Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 49 - Underwater Cemetery

Chapter 49: Underwater Cemetery

The first time Jiang Li successfully used the Five Senses Technique, six hours had already passed.

This was the lowest standard. It could be seen that his enlightenment attribute of 1.1 was indeed not considered good.

This was his first time using the Five Senses Technique, so the effects were naturally not good. Not only did he only open two of his five orifices, but he could only maintain it for three seconds.

However, the status bar that immediately appeared and the clarity of the connected senses made him feel joy internally.

As expected, the Zombie Puppet Technique, which had a stronger connection with him, could also be used as the sensing node of the Five Senses Technique.

This was enough.

Jiang Li used the Five Senses Technique again. After the status [Five Senses Enhancement] appeared, he directly pressed the plus button. The time jumped to 63 seconds.

A single press of the plus button would increase the duration by one minute. After holding it for five seconds, the duration would become infinite.

[Five Senses Enhancement: The orifices of the ears and eyes are interlinked. Duration: ∞] (−)

After his status changed to this state, the connection that he felt would be cut off at any time finally stabilized and flowed smoothly.

So be it if he only connected the eyes and ears, for a total of two orifices.

The mouth and nose were not very useful to zombies anyway.

On the other hand, the fifth orifice ‘tongue’ that represented a qualitative change could not be grasped in a short period of time, so Jiang Li did not force it.

He did not wait any longer. He slowly sank into his consciousness and connected his vision and hearing to the black zombie through the orifice node.

It was as if he had an extra pair of eyes and ears. The overlapping of his senses made him feel a little confused.

He could not multi-task yet, so he could only concentrate fully on controlling the black zombie.

In front of him was a murky and dim liquid, and in his ears was the sound of drums caused by the high pressure of the river water.

Compared to his previous experience when he dived, it felt a little slow, but there was not much difference.

At this moment, the black zombie was still lying in the water without any desires, slowly floating without any accidents.

However, when Jiang Li controlled the black zombie to splash around in the water and flipped over to take a look, the scene before his eyes was vastly different from before.

In the murky river water, there were actually dense patches of ghostly green flames floating.

Under the black zombie’s feet, there were rotting bones, as well as bloated and rotting corpses. Countless broken limbs were like ordinary leaves in the forest, covering the riverbed in layers.

Perhaps the quality was inferior, but there was a massive number of them! It was more than ten times or a hundred times more magnificent than the outer sect graveyard of the Scripture Storage Valley!

“How is this possible?”

Jiang Li’s main body opened his eyes and ran to the riverside to look down. He did not see anything.

Not only that, but the Yin-Yang Bamboo on the river surface that was arranged in an orderly fashion did not move at all.

This should not be happening. In his senses, it was clearly in this region.

Moreover… Moreover, he had come all the way under the water and had clearly not seen a single corpse in this area of the river. This did not make sense!

Why couldn’t he see anything when he was down there? How did the black zombie get in so easily?

Could it be that it was a place that could only be entered by a corpse?

The expression on Jiang Li’s face changed several times. In the end, he undid his belt by the riverside and soaked it in water. Only then did he return to his seat with a satisfied expression.

His attention returned to the black zombie. He controlled the stiff body to swim upwards.

For a zombie, that was very difficult.

After trying a few times, Jiang Li gave up and could only control the black zombie to continue exploring.

He moved forward step by step among the white bones. Night vision was not a problem for zombies. Moreover, with the ghost fire dotted around like stars in the sky, his vision was still quite clear.

As he walked, Jiang Li was surprised to discover that there was actually a type of fish living in this dangerous underwater land filled with Yin qi.

It was an extremely ugly deep-water lantern fish. They ate the rotting corpses at the bottom of the sea. A small lamp hung on their foreheads, illuminating the small area in front of them, floating around underwater like ghosts.

“Is this a Ghost Lantern Fish? I remember that the records only mention this kind of spiritual fish in ancient times. It’s completely extinct now. I didn’t expect to see it here.”

The black zombie continued to move forward. In the deep and silent underwater space, it was like a traveler who was lost in the desert and would never get out.

Unknowingly, a day and night had passed.

Elder Weng Sanqi received another call from the communication spirit stone and received good news.

The flying ship of the sect had already arrived at the Southern Seal Kingdom and had successfully brought away the two thousand children.

It was said that when the flying ship arrived, the capital was in a mess. A few rogue cultivators were stirring up trouble, planning to flee immediately after grabbing a handful. As a result, the flying ship made a move, and the thieves were executed on the spot.

Unfortunately, two of the seven outer sect disciples died.

Of course, such a small matter would not be taken to heart by the sect elders.

It could be seen from how they called this good news.

After a series of checks by the sect’s professionals, it was confirmed that all those children had spiritual root aptitude!

Therefore, Elder Weng Sanqi could not hide the smile on his face. He found Jiang Li and encouraged him again, saying that he wanted to seek credit for him. The reward that they had agreed on earlier was not a problem.

During this period of time, the other inner sect disciples who were stationed here with Elder Weng had also returned.

They were a little surprised that there was an outer sect disciple who only knew how to meditate all day, but they did not probe deeper.

Each time they rested, they would only meditate for a few hours before riding the small boat again and paddling into the river. They were busy as if their goal was clear.

After a long time, the black zombie under the water kept walking in one direction.

Finally, from a certain moment on, Jiang Li discovered that the ghost flames around him seemed to have become more concentrated.

No matter what, it was good to have some changes!

He controlled the black zombie to adjust its direction several times. As he walked, with his zombie body, he could clearly sense that the yin qi was becoming denser.

In the outside world, the most obvious result was that the number of bones on the ground decreased, and in their place were countless perfectly preserved mortal corpses.

This was very interesting.

He was now basically certain that this underwater graveyard was where the zombie demon was hiding. However, he did not know what kind of secret this place had.

Continuing forward, Jiang Li seemed to have seen a coffin floating in the underwater graveyard far away from the countless corpses. Countless ghost flames surrounded it.

At this moment, his body was gently shaken.

He opened his eyes and saw that it was Elder Weng Sanqi and a few inner sect disciples.

“Jiang Li, it might be dangerous later on. Move back a little more and don’t get close to the river bank.”

“Elder, what are you doing?”

Jiang Li’s eyes narrowed. Behind Elder Weng, a few inner sect disciples and dozens of wooden puppets carried several corpses.

Some of these corpses were beasts and some were humans, but they all had a common trait. The surface of the corpses was covered in talismans.

Obviously, he was not the only smart person!

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