Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 901 - 901 Little Four (1)

901 Little Four (1)

Eastern Region of the Azure Cloud Continent, the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

There was a huge golden valley here called the Scripture Storage Valley.

It was a cultivation sect famous for having many scriptures.

This place looked ordinary from the outside. Its history was not too long.

The sect was located in a remote place far away from the center of the Primordial World. It rarely participated in the four storms on the continent, and there was not much reputation spread outside.

It was as if it was really just an ordinary remote small sect living peacefully in a corner.

However, if there was really a blind sect or a self-righteous rogue cultivator who provoked the Scripture Storage Valley, there was no need for them to attack overnight. Rogue cultivators or entire sects would be uprooted and disappear from the world without a trace.

As for where they went?

The 18 levels of hell might be a good choice.

It was quite scary when one thought about it.

How could such a remote small sect have such power?

Regarding the secret and truth, only a small number of top cultivators who were established in a powerful sect that held a high position in Fengdu City before the great change could know a little about the terrifying background of the Scripture Storage Valley.

They did not fight or snatch, and they did not show their might in front of others. It did not mean that they did not have this ability. It was also possible that the other party did not care at all.

This place was a top-notch immortal holy land even in the entire Primordial World. No one could afford to provoke it.

This was because the current ruler of the Three Realms, the current Human Emperor, had actually walked out of this remote small sect!

Just this relationship alone was so strong that it made people despair.

Compared to the Scripture Storage Valley, how many people in the world could have such strength?

This relationship undoubtedly made the Scripture Storage Valley become a super sect that countless young talents wanted to enter.

The descendants of large families with a long history and the second-generation cultivators of powerful sects would wake up laughing in their dreams if they could come here to become outer sect disciples.

After all, if he could become a junior of the sect that ruled the Three Realms, then who would dare to touch him in the future?

Moreover, besides having a strong relationship, this was also an extremely rare cultivation holy land in the Three Realms that could be ranked in the top ten.

This was because the current Human Emperor had never forgotten his sect.

When he was traveling and plundering in the Primordial World, he saw all kinds of good things and brought them back.

Just the small special mystic realms that could assist in various stages of cultivation and improve all aspects numbered more than a hundred.

There were also all kinds of magical natural treasures, spiritual trees, and spiritual fruits planted neatly in the spiritual plant garden. Looking at them in rows, there was almost no end.

The former scripture monument had already been taken away by Jiang Li and fused into the Divine Investiture Board.

However, Jiang Li had gathered all the scriptures in the world, Dao techniques, divine arts, alchemy scriptures, and secret manuals. He had built an even larger mystic realm that was a hundred times larger, causing the Scripture Storage Valley to be worthy of its name even in the Three Realms.

Any one of the above was a huge opportunity that others dreamed of.

Obtaining any one of them could change a cultivator’s life.

However, the disciples in the Scripture Storage Valley did not need to leave. As long as they accumulated enough merit points, they could obtain them all in their sect.

If the rogue cultivators outside knew about the difference, they would probably die of jealousy on the spot.

Cultivating in the Scripture Storage Valley meant that he did not have to worry about spiritual qi or immortal qi.

Back then, Jiang Li used a supreme method to capture hundreds of earth veins of various sizes. He had even forcefully changed the direction of the earth veins and forcefully connected them into an underground array.

As time passed, it was not a problem to nurture the dragon vein.

Cultivating in this valley was only stronger than other people’s grotto-heavens and blessed lands.

Under such conditions, as long as one joined the Scripture Storage Valley and became an official disciple, they would obediently cultivate step by step.

Even the worst inferior-grade spiritual root could at least cultivate to the Soul Formation realm.

This was something that low-grade spiritual root cultivators did not dare to imagine.

Apart from the word perfect, there was almost no other word to describe such a sect.

How could it not be sought after?

In the Scripture Storage Valley, all the elders and disciples were like dragons. It was difficult to find someone weak.

In the shadows, there were more than ten True Immortal-level Wood Dragons and Wood Demons hiding, protecting this sect.

In the current Three Realms, there were only a thousand immortals, and they were basically all Spirit Immortals. The powerful ones had only survived one or two calamities.

They were still far from truly becoming a True Immortal.

Such a force created by Jiang Li was already sufficient to run amok fearlessly.

In one of the regions of the Scripture Storage Valley, thirteen types of Heaven and Earth Spirit Fire with different characteristics were burning all year round.

Violent flames spewed out from the huge cauldrons. Thick pill fragrance filled every inch of the ground.

This was the Alchemy Hall of the Scripture Storage Valley.

One of the alchemy rooms had not changed for 500 years. There was a sign hanging on it that said Little Four’s alchemy room.

“These are the new medicines batched today. There are a total of 103. They are all thousand-year-old spiritual plants from the West Mountain of the Great Desolate.”

“I wonder if there are any spiritual materials that can replace the Divine Brilliance Grass this time.”

The person who spoke was the daughter of the former Nightless City Lord of the Great Mountain Region, Lu Qingdai.

Back then, Jiang Li was still weak and poor. He used his clone to transform into Green Mountain Ascetic and built Green Mountain Residence in Nightless City to earn spirit stones.

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