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Chapter 50 - Yin Corpse

Chapter 50: Yin Corpse

Many cultivators had occupied this region for such a long time. Some went to the sky while others went to the water. They nearly flipped over this entire region.

If no one discovered this abnormality, they could forget about cultivating with such brains.

Now, it seemed that not only had they discovered the problem, but they had also found a solution.

At this moment, Jiang Li was no longer the naive kid from back then. After these few months of lessons in the Cultivation Hall, although he was not confident in other aspects, coupled with his Appraisal skill, his understanding had already improved greatly.

Many basic knowledge of the cultivation world could no longer stump him.

The corpses in their hands were covered in talismans. They were formed by combining the three attributes of “Wind, Fire, and Earth”. It was a spirit talisman trap.

It was said to be a device that was often used to guard the sect ruins and tombs of cultivators. It could be triggered and controlled remotely. Once it was ignited, the power would be extraordinary!

Therefore, it was best to avoid such things.

These were the words of the Lecture Elder.

Now, the disciples and puppets were carrying at least fifty of such corpse bombs. It seemed that they wanted to stir up some trouble.

“Don’t ask so much. Find a safe place to stay. If you can’t do it yourself, go find Yin Qiu from the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak. He should be hiding too.”

Elder Weng Sanqi clearly did not want to speak with him anymore. After reminding him, he led the disciples and puppets towards the river.

His short figure appeared extraordinary at this moment. Dozens of puppets behind him cried or laughed as they surrounded him, forming a strange array.

Above the river, the wide surface of the water glistened under the night light. There were at least hundreds of cultivators, some flying in the sky and some stepping on the water, waiting in the sky above the Mother River.

“There’s a full moon tonight. I’m afraid there will be a decisive battle!”

Jiang Li did not know how powerful a Golden Core zombie demon was. At the very least, he was not interested in experiencing it personally at the moment.

Jiang Li decisively stood up, patted his bottom, and turned around to leave. He jumped into the forest beside the river in a few steps, and his figure flew into the dense forest. Some of the obstructions in the vines were knocked over by him, and his speed kept rising.

After running for a few minutes, he jumped onto the treetop. With his eyesight that was several times that of others, he could barely see the Mother River.

Only then did Jiang Li stop. He hurriedly found a tree hole and strangled a large snake inside before hurriedly entering to continue meditating.

His consciousness returned to the black zombie’s location. However, he looked around and saw that there were either bones or corpses. There was nothing that could be used as a defensive shelter.

He did not know what to do, so he squatted down and used the foot-long zombie nails to quickly dig up the bones and corpses on the ground.

Bones and corpses with an overall structure were obviously easier to dig than dirt.

Soon, he dug a small hole for it. He controlled the black zombie to jump down and started to dig around. He placed the surrounding corpses on his body and completed the disguise.

Through the gaps in the bones, he could still see the situation outside.

While Jiang Li was digging the hole, the cultivators above the river finally began to move.

The leaders of the major sects issued the orders.

One corpse after another was thrown into the river. Plop. Plop. After splashing around, they sank into the water.

One minute, two minutes, three minutes… Time passed slowly, but the cultivators above the river were confident and continued to throw corpses into the river.

It was a wonder where they had gotten so many corpses.

The corpses of wild beasts were easy to get, and it was not difficult for a group of cultivators to do so, but could it be that those 500 human corpses were all prisoners?

As the “bait” corpses were thrown in, above the river, the cultivators could not sense anything, but the black zombie in the underwater graveyard felt the entire world start to tremble slightly.

The source of the tremor was underground!

“Something is coming out!”

In the next moment, more than a hundred huge tentacles that were as thick as a person’s arms shot out from under the riverbed covered in bones!

It was as if a demonic dragon was dancing. The huge tentacles only stretched out a few times before stirring up the entire underwater graveyard to become turbid.

Countless ghost flames floated along with the flow of the water. From the black zombie’s perspective, it looked like a parade of hundred demons.

Jiang Li originally already felt that the black zombie was going to die this time, but those huge tentacles ignored it. Instead, they began to continuously extend, as if they were attracted by something, reaching towards the pitch-black top of the underwater graveyard.

These tentacles were small in size and their tips were only as thick as a child’s arm. After reaching a height of a hundred meters, they pierced into a layer of pitch-black liquid.

So it seemed that the top of this place was not solid?

This liquid stratification structure was probably very similar to the “thermocline” geological phenomenon on Earth in his previous life.

Between the upper and lower layers, due to the huge difference in temperature, there was a discontinuity in pressure.

