Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 241 - Death in a Day?

Chapter 241: Death in a Day?

Qi Gathering Pill, Qi Condensation Pill, Qi Nourishing Pill, Qi Recovery Pill, Qi Fusion Pill, Qi Expansion Pill, Qi Supplement Pill…

True Essence Pill, Essence Recovery Pill, Essence Strengthening Pill, Essence Nurturing Pill, Essence Revitalization Pill, Essence Expansion Pill, Vital Essence Pill…

Foundation Establishment Pill, Demon Forbidden Pill, Demonic Heart Pill, Seven-Colored Pill, Dragon Transformation Pill, Poison Suppression Pill, Dao Comprehension Pill.

Wisdom Pill, Spirit Nourishing Pill, Spirit Calming Pill, Strength Recovery Pill, Reflection Pill, Vitality Pill, Water Essence Pill, Traceless Pill, Soul Recovery Pill…

Source Recovery Pill, Life Recovery Pill, Great Recovery Pill, Cold Spirit Pill, Golden Jade Pill, Nine Cauldrons Pill, Flowing Liquid Pill…

Metal Regeneration Pill, Wood Regeneration Pill, Water Regeneration Pill, Fire Regeneration Pill, Earth Regeneration Pill…

All kinds of medicinal pills produced by the Hundred Tempering Mountain were placed in front of Jiang Li in different categories.

There were more than a hundred types of pills excluding those that Jiang Li had already consumed.

Of course, although the principles of most of the medicinal pills were different, they were still developed because people had needs for them.

Their effects were basically strengthened in various ways around Spiritual Qi, Dao Body, and Soul.

Jiang Li casually picked up a bottle of medicinal pills, raised his head, and gulped them all down.

Soon, waves of power rose from his stomach and surged into his entire body, strengthening his Dao Body.

This was an explosive body cultivation medicinal pill called the Nine Cauldron Pill.

Consuming one pill could allow him to gain the strength of one cauldron in a short period of time. Consuming nine pills at once could raise the strength of the nine cauldrons.

If this medicinal pill was used when he was in the Qi Refinement realm, it would definitely be very helpful to him. However, at this point, the power of the Nine Cauldrons was only icing on the cake.

Of course, quantity caused a qualitative change. More than a hundred bottles of icing on the cake were enough to make him gain explosive strength on the spot.

Amidst a group of dumbfounded cultivators, Jiang Li poured medicinal pills into his mouth one after another.

Powerful energy flowed through his meridians, making it difficult for his powerful Dao Foundation to endure.

Ordinary supplementary cultivation pills were fine, as they were still considered gentle.

However, those explosive medicinal pills used in intense fights were not particular about these things. They were as strong as they could be, and the medicinal effects were abnormally violent.

Ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivators would already be at their limit after eating one or two of these pills. The side effects would also be delayed for a long time. Unless they were forced to, very few cultivators would find trouble for themselves.

Although Jiang Li did not need to worry about the side effects, these medicinal pills were directly consumed in overdose.

Sometimes, strengthening was a burden. This was something that Jiang Li had known since he was at the Qi Refinement realm.

The smell of medicine coming from his body became stronger and stronger. Even the smell removing status could not hide it.

Not long after, he had already surpassed those medicine men who soaked in medicinal vats all year round. The smell was very intense.

In next to no time, 70 bottles of medicinal pills had already entered his stomach. Jiang Li’s body seemed to have been stimulated, and it swelled to more than three times its original size.

This was not caused by his spell technique, but by the pure energy in his body.

Jiang Li’s strength was indeed not bad. Now, even Golden Core cultivators could not last long in his hands.

This kind of combat strength could be said to be unprecedented among Foundation Establishment cultivators. At the very least, it was like this in the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

However, that was under the circumstances that he had the Nine Nether clone. In fights, the one who could truly unleash combat strength was the Nine Nether clone who had the Yin-Yang Golden Core hidden in his body.

If it was only Jiang Li’s main body, then there was still a gap between him and a Golden Core cultivator. Up until now, his greatest achievement was killing the male devil.

Furthermore, the battle strength here was actually not pure. Most of it was thanks to the large number of buffs on him.

If he only relied on his Quintet Dao Foundation, the Nine Nether Dao Scripture, and the Beast Blood Diagram, he might not be too weak. However, it was probably very impressive for him to be able to fight a Void Core cultivator.

Now, he had eaten so many medicinal pills in one go as a Foundation Establishment cultivator without blowing up on the spot. This was already the result of Jiang Li’s deep Dao Foundation.

“Looks like this is the limit.”

Jiang Li, who had swelled into a small giant, looked helplessly at the remaining small half of the medicinal pill on the ground. He could only temporarily stop.

However, after some thought, he suddenly took out a few bottles of medicinal pills and handed them to Ma Minglou.

What poured out were a few bright red pills.

“What are these bottles of pills?”

