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Chapter 904 - 904 Achieving the Zenith Heaven (2)

904 Achieving the Zenith Heaven (2)

It just so happened to be a great opportunity to rebuild the Heavenly Realm and seize merit. How could Jiang Li let it go?

He was still thinking about what it would be like to see the legendary twelfth-grade Merit Golden Lotus.

However, the Human Emperor did not immediately continue upwards.

Instead, he turned around and went straight to the Netherworld. He went to the 18th level of hell again to cultivate in seclusion.

In hell, it was impossible to cultivate above the Immortal God realm.

However, Jiang Li could rely on the super acceleration of time rules to obtain a vast amount of immortal qi and other energy.

Similarly, the small world in his body needed a large amount of time to evolve before it could produce a unique civilization system and blossom with the brilliance that belonged to this world.

The last million years of accumulated immortal qi almost exploded the coffin.

This time, the Yin Burial Coffin had already become an immortal artifact, and the internal space was more than a hundred times larger.

In Jiang Li’s body, there was also a small world that used the five primordial qi as the foundation and absorbed the power of the Three Realms. There was also the precious treasure of the human race, the Cosmic Cauldron, that suppressed it.

It was almost a miniature version of the Primordial World’s Three Realms.

It could easily accommodate the five lakes, four seas, three peaks, and five mountains. After spreading life, it was enough to evolve dozens of small worlds.

Jiang Li activated his Infinite Dao Heart. This seclusion was equivalent to an entire day in the outside world.

In other words, it was another astronomical figure.

The small world in his chest had been destroyed and reconstructed for countless eras.

Due to the immortal qi inside, it was extremely dense.

Under the nourishment of endless immortal qi, many resplendent civilizations had been born in small worlds, and countless astonishing heroes had appeared.

The heroes that appeared were all recorded by Jiang Li.

If he needed anything, he could summon the humans and pull them to the Primordial World to become his Immortal Palace team.

Thus, after an unknown period of time, Jiang Li returned from hell with boundless immortal qi.

He stood on the Nine Heavens again.

With his peak Grand Unity Golden Immortal cultivation, he could have ignored most of the rules of heaven and earth and easily passed through the obstruction of the Nine-Layered Heavenly Realm and stepped into the new level above.

The Yin Burial Coffin transformed into an Armored Kun that spat out a vast amount of immortal qi.

Jiang Li raised his finger and drew forward.

“In the name of the Human Emperor, Jiang Li! The tenth level of the Heavenly Realm! Open!”

As soon as Jiang Li finished speaking, a Yin-Yang Taiji Diagram quickly unfolded.

The tenth level of the Heavenly Realm, which was in a chaotic state, quickly began to evolve.

In the Heavenly Realm above the ninth level, because the clear qi was already becoming thinner and thinner, it was very difficult to carry some heavy things.

Therefore, there was no need to build an immortal palace in the Heavenly Realm above.

Jiang Li only needed to establish this Heavenly Realm.

Split the clear and turbid qi, open up the universe, shine the three lights, and nurture life.

Allow the circulation of the sun and moon, and unify the five elements to complement each other.

It was enough after doing this.

This was not difficult for the current Human Emperor who had endless immortal qi and grasped the Great Ultimate Principle.

In just three days, the tenth level was opened.

After judging the top and bottom, Jiang Li could find the direction to go up and find the next level of the Heavenly Realm.

He continued.

After each Heavenly Realm was established, merit would descend.

Accompanied by the Heaven Splitting Mystic Light, some rare treasures that could not be replicated were born, or some Connate lifeforms that accompanied the heavens were born.

For example, the Nine Heavenly Maiden was a Connate Divine Spirit formed from the Nine Heavens Profound Light.

With Yellow Emperor Xuanyuan’s example, Jiang Li naturally knew that such a Connate Divine Spirit was a rare opportunity for the Human Emperor.

After a series of exercises, his Grand Unity Immortal realm advanced further.

Continuing upwards was the location of the Four Brahma Heavens.

Just from the sound of it, one might not be able to sense the difference.

However, the ancient Immortals and Gods basically knew that it was a forbidden area that could not be trespassed!

This was because above was the former Sage Dao Ground!

These Four Heavens were the Buddhist Dao Ground guided by the Sage of the West, Cundi.

Above that were the Three Pure Heavens.

