaningless.

Now, the only thing that could help him was immortal pills.

That was why she gave up everything there and returned to the Scripture Storage Valley to try to refine immortal pills and complete the pill formula.

The jade box that was larger than her blocked Little Four’s vision.

However, she, who had already gathered three flowers and five qi, would not be affected at all.

After taking two steps, she seemed to have collided with something.

In her memories, there was clearly nothing there.

Little Four instinctively scanned with her divine sense, and then her entire body froze on the spot.

That was… that was… how was that possible?!

“Senior Sister Little Four, leave this heavy lifting to me.”

“After all, I’m also a body cultivator.”

A pair of burning hands dragged the jade box and lightly placed the things in the corner where the medicinal herbs were piled.

When that person turned around, his appearance, figure, and expression were all those of the current Human Emperor!

“Senior Sister Little Four, don’t worry. It’s me.”

“No one in the Three Realms can turn into me. Whoever dares to do that will directly trigger the heavenly punishment.”

“Look, there are no dark clouds above my head. It’s true.”

This time, Jiang Li called her Senior Sister Little Four again.

This familiar title immediately pulled their memories back to the distant past when they were still in the era of Qi Refinement.

Looking at this senior sister who still looked stunned and slightly in disbelief, Jiang Li specially explained.

Only then did this little senior sister finally come back to her senses.

“Senior… Senior Brother Human Emperor should be busy every day… why did you suddenly come to me?”

Little Four’s eyes were filled with excitement as she involuntarily took half a step forward.

However, as if she suddenly thought of something, she suppressed her emotions.

Jiang Li saw her expression and immediately understood.

It should have been a long time since they last met, and there was a huge difference in status and strength, causing Little Four to not know how to face Jiang Li for a time.

In order to prevent herself from being disappointed and afraid that Jiang Li would change his attitude towards her because of the change in his identity, she might already put on a defensive and cold expression.

Jiang Li was not disappointed. Senior Sister Little Four just did not have confidence.

At this moment, he only needed to give her confidence.

“This cauldron… there are many Heaven-rank cauldrons in Fengdu City. Why is Senior Sister Little Four still using this old cauldron?”

He did not explain the fact that as the ruler of the Three Realms, he was actually not very busy.

He only strolled around the familiar Pill Chamber.

He suddenly looked at the huge cauldron in the center.

This cauldron was not special. Instead, it seemed quite ordinary.

Not to mention a grandmaster like Little Four, it was not even worthy of the current Scripture Storage Valley.

This cauldron had not even reached the Earth-rank. It was only a high-grade Profound-rank cauldron.

It was a huge cauldron that he had seized from the Hundred Tempering Mountain back then.

It might have been good back then, but now… Profound-rank… what antique was that?

“Because… because…”

When Little Four was asked this, a flustered expression appeared on her face.

When she was young back then, she might not have understood why she was often depressed and would only be happy when she was by Jiang Li’s side. What was that strange situation?

But how long had it been?

The Three Realms and Six Paths had already returned to one.

Over a long period of time, as she gained more experience, she had long understood herself.

She had placed someone in a very, very important position a long time ago.

However, she did not dare to face it, let alone say it out loud.

Little Four lowered her head, quickly weaving any excuse in her mind.

“It’s because I gave you this, right?”

A determined voice sounded from behind, saying what Little Four was thinking.

This caused her to feel as if she had been struck by lightning, and she was stunned on the spot.

Jiang Li had unknowingly circled behind her.

A hand gently undid the other party’s ponytail.

With a shake of his other hand, the door of Little Four’s alchemy room closed.

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