These were the medicinal pills that Jiang Li had discovered from the secret room of the Hundred Tempering Mountain where medicine men were created.

Back at the Misty Mountain Range Cultivator Competition, he had seen that medicine man, Ding Chuyi, eat one.

While the Benevolent Travel Temple was defending, Situ Tingxin, who was about to escape, was also prepared to eat such a similar red pill. However, he was stopped in time.

Jiang Li was very interested in these medicinal pills back then. Now, he could ask someone who understood.

As the original alchemy elder of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, Ma Minglou naturally knew this more than anyone else.

He recognized it at a glance.

“Lord Alliance Leader, these are our sect’s unique medicinal pills, the Injury Ignoring Pill, Seven Days Death Pill, Three Days Death Pill, and One Day Death Pill.”

Although they had already been parasitized by the spiritual root seed, their original personalities were still the same.

Speaking of these few medicinal pills, Ma Minglou still appeared very proud.

These few medicinal pills were also unique inventions of the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

The effect of the Injury Ignoring Pill was to allow the user to temporarily ignore the effects of the injuries and pain on their body and more than 90% of their negative statuses. It would stimulate their potential and achieve the effect of fighting with all their might while they were heavily injured.

However, its side effect was that the injuries would definitely worsen, or even nearly double in intensity.

However, its advantage was that it could perfectly take effect from Qi Refinement to Nascent Soul. Even Soul Formation cultivators could suppress their injuries by consuming it.

This was the Injury Ignoring Pill that Situ Tingxin had prepared to consume when he fled.

When Jiang Li heard this effect, he was a little surprised. This Injury Ignoring Pill was actually somewhat similar to the “minus” button used to remove the negative statuses in his cheat. At the very least, the effect was very similar without considering the side effects.

As for the three death pills, they were the enhanced extreme version of the Injury Ignoring Pill.

As the name suggested, after consuming the Seven Days Death Pill, one would definitely die in seven days..

Three Days Death Pill and One Day Death Pill were the same. However, the duration was even shorter.

The side effects of these medicinal pills were so terrifying, but they were not considered a poisonous pill in the Hundred Tempering Mountain. It was even regarded as the sect’s secret formula and had been studied deeply.

The reason was very simple.

Remember Ding Chuyi who fought against Jiang Li?

It was the medicine man who did not fear death in battle at all.

At that time, that fellow had endured Jiang Li’s attacks a few times. His body had clearly been beaten to the point of being extremely damaged, and the internal organs in his chest and abdomen had been shattered. The final strike had even been pierced through the top of his head from under his butt.

From his brain to his backbone, all of his central nervous system had been destroyed, but he was still not dead. His life was so tough that he did not seem alive in the first place.

This was the power of these death pills.

When the time came, he would definitely die. However, if it was not time yet, even if he wanted to die, he could not.

It was naturally impossible for their own cultivators to eat this kind of medicinal pill.

However, there were still many non-clan disciples in the Hundred Tempering Mountain. The higher-ups did not care about their lives.

It was precisely because of this kind of medicinal pill that the Hundred Tempering Mountain developed a powerful and sinister medicine man army.

They brainwashed their disciples to control their minds and then used drugs to strengthen their bodies.

In order to obtain the greatest benefits in a short period of time, the rough strengthening far exceeded the limit they could endure.

However, with the existence of the death pills, all of this was not a problem.

These three types of pills corresponded to three types of medicine men.

Seven Days Death Pill corresponded to the D-ranked medicine man. It was effective on Qi Refinement realm cultivators and could pose a fatal threat to Foundation Establishment cultivators.

Three Days Death Pill corresponded to the C-ranked medicine man. It was effective on Foundation Establishment cultivators and could threaten Core Formation cultivators.

One Day Death Pill corresponded to a B-ranked medicine man. It could be effective on Core Formation cultivators. Under suitable circumstances, it could cause huge injuries to Nascent Soul cultivators.

As for the A-ranked medicine man, and even higher-level death pills, they actually only existed in the theoretical stage. After all, even if a Nascent Soul cultivator had an external surname, they were still very precious. Very few people would treat them as disposable consumables.

Moreover, the difference between a Soul Formation cultivator and a Nascent Soul cultivator was too great. Even if the medicine man contained the most terrifying poison of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, it was impossible to injure them.

Therefore, this A-ranked medicine man could not be created.

“This is really… the work of a genius.”

Jiang Li’s inflated hand held the highest quality death pill, giving it a very high evaluation.

Ma Minglou and the other Hundred Tempering Mountain cultivators were also honored by the new boss’s praise. Although this kind of medicinal pill was very cruel, in terms of alchemy, it was unique and powerful.

In the next second, their eyes widened and almost popped out.

This was because Jiang Li held a One Day Death Pill and directly stuffed it into his mouth!

Oh my god! The boss that they had just acknowledged only had a day left to live? If he wanted to test the effects of the medicinal pill, he could totally find anyone. Why was he so impulsive?

