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Chapter 240 - Making a Fortune From War

Chapter 240: Making a Fortune From War

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Five figures spat out blood and flew in all directions. They were caught unprepared by the sneak attack from behind.

Situ Baige had Golden Core cultivation while Ma Changgu’s cultivation was at the True Core stage.

The two of them were the two strongest captives Jiang Li had captured alive in the Hundred Tempering Mountain battle.

However, Jiang Li was kind-hearted and had always treated his captives well. Not only did he not torture them, he even gave them each a Nine Nether Earth Fruit.

These two elders of the Hundred Tempering Mountain also deeply felt Alliance Leader Jiang’s kindness. They kowtowed and stopped thinking about other things.

After knowing that Jiang Li was going to pursue the fleeing convoy of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, they even “took the initiative” to find their past allies and help them to turn over a new leaf.


Situ Etong and the other five Golden Cores did not expect that the two elders of the same sect and clan would harm them.

Even if the way these two appeared was a little strange, they did not think too much about it.

Seeing the fake injuries on their bodies, they immediately protected the two of them.

However, in the end, Situ Etong got heavily injured.

“Who are you!” Situ Etong spoke angrily.

However, even until now, he still did not think that these two Elders had betrayed him. He thought that someone had used a brilliant method to deceive them.

“Who am I? Brother Situ will know soon!”

The two of them rushed forward, not afraid of the other party at all.

The five Hundred Tempering Mountain Golden Cores faced the enemy angrily. However, it was obvious that in their anger, they ignored the existence of other enemies around them.


A long black light tore through the air. It was so fast that even Golden Core cultivators could not react in time.

The two Golden Core cultivators were swept up by the black light and could no longer move.

When the black light revealed its true form, it was a pitch-black chain. It was the first artifact that Jiang Li had never left his body and was always wrapped around his waist, the Dragon Imprisoning Lock.

However, the speed of the Dragon Imprisoning Lock was its weakness to begin with. This time, how could it be so fast that even Golden Core cultivators could not react?

It turned out that one end of the Dragon Imprisoning Lock was tightly connected to a flying sword that had no handle.

It was precisely this extremely fast flying sword that allowed the Dragon Imprisoning Lock to have such speed.

When Jiang Li was forging the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword back then, he specially left a ring on the empty hilt in order to connect it to the Dragon Imprisoning Lock.


At this moment, the effect did not disappoint him.

The Dragon Imprisoning Lock’s suppression effect was activated. The two dignified Golden Cores could not even maintain their flight. They were swaying and extremely weak.

Jiang Li, who was still hiding in the shadows, formed hand seals and the two of them were pulled into the depths of the forest by the vines that stretched out from the forest.

Medicine Elder Ma Minglou still wanted to save them, but before he could, he was almost swept away by the forest that had already transformed into the Nine Nether Tree Realm.

If not for the fact that his poison pills were powerful and killed many plants, he would not have been able to escape from the dense attacks.

At this moment, a large area of the forest had already come alive. The Core Formation elders leading the group could barely protect themselves.

The large number of low-level cultivators in the convoy could not resist at all in front of the branches and vines that covered the sky and earth.

Large numbers of disciples were dragged into the Nine Nether Tree Realm and thrown into the coffin.

Even the 29 Core Formation elders did not last long.

The Immortal Slaying Flying Sword that was free did not look for trouble with the Golden Core elders. Instead, it surrounded them and launched sneak attacks.

Now, the speed of the Immortal Slaying Flying Sword was basically dependent on Jiang Li’s thinking speed.

If this was a Golden Core cultivator, their thinking speed would be on the same level as Jiang Li’s. Although their speed could not keep up, they could still contend with him.

However, True Core and Void Core cultivators were indeed inferior.

Under the flickering sword lights, the protective light membranes on their bodies were almost as useless as paper. They were easily penetrated by the sword lights. Then, blood splattered as holes appeared on their bodies.

Jiang Li did not injure their vital points. The Immortal Slaying Flying Sword only pierced through their bodies repeatedly until they lost most of their combat strength and were dragged away by the tree realm weakly.

1… 2… 3… 10… 20…

Under Jiang Li’s attack, they were almost desperate and helpless.

On the most intense Golden Core battlefield, Situ Etong was leading the remaining two Golden Core cultivators to pursue Situ Baige and Ma Changgu.

The three of them had the advantage in numbers and cultivation.

However, due to the previous sneak attack, Situ Tong and the others had already suffered considerable injuries.

Not only did their combat strength decrease, but there was also densely packed Nine Nether Tree Realm obstructing them.

