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Chapter 210 - Dragon Hunting Arrow

Chapter 210: Dragon Hunting Arrow

Jiang Li opened the mouth of the Dragon Head Fossil and touched the tiny mark on the dragon skeleton’s jaw.

The people from the Immortal Ascension Pavilion must have discovered the wound on the fossil long ago, but they definitely thought that it was an ordinary mark.

Ancient Dragon fossils were more valuable the more complete they were. They would definitely not break it for no reason.

Therefore, Jiang Li who had the appraisal skill ended up benefiting.

No matter what, he had to dig it out first.

Jiang Li took out a small seed from his bosom and placed it in his palm.

Then, a green light flashed in his hand, and the seed quickly sprouted and swelled. Soon, a Vajra Wood grew in his hand.

This was a type of spiritual wood with an extremely high hardness. It could easily carve runes on Kun Steel. If not for the fact that the natural size of the Vajra Wood was too small, it would also be a good material to create artifacts.

The Dragon Head that had already fossilized was not as hard as when it was alive.

Jiang Li, on the other hand, had to be careful to ensure that he did not use too much force and shatter the entire Dragon Head.

Tiny bone cracks were carefully cut open by the Vajra Wood bit by bit.

Soon, a black dot appeared from the skeleton.

Jiang Li dug even more carefully. In the end, he really dug out something from the Dragon Fossil.

It was a palm-sized diamond-shaped metal block.

It was heavy to the touch. The surface was smooth and cold to the touch. After countless years, the edges and tip of the metal piece were still sharp.

On the surface, two ancient runes could vaguely be seen.

This metal piece looked… like an arrowhead?

Jiang Li rotated it around twice more. The more he looked at it, the more it looked like an enlarged version of an arrowhead.

Another appraisal was thrown.

[Name: Dragon Hunting Arrow (Arrowhead)]

[Type: Trash]

[Quality: Ancient]

[Status: Incomplete]

[Material: Unknown]

[Description: Armor Penetration]

[Note: A Dragon Hunting Arrow that has never hunted a dragon before.]

As expected, this was an arrowhead.

However, were the arrows used by ancient cultivators all this big?

It was palm-sized and had sufficient weight. It would not be a problem to refine it into a short sword.

Jiang Li compared it again. The arrowhead was embedded in the Dragon Head, and the tip was pointed inward. It leaned upwards and was stuck.

From the looks of it, the person who shot this arrow must be an expert in archery.

He should have taken advantage of the moment when the ancient dragon opened its mouth to roar and suddenly launched a sneak attack, stabbing an arrow into its mouth.

Breaking through from the relatively weak oral cavity into the bone was a heavy blow to the ancient dragon.

However, just as the appraisal technique had said, the arrow did not take its life. Otherwise, this wound would not have healed.

Jiang Li played with the arrow in his hand, thinking about what use it should have.

In terms of battle results, the Dragon Imprisoning Lock had once locked down a True Dragon, and this Dragon Hunting Arrow had almost killed a dragon.

After a rough calculation, even if the Dragon Hunting Arrow was inferior to the Dragon Imprisoning Lock in ancient times, it should not be much inferior.

Although it had lost its former power, the material naturally did not change.

So, what should he do with it?

Right at this moment, Jiang Li suddenly felt a cold feeling in his palm.

He was stunned for a moment. This feeling was familiar yet unfamiliar to him. He had not felt it for a long time.

As a result, he did not react in time.

It was not until bits of blood flowed down the sharp edge of the arrowhead that another pain came from his palm. Only then did he realize that just now, his palm had been cut open.

He was still surprised as he saw the wound recover rapidly.

He had just been careless and his defense was easily broken like that?

Jiang Li was extremely surprised. One had to know that even the Shu Mountain Flying Sword and the Anti-Spirit Black Sword had to be amplified by the Sword Heart in order to break through his skin.

This arrowhead did not have any spiritual qi in it. Just like the Dragon Imprisoning Lock, it had long lost its former power. However, it could actually break through his defense by relying on the sharpness of the physical surface.

How shocking was this?

Jiang Li refused to believe it. He held the arrowhead and slashed at the skin of his arm again.

However, this time, the sharp tip of the arrow was blocked by the layer of Lake Heart Protection on Jiang Li’s body. The sharp tip was still a slight distance away from his skin.

Drip. Drip.

Another few drops of blood fell. The hand holding the arrowhead was actually cut again.

It was a little incredible to injure oneself but not the enemy.

Jiang Li pondered for a moment and felt that there was something else amiss. He took out a shield artifact made from the shell of a Dragon Tortoise and placed it flat on the ground.

He injected spiritual qi into the shield and activated the defensive spiritual light on top. Then, he brought the arrowhead to a meter above the Dragon Tortoise Shield and let it fall freely. Without a doubt, the arrowhead was directly repelled.

