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Chapter 243 - Great Mountain Conference

Chapter 243: Great Mountain Conference

“How dare you! You actually dare to block the Alliance Leader! Do you want to die?!”

A Golden Core cultivator stood up and cursed loudly. The aura of these hundreds of high-level cultivators only leaked slightly, but it suppressed the young cultivator until his entire body trembled and he could not say a word.

Today was Jiang Li’s first day as the Alliance Leader. He had to establish his prestige.

Otherwise, it would be very difficult to control his subordinates in the future.

However, he was not too strict. He waved his hand and stopped the other cultivators who were about to step forward and take down the young man.

Then, he asked, “What’s your name? Why are you kneeling?”

Only then did the young man on the ground feel his body relax. After taking two deep breaths, he said the reason why he knelt down to stop Jiang Li.

“Lord Alliance Leader! Please uphold justice for our Golden Tooth Sect!”

“Golden Tooth Sect? Who are you?”

Jiang Li was rather familiar with this name. Wasn’t this the second-rate sect that had exposed the Hundred Tempering Mountain’s plot because their descendants were too arrogant?

“I was originally a disciple of the Golden Tooth Sect’s previous Sect Master. My name is Li Jindao.”

“The Golden Tooth Sect’s First Elder colluded with the Hundred Tempering Mountain to poison our Sect Master Jin! Alliance Leader, please seek justice for the Sect Master.”

Only now did Jiang Li recall that Li Jindao was that genius disciple of the Golden Tooth Sect. His performance in the Qi Refinement realm arena was quite good. Not only had he entered the top hundred, his ranking was rather high as well.

After the internal conflict in the Golden Tooth Sect, he had originally disappeared.

No one would care about a mere Qi Refinement disciple. They did not expect that after this period of time, not only did he not die, he had even broken through to the Foundation Establishment realm and ran here to join the Great Mountain Alliance.

The current Sect Master of the Golden Tooth Sect, Zhang Sanhong, had once submitted to the Hundred Tempering Mountain and offered their share of the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm.

The Hundred Tempering Mountain had just been destroyed and the Great Mountain Alliance had not had the time to deal with these sects. Of course, the share of the medicinal garden had long been invalidated.

In the previous cultivation meeting, Shu Mountain had not invited them.

Some sects were sensible and braced themselves to participate even without receiving the invitation.

It could be considered to have expressed their attitude so they were approved to join the Great Mountain Alliance.

However, for some reason, the Golden Tooth Sect and another two sects did not take the initiative to go.

Therefore, they were actually not part of the alliance.

Jiang Li originally did not intend to let those few sects off, but he could not agree directly. Otherwise, if everyone knelt before him like this, it would be terrible.

Would the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance become a wish machine?

“You want to use the power of the alliance to avenge you. What can you offer us?” Jiang Li asked.

“I can give… my loyalty!”

“Alliance Leader Jiang, I have a top-grade spiritual root. As long as you can uphold justice for the Golden Tooth Sect, Li Jindao will definitely do anything for you.”

This person really knew how to put on a show.

Any experienced person who had just joined the alliance would not have said such words.

He had already joined the Great Mountain Alliance and was still using loyalty as his bargaining chip. Then, would he not be loyal if Jiang Li did not help him take revenge?

This kind of verbal declaration of loyalty was not reliable to begin with. Fortunately, Jiang Li had a way to make him fulfill his promise.

Jiang Li did not speak and only looked at him.

Li Jindao quickly discovered the problem with his words. He gritted his teeth, took out the long saber at his waist, and raised it above his head to offer it to Jiang Li.

“This is the Golden Tooth Sect’s ultimate artifact, the Golden Tooth Saber. I offer it to the Alliance Leader to seek justice for the disciples of the Golden Tooth Sect!”

Jiang Li swept it with his appraisal technique and already knew that it was a high-grade Profound-rank metal attribute artifact.

It seemed that the Golden Tooth Sect Master was really good to Li Jindao. He had even given him his personal artifact.

This saber was not bad, but it was not helpful to Jiang Li. He did not take it and only glanced at it before saying.