Not to mention chasing after the enemy, they were almost unable to move at all.

Jiang Li’s subordinates, Situ Baige and Ma Changgu, only delayed for time, and it seemed to be extremely easy.

With the three Golden Core cultivators dragged here, the pressure on the Nine Nether Tree Realm would naturally be even lower.

Not long after, when the three of them stopped while panting, there were no other disciples around.

Even the spirit colt carriages had completely disappeared.

As the descendants of the two clans meant to make a comeback in the Hundred Tempering Mountain, they were all dragged away under their noses.

“Who are you! Who are you!”

“Stop hiding! Come out! When has my Hundred Tempering Mountain ever offended you! Why did you attack my sect’s convoy!”

Situ Etong and the remaining three Golden Cores had ugly expressions.

These thousand descendants were the last of the bloodline of the Situ Clan and Ma Clan!

If they were all gone, how could they face their ancestors?

Could they rely on these old fellows to reproduce and expand the bloodline?

“Look at you, why are you still cursing?”

“I’m afraid you’ll regret offending your boss in the future.”

Jiang Li’s figure slowly emerged from a huge tree and looked down at them from above.

After obtaining the Heavenly Dao’s Merit Blessing, Jiang Li’s Nine Nether Tree Realm’s expenditure became smaller, its range was larger, and its might was stronger.

In fact, in this jungle terrain, the expenditure was even smaller.

The probability of the three injured Golden Core cultivators escaping was really not high.

“You are… Jiang Li of the Scripture Storage Valley?”

“So it’s the Scripture Storage Valley! A mere Foundation Establishment cultivator dares to appear in front of us like this. You’re really courting death!”

Situ Etong still wanted to take a gamble. If he could capture Jiang Li, they might be able to escape.

He crushed a black pill in his hand, and then his poisonous palm suddenly grabbed towards Jiang Li.

This poisonous pill was also very vicious. If one was struck by it, even a Golden Core cultivator would definitely falter.

However, Jiang Li sneered and felt disdain towards Situ Etong’s methods.

He liked cultivators who fought him in close combat.

Jiang Li had never been afraid of fist fights.

He raised his fist and smashed down without dodging.

The poisonous hand collided with the iron fist.

Energy scattered in all directions, and poisonous powder flew everywhere.

The Dragon Imprisoning Lock wrapped around Jiang Li’s hand swept down and bound most of the other party’s body.

The sudden Dragon Imprisoning Lock shocked Situ Etong. In the process of struggling crazily, he was still bound tighter and tighter by the chain.

He could only hurriedly threaten Jiang Li.

“You’ve been poisoned by my blood poison. Let me go! Otherwise, you’ll definitely die!”

He solemnly threatened Jiang Li that it was impossible for a Foundation Establishment cultivator to resist his poison.

However, when the poison powder dissipated, Jiang Li’s expression was as usual. The clothes on his body were white and flawless, and there were no signs of poisoning at all.

He had the Buddhist Light Relic, Immaculate Body, Golden Core Protection, and some other buffs. How shocking was Jiang Li’s resistance? Ordinary poisons would not be able to invade his body so easily.

“How… how is this possible?!”

Then, Situ Etong was ruthlessly knocked unconscious by Jiang Li.

“Do the two of you still want to suffer physical pain?”

Jiang Li calmly threw Situ Etong into the coffin as if he had just caught a hen.

Then, he turned around and looked at the two Hundred Tempering Mountain elders who were still stubbornly resisting in the end.

The remaining Ma Minglou and the other Golden Core cultivator were also extremely terrified. Their rationality told them that the probability of winning was very slim.

For some reason, the Foundation Establishment realm disciple from the Scripture Storage Valley gave them a huge pressure.

However, it was naturally impossible for them to allow themselves to be captured. They turned around and rushed into the sky, hoping to break through the obstruction of the Nine Nether Tree Realm and escape first.

But how could it be so easy?

The canopy was like a dome that they could not pass through no matter what. Soon, Jiang Li caught up to them.

At this moment, Jiang Li who wore the Nine Nether Wood clone, did not even use his artifacts or get his subordinates to assist him.

He faced two Golden Core cultivators alone. With the Wood Arts in one hand and the Ice Arts in the other, he forcefully suppressed these two survivors of the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

In the end, one was completely wrapped up by the tree roots, and the other transformed into a vivid ice statue. Both of them lost all ability to resist under Alliance Leader Jiang’s hands.

At this point, all the escape teams of the Hundred Tempering Mountain were captured.

This clan, which was once one of the four major sects of the Great Mountain Region, had finally paid the price for its greed and arrogance.