Jiang Li was not discouraged as he picked up the arrow. This time, after removing the spiritual qi on the Dragon Tortoise’s shield, he threw the arrow from the same height again.

With a muffled sound, the palm-sized arrowhead directly sank into the tortoise shell shield and pierced out from the inside of the shield. This Yellow-grade artifact was immediately ruined.

Jiang Li raised his eyebrows. How much kinetic energy could that bit of momentum convert from a meter high? However, even with such a slight force and no spiritual qi fluctuation, this thing still easily pierced through the Dragon Tortoise Shield.

He immediately understood that the sharpness of the Dragon Hunting Arrow could not affect the spiritual qi barrier, but it could easily break through physical defense.

Moreover, this Armor Penetration effect was extremely abnormal.

This was quite good. This time, getting the Dragon Head was definitely not a loss.

However, Jiang Li did not know how to shoot arrows. How could he use it?

Jiang Li thought about it and suddenly slapped his forehead as he had an idea.

The next day, early in the morning.

A series of explosions woke Jiang Li up.

He walked out of the room. Elder He and Senior Brother Xiang had just left.

“Master, Senior Brother, what’s this voice?”

The three of them followed the sound. After passing through the same number of Buddha statues, they found a very open training ground.

Here, there were five hundred disciples practicing their fists. These five hundred disciples did not punch sandbags or rocks. All of them hit the air.

Their fists always landed on empty air, but every time they threw a punch, there would always be an explosion in the air. They were clearly hitting something solid.

This should be a special fist technique. Its control over fist strength was very exquisite.

Just think about it, even the air was unable to dissolve their fist force. If this fist landed on a cultivator, then the ordinary strength mitigation method would be useless.

Benevolent Travel Temple was indeed worthy of being called the body cultivation expert. It indeed had its own unique points in the path of body cultivation.

“Who dares to secretly learn the technique of my Arhat Hall!”

However, after watching for a while, an explosive shout suddenly sounded from the other side of the 500 monks.

After that, a monastic robe tore through the sky and flew over at extreme speed. In midair, an old monk suddenly leaped out from beneath the robe, and he looked down from above and slapped his palm towards Jiang Li and the others.

Elder He stepped forward and punched the other party’s palm.

Fortunately, neither party attacked seriously. After a whistling wind, the two of them slowly landed.

The old monk was not tall. He was clearly a powerful body cultivator who could fight Elder He, but he looked a little thin.

“We are envoys from the Scripture Storage Valley. We have no intention of peeping. We only entered this place by accident because of the sound. Please forgive us for our offense.”

The two elders did not speak. Senior Brother Xiang took two steps forward, cupped his hands, and explained. At this moment, one of the 500 monks behind him walked out and explained the identities of Jiang Li and the others to the old monk.

“So it’s the esteemed guests from the Scripture Storage Valley. Apologies for my disrespect. If there’s nothing else, please leave.”

The old monk’s attitude was completely different from Dharma Master Le Chi last night. His tone was filled with disgust.

After he asked Jiang Li and the others to leave, he looked coldly at the disciple who came out to explain.

“Who asked you to step forward!”


The old monk actually waved his palm again, sending the disciple flying. He smashed into the ground a hundred meters away and suddenly spat out a mouthful of blood.

Jiang Li and the others frowned. Now, they knew that this old monk’s vile attitude was not targeted at them, but such a person was still extremely detestable.

“Aren’t you leaving?”

When he saw Jiang Li and the others still standing on the spot, the old monk actually urged them again with an extremely terrible attitude.

However, the three of them could not flare up casually, so Senior Brother Xiang spoke again.

“We came to Benevolent Travel Temple because we have something to discuss with your esteemed temple’s Abbot. We want to know where he is now.”

This matter would cause trouble if it was delayed. If he could resolve it as soon as possible, he should not delay it too much.

However, the other party’s answer surprised the three of them.

“Hmph, the Abbot is currently in seclusion and won’t see any guests. If you want to wait, then wait. If you can’t wait, then leave quickly.”

He was in seclusion?

Jiang Li and the other two wanted to ask how long the Abbot would be in seclusion, but the other party was unwilling to speak further. He directly ordered his disciples to send them out of the Arhat Hall.

“Benefactors, I’m sorry. Martial-Granduncle Kong’e has a bad temper. Please don’t mind it.”

After the two disciples who sent them out left the old monk’s sight, they secretly said this. Clearly, the disciples of Benevolent Travel Temple were very afraid of Monk Kong’e.

However, why was his seniority ‘Kong’? He was even a Martial-Granduncle?