“I can give you a chance, but whether you can grasp it will depend on yourself.”

“Elder Lin, please gather all the disciples who have joined the Great Mountain Alliance in the square these few days.”

Elder Lin Fengying had only joined the Scripture Storage Valley midway and did not enter any hall in the sect. She was an idle person and was directly invited over by Jiang Li.

After saying that, he did not look at Li Jindao anymore. A force pushed him away and continued to enter the Great Mountain Alliance.

Jiang Li and the higher-ups of the Great Mountain Alliance stood on the first platform in the largest square. A large number of cultivators in uniform quickly gathered below.

After all, they were originally rogue cultivators. They had only joined for two days and their positions were still undecided.

However, in front of so many top-notch cultivators and big shots in the cultivation world, this group of more than two thousand people was quiet. No one dared to make a commotion.

“My name is Jiang Li. Everyone should have heard of me.”

“In the future, I will be the Alliance Leader of the Great Mountain Alliance, and our task is to protect our homeland.”

“First of all, I want to thank you for joining the Great Mountain Alliance. In the future, everything you do in the alliance will be contributing to the entire Great Mountain Region.”

“Most of you are Qi Refinement realm and Foundation Establishment realm cultivators.”

“I believe you’re all curious about why I, a Foundation Establishment cultivator, could become the Alliance Leader.”

“That’s because the Great Mountain Alliance is a new and flourishing organization. We are not limited to cultivation and identity. Anyone with talent will display their skills here.”

“Now, I’ll also give you a chance. Everyone in front of me, as long as you can still stand before me after fifteen minutes, as the Alliance Leader, I promise that you’ll be promoted three ranks in a row.”

The crowd below looked at each other, not understanding what Jiang Li meant. Why would they be unable to stand?

In the next moment, a mountain-like aura pressed down on them.

Jiang Li’s aura seeped out of his body. The five misty Immortal Peaks in his eyes were projected proudly among the clouds.

Wherever his gaze swept, all the alliance members felt a blur before their eyes, and they saw a strange scene.

Five mountains fell from the sky, pressing them down as if they were unavoidable.

At the same time, an inexplicable pressure acted on them.

After Jiang Li fused his spirit into his aura, he pressed it down on the alliance members below.

In just a breath, wherever his gaze landed, the Qi Refinement and even Foundation Establishment cultivators fell to the ground.

Under the enhancement of the Quintet Dao Foundation and the Bodhisattva Heart Sutra, Jiang Li’s aura and spirit were not weak at all.

After consuming the many medicinal pills of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, his physical strength increased by several times, and his aura naturally rose as well.

There was also the fact that there were also some medicinal pills that could enhance one’s mind.

After consuming them, coupled with his increased strength, it was almost difficult for cultivators below the Core Formation realm to look him in the eye.

Time passed bit by bit. After Jiang Li’s first glance, two-thirds of the two thousand plus alliance members that had just been recruited were already lying down.

Jiang Li nodded, and then he relaxed his aura again.

This time, he added savage and violent beast blood qi into it. The roars of blood-colored demon beasts were transmitted to the minds of the cultivators below through Jiang Li’s vision.

The ferocious blood qi made them dizzy and dazed.

This time, a number of them collapsed again.

However, this was not the end. In Jiang Li’s Sea of Consciousness, the Golden Core blazing sun that was originally floating in the sky suddenly split open like a chicken egg.

From within, a surging dark cloud of flickering lightning spread out.

Jiang Li intended to choose a few useful disciples among this group of newcomers.

Coupled with the might of the heavenly tribulation, his aura began to rise again.

In less than fifteen minutes, with just three glances, 95% of them had collapsed.

Fortunately, his control was not bad and he let go of the cultivators who were lying on the ground. Otherwise, if this wave continued, many people would be badly shaken.

The cultivators who fell to the ground were brought away the spiritual qi of the elders, leaving less than 50 cultivators behind.

The dozens of people all closed their eyes and stood on the spot bitterly.

In their mental world, at this moment, they were pressed down by the Five Elements Mountain. There were countless blood-colored demon beasts roaring crazily at them on the mountain. There were also rolling dark clouds in the sky, and from time to time, lightning would flash and tear the sky apart.

