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Chapter 242 - Taking up the Position

Chapter 242: Taking up the Position

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Mu Chunyang had called that Soul Formation cultivator his uncle because of this relationship. That was why the other party had accompanied him to find the evil tree and given such an achievement to him.

If they could help this nephew ascend to the position of the clan leader, their authority would naturally rise.

Usually, in front of outsiders, he would still address the other party as elder. Now, there was no need to be wary in private.

However, they did not expect their luck to be so good. Originally, they had only heard about the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm in the Great Mountain Region and planned to come and make a killing.

However, on the way, their auras attracted Elder Zuo Mo of Shu Mountain, who had turned into a puppet.

After easily dealing with the other party, they relied on the special methods of the Peach Forest’s Mu Family to accidentally discover the evil tree aura on the other party’s body.

Then, through his blood and the peach wood compass, they found this place.

Now it seemed that even heaven was helping Mu Chunyang!

The young man from the Mu family was already extremely excited. All he could think about was the scene of being respected by everyone after returning to the family.

They had never been worried about destroying the evil tree.

Ever since they were born, the education they received had always emphasized that their Mu family was the nemesis of the evil tree. The group leaders never thought that they would fail.

Moreover, in a remote place like the Great Mountain Region, even cultivators were so weak, so what powerful evil tree could they raise?


It was unknown if it was because they were brave or because they were too confident. They actually let the flying ship land on the water without investigating clearly.

This peach blossom flying ship was refined from an 800-year-old peach tree. It was a powerful artifact to begin with.

After landing on the water surface, the Mu family cast a spell technique. Peach blossoms immediately began to fall from the flying ship that was still full of vitality.

On the extended peachwood branches, peach blossoms grew one after another. The petals continuously fell and grew endlessly.

Some of these pink peach blossom petals spread out on the water surface, while others slowly sank to the bottom of the river, quickly enveloping the surrounding water.

Soon, the first flower petal landed lightly on the riverbed.


A series of bubbles emerged from below, as if something was awakened by this peach blossom petal that was as light as a feather.


Suddenly, a pale arm appeared from under the riverbed. It was a Yin Corpse that crawled out from the underwater graveyard below.

However, as soon as the Yin Corpse poked its head out, another petal landed on its head.

The seemingly beautiful flower petals suddenly exploded the moment they came into contact with the Yin Corpse.

The Yang qi on the peach blossom petals and the Yin qi on the Yin Corpse produced a huge reaction, directly exploding the head of the Yin Corpse.

These seemingly ordinary flower petals actually possessed might that surpassed ordinary talismans.

Moreover, with a casual shake of the peach tree branch, a large number of peach blossom petals could fall. This was much more practical and useful than talismans.

After this explosion, as if a fuse had been lit, more and more Yin Corpses crawled out from under the riverbed. They bared their fangs and brandished their claws as they swam up towards the Mu flying ship.

However, there were too many peach blossom petals falling from the river, they were too dense. Before these Yin Corpses could float to the surface, they were all shattered by the petals.

The Mu family indeed had their own methods to deal with the Nine Nether Wood.

The large number of Yin Corpses that made people flustered were easily dealt with by a pile of flower petals.

No matter how many Yin Corpses there were, it was not easy for a few of them to swim to the surface of the water. However, they still collided with the layer of peach blossoms on the surface of the water. In the end, it only dyed the water black again and did not cause them any trouble.

Soon, a large number of Yin Corpses had accumulated in the upper riverbed.

The existence below seemed to have realized that this was useless and stopped throwing Yin Corpses.

Then, a few even larger bubbles appeared, and an extremely dense Nine Nether spiritual qi surged out from under the riverbed.

Then, roots that were thick to the point of making people doubt themselves appeared from the ground.

These roots were wrapped in dense Yin qi. They ignored the peach blossom petals and swept towards the flying ship floating on the water like tentacles.

When faced with the underwater attack, the Mu family cultivators on the flying ship were still calm.

The eyes of the Mu family’s Soul Formation cultivator lit up.

It was as if everything was under his control.

The peach blossom flying ship floating on the water also produced a large number of roots that wrapped around it in reverse.

“I’ve been waiting for you!”

The roots of the Nine Nether Wood were entangled before they could grab the flying ship. They began to shrink down like frightened tentacles.

The peach blossom flying ship also borrowed this force to quickly dive down. A layer of spiritual qi light membrane directly isolated the river water, allowing them to easily dive underwater.

That layer blocked the upper and lower layer of the water. Under the active pull of the Nine Nether Wood roots, it was finally broken through.

The underwater graveyard that had been hidden for an unknown period of time was exposed to the cultivators at long last.

“This is… a huge underwater space!”

“Hmph, no wonder no one discovered this evil tree after so long. It really knows how to find a place to hide!”

There were countless corpses below. Even the experienced and knowledgeable Mu cultivators could not help but be shocked.

