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Chapter 39

Chapter 39: Twin Devils of the Thorn River

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Just as the monk had said, the Southern Seal Kingdom was not peaceful recently.

“Besides, there are so many sleeping children in the palace today. It must have attracted the attention of someone with ulterior motives. Maybe someone is already monitoring our movements. We have to be careful from now on!”

Jiang Li reminded them as everyone felt increasingly fearful upon thinking about it.

More than two thousand sleeping children were lying in the royal palace of the Southern Seal Kingdom. This situation could not be said to be strange, but very strange. People might think that the birth of the demon was related to this.

Even if that was not the case, if they met someone who was meticulous and discovered that all these children had spiritual roots, it was not impossible.

When the news was leaked, the rogue cultivators would capture these kids and sell them to the Immortal Ascension Pavilion. At the same time, they would also rob the few of them. That would be troublesome.

“Then what should we do?” Everyone could not make up their minds.

They were considered strong among the new disciples of the Scripture Storage Valley’s outer sect, but they were just newbies.

At the end of the day, they were still at the initial-stage Qi Refinement realm and one of them was at the mid-stage Qi Refinement realm. He had barely mastered a few spells and was considered a complete newbie.

It was fine to bully mortals, but against other cultivators, they were too weak.

“In the territory of the Southern Seal Kingdom, is it closer to Benevolent Travel Temple or Southern Seal Kingdom?” While everyone was at a loss, Jiang Li suddenly asked.

“The Scripture Storage Valley of course. Otherwise, this mission wouldn’t have been issued to our outer sect.” After Yu Banxia replied, he also thought of something.

“You mean to say…”

“That’s right. Although we don’t know the details, the appearance of the demon has attracted quite a few cultivators.”

“Even the disciples of the Benevolent Travel Temple are here. There’s no reason for our Scripture Storage Valley to not send people.”

Jiang Li paused for a second and continued.

“When we were in the sect, we didn’t hear any news about the birth of the demon. There are two possibilities.”

“One, the news came after we set out on our journey.”

“Two, the news is only spread among the inner sect disciples. Outer sect disciples have no way of knowing about it.”

“I personally prefer the second possibility. Otherwise, a mere five days wouldn’t be enough to gather so many cultivators.”

When Jiang Li finished speaking, everyone’s eyes lit up.

“You’re saying that it’s very likely that the inner sect disciples and even sect elders of the sect are already here, or even in the city!” Lu Qianqian, who had swallowed a Qi Recovery Pill, looked much more energetic.

If there were sect elders around, they would definitely be able to ensure their safety. Ordinary rogue cultivators would not dare to act rashly.

“It’s not just a matter of safety. Inner sect disciples and sect elders definitely have communication spirit stones that can be used to contact the sect. As long as we find them to help contact the sect, our mission will be completed immediately.”

What they did not say was that perhaps most of the rewards would be taken away. But at this moment, this was already the best choice.

Late at night, four shadows suddenly flashed across the royal palace of the Southern Seal Kingdom.

Four figures flashed out from the side hall of the palace, avoiding the patrolling guards like ghosts. After a few light leaps, they crossed the outer wall of the palace and stood on the street outside.

“Everyone, be careful. Prioritize your own safety. Gather here in four hours!” Yu Banxia’s voice came from under the black hood. As soon as he finished speaking, the figures dispersed in four directions and quickly disappeared into the darkness.

These four people were naturally Jiang Li, Yu Banxia, Qu Qianfan, and Wang Liuliang.

After some discussion, it was decided that the four strongest people would go out at night to scout for information and try to find the sect elders or inner sect disciples in the Scripture Storage Valley.

“I didn’t expect that excluding Yu Banxia, that scholar-looking Wang Liuliang is the strongest amongst them.”

Not only was Wang Liuliang close to the mid-stage Qi Refinement realm, but his martial arts were also very impressive. While everyone was still at the initial-stage of their Immortal Cultivation, this was still very useful.

Compared to his opponent’s nimble technique, even though Jiang Li’s speed was swift, it was slightly less agile and more clumsy.

He calculated in his heart that he would have to learn a travel-type body cultivation method in the future. His footsteps did not stop as he continued to run forward at high speed.

Whoosh! Whoosh!

Just as Jiang Li ran past a street, two long black nails that did not reflect the moonlight shot towards him from behind.

Jiang Li, who was running, did not notice at all that the two long nails pierced through his lute bones at an extremely vicious and tricky angle.

The huge force carried him along with the inertia of his running and sent him flying. He fell heavily onto the limestone road in front of him and lay there motionless.

“Haha, what disciple of a large sect? If he meets us brothers, he’ll still be defeated.”

“Big brother, the disciples of the sect are all very rich. Let me see what this guy has on him.”

After Jiang Li fell to the ground, two figures walked out from the shadows in the corner.

The two of them were similar in age and looked similar, but they were a pair of notorious wandering cultivator brothers.


The man called Big Brother stopped his reckless younger brother and took out a few black nails from his body. He shook his hands and shot them out. After they pierced through Jiang Li’s limbs and joints, he finally relaxed.

“Hehe, big brother is still the most vigilant.”

“Hey kid! Don’t pretend to be dead! It’s your bad luck to have encountered us, the Twin Devils of the Thorn River! Hand over everything you have! Then, recite all the cultivation methods and spell techniques you know! Perhaps we can spare your life!”

The younger brother of the Twin Devils of the Thorn River walked forward and grabbed the heavily injured body on the ground. After that, he lifted the body up and revealed his face that was covered under the hood.

It was a terrifying face with a green face, sharp teeth, and black fur!

“Ah! A zombie!”

The rogue cultivator cried out in alarm as the ferocious black zombie bounced up from the ground.

Ten pitch-black fingernails directly pierced into the chest of the rogue cultivator’s younger brother who was a foot away from him. An irresistible force pulled him closer and bit his neck.

With this bite, it would only take a few breaths of time to suck out all the blood energy in his body. At that time, even an immortal might not be able to save him.

“Ah! Damn it! Don’t hurt my brother!”

The other rogue cultivator quickly took out two pieces of yellow paper and rushed forward to save his brother.

However, the moment he took a step forward, he stopped abruptly.

“Friend, where do you want to go?”

A voice of interest came from behind him. A hard, strong hand clasped his shoulder from behind.

A tremendous force came from his shoulder, causing the rogue cultivator to fall to his knees with a plop. Both of his knees smashed the limestone on the ground into pieces.

However, Jiang Li had long removed the pill poisoning’s suppression and recovered his strength, he quietly followed behind the black zombie and suddenly took action now.

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