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Chapter 211 - Becoming a Sword Furnace

Chapter 211: Becoming a Sword Furnace

The style of the Weapon Refinement Room of Benevolent Travel Temple was slightly different from the Scripture Storage Valley.

The surface and interior of the tall furnace were densely engraved with incomprehensible Buddhist scriptures. It looked to have a dense Buddhist aura and was extremely mysterious.

According to Le Yuan, the inscriptions of these Buddhist scriptures could have an even stronger effect than ordinary runes.

For example, the scriptures on the outside of the pill furnace could keep the temperature hot and the scriptures inside could stabilize the temperature.

Although it was not as useful as the earth fire of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, it was already extremely helpful in refining artifacts.

Jiang Li was not in a hurry to act. He first stretched out his hand and pressed it on the wall of the room. A layer of thick and moist moss appeared from his hand and quickly spread out, and it covered the entire room.

One had to be wary of others. He had to be careful in others’ territory.

After confirming that the moss had completely covered the entire refinement room with no gaps,

Jiang Li stretched out his hand and took out the Anti-Spirit Black Sword, the Ghost Head Saber, and the Dragon Hunting Arrow that he had just obtained. He placed the three of them together.

These three items were the main materials for this weapon refinement.

Then, he raised his hand and slapped the Brahma Refinement Furnace. An incomparably blazing spiritual flame surged out of the furnace.

After Jiang Li reached the Foundation Establishment realm, he consumed a Nine Nether Earth Fruit and pushed his Liquor Fire Sword Song cultivation level to the Foundation Establishment realm too.

The awkward thing was that he was already a sword cultivator at the Foundation Establishment realm. In fact, the level of his Sword Heart far surpassed that of ordinary Shu Mountain disciples.

Yet, he, Jiang Li, did not have a flying sword that belonged to him.

Now, Jiang Li was prepared to personally forge a special flying sword for himself.

The characteristics of the Anti-Spirit Black Sword was that it penetrated spiritual qi but not armor.

The characteristics of the Dragon Hunting Arrow was that it penetrated armor but not spiritual qi.

Think about it, if these two could combine together, they could make up for each other’s shortcomings!

If the flying sword was forged in this way, not to mention its grade, even if it was a pure mortal weapon without spiritual qi, with the terrifying effect of both Armor and Spirit Penetration, being stabbed by it would be a huge problem.

He could even sneak attack an enemy to death.

Since he planned to use it as a killer weapon, he might as well be more thorough.

If combined with the City God’s Ghost Head Saber, it would also gain the effects of concealment and soul vanquishing.

Just thinking about a weapon with all three traits made Jiang Li feel afraid for his future enemy.

As he continuously poured in spiritual qi for a moment, the Liquor Fire spiritual flames in the furnace continuously rose. This Brahma Refinement Furnace had another advantage. It firmly locked the energy inside, causing the temperature in the furnace to rise rapidly.

Jiang Li raised his hand and beckoned, and the City God’s Ghost Head Saber flew over first.

A Profound-rank artifact with extraordinary might was directly thrown into the furnace flames with the intention of directly melting and reforging it.

After obtaining the fire attribute spiritual root, with Jiang Li’s talent in runes and his affinity with the Weapon Refinement Hall, he basically already had the ability to refine artifacts by himself.

As for the refinement method of the flying sword that he had secretly learned from Shu Mountain, it was also very special. It was so special that this secret method did not value craftsmanship.

As long as one could pay the price and throw in the spiritual materials, the flying sword forged would definitely not be too bad.

Even as a newbie, there was no exception.

Under the enhancement of Jiang Li’s Nine Nether spiritual qi, the already powerful Liquor Flame directly reached the level of a Core Formation cultivator. It was extremely scorching and could easily melt metal and break locks.

One of his hands was pressed tightly against the furnace, and his other hand was not idle. He crushed up a bit of Fusing Crystal Powder and formed hand seals. Spiritual light mixed with crystal powder shot out one after another, accelerating the refinement of the Ghost Head Saber.