The Nine Nether Tree Realm slowly retracted. Everything returned to its original state. No one knew that a huge battle had happened here.

Jiang Li stepped into the coffin. In the coffin space, there were spider lilies everywhere, and they were still so beautiful that it was breathtaking.

Apart from these spider lilies, the Nine Nether clone created a forest. The roots spread throughout the entire coffin, absorbing the endless nutrients below the sea of flowers.

Under the cover of the sea of flowers, there were countless corpses that were piled up about three meters thick.

These were all Jiang Li’s gains from cleaning up the battlefield after the Hundred Tempering Mountain battle.

The corpses of the demons in the Asura World could be used as fertilizer. After the corpses of many cultivators in the Hundred Tempering Mountain were absorbed by the Nine Nether Wood, it could even extract their spiritual roots and slowly transform them into new spiritual root seeds.

Using this method as well as retrieving the seeds from the 2,000 outer sect disciples in the sect regularly, the number of spiritual root seeds that Jiang Li had accumulated until now had already reached 500.

This number was still quite different from the other Nine Nether Wood that could produce 2,000 spiritual root seeds.

If he wanted to use it, he had to be more careful.

The prisoners of war that Jiang Li had taken from the battlefield and the captives that he had intercepted this time numbered more than 1,500.

His 500 spiritual root seeds could turn cultivators at the Foundation Establishment realm or above into his own.

The remaining thousand Qi Refinement cultivators could only hang around in the Nine Nether Wood for the time being.

One spiritual root seed after another was stuffed into their mouths. It took nearly a day before the artificial spiritual root took effect in their bodies.

One by one, the cultivators of the Hundred Tempering Mountain were lowered from the Nine Nether Wood and bowed respectfully to Jiang Li.

Due to the war instigated by the Hundred Tempering Mountain, not only did Jiang Li gain both fame and fortune, he also gained many benefits.

He had even made a killing in the dark, and he was no longer as short-staffed as before.

Now, he had a group of subordinates who were completely loyal to him.

Among them, there were even six Golden Core cultivators and 33 Core Formation cultivators.

If this force was placed in the outside world, it would be a powerful second-rate sect.

Moreover, this was not the end. During the battle, Jiang Li had gotten nothing from the medicinal pill storehouse and artifact storehouse, so he could only take a step back and use the tree world to empty the Hundred Tempering Mountain’s spiritual farmland and ores.

He ordered people to open the heavy carriages.

A large number of spirit pills and artifacts immediately poured out from inside.

Apart from a few pills and artifacts of the best quality being placed in spatial artifacts by the higher-ups of the Hundred Tempering Mountain,

The items originally in the empty pill storehouse and artifact storehouse of the Hundred Tempering Mountain were all here.

Apart from the personal spoils of war, the gains from the previous Hundred Tempering Mountain battle might not even be as much as here.

At that time, in the Misty Mountain Range Cultivator Competition, the disciple surnamed Ma that Jiang Li had subdued by chance did not help when attacking the Hundred Tempering Mountain.

However, at this moment, it came in handy. If not for that good friend of his who had been secretly informing him, Jiang Li would not have been able to find them and pick up such a huge opportunity.

“Ma Minglou.”

“This subordinate is here!”

When Jiang Li called out, the former Hundred Tempering Mountain Elder, Ma Minglou, immediately stepped forward and knelt on one knee in front of Jiang Li. His attitude was so respectful that it was probably unprecedented for him even when facing the Sect Master, Situ Fengzhu.

“You’re an elder of the Hundred Tempering Mountain’s Alchemy Hall, right?”


Jiang Li nodded as he said, “In the future, you will still be in charge of refining pills. Mainly refine the semi-finished pill formulas that are still in the experimental stage into usable pills. There’s not a lot of each pill formula. One or two bottles of each will do.”

It was not easy for Jiang Li to have an alchemy master under him, so he directly gave a strange order.

However, Ma Minglou did not have any questions. He only had to complete whatever Jiang Li said.

“Go find Qin Shuman later. You can take anything from the spiritual material storehouse.”

“However, you have another mission now. Go and find all the enhancement pills in your Hundred Tempering Mountain. Give me a bottle of each.”

Jiang Li was not interested in the pile of artifacts, but when he saw the dazzling array of medicinal pills on the carriages, his eyes emitted an extremely bright light.

He, Jiang Li, was the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance after all. If he was too weak, he would be laughed at by others.

However, it was impossible for him to cultivate slowly step by step. That was impossible in this lifetime!

He was not like those who could receive power-ups in danger.. Only by eating such pills could he maintain a stable life.

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