Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 900 - 900 Unification of Three Realms (2)

900 Unification of Three Realms (2)

“However, the Heavenly Human Five Degenerations is definitely a super luxurious version. If this is the norm, how many of those scheming people from ancient times could become Grand Unity?”

The five worlds each imposed a layer of their curse.

The unbelievable strength really almost beat Jiang Li back to being a mortal in his 70s. He was usually weak and on the verge of death.

This kind of treatment was really an honor for the current Human Emperor!

Fortunately, these few worlds still did not know Jiang Li well enough.

Otherwise, they would not have done such a thing.

“Isn’t it just 128,600 years?! This calamity can be passed with a flick of my finger!”

Jiang Li was not interested in continuing to suffer meaninglessly.

Five seconds later, the Grand Unity Calamity ended.

The anti-cultivation rules that wreaked havoc in the Earth Realm completely dissipated on this day.

The dark clouds in the Primordial World finally dispersed.

Five resplendent Grand Unity Immortal Lights scattered down.

It was a gift from the five worlds.

Although the intention of these worlds was to kill Jiang Li, they had failed.

After all, it was a calamity sent down by them. Now that Jiang Li had successfully survived it, they had the obligation to help the Human Emperor achieve the Grand Unity!

The reward had to be comparable to Jiang Li’s “128,600 years” tribulation.

When it landed on the current Human Emperor, his withered body and soul were nourished and began to recover like time was reversed.

Together with the large stack of statuses in his body, Jiang Li returned to his peak state in a short period of time.

The surging strength returned to his body. The feeling of being able to crush the space in front of him with just a little strength made him feel extremely comfortable.

Compared to the previous state where he could not even move a finger and was about to fall asleep at any moment, this was his strength.

However, that was far from the end.

Jiang Li’s strength was still rising like a rocket.

Soon, the current Human Emperor felt that he had broken through a layer of obstruction and reached a new realm.

It was unstoppable without any delay.

For a time, nine-colored divine flowers fell from the sky like rain.

Wherever his gaze landed, golden lotus petals broke out of the ground.

It was the birth of a Sage.

As the wind whistled past, it naturally sounded like immortal music.

The sun, moon, and stars above lit up at the same time. Even if the time was chaotic and the day and night were reversed, they had to congratulate Jiang Li immediately.

If it was in ancient times, there would be a Phoenix offering treasures from thousands of miles away. A True Dragon would sweep away the rain for thousands of miles.

The Heavenly Palace Immortals would fight to congratulate him, and the Jade Pool Immortal Maidens would dance in the air.

It should have been a grand scene in the Three Realms and everyone should know about it.

Unfortunately, in this era, these things did not exist.

Only in the Nine Provinces could there be some fairies and goddesses.

Immortal light bridged the way, and stars paved the way!

At this moment, a portion of the space between the Earth Realm and the Nine Provinces that represented the Human Dao overlapped.

Apart from Shenshan Qiuhua, who was protected by Fengdu City and was not forcefully summoned, the 99 most beautiful female Mystic Immortals in the Nine Provinces were carried by the power of the Three Realms and Six Paths and brought here.

They were originally doing their own things. When they suddenly came here, their faces were still filled with confusion, not knowing what had happened.

It was not until they saw their City Lord, the current Human Emperor, bathing in resplendent immortal light that they realized this Human Emperor had broken through again.

Moreover, it was exaggerated to the point that the Three Realms and Six Paths had to bring them fairies over to dance for him.

What the heck was this?

Why was the difference between an immortal and an immortal even greater than the difference between a human and a pig?

All of them had become Mystic Immortals because of Jiang Li.

They either relied on the Yin Burial Coffin or Jiang Li’s Golden Immortal Essence Yang.

However, even so, after becoming a Mystic Immortal, it was difficult to advance further.

Now, all of them were still making all kinds of preparations for the first calamity that would happen in 500 years.

At that time, they would probably have to ask Jiang Li for help.

However, how long had this Human Emperor just become a Golden Immortal? Was he going to break through again in the blink of an eye?

They were all helpless. In fact, they had already become immortals and had long suffered a heavy blow in their minds.

Fortunately, that was their Human Emperor, right?