These Three Pure Heavens were the three heavens named after the Three Pure Sages.

Among them, the monkey had once secretly eaten medicinal pills in the 33rd Heaven. No immortals or gods could ascend to the other two Heavens.

As for the Great Overarching Heaven, it was at the highest 36th level!

The Great Overarching Heaven was not where the Sage Dao Sect was located. Originally, it was not the highest 36th level.

However, because of its special status and function, only by ascending here could one become a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal!

This was theoretically the highest level below the Sages.

Out of the instinctive monopoly of the higher-ups, the Great Overarching Heaven was jointly raised to the 36th Heaven by the Sages!

This was also the reason why there were so few Zenith Heaven Golden Immortals. It was hard to say if there were even ten of them in the entire ancient era.

This was because after those Sages attained the Dao, if they wanted to become Golden Immortals, they had to obtain the approval of the five Sages to reach the 36th level.

Apart from their own cultivation, they also needed a huge background and connection.

How could an ordinary Grand Unity Golden Immortal do that?

Fortunately, in the current Three Realms of the Primordial World, all the Sages had died.

The last Sage of the 35th Heaven, the Heavenly Lord of Primordial Beginning, had also fallen to the current Human Emperor not long ago.

At this moment, there was no need to obtain the approval of others.

On the other hand, he discovered three things that only existed in ancient times in the Three Pure Heavens.

It was the true Connate Spirit Qi!

In the earliest period of the creation of the world, cultivators did not need to reach the Qi Refinement realm, Foundation Establishment realm, and Core Formation realm like now, nor did they need to refine their essence into qi like in ancient times.

They only needed to absorb the Connate Spirit Qi to directly become Connate Divine Spirits.

It was an energy that was a hundred times higher and stronger than immortal qi.

It was only possible for a large world like the Primordial World to be born from the beginning. Moreover, there was a predestined high-level energy that could not be replenished.

On the other hand, the Connate Spirit Qi that Jiang Li obtained this time seemed to be even more extraordinary.

[Opened the 34th level of the Heavenly Realm, the Great Pure Heaven, and obtained the gift of the Great Pure Creation. Added Status: Great Pure Connate Essence Qi.]

[Great Pure Connate Essence Qi: Absorb the Dao of the Connate Essence Qi. Heaven and Earth form the Essence Qi, and all things form heaven and earth. You can create all things to attain the Primordial Chaos. Duration: 100,000 years] (− +)

[Opened the 35th level of the Heavenly Realm, the Supreme Clarity Heaven, and obtained the gift of the Supreme Clarity Creation. Added Status: Supreme Clarity Connate True Qi.]

[Supreme Clarity Connate True Qi: Absorb the Dao of the Connate True Qi, the Primordial Chaos True Qi. Before the world was divided, the sun and moon were not lit, the Chaos was too empty, and there was no form, no name, and no smell. You can create all things to attain the Primordial Chaos. Duration: 100,000 years] (− +)

[Opened the 36th level of the Heavenly Realm, the Jade Pure Heaven, and obtained the gift of the Jade Pure Creation. Added Status: Jade Pure Connate Origin Qi.]

[Jade Pure Connate Origin Qi: Absorb the Connate Origin Qi. The Heaven-Bound Qi is Yang, the Earth-Bound Qi is Yin. Yang is healthy and Yin is smooth. The two Qi circulates continuously like rings without friction. You can create all things to attain the Primordial Chaos. Duration: 100,000 years] (− +)

These three Connate Qi were respectively the Essence Qi, True Qi, and Origin Qi. They were probably the Three Pure Qi that Pangu had transformed into the Three Pure Ones.

After obtaining these three Connate Qi, Jiang Li had the possibility of attaining the Great Dao of Primordial Chaos.

It was not in vain that he had spent so much immortal qi. It was not a loss to have such a gain.

With the Three Pure Qi, Jiang Li warped towards the upper world again.

After a solid barrier, Jiang Li finally arrived at the goal of this trip, the Sage Realm’s Great Overarching Heaven!

He drew the sky again. Endless immortal qi surged out along with the Yin-Yang Taiji Diagram.

While establishing the Great Overarching Heaven, it also gave Jiang Li the power of a Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal.

It allowed his Grand Unity Golden Immortal status, which had already reached its peak, to rise to another level.

He had finally reached the Zenith Heaven Golden Immortal realm!

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