15 minutes… 30 minutes… 45 minutes passed…

After four hours, the pitch-black blade of the Ghost Head Saber gradually turned red and soft.

Jiang Li heaved a sigh of relief. The work of a Weapon Refinement Master was indeed much harder than that of an Alchemist.

No matter what, this Ghost Head Saber was a Profound-rank artifact. Its material was hard and its resistance was excellent. Just this first step of smelting was something that ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivators could not even melt into metal without taking turns.

Jiang Li stretched out his hand and pointed once more, and the Anti-Spirit Black Sword and Dragon Hunting Arrow that were placed on the ground flew over together.

Without any hesitation, he threw them into the furnace and stuck them to the Ghost Head Saber that was gradually melting.

Activating the runes inside the furnace, the temperature of the flames rose again, and the three metals were continuously melted.

Another four hours passed.

The Ghost Head Saber turned fiery red and completely softened. The other two metals had also changed color.

The hardest to deal with was still the Dragon Hunting Arrow. Fortunately, its characteristics were only sharpness and armor penetration, it was not as indestructible as the Dragon Imprisoning Lock.

Under the effect of the high temperature spiritual flame, the three metals finally fused together into a ball of metal liquid.

Jiang Li immediately urged his spiritual qi to continuously knead and fold the liquid. As the three completely different metals mixed together, their physical characteristics also began to change.

The melting point of the alloy was becoming higher and higher. Once this thing solidified again, it was very likely that Jiang Li would no longer be able to melt it.

He could only accelerate the stirring speed and make the alloy combine evenly before it solidified again.

It was not long before the liquid metal formed another piece of alloy ingot.

This original ingot looked ordinary and was not much different from a red-hot piece of iron. However, if one’s eyes were good enough, they would be able to see beautiful cloud patterns folded from three types of metal in the red light.

Under the influence of spiritual qi, the original ingot was also emitting strange fluctuations, as if it was already not inferior to most Yellow-rank artifacts in this state.

After all, the materials that Jiang Li invested in were not simple. Such an ingot was already an excellent forging material.

However, Jiang Li still had a main ingredient to add.

He formed a strange hand seal and pressed it on his heart.

A strong sense of fear came. Slowly, something invisible to the naked eye was forcefully pulled out by him.

The thing in Jiang Li’s hand was invisible and had no smell or form, as if it was empty space.

However, this invisible thing could allow a hundred-year-old man to return to his youth and let the person judged by the King of Hell live a carefree life for a hundred years.

This was the price Jiang Li had prepared to pay for this weapon refinement, an entire hundred years of his lifespan!

When Jiang Li went to the Scripture Imparting Hall earlier, he had received the scriptures of the three halls in a row: ‘Dharma’, ‘Body’, and ‘Technique’.

The ‘Technique’ he had obtained was a simple and practical ancient demon spell technique, Demon Awakening Technique.

The manual he had obtained in the Dharma Hall was a supplementary cultivation method called the “Life Stealing Art”.

This cultivation method was not difficult to master and its execution was simple. There was basically no issue with using it.

However, the problem was that the price of using the Life Stealing Art was actually two years of lifespan.

The Scripture Imparting Hall’s standard was really weird. It was obvious that it saw that he had a long lifespan and felt that this cultivation method was very compatible with him.

To impart him such a lifespan reduction cultivation method, did it think that he had excessive lifespan and needed such a method to bring down the number?

Who would learn such a cultivation method for no reason?

Jiang Li pinched the ball of lifespan in his hand, and his expression was a little pained.

Ordinary Foundation Establishment cultivators could only live for 200 years. If they were all like him and lost a hundred years of their lifespan for one refinement, they would lose more than half their lives.

Even if his life was indeed quite long, he had never used this cultivation method before. Only now did he barely take it out to give it a try.

Jiang Li’s lifespan before he broke through to the Foundation Establishment realm was (297 × 500%), which was 1485 years.

After breaking through to the Foundation Establishment realm, his lifespan increased by a hundred years. Later on, he ate a fire attribute Earth Fruit and added another 30 years.