“Oh? What are those?”

Soon, they noticed something else.

Cold ghost flames were floating towards them.

They were Ghost Lantern Fish that had discovered something new and came to watch.

They did not have any malice, but the Mu cultivators did not care.

In the territory of the evil tree, regardless of whether it was alive or dead, they were all enemies.

As soon as the spell technique was cast, countless peach blossoms continued to fall and spread throughout the water body of the underwater graveyard.

These Ghost Lantern Fish had been living in this underwater graveyard that was isolated from the world since ancient times.

They lived a carefree life without any natural enemies. Even relying on their racial talent, Ghost Lantern Cold Flame, they suppressed the Nine Nether Wood that appeared later.

For such a long time, they had been living a boring life of eating and sleeping.

The Ghost Lantern Fish was very talented. However, they were not demons and did not have cultivation. Because they ate a large number of ghosts all year round, their origin was not pure and it was very difficult to cultivate on their own. Therefore, the main body of the Ghost Lantern Fish was actually very weak.

These peach blossom petals that carried pure Yang qi spread out, and the Ghost Lantern Fish would be injured if they touched them.

The Ghost Lantern Fish had been living in comfort for too long. Their animal instincts like fear and escape had basically disappeared in their bodies.

Jiang Li, who still had a few Ghost Lantern Fish, knew this very well.

After the stable environment was broken, this kind of creature that lived in seclusion appeared especially weak.

They were extinguished one after another. The corpses of the Ghost Lantern Fish floated up with their stomachs turned, but they were blocked by the thermocline.

“Hmph, as expected, under my Mu family’s Dao Technique, this evil tree’s methods are all useless. They’re not worth mentioning!”

“A few Yin Corpse Fish want to stop us? They’re too naive.”

The attack of this Soul Formation cultivator was different. A large number of flower petals scattered down, directly killing the absolute endangered species in the current cultivation world until they were almost extinct.

“It seems that this evil tree no longer has any methods. Let us slay the demon now!”

The Mu family was still full of confidence. After their arrival, the evil tree launched a total of three attacks, but they easily resolved them.

They naturally thought that the evil tree no longer had the ability to resist.

However, at this moment, everything in the underwater graveyard started to tremble.

The riverbed below cracked, and the calm water began to surge. A large number of corpses were carried away and floated in the water.

Because it had not flowed for a long time, the clear underwater graveyard immediately became turbid because of this change.

Something was coming out!

The Mu Clan cultivators were first disdainful, then solemn, and finally, their expression turned to shock!

What was that!

The water in the underwater graveyard began to surge violently like a large washing machine. Even the peachwood flying ship could not stabilize the ship under such circumstances. It swayed under the undercurrent.

Outside of the spiritual qi membrane of the flying ship, they could not see anything else.

They only knew that a huge monster was stirring underwater!

The Mu Family cultivators hurriedly cast spell techniques to illuminate the area.

More than ten sources of light emitted by spiritual qi lit up in the water. The intense light penetrated the turbid darkness and barely allowed them to see their surroundings again. However, the scene in front of them shocked them until their scalps went numb.

Hundreds of black shadows that were like huge pillars tore apart the riverbed below, exposing themselves to the water as they waved wantonly.

Their flying ship was already surrounded by the roots of the evil tree.

Earlier, in the upper level of the water, the roots that swept towards them were less than a tenth of what they were now.

It turned out that those Ghost Lantern Fish were not traps set up by the Nine Nether Wood. On the contrary, they were still firmly suppressing the layer of shackles of the Nine Nether Wood due to their natural restraint.

It was precisely because of this group of ancient fish that the Nine Nether Wood had obediently stayed underwater for so long without being exposed to the world.


However, this group of Mu family cultivators intruded and completely destroyed this restriction without knowing the truth.

Hundreds of roots swept over and shattered the flying ship in an instant.


The headquarters of the Great Mountain Alliance was finally completed.

It was not located elsewhere, but in the Misty Mountain Range.

The Great Mountain Alliance had risen because of the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm. The spiritual qi here was dense, and the Earth Vein Array could match the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak. Naturally, it became the best location for the headquarters.

With the joint efforts of more than a hundred sects, it only took five days to construct a majestic building complex.

Although the array formation spirit carvings inside had not been covered in time, its aura was not inferior to the three major sects.

After a few days of fermenting, everyone in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region knew about the establishment of the Great Mountain Alliance.

All the sects and families had participated in the previous meeting. Naturally, they knew about it long ago.

More and more rogue cultivators were also shocked to learn about the change in this era.

Some cultivators thought that this had nothing to do with them and watched the world change. In any case, it had nothing to do with small figures like them.

However, immediately, the announcement made by the Great Mountain Alliance attracted a strong reaction from the rogue cultivators.

Apart from the core members of the alliance that were sent out by many sects and factions, the Great Mountain Alliance also recruited a large number of pure rogue cultivators.