Because Jiang Li had already surpassed them by too much, they were utterly unable to arouse any jealousy, and all they felt was reverence.

If they were dancing for others, they would probably be unwilling. At most, they would send out a strand of spiritual qi to transform into an immortal dance.

However, if it was their City Lord, they would start moving.

Not only did they have to jump, but they also had to work hard.

This current Human Emperor himself was a huge opportunity.

As long as they were fortunate enough to obtain a dual cultivation session and retain a mouthful of Yang Essence, it would be enough to help them cultivate for a hundred years.

Immediately, Luo Shen led the dance and used the sun, moon, and starlight as precious hairpins.

With white clouds as clothes and a breeze as a veil, they danced around the current Human Emperor in the middle, looking extremely beautiful.

This fairy was indeed different from mortals.

Jiang Li, who was breaking through in the middle, watched with interest. It seemed that he could let them form a song and dance troupe in the future. When he was free, they could secretly perform for him.

Jiang Li had faced a huge calamity in the world and had obtained the blessing of the Heavenly Dao to advance further.

The path of cultivation in the current world had also been expanded to the Grand Unity Golden Immortal realm on this day.

In the blink of an eye, 300 years passed.

The Human Dao and the Beast Dao fused with the Primordial World one after another.

They were originally divided from the Primordial World but were related.

The reaction of the fusion of the worlds was even more stable than the assembly of the Netherworld fragments back then.

Most mortals did not sense anything. However, one day, when they looked up, they discovered that the sky above them seemed to be different.

After that, this world began to reveal some of the glory of ancient times.

Compared to hundreds of years ago, the number of humans had swelled by more than a hundred times. On this land, they cultivated fertile land and built bustling cities to form powerful kingdoms.

In an environment with even denser spiritual qi and led by the current Human Emperor, they gradually returned to the ancient human race and had increasingly powerful strength.

Even without the protection of the Human Emperor, they began to have enough power to protect themselves and continuously expand.

Many souls who had accumulated extraordinary merit when they were alive and were unwilling to reincarnate could also choose to become ghost cultivators and return to the mortal world.

They gathered in the Ghost City filled with ghost qi.

They created a world unique to the dead and ran their lives according to unique rules. Occasionally, when they were discovered by outsiders, mysterious legends would spread.

Endless demons from the Beast Dao reproduced on the plains, mountains, rivers, and seas, dominating an area…

The immortals who came out of Fengdu City established cave abodes and immortal mountains that belonged to them. They established sects and educated the people.

Countless experts from different worlds fought to walk onto the stage and lead everyone in this vast continent.

The Primordial World was wider, stronger, more mysterious, and more than a hundred times more beautiful than the former Nine Provinces.

Everyone with dreams could sing their own legend in this world.

500 years later, the Heavenly God Dao fused into the Heavenly Realm and appeared above the dome of the Primordial World.

The Hungry Ghost Dao fused into the Netherworld and appeared under the ground of the Primordial World!

The Asura World turned into a blood moon and floated in the air. Every 333 years, it would invite the experts of all the races in the Primordial World to participate and start a bloody war.

Finally, on that day.

The Three Realms combined! The Primordial World was reopened!

Jiang Li, who led all of this, obtained the ninth-grade Golden Lotus of each world. At the same time that the Three Realms returned to one, he fused the Chaos Treasure, the ninth-grade Merit Lotus Platform.

Jiang Li dragged the Merit Lotus Platform and went straight to the Heavenly Realm to search for the Heaven of Zenith Heaven.

Due to the Cultivationless Age, the Heavenly Realm, which was purely ruled by pure qi, suffered the most.

At this moment, everything in the Heavenly Realm was still blurry and chaotic.

The former Heavenly Palace and Immortal Abode could no longer be found.

Legend had it that the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal’s Great Overarching Heaven was also based there.

The current Human Emperor simply opened the sky in the Heavenly Realm.

Using the Divine Investiture Board, he could enlighten the living beings of the Heavenly God Realm and establish the Heavenly Court, Immortal Palace, and even the 33 Heavens!

From now on, the Three Realms would have one master!

In the Three Realms, they started to perform a world where gods, ghosts, immortals, demons, monsters, devils, spirits, and humans danced together.

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