Coupled with the enhancement of the Dragon Tortoise Blood Tattoo, it would be a total of 2135 years.

After using up a hundred years, his heart ached a little. If the effect was not satisfactory, he would give up on this spell technique forever.

At this moment, Jiang Li felt his lips heat up. A line of blood slowly flowed down his nose, and he looked a little miserable.

A nosebleed was already quite a slight reaction to shortening one’s lifespan.

After losing 5% of his lifespan, although he did not feel too uncomfortable, he still wanted to eat two Nine Nether Earth Fruits later to replenish his lifespan.

He threw his hundred years of lifespan into the furnace and fused it with the original ingot.

The metal that was originally floating in the furnace suddenly flashed with a spiritual light, as if it was brimming with vitality.

Moreover, a familiar feeling arose spontaneously. It was clearly only an original ingot that had yet to become an artifact, but Jiang Li could sense that he could completely control this metal with his mind.

Jiang Li drew an outline in his mind.

The metal piece that had already solidified automatically began to deform. The beautiful cloud patterns slowly extended and gradually turned into a longsword.

Where the sword hilt should have been, only a medium-sized chain ring was hidden.

This was Jiang Li’s sword embryo.

However, all of this was just preparation work.

However, the true forging of the sword did not need this Brahma Refinement Furnace anymore.

Jiang Li closed his eyes for a moment, and then white light erupted from them. A strand of spiritual light emerged from his Qi Sea and enveloped the sword base.

Under the envelopment of this spiritual light, the sword embryo was slowly pulled out of the furnace and entered his Qi Sea.

Jiang Li immediately sat down cross-legged and circulated a secret technique he had learned from the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak, the Sword Furnace Technique.

No one in the current Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak cared about this secret technique.

However, when the Shu Mountain Five Elements Peak was still called the Shu Mountain Sword Sect, before they built the Demon Subduing Pagoda in Shu Mountain and used the spiritual qi of the earth vein and the essence of demon beasts to refine their flying swords, the Sword Furnace Technique that sword cultivators used to forge swords was the mainstream technique of Shu Mountain.

A flying sword refined this way was extremely compatible with sword cultivators.

It could be said that the sword moved with one’s heart, the user becoming one with the sword.

There was no need for a sword technique at all. With a thought, the demon would already be killed by the sword light.

The power was far from what the current batch of flying swords could compare to.

However, the reason why the Sword Furnace Technique was abandoned was not because it was too powerful, but because it was too difficult to cultivate.

The Sword Furnace Technique had an extremely high requirement for sword cultivators. To forge a sword with his body, not only did he need to awaken his Sword Heart, he also had to maintain a large amount of spiritual qi and stamina expenditure at all times. Moreover, his physique had to be sufficiently strong.

Even so, he still needed the support of the Spirit Gathering Array in a blessed land with abundant spiritual qi to be qualified to use this technique.

It was hard to say if such a disciple would appear in Shu Mountain every ten years, or even a hundred years.

If they wanted to bring the sect to greater heights, it was necessary to use other methods to replace this Secret Sword Furnace Technique.

Later on, reality proved that the refinement method of the Life-Bound Flying Sword was a very suitable substitute.

Today, Jiang Li was going to use the Sword Furnace Technique that had been abandoned for a hundred years to refine his flying sword.

In his body, the sword embryo had already been absorbed into Jiang Li’s Qi Sea.

The vast amount of spiritual qi hidden in his Qi Sea immediately surged.

The Nine Nether spiritual qi mixed with the Liquor Fire spiritual qi and used the Earth Vein Spirit Essence as the pillar. Soon, a unique sword furnace was built in his Qi Sea.

The sword embryo that had just formed was continuously burned within. Surging spiritual qi and spirit essence washed over it. Even the Asura Sword Heart turned into a sword of light and directly entered the sword embryo.

The originally ordinary sword embryo gradually began to transform. Under the influence of many forces, it slowly became the shape of Jiang Li.

