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Chapter 48 - Five Senses Enhancement

Chapter 48: Five Senses Enhancement

The importance of this news to the Scripture Storage Valley did not exceed Jiang Li’s expectations.

If Yu Banxia and the rest were still on the first level, they would only see the thousands of spirit stones that the children could bring.

The sect stood at a higher angle and saw the second level. What they valued was this phenomenon itself, and they hoped to obtain greater benefits through it.

As for Jiang Li, he was probably at the third level.

“Kid Jiang Li, you’ve done well. You’ve encountered a great fortuitous encounter this time.”

“As long as nothing unexpected happens, the sect will not treat you badly. You can even become an inner sect disciple directly.”

Jiang Li returned the communication spirit stone. Elder Weng Sanqi looked to be in a rather good mood.

Just as he thought, the bulk of the credit should land on the other party. After all, identity and status were linked to one another, this was very normal.

As for what he meant by nothing unexpected, it naturally referred to…

“Elder, don’t worry. What I said is the truth. There’s no lie at all. There won’t be any issue.”

Jiang Li naturally knew what the other party was most worried about. It was none other than the truth of the information. He had confirmed this point over and over again, and there was no problem.

“It’s good that you’re confident.”

“What’s wrong? What a strange expression. If you want to say something, just say it.”

After obtaining the benefits, Elder Weng Sanqi clearly spoke a lot more than last time. He saw Jiang Li’s expression and wanted to speak but hesitated, so he could not help but ask.

“It’s like this, Elder Weng. Apart from joining the inner sect, what else can I choose?”

Before the credit could be given to him, Jiang Li started to worry about this matter.

“Oh? Why? There are many benefits to being an inner sect disciple. Can’t this satisfy you?”

Weng Sanqi’s rosy face was a little puzzled and dissatisfied. Generally speaking, the inner sect was the lifelong dream of most outer sect disciples.

In particular, Jiang Li only had a medium-grade spiritual root. He felt that Jiang Li wanted more and was a little greedy.

“Elder, isn’t the outer sect competition soon? I want to rely on my own ability to enter the inner sect.”

Jiang Li did not say that those senior brothers in the outer sect were all trash, and he was afraid of wasting the reward from this opportunity. Instead, he said that he wanted to rely on his own hard work.

They were all the same, but one sounded scheming, while the other sounded commendable.

Jiang Li’s answer stunned the elder, and his expression became much gentler.

These people were like this. They were so confident in their own beliefs that they liked to evaluate others with their own values.

Even if it was only a suggestion that was not accepted, it might still cause them to be dissatisfied. Therefore, before their statuses were equal or surpassed, Jiang Li still had to go along with their view.

“Oh? You’re so confident in winning the outer sect competition?”

“No wait, you had a conflict with that disciple from the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak?”

Weng Sanqi did not notice it before, only now did he remember Yin Qiu’s strange action and the last words he left behind.

The sword cultivators of the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak were famous for their strength. Previously, he had actually invited Jiang Li to battle. It could be seen that Jiang Li definitely had his unique points.

“I had a little conflict with Senior Brother Yin Qiu at the beginning, but I didn’t embarrass the Scripture Storage Valley.”

Jiang Li modestly cupped his hands. However, his meaning was clear. He did not lose.

“You actually didn’t lose against a disciple of the Five Elements Peak?”

Elder Weng Sanqi’s surprise was exactly the same as Yin Qiu’s expression earlier. As expected, outer sect disciples were looked down upon.

They were disdained for having low aptitude, resources, and status at the lowest level.

“I really did not expect this. The disciples of the Five Elements Peak are not simple. You have only entered the sect for a few months and you already have such ability. It’s no wonder you are so confident.”

“Since you have such thoughts, I have a suggestion…”

After Jiang Li heard this, his eyes lit up and he seemed to be in thought.

“Elder Weng, I have a request.”

If someone owed you a favor, it was best to cash-in on the spot. Otherwise, it would become worthless later.

Jiang Li understood the reasoning behind this, especially for people who drank alcohol every day and did not have a good memory.

At this moment, he could not be bothered about embarrassing himself. He cupped his hands towards Elder Weng again and requested.

“Speak. As an elder, I should give you some rewards in advance.”

This was the reward Jiang Li deserved for handing over the credit of this mission to the other party.

“Elder, I want to learn the technique that allows you to see and hear the outside world through the puppet.”

He really had no choice. The Zombie Puppet Technique could control zombies, but it could not share the five senses.

When he was close to the black zombie, it was not a big deal, but now, he had already been ashore for half a day, but the black zombie’s condition was a little strange, as if it had sunk into something, no matter how he controlled it, it could not get out.

The weakness of the Zombie Puppet Technique in this aspect was too great. If he could make up for it, it was best to do so. At the very least, he had to find that black zombie first.

“You want to learn the Five Senses Technique?” Elder Weng Sanqi was slightly surprised.

“This Five Senses Technique is an unusual skill. It’s not difficult to learn, but if this technique isn’t paired with a puppet technique, it won’t be able to produce much effect.”

“Kid, you’re a jack-of-all-trades already. Do you really want to learn this?”

He glanced at the registered disciple token of the Alchemy Hall that Jiang Li hung because his clothes were damaged.

“This alchemy skill is enough for a cultivator to study for life. You still want to learn puppet techniques?”

“Elder, I have another use for this Five Senses Technique. Please teach me.”

Jiang Li thought to himself: Why is this elder so nosy? There is no choice but to assure him further.

“Alright, this is the jade slip for the Five Senses Technique. If you have any questions, feel free to ask.”

The elder took out a jade slip from nowhere and casually handed it to Jiang Li.

Jiang Li asked many difficult questions on the spot, and then he ran to a nearby house and sat down before starting to cultivate.

Unusual techniques like these were not part of the five elements or Yin-Yang. They were magical spell techniques that used a cultivator’s wisdom to see through the mysteries of the world. Incantations, secret talismans, rituals, and everything unorthodox were included.

Just as Elder Weng Sanqi had said, it was not difficult to cultivate this Five Senses Technique. At the very least, the most basic mastery was not difficult.

However, if he wanted to reach Elder Weng’s level, who could simultaneously send out dozens of puppets and control them for an entire day, it was still quite difficult.

The Five Senses Technique was divided into two parts: spell technique and spell seal.

Under normal circumstances, cultivators had to first make hand seals on puppets or other objects with the five orifices, leaving behind passageways and nodes that could allow their minds to enter.

Through a spell technique, one’s five orifices would be connected to it, achieving the effect of the five senses being connected.

[Five Senses Technique Level 1, learned.]

[Using the Five Senses Technique. Added Status: Five Senses Enhancement.]

[Five Senses Enhancement: The orifices of the ears and eyes are interlinked. Duration: 3 seconds] (− +)

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