In the Benevolent Travel Temple, the current generation of disciples was given the name of ‘Zheng’. The previous generation of monks was ‘Le’, while the monks from two generations ago were named ‘Kong’.

Jiang Li thought that only those few remaining Divine Monks were of the Kong generation. He did not expect that there was a rather nameless monk called Kong’e here.

“It’s fine. However, Junior Brother, has he really gone into seclusion?”

Jiang Li did not believe what the monk said and asked this disciple again.

“Yes, the Abbot has already entered seclusion a month ago. However, we don’t know when he will come out.”

Jiang Li and the other two looked at each other and felt that it was troublesome. If that Abbot went into seclusion for three to five years, then it would be too late when he came out.

“Then can I trouble Junior Brother to bring us to Dharma Master Le Yuan’s meditation room?”

Jiang Li thought for a moment and decided to seek help from Le Yuan.

Although that guy was only at the Foundation Establishment realm, he was a disciple of the previous generation’s Divine Monk. If they spoke with the Kong generation monks through him, the effects were the same.

The Qi Refinement realm monk naturally did not have any objections. After he applied for leave from the Arhat Hall, he brought Jiang Li and the others to find Le Yuan who was sitting under a tree.

However, the news that they obtained from Le Yuan this time made them feel even more helpless.

The six Divine Monks were actually in seclusion with the Abbot. They could not come out for a while.

“Dharma Master Le Yuan, we are indeed carrying heavy responsibilities this time. We must see the Abbot of your esteemed temple as soon as possible. Can you help me make an exception?”

Jiang Li spoke earnestly and was still working hard to convince him.

“This… Master and the five Uncle-Masters should be unable to come out of seclusion, but Senior Brother Le Ku is only assisting from the side and not in closed door cultivation.”

“Everyone, follow me. I’ll go and inform them. There should still be a chance.”

Jiang Li finally heaved a sigh of relief. Le Yuan was indeed reliable.

After many twists and turns, Jiang Li and the others followed Le Yuan into the depths of Benevolent Travel Temple and stopped before a Buddhist temple.

“Please wait a moment. I’ll be back soon.”

Dharma Master Le Yuan chanted a Buddhist scripture and shone it on the door that immediately opened slowly.

From the crack in the door, rays of Buddhist light shone out. Jiang Li had sharp eyes and could see many golden bamboo growing inside, and they possessed an oppressive Buddhist aura.

However, before he could see clearly, just as Le Yuan was about to step in, someone came out from the door and blocked him.

“Martial Nephew Le Yuan, Senior Brother and the others are currently at a critical juncture. No one is allowed to enter.”

The person who came out of the temple and stood in front of Le Kong was the annoying Kong’e!

“Greetings, Uncle-Master Kong’e.”

“The benefactors of the Scripture Storage Valley have something to tell Senior Brother Abbot. Please let me in to inform him.”

Le Yuan first bowed before explaining respectfully. Generally speaking, giving face to such a person would make things easier.

However, when it was someone like Kong’e, the outcome would be different.

This old monk always had a sour expression and did not listen to anyone. He closed the door and did not allow anyone to enter.

“No means no! Can you shoulder the responsibility of delaying my temple’s important affairs?”

“Or is it that my words as a martial uncle are useless now?!”

Le Yuan’s seniority was not low as a disciple of the Divine Monk, but the other party was also a monk of the Kong generation and had a Nascent Soul cultivation. In the Benevolent Travel Temple with a complete hierarchy and strict rules, he really could not disobey the other party.

Le Yuan still wanted to argue with words, but he was directly ignored.

Kong’e even turned to look at Jiang Li and the others, and besides disgust, there was only even more disgust on his old face.

“As for the three people from the Scripture Storage Valley, they will come out of seclusion in three days. Don’t tell me you can’t even wait three days?”

After saying that, he hung another golden lock on the door and turned to leave.

This was really the case of when there was no tiger on the mountain, monkeys would call themselves overlords.

Under the circumstances that the Abbot and the six Divine Monks were in closed door cultivation, even though this Monk Kong’e’s cultivation was not the highest, he was the one with the greatest seniority.

From the looks of it, no one could subdue him before the seven of them came out!

After Le Yuan came out helplessly, Jiang Li and the others saw his expression change and quickly comforted him.

“Master Le Yuan, don’t be troubled. Three days is fine. We’ll wait patiently.”

Elder He watched the back of the monk leave. The blood tattoos on his body twisted and swam, and his eyes were about to spit fire.

If he was in the wilderness, that old man would definitely be beaten up.

However, it was still the same as before. He had something to ask this temple for help. For the sect, he had no choice but to endure it!

Elder He went to find Le Chi to talk about the old times and Senior Brother Xiang went to find someone to spar with. As for Jiang Li, he asked Le Yuan for a Weapon Refinement Room.

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