Although most cultivators could only act as low-tier members at the bottom of the hierarchy, almost all the rogue cultivators who were used to cultivating bitterly alone wanted to have some backing and cultivate steadily.

The alliance formed by the entire Great Mountain Region was naturally their best choice.

Firstly, they had a powerful backer. Secondly, the Great Mountain Alliance had just been established and was still very lacking in talents. As the first batch of “pioneers” to join, as long as they did well, they would very likely advance quickly. They might even be able to become a higher-up in the future.

Precisely because of this reason, in the past few days, the number of cultivators gathered in the Misty Mountain Range, which had already become more and more prosperous, directly increased by more than three times.

A large number of rogue cultivators gathered at the entrance of the Great Mountain Alliance’s headquarters were even more chaotic. They fought to register and join the Great Mountain Alliance to help protect their home.

Due to the fact that there were too many people registering, the Great Mountain Alliance, which had yet to be completely established, also turned from not rejecting anyone at the beginning to setting a limitation of having a cultivation level of Foundation Establishment realm at least. Those with special skills also gained priority.

This made the ones who had successfully signed up at the beginning feel abnormally happy.

“Hey, little brother, what’s your name? We’ll be colleagues from now on. Don’t put on a straight face.”

“Brother, my name is Wang Da’er. What about you? You’ve already reached the Foundation Establishment realm at such a young age. You shouldn’t be a nobody. Where did you survive in the past?”

“I’ve been here for fifty years, why haven’t I seen you before?”

At the entrance of the Great Mountain Alliance stood two guards, one old and one young. Their cultivation levels were both at the Foundation Establishment realm, and they had just joined the Great Mountain Alliance, so they were given alliance member identity tokens. As long as they performed well next, they could quickly be promoted to a group leader and enjoy better benefits. They could also lead ten members as their subordinates.

That old Foundation Establishment cultivator was clearly a little more experienced and did not stop talking. He touched the glove and standard long saber that the Great Mountain Alliance had just issued and was extremely excited.

As soon as he entered the organization, the equipment he distributed was much better than his old broken artifact.

The interior was equipped with single-person dormitories. Not only was it very safe, but it also provided a free secret storage box. If the items were placed inside, there was no need to worry about them being stolen.

This made Wang Da’er, who had been hiding and worrying most of his life, feel so comfortable that he only wanted to hum a few tunes from his hometown.


The prospect in the Great Mountain Alliance was clearly much more promising than him blindly developing on his own.

However, the Foundation Establishment young man who came in with him seemed to be a little silent.

Breaking through to the Foundation Establishment realm at this age could be considered a genius no matter what. As an old fox, he also wanted to have more friendship with such a cultivator with a boundless future.

However, no matter how he spoke, the other party was always cold and aloof.

“Little brother, look, that wooden dragon in the sky! Lord Alliance Leader is here!”

A loud and clear dragon roar sounded from the distant horizon. Immediately, the unique Wood Dragon Rayquaza in the entire Great Mountain swayed its body and continuously enlarged in their vision.

When the youth heard this, he raised his head and looked in the direction of the wooden dragon, his eyes revealing a determined glint.

Hundreds of figures quickly flew out from the Great Mountain Alliance and lined up in two rows to welcome Jiang Li. Among them were even the Soul Formation elders of the three sects.

In the recent hundreds of years, only Jiang Li received such treatment.

Jiang Li, who was standing on the wooden dragon, was rather satisfied with the attitude of the various large sects. It seemed that the Great Mountain Alliance this time was not united in appearance but in mind. No one dared to ignore him, the Alliance Leader, in front of everyone.

Only such a Great Mountain Alliance could save the Great Mountain Region.

External pressure diverted internal conflicts. A common enemy really could maintain stability and unity more than anything.

“I’ve bothered the elders, I’m truly ashamed.”

Seeing their respectful attitude, Jiang Li, as a junior, had to respond with politeness as well.

Otherwise, if he changed his attitude after becoming the Alliance Leader, it would probably cause many people to be displeased.

“Alliance Leader Jiang, don’t stand on ceremony. You can just call us Dharma Protectors in the future.”

“It’s our fault for not welcoming you properly on your first day, Alliance Leader Jiang. Please don’t blame us.”

“This is the headquarters of the Great Mountain Alliance. It was a little rushed, but fortunately, we made it in time.”

“The array formation of the Misty Mountain Range has been modified. Alliance Leader Jiang can use the Alliance Leader Token to control it…”

Many top-notch cultivators in the sky expressed their goodwill and friendliness to Jiang Li before slowly landing. A group of top-notch cultivators followed Jiang Li and walked towards the headquarters of the Great Mountain Alliance.

The crowd below spontaneously opened up a path.

However, he had just stepped into the door when a figure suddenly blocked his path.

Then, without a word, he knelt down with a heavy sound.


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