Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 37

Chapter 37: The Smell in the Blood

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“Qian Qian, how is it? Can he still be saved?”

In the inner hall of the palace, Lu Qianqian was holding a ball of water in one hand and a silver needle in the other. She was performing a complicated operation on the injured youth’s body.

Monk Zheng Yuan was still a cultivator from Benevolent Travel Temple. His physical strength was extremely terrifying. Even Jiang Li, who had a tough skin and thick flesh, would not feel okay if he was punched.

Even if he had held back with that punch, it was already extremely lucky for a mortal like this youth to be able to still stay alive!

“It’s hard to say yet.”

“I used the Spring Water Technique to temporarily save his life. Then, I used silver needles and strings to stitch up his internal organs and reconnect his broken bones.”

“However, this injury is still too severe. The chance of surviving is very low. I’m afraid there’s not even a 10% chance.”

Seeing that Lu Qianqian’s forehead was covered in sweat, Yu Banxia stepped forward and wiped her forehead with a white cloth.

“Just do your best. Don’t overuse your spiritual qi.”

Yu Banxia was obviously not interested in saving the guy. If Zheng Yuan had not left a bottle of pills for them to save him, they might have given up long ago.

“There are only three Jade Bone Flesh Regeneration Pills in this bottle. The eight of us can’t distribute them equally.”

“For the market price, high-grade Yellow-rank medicinal pills usually cost ten spirit stones per pill. However, the quality and effect of these three medicinal pills have not been appraised, so the price will be lower when placed on the market.”

“That’s why if anyone needs it now, you can exchange for it using eight spirit stones each and split the amount amongst the others. If all of you don’t need it, then we can distribute the sale amount after we return to the sect.”

At this point, Yu Banxia took out the bottle of pills that Zheng Yuan had given him. He shook it gently, and the sound was crisp. Obviously, there were not many pills inside.

Yu Banxia did not rely on his cultivation level to get a larger share.

The distribution plan was very reasonable. It seemed that he still valued this new disciple circle and planned to continue managing it well.

“Very fair. If you have no objections, then give me that bottle of Jade Bone Flesh Regeneration Pill. Here are 21 spirit stones.”

It was worth 24 spirit stones, but Jiang Li was also one of the eight, so he naturally had a share. Therefore, he only needed to give three spirit stones to each person.

Jiang Li had always been the type of person who could not look away when he saw medicinal pills. He naturally would not let this kind of opportunity go.

Other than him, the other seven people were only slightly richer than Yu Banxia. The others probably would not be able to fork out more than 20 spirit stones.

Therefore, these high-grade Yellow-rank Jade Bone Flesh Regeneration Pills ended up in his hands.

“Jiang Li, I can’t believe you’ve earned so many spirit stones. Tell me what kind of missions you’re doing in the Mission Area.”

They were rather surprised by Jiang Li’s generosity. Originally, they had thought that their last mission had gone smoothly, and that the new outer sect disciples were still considered to be wealthy. Never had they imagined that Jiang Li had already surpassed them silently.

“It’s nothing much, Elder Red Hair from the Alchemy Hall took an interest in me so I am now his registered disciple. Sometimes, I will help out and earn some spirit stones.”

He displayed his registered disciple identity token and received a round of envious gazes. A registered disciple who was primarily testing pills was still a registered disciple. As long as he did not say anything, who would know?

“Gasp! Jiang Li, you actually have a talent in pill refinement!”

“How long has it been since you entered the sect? You’ve already become a registered disciple of an elder! In fact, that’s an elder of the Alchemy Hall! Jiang Li, you’re really impressive!”

“Jiang Li! Big Brother Jiang! We’ll have to rely on you in the future!”

“Jiang Li, why didn’t you say so earlier? Congratulations!”

As expected, once he mentioned that he was a registered disciple, their attitude towards him immediately became even friendlier.

Jiang Li received the same treatment as when Yu Banxia broke through to the mid-stage Qi Refinement realm a few days ago.

There were all sorts of flattering words, and the words were basically the same, making him and Yu Banxia feel awkward.

“Pill refinement requires a lot of spirit stones. Right now, I’m just a handyman. I’m still far from being able to refine pills myself.”

Jiang Li made a few excuses before moving away from this topic.

“Hah, it’s finally over. I didn’t expect that saving a mortal would exhaust me to this extent.”

Lu Qianqian finally finished her treatment. The young man, who was about to lose his life, was successfully brought back to the world of the living. The result of the surgery was also perfect.

“But what can we do next?”

“When I was treating him just now, I checked his entire body. He was not poisoned nor did he have any other wounds. I still haven’t found the reason for their coma.”

“Sorry everyone, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint everyone this time.”

Lu Qianqian, who was everyone’s hope, said that.

It was impossible for everyone not to be disappointed. However, there was nothing they could do. How could they blame the young lady?

“Don’t say that, Qianqian. This isn’t your fault to begin with. Plus, we can’t conclude so easily.”

“I believe the coma this time is very likely related to the birth of that demon. Perhaps, we should wait a bit longer. When the monster is exterminated by other cultivators, those children might wake up on their own.”

Yu Banxia seemed to be interested in Lu Qianqian and immediately comforted her.

“Qianqian, I remember you said that the previous child’s blood had a strange smell, right?”

When they were showing off their love, Jiang Li interrupted them at an inappropriate time.

“Yes, but I didn’t find any poison in the blood.”

“I’ve also tested the blood with other animals. It doesn’t make them sleep.”

Lu Qianqian gave her conclusion. As a medical practitioner, she naturally would not let go of such an obvious abnormality.

But this anomaly had been proved harmless, and there was no point in bringing it up again.

“Does this child’s blood have the same smell?” Jiang Li asked again.

“No… No, I should say that his blood has another strange smell.” Lu Qianqian hesitated for a moment before explaining in detail.

“I’ve used silver needles to test the blood of these children. There’s a little more smell in their blood than normal people. Although they’re different, it’s still there.”

“However, I don’t think that’s a problem. The cultivation world is so big. The long-term effects of geography and climate will cause a huge difference between people.”

“That smell is probably unique to the children of the Southern Seal Kingdom. It doesn’t mean anything.”

“Jiang Li, do you think this is the reason why they fainted?”

Lu Qianqian felt that Jiang Li was just a layman in terms of medical skills.

Human skin, eyes, and hair could be different in color. The difference in smell was nothing.

“No, I’m not sure what caused them to faint, but don’t you think that him being alive is abnormal?”

“What are the chances of a mortal child surviving a strike from a late-stage Qi Refinement realm cultivator?”

“What if he survived not because of a coincidence?”

As he spoke, Jiang Li took out a crystal from his pocket and placed it in the heavily injured youth’s hand.

A moment later, a layer of mist-like light slowly emerged from the crystal.

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