Right when Jiang Li heaved a sigh of relief and intended to withdraw his mind…

The Dao Essence that had been swimming in Jiang Li’s consciousness and doing nothing suddenly swam out and entered the sword furnace. It surrounded the flying sword that had yet to take form and constantly collided with it from time to time.

This scene was extremely similar to when Jiang Li constructed his Dao Foundation.

Originally, Jiang Li thought that after the Foundation Establishment realm ended, this trace of Dao Essence would no longer be useful.

He did not expect that this Dao Essence actually had obsessive-compulsive disorder.

When it saw something, it wanted to optimize it. It would only stop after it modified everything to its maximum potential. Now, Jiang Li was actually being targeted by it while forging a sword in his body.

The Dao Essence continuously struck the sword as if it wanted to fix a certain part of it.

However, this trace of Dao Essence was too subtle, and the sword embryo was after all an external entity. The Dao Essence that did not have strength could not affect the sword embryo at all no matter how it collided.

However, as the master, how could Jiang Li stand by and watch?

With a thought, he pulled the consciousness of the sword cultivator clone over.

He let the parallel mind control the spiritual qi into a hammer and smashed it along with the angle and direction of the Dao Essence.

As expected, the trace of Dao Essence was no longer as persistent. It soon changed its angle and position and began to point continuously.

The first parallel mind followed the trajectory of the Dao Essence to control the spiritual qi and hammer down at the same time.

With the personal command of the Dao Essence, Jiang Li acted as if he was using a cheat code. He cooperated with the Qi Sea Sword Furnace and tempered it thoroughly.

It had to be known that to unleash the characteristics of the materials, it was not as simple as mixing them together and molding them.

This was an extremely profound process. Jiang Li had originally only planned to rely on Shu Mountain’s Sword Furnace Art to try his luck.

However, he had personally experienced the effects of the Dao Essence.

Now that he had the help of the Dao Essence, Jiang Li was confident that he could definitely perfectly twist the characteristics of the three metals into one.

However, forging a flying sword was not something that could be done in a short period of time. There was also a problem with this. Under such circumstances, most of Jiang Li’s cultivation had already transformed into a sword furnace and was currently forging the sword.

This meant that Jiang Li was currently unable to cultivate the Nine Nether Dao Scripture, and the spiritual qi he could utilize was less than 30%.

This would cause his combat strength to fall greatly, and he could basically only rely on body cultivation to fight…


Wasn’t he supposed to be a body cultivator? Oh, there was no problem then.

As for the furnace refinement method, it was hard to say when it could become a true sword. It would take about three to five days.

At this moment, in the Relic Pagoda, the forbidden area of Benevolent Travel Temple.

At the bottom of the Relic Pagoda, six Divine Monks of the Kong generation were sitting on mats around a huge golden lotus platform.

They held a long golden rope tied to the lotus platform and chanted Buddhist scriptures in unison.

“Color is what the eye sees. It’s like the difference between light and dark. It stains the root of the eye, so it’s called the color dust.”

“Sound is what the ear hears. It’s like the difference between silence and noise. It stains the root of the ear, so it’s called the sound dust.”

“Smell is what the nose smells. It’s like the difference between fragrance and odor. It stains the root of the nose, so it’s called the smell dust.”

“Taste is what the tongue tastes. It’s like the difference between salty, sour, sweet, and spicy. It stains the root of the tongue, so it’s called the taste dust.”

“Touch is what the skin feels. It’s like the difference between cold and hot. It stains the root of the skin, so it’s called the touch dust.”

“Law is what the people know. It’s like the difference between good and evil. It stains the root of the intent, so it’s called the law dust.”

“Six Dusts, Six Desires, Six Orifices, Six Paths, Six Realms, Six Roots. There’s no limit to them. My Buddhist Six Roots are pure. Amitabha!”

The six Divine Monks were in seclusion and were actually jointly using the Buddhist ultimate technique, Six Clarity Incantation.

As the Buddhist chanting continued, the six long ropes lit up as if they wanted to dispel all impurities.

On the golden lotus platform bound by long ropes, there were three black auras slowly dissipating under the golden light.

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