“Alliance Leader Jiang… is so powerful!”

“His aura is much stronger than when he was in the Hundred Tempering Mountain. Is this what a genius is?”

“It’s only been seven days since we last met, and Alliance Leader Jiang has become much stronger again. It’s truly unbelievable!”

The few hundred higher-ups of the sect standing behind Jiang Li revealed shocked expressions when they saw this scene.

Such a large-scale pressure could only be released by a Core Formation cultivator with the help of their inner core.

However, Jiang Li Ming was only at the Foundation Establishment realm. How did he do it?

Moreover, just the pressure alone made the two thousand cultivators fall to the ground and unable to get up.

Even the Golden Core cultivators present did not dare to say that they could do it.

However, Jiang Li had easily done it with his Foundation Establishment cultivation. This made many sect elders feel ashamed.

A large number of rogue cultivators standing outside the Great Mountain Alliance also gulped.

The more than 2,000 cultivators lying on the square were once considered absolute elites among them. Otherwise, they would not have been the first to be recruited into the Great Mountain Region.

However, such a group of people who were slightly famous among them were simply as weak as mortals in front of Jiang Li.

They could not even endure a glance. Unlimited reverence for Alliance Leader Jiang naturally arose in their hearts.

When he noticed the exclamations of the surrounding cultivators, Jiang Li heaved a sigh of relief.

This display was Jiang Li deliberately establishing his authority.

Ever since he entered the cultivation world, he had made a name for himself among many sects.

However, he did not have much interaction with rogue cultivators.

Although he had taken the top spot in the Qi Refinement competition in the Misty Mountain Range and his reputation was not small, that was only for the Qi Refinement realm.

Many rogue cultivators did not know his exact situation. No one dared to believe that he had killed a Golden Core cultivator and a Nascent Soul cultivator.

Therefore, after he became the Alliance Leader, many rogue cultivators were not convinced by him.

This was because Jiang Li’s cultivation was only at the Foundation Establishment realm. It was not a cultivation realm that could not be touched. On the contrary, there were actually many Foundation Establishment cultivators.

After seeing too much, it was not easy for people to feel reverence. Many late-stage Foundation Establishment rogue cultivators even thought that they could match him.

There was a saying that rogue cultivators enjoyed flattery.

Some of them were privately clamoring to challenge Jiang Li.

Since this Foundation Establishment cultivator could also become the Alliance Leader, if they defeated Jiang Li, would they also be qualified to become the Alliance Leader?

However, this scene completely shattered their delusions.

They could not withstand a single gaze from him. If they still wanted to challenge the Alliance Leader, they would probably die.

“Could he be a Core Formation cultivator who deliberately suppressed his cultivation and pretended to be weak?”

Some cultivators were suspicious.

However, this view was soon ruthlessly shattered.

“Are you stupid? Alliance Leader Jiang has only cultivated for a year and is only 14 years old now! If he’s already in the Core Formation realm now, that would be even more shocking.”

Fifteen minutes later, Jiang Li withdrew his aura, and at this moment, only a mere nine out of the original 2,300 people could stand.

Jiang Li looked at them one by one. They were all originally famous Foundation Establishment cultivators.

Li Jindao was among them.

This person was indeed talented.

He should be the kind of genius who entered a small sect and was heavily nurtured.

This was the benefit of having a top-grade spiritual root. It could be valued everywhere and stand out from the rest.

“Very good. Among the newcomers this time, the nine of you are the most outstanding. From today onwards, you will be the first-rate group leaders.”

The treatment of a first-rate group leader was equivalent to the inner sect disciples of the three major sects. It was practically the limit for Foundation Establishment cultivators.

Obtaining this identity would greatly help their future cultivation development.

However, to his disappointment, there was no Qi Refinement realm cultivator among the nine.

It was really a little difficult to use this method to easily find one or two peerless geniuses.

“As for you, follow me from now on.”

Jiang Li turned around and led the group into the interior of the Great Mountain Alliance. Li Jindao, on the other hand, was overjoyed. He dragged his trembling feet and chased after them.