The high pressure below supported the liquid layer in the middle, forming another layer of riverbed. As time passed, the upper layer of the riverbed became stiff and solid, completely separating the two water regions into several completely unrelated ecosystems.

This was probably the reason why the underwater graveyard was formed.

A moment later, the tentacle retreated into the sky above the liquid body. It pulled down a corpse covered in yellow talismans!

“Could it be that the black zombie was pulled down from above like this?”

What exactly were these tentacles?

Jiang Li wanted to throw an Appraisal at it, but his main body was not there, so he could not use it.

At this moment, another tentacle grew out of the riverbed beside the black zombie. While he was shocked, he saw the markings on the surface of the tentacle.

These were not tentacles. They were extremely thick roots!

More and more roots poked out of the riverbed, extending to the top of the graveyard. After passing through the surface, they pulled down more corpses that were covered in talismans.

The cultivators above the river were also calm. After discovering that the corpses that had been thrown down had disappeared, they did not immediately move.

It was not until the number of remote-controlled bombs reached a terrifying number that the few cultivators led by the various large sects sent a signal to each other and formed hand seals at the same time.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Flames of explosion lit up at the same time. All kinds of talismans had clearly been made waterproof, and they still displayed shocking might under the deep water.

Even with the black zombie’s slow body, he felt the surrounding water pressure increase.

The corpses covering the surface were washed away by the water. The black zombie was also swept up by the shock wave, floating in the murky water.

One side of the membrane of its ears was directly pierced through, while the other side also temporarily lost its hearing with only a buzzing sound remaining.

But at this time, when its hearing was almost completely useless…


A wavelength of different frequencies was directly transmitted into Jiang Li’s mind through the Zombie Puppet Technique.

Something had been angered by the explosion!

Before the black zombie that was blown up could sink to the bottom, everything turned black. An extremely thick tree root wrapped around it.

Next, the world spun. A large amount of water collided with the black zombie, it seemed like it was thrown out by the tree root.

A moment later, as if it had broken through a soft and sticky barrier, the surrounding water environment suddenly changed. From the ghastly underwater graveyard, it returned to the normal river water above. Even the zombie could not sense any Yin qi.

What was it doing!

As he wondered, the black zombie’s momentum did not stop.

With a splash, water splattered as the black zombie flew into the air heavily.

In the spinning black zombie’s perspective, Jiang Li saw that in the sky, a group of cultivators who were stepping on artifacts were displaying their abilities, all types of gorgeous attack methods smashing into the water like meteors.

Their target was the countless corpses that were thrown out along with the black zombie.

Most of the corpses had been shattered by the spell talismans as soon as they had left the water.

However, there were too many corpses that were thrown out, and the speed was too swift. Endless corpses were tossed out of the water, and it was inevitable that some of them would slip through the net.


The corpses that had not been shattered in time were instantly transformed by the moonlight!

An inhuman roar came from their throats. Their pitch-black tongues were seven feet long!

Borrowing the momentum of the tree root, they pounced at the hundreds of cultivators in the air.

Yin Corpses!

Yin Corpses had no life, no soul, and no thoughts. They were evil creatures that were mobilized by the Yin qi, and they were even more dirty and vicious than zombies and ghosts.

A sword light flashed past. Under the enhancement of spiritual qi, the incomparably sharp spirit sword easily cut a Yin Corpse that pounced over like cutting tofu from head to toe.

However, not only was that cultivator not happy, he was even flustered and exasperated as he hurriedly retreated, controlling his artifact to continuously rise up.

The reason was that after the Yin Corpse was cut open, the thick black liquid inside directly poured out like exploding magma.

The sticky liquid that carried strong poison and Yin qi touched the spirit sword and the cultivator’s body. It was as if hot oil had been poured, immediately emitting sizzling sounds.

The light on the cultivator’s body and artifact immediately dimmed as they were corroded by the sinister liquid.

The cultivators who had originally stopped above the surface of the water were even more unlucky. For some reason, those Yin Corpses did not sink in the water.

Unlike zombies, the Yin Corpses were not as stiff and slow. Their bodies were stronger than that of animals, and they quickly ran across the water.

In an instant, the cultivators on the surface of the water were surrounded by a group of Yin Corpses. They could neither advance nor retreat, and they were badly battered by these Yin Corpses that were only slightly stronger than wild beasts.

This method of corroding one’s artifact and Dao body was truly disgusting.

It was easy for them to slash the Yin Corpses with their swords, but even if they killed them, they would still be splashed with the disgusting liquid. It was simply a huge loss even if they obtained victory!

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