Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 38

Chapter 38: Parasitic Item

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“This… this is an Immortal Opportunity Stone?”

The Immortal Opportunity Stone could be said to be something that had changed their lives. Even after several months, everyone still remembered this type of crystal that was not that beautiful.

“Yes, this is an Immortal Opportunity Stone.”

This was precisely the Immortal Opportunity Stone that Jiang Li had asked Yan Hong to buy from the Immortal Ascension Pavilion. When he went out on the mission, he felt that it might be useful, so he took it out with him.

“The Skill Imparting Elder once said that for those with spiritual roots, even if they did not embark on the path of cultivation, their bodies would automatically absorb the spiritual qi of Heaven and Earth, and they would also have stronger bodies and longer lives than ordinary people.”

“That’s why I suspected that this young man has a spiritual root.”

Jiang Li found a reason to express his guess. However, in reality, those with spiritual roots and latent talent were slightly better than ordinary people, but it was rather limited. His theory was actually rather far-fetched.

Jiang Li had such suspicions and even took out the Immortal Opportunity Stone to verify it. The most important reason was that his ‘Zombie Puppet Technique’ had been expelled!

Before the youth was injured by Zheng Yuan, the “seed” planted in his body was expelled from his body by a certain force.

If he had been able to resist Jiang Li’s spell technique, it could be said that his willpower and talent were exceptional. However, to be able to achieve such a feat by himself was definitely not something a mortal could do.

Jiang Li guessed that there was indeed something in the children’s bodies.

Those things were lodged in the bodies of these children, causing them to fall asleep. However, they could protect their lives when they were heavily injured and expel foreign objects when they were invaded. They could even bestow a host with a spiritual root!

“However, even if he has a spiritual root, this doesn’t mean anything. Perhaps he didn’t participate in the spiritual root test and was overlooked by the people from the Immortal Ascension Pavilion.”

“The outer sect mission requires us to treat them and solve the problem of the Southern Seal Kingdom. If not, we will find out the reason and return.”

“But what does an unconscious child have to do with our mission?”

They were still very confused as to why Jiang Li was saying all this.

“What if I say that the 2,000 youths in the square outside all have spiritual roots!”

Jiang Li’s words were shocking without doubt.

“More than two thousand people? Do all of them have spiritual roots? That’s impossible!”

Yu Banxia and the rest subconsciously denied Jiang Li’s guess.

Even if spiritual root aptitude was not one in ten thousand, it was basically only one in a thousand people.

In the Great Mountain Region, there were hundreds of kingdoms, and each time the Immortal Ascension Assembly selected a soon-to-be disciple, they were less than 1-in-10,000.

The Southern Seal Kingdom was only a small country and they were in the capital. There were not many children between eight to fourteen years old.

If what Jiang Li said was true, then the ratio of children with spiritual roots and latent talent would far surpass 1-in-10. Then the Southern Seal Kingdom would truly become the land blessed by heaven.

If this was true, then the coma was no longer the issue.

“I can’t believe it either. However, the world is huge, and there are all kinds of strange things. We should test a few more children first, and everything will be clear.”

The reason why Jiang Li dared to say this was naturally because he had already tried it before.

After the monk left, he immediately used the Immortal Opportunity Stone to test dozens of children. All of them had positive reactions.

Spiritual roots were not radishes that could be found all over the streets. It was impossible for such a large number of spiritual roots to appear at the same time without any external influence.

He took back the Immortal Opportunity Stone and went to another room with everyone. There were many unconscious children lying inside.

They waved for the palace maids and nannies who were feeding the children to leave.

In order to avoid arousing suspicion, Jiang Li handed the Immortal Opportunity Stone to Lu Qianqian and asked her to test them one by one.

They blew out the lights, and the faint fog-like fluorescent light lit up the dim room.

One could be due to a bizarre coincidence, two could be due to fate, and three could be caused by heaven’s will…

But what about four? Five, six, or even seven?

After more than a hundred children in this room had all been tested for their spiritual root aptitude, they were all so shocked that they could not speak.

“This… this Immortal Opportunity Stone… Is it broken?”

When everyone thought about it, it was indeed possible.

He quickly found a few children who were not unconscious to test it, but the Immortal Opportunity Stone did not react at all.

As such, they had no choice but to believe it.

“They… they really have spiritual roots!”

“This mission is no longer something we can handle. We have to report this to the sect as soon as possible!”

The faces of Jiang Li and the others who understood the situation became extremely serious.

“Then, does this mean that our mission has failed?”

In Lu Qianqian’s mind, she was still fixated on saving the children. For a moment, she could not figure out the severity of the matter. She thought that if she asked the sect for help before the mission was completed, it meant that the mission had failed.

“Qianqian, the mission is no longer important.”

Right now, whether they were unconscious or not, whether they could treat them, and whether they could find out the truth, were no longer the most important things.

There were more than two thousand potential cultivators with spiritual roots.

According to the price of the Immortal Ascension Assembly, even the worst quality of inferior-grade spiritual roots could earn them two spirit stones.

In the outer sect of the Scripture Storage Valley, although there were no missions to recruit new disciples, they would never reject cheap labor like outer sect disciples.

With such a large number of potential cultivators, as long as this news was sent back to the sect, no matter how stingy the sect was, they would definitely receive a huge reward.

Even if the eight of them were to divide the profits equally, it would definitely not be worse than Jiang Li’s three months’ worth of revenue from testing pills.

Yu Banxia explained, and the few of them quickly understood what she meant. They became extremely excited and nervous.

Now, a lottery ticket that could be exchanged for a large amount of cash was placed in front of them. It all depended on how they were going to win the lottery.

“Then what are we waiting for? Let’s hurry back to the sect and report this!” A disciple said excitedly.

However, Jiang Li and Yu Banxia looked exceptionally serious.

“It’s not that simple.” Jiang Li shook his head.

“Do you still remember what the Benevolent Travel Temple’s Monk Zheng Yuan said?”

“He said it’s best not to leave the city and return to the sect as soon as possible after completing the mission.”

“We do not know the exact details of the demon’s appearance. However, due to certain reasons, many cultivators have been attracted over.”

Everyone’s excited faces darkened at this mention.

In just one afternoon, five or six waves of cultivators had arrived at the palace. It was enough to see that a considerable number of cultivators had already gathered within the confines of the capital.

Jiang Li and the others did not have social anxiety. The reason they entered the palace to avoid cultivators was to get away from trouble.

After all, the sect cultivators here were easier to talk to.

But in the case of rogue cultivators, although they usually appeared to be subservient, once they had a chance, they would turn into a demonic cultivator immediately and deal a fatal blow to you.

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