In the main hall of the Great Mountain Alliance, there was a huge long table.

Jiang Li sat at the head of the table while the others sat on both sides and stretched out in order.

With the size of this long table, it would not be crowded even if 500 people sat there.

In any case, they were all cultivators. A little distance would not affect their hearing.

The three Soul Formation Dharma Protectors did not sit down.

Their seniority was too high. If they casually spoke, it would severely affect the decision-making. This was not beneficial to the long-term development of the Great Mountain Alliance.

In any case, these three did not like to ask about these things. They simply returned to their quiet rooms to cultivate.

Their role was only to be a trump card to intimidate others and protect Jiang Li’s safety. They would hold up the scene when negotiating with other powers and supervise the Alliance Leader, Jiang Li, to not do anything too out of line.

In short, although there were many responsibilities, their existence itself was their meaning in being here. There was no need to say more.

Most of their attention was actually still placed on their own cultivation, and they would not really stay by Jiang Li’s side.

“Very good. The goal and purpose of our Great Mountain Alliance is to maintain the stability and prosperity of the Great Mountain Region.”

“Today, we will hold the first Great Mountain Conference. If there are any proposals that need to be resolved, please feel free to speak your mind.”

Jiang Li was the one who proposed this format for the Great Mountain Conference.

In any case, as the Alliance Leader, he did not have absolute authority. Why not just share the trouble with the other cultivators?

In the cultivation world, the most important thing was one’s own strength. When one was weak, everything was meaningless. Powerful people could still kick them away.

However, if Jiang Li possessed sufficient strength to suppress everything, even if he was a boss who did nothing, others would respectfully hand over their authority to him.

“Alliance Leader, the Immortal Ascension Pavilion’s attitude is uncertain now. I think we can’t give the authority of the Immortal Ascension Assembly to outsiders.”

“Our Great Mountain Alliance can expand our manpower and take this task into our hands.”

The Immortal Ascension Pavilion, which had been pushed out of the competition previously, was now the first target. At this sensitive time, it was not good to hand such an important matter like the Immortal Ascension Assembly to them.

“However, the Immortal Ascension Pavilion has already organized the Immortal Ascension Assembly for so many years. If we rashly take over, we might not be able to do a good job and lose a large number of cultivation seeds.”

“Moreover, if we offend the Immortal Ascension Pavilion at this time, will it cause their headquarters to be displeased? If we provoke such an enemy, I’m afraid…”

After the higher-ups spoke one after another and expressed their opinions, because their opinions were not uniform, the final decision fell onto Jiang Li.

“Do you still remember the reason why we created the Great Mountain Alliance? We need to unite and resist. If we compromise because we are afraid of the Immortal Ascension Pavilion, wouldn’t we be losing sight of our purpose?”

“Therefore, not only do we need to host the Immortal Ascension Assembly ourselves, we also need to get the Immortal Ascension Pavilion’s carriages and travel map.”

“In any case, they no longer have the right to host the Immortal Ascension Assembly. It’s useless for them to keep those things. This requires tough negotiations. Who will be responsible?”

A Shu Mountain Nascent Soul sword cultivator gestured that he would take on the responsibility.

“Very good, I’ll leave it to Elder Lu. We’ll move on to the next proposal.”

“We’ve already found the Earth Fire Spring in the Hundred Tempering Mountain, but the pollution on the mountain is still unclear. Should we send a group of cultivators over to quickly clean it up?”

“Yes, the Earth Fire of the Hundred Tempering Mountain is very useful. The work of cleaning up the pollution is too large. We can use the strength of the rogue cultivators…”

On this long table, important matters related to the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region were proposed one after another.

Normally, such matters that required many sects to wrangle for several years might not have an outcome in the end. After the establishment of the Great Mountain Alliance, they were quickly and efficiently resolved.

It could be foreseen that as long as they passed this hurdle, the Great Mountain Region would obtain a huge leap in development.

A thousand miles away, at the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak, a peachwood flying sword leisurely entered Elder Mu’s courtyard.

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