The boss had taken the poison and could only live for a day. As his subordinates, what should they do? They were extremely anxious now.

For example, should they start making a coffin? However, was there a coffin better than this Yin Burial Coffin?

[Consumed the One Day Death Pill. Added Status: One Day Death Denial. After the effect ends, the soul will be destroyed and the Dao Body will collapse.]

[One Day Death Denial: Soul and body are bound together. Immunity to immediate death of the physical body. Removes the physical limitations of injuries. Greatly suppresses soul injuries and stabilizes the Dao Body. Duration: 24 hours] (− +)

After eating this medicinal pill, Jiang Li felt that his soul and body were firmly tied together. Even if his body was cut into pieces, his soul could still adhere closely to his body and help control his limbs.

This kind of tolerance towards injuries was practically even more exaggerated than undead creatures like zombies or skeletons. With Jiang Li’s recovery speed, so long as he did not die, even if he only had a head left, he would probably be able to recover very quickly.

As for the side effects of this medicinal pill, they were also really terrifying.

Destruction of the soul and collapse of the Dao Body, it was a thorough death. Even the current Jiang Li was unable to endure such consequences.

Fortunately, after pressing the plus button for five seconds, Jiang Li did not need to consider this problem anymore.

His Dao Body was forcefully stabilized by the One Day Death Pill, causing Jiang Li’s body to become much more relaxed. However, he did not stop while he was ahead. Instead, he licked his lips and could not endure the temptation of his strength swelling, so he continued to consume more medicinal pills.

After throwing the remaining 50 bottles of pills into his stomach, his body swelled again. His skin was stretched to the point of nearly transparent, and the blood vessels and muscles behind were clearly visible.

The One Day Death Pill was originally a medicinal pill for Core Formation cultivators to consume. The effect of stabilizing his Dao Foundation had also reached the level of a Golden Core cultivator, but even so, he almost could not endure it.

In his meridians, all kinds of energy flowed endlessly like rivers. It was already very difficult to control the energy in his body now. This was another joyous problem.

The Nine Nether clone on Jiang Li’s body automatically fell off and transformed into Green Mountain Ascetic beside him.

He stretched out his hand and punched. The Nine Nether clone also circulated his spiritual qi and struck out.

Under the surging spiritual qi, the outcome of the two of them fighting was almost equal.

In the most primitive battle, Jiang Li was already on par with the Nine Nether clone that had always been his strongest trump card.

His physical strength had increased several times under the enhancement of the many medicinal pills in the Hundred Tempering Mountain and had already reached the Golden Core realm in one go.

In fact, it was not even an ordinary Golden Core, but at the same level as the Nine Nether clone’s Yin-Yang Golden Core.

The only problem now was that he would have to take over in a few days. In the remaining time, he had to quickly enter seclusion and regulate his aura. Otherwise, if he went over with such a body, anyone would think that there was something wrong with him.

“Elder, is this the place? But I don’t feel anything.”

After the failure of the negotiations, the Mu family’s peachwood flying ship did not choose to leave the Great Mountain Region. Instead, it sailed with a goal and flew above a vast body of water.

If Jiang Li was here, he would definitely be extremely familiar. This was the Mother River where he had come before and picked up the Yin Burial Coffin.

At this moment, the Soul Formation cultivator from the Mu family was holding a red peach wood compass with excitement on his face.

He dripped two drops of Elder Zuo Mo’s blood on the compass in his hand. The needle on the compass immediately started to spin crazily.

It was not because the compass had failed. From his years of experience, this phenomenon meant that they were flying above the target.

“It’s here! This evil tree is really well hidden. If not for the puppet Golden Core of Shu Mountain, we would not have found it so easily.”

Hearing this elder’s affirmation, Mu Chunyang could not help but feel excited.

Ever since their Mu family was created, they had taken the task of exterminating the evil tree as their responsibility. It had already lasted for thousands of years.

It was said that every time they destroyed an evil tree and offered its heart, the mysterious Mu family ancestor would give them a huge reward.

His father had luckily destroyed an evil tree a few hundred years ago. After receiving the reward from the ancestor, his cultivation had suddenly advanced and his status had soared. In the end, he had become the Mu family’s leader.

He had a total of three wives and eleven children. Mu Chunyang was not outstanding or special among them. His Golden Core cultivation was only decent among his brothers.

However, this was not the reason why he was in a hurry to search for the evil tree.

His second brother, who was from a different mother, had obtained an Evil Tree Heart from somewhere a few years ago.

After offering it, he was almost treated as the next leader of the family.

If this continued, he would never have the chance to compete.

Under such circumstances, the only way to inherit the position of the leader was to offer up another Evil Tree Heart.

The Great Mountain Medicine Garden Mystic Realm was far inferior to it!

For the sake of power and status, he had begged his mother with great difficulty and found this place according to the clues they had luckily obtained.

“Really? That’s great! I’ll have to rely on Uncle this time!”

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