Cultivation! My Augmented Statuses Have Unlimited Duration

Chapter 209 - Ten-Mile Buddha Forest, Benevolent Travel Temple

Chapter 209: Ten-Mile Buddha Forest, Benevolent Travel Temple

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Seeing these things, Jiang Li did not say anything and threw an appraisal skill over.

As Jiang Li had never been a merchant, his judgment and experience in appraising treasures were rather ordinary.

However, in this situation, he could use the turtle treasure to filter out most of the items. For the chosen ones, he also had the only skill brought along with his character interface, appraisal.

[Name: Dark Sea Bead]

[Type: Organic Gem]

[Quality: Rare]

[Status: Complete]

[Formation: Clam Demon Crystal]

[Description: Green Sea Heart Cleansing]

[Note: Not recommended for long-term use.]



[Name: Dustfall Pill]

[Type: Medicinal Pill]

[Grade: High-Grade Profound-Rank]

[Effect: Removes unwanted residue from the body, transforms and elevates the flesh.]

[Note: It is not recommended for cultivators below the Foundation Establishment realm.]


[Name: Ancient Dragon Fossil (Dragon Head)]

[Type: Fossil]

[Quality: Ancient]

[Status: Incomplete]

[Formation: Rock Infiltration]

[Note: Something is hidden inside.]


[Name: Iron-eating Ape Beast’s Claw]

[Name: City God’s Ghost Head Saber]

[Name: Netherworld Hundred Ghost Token]

Jiang Li used his Level 6 appraisal on a few miscellaneous items and a few Profound-rank artifacts.

With the current appraisal technique, it could already give a clearer description of items of the Profound-grade.

Just based on this point, if he went to do business, not to mention earning a lot, he would not lose anything.

Looking at the appraisal information, Jiang Li first eliminated a few artifacts that did not suit him or had plain effects.

Although the grades of these artifacts had all reached the Profound-rank, and their might was definitely not inferior, if their attributes were not matched, their value to Jiang Li would be greatly reduced.

Moreover, if Jiang Li really wanted an artifact, he would have taken the tiger staff in Huangfu Tai’s hand.

The quality was high and the attributes were compatible. It was obviously more suitable than the few items here.

However, with the Nine Nether Wood and the Yin Burial Coffin in hand, one of them was a Spiritual Root Branch, and the other was an Earth-rank artifact that had just advanced. Both of them possessed boundless might and profundity.

Ordinary Profound-rank artifacts were really only average when compared to these two.

Therefore, he did not want the tiger staff back then.

An artifact without any special function was meaningless to him.

It was just that the Ghost Head Saber and the Hundred Ghost Token had some specialties that allowed him to take a few more glances.

Looking carefully at the perennial patterns of the two Yin-attribute artifacts, it could be seen that they were both items from long ago. They had been damaged and repaired by an expert, but their grades could still reach the Profound-rank.

It could be seen that although the original material of these two artifacts was far inferior to the Dragon Imprisoning Lock, they were still of decent grade.

The method that Jiang Li spoke of was in the notes of appraisal. After these two artifacts recognized their masters, they could still be stored in the body, or even the special Sea of Consciousness.

Coupled with the names of these two artifacts, Jiang Li made some guesses regarding their origin.

Originally, as a dual-attribute Yin-Wood spiritual root, Jiang Li paid a lot of attention to Yin artifacts and spiritual wood. He was in the Scripture Storage Valley, and some of the ancient books recorded in detail.

Therefore, Jiang Li happened to know a little about this.

These two items were ancient, but they were not extremely old. They came from thousands of years ago.

In the continent of the Nine Provinces, there was a period of time when spiritual qi had just started to recover, known as the Netherworld City God Era.

At that time, Immortal Cultivation had just started. All kinds of precious natural treasures were practically everywhere.

Although the Immortal Cultivators of that era did not have their predecessors to lead the way and their cultivation was difficult, their various sub-occupations were also in the stage of exploration. There was almost no systematic content to learn.

However, in terms of resources, they were much richer than in this era.

These two Yin artifacts had been left behind at that time. Originally, they might only be at the level of Yellow-rank artifacts, but after refinement by cultivators of this era, they could reach the level of Profound-rank artifacts.

Jiang Li threw away the Hundred Ghost Token. The token that had been modified was basically useless. However, the material of the Ghost Head Saber was quite good.

Apart from that, the bead and the ape beast claw were the first targets he eliminated.

Jiang Li’s current sea of consciousness was extremely impregnable. The effects on his mind were practically invulnerable.

If this Dark Sea Bead could form an ocean or lake in his mind, that would be fine.

However, if it was only a small pond, then the effect of cleansing the mind would not be of any help to Jiang Li.

On the other hand, the ape beast’s claws were only hard and tough. The only use was to forge artifacts, but to him, that was all. It was better for him to directly choose an artifact.

After putting these two aside, there was only a bottle of medicinal pills and a fossil left.

Jiang Li took a closer look at the effect of the bottle of Dustfall Pills. It was quite good.

After consuming it, it could have a more thorough effect than cleansing the marrow.

It could remove the impurities accumulated from eating mortal grains and breathing dust from the environment.

For example, acne or blackheads.

For example, hidden injuries and illnesses that were hard to notice.

Such things in his body were not considered big problems, but they would drag down his cultivation. He could consume a medicinal pill and clean it up completely.

Letting the body maintain extreme purity for a period of time was extremely helpful to cultivation. It was even effective against pill toxins that gave everyone headaches.

Although it was only a “period”, as long as one lived in the mortal world, they would slowly be tainted by these things.

To most cultivators, this thing was basically a luxurious medicinal pill. Only when they were close to breaking through would they consume one to adjust their condition.

On the other hand, Jiang Li had always been unable to resist such high-grade spirit pills. After all, it was completely different from others when he consumed one of such pills.

However, there was a problem. A token and a bottle of pills were two items.

What Jiang Li wanted the most was still the dragon head fossil.

Not to mention that an Ancient Dragon Head Fossil, even just as a collection item, would be able to sell for the price of a Profound-rank artifact.

Under the guidance of the appraisal skill, the sentence “something is hidden inside” made him even more excited.

One had to know that Jiang Li’s first spiritual root seed was broken out from an ordinary rock through the guidance of the appraisal technique.

Through this clue, Jiang Li gradually unearthed the most important treasure to date, the Nine Nether Wood.

This did not look like a scam. He had won the first prize.

Now that he had a chance to experience such joy again, he was abnormally looking forward to it.

Moreover, what was placed in front of him this time was an Ancient Dragon Head Fossil. In ancient times, this guy was basically equivalent to an immortal.

Something that could be hidden in its head was most likely not bad. It could be said to be a legendary treasure chest. How could Jiang Li easily give up?

What if he could obtain something extraordinary from this dragon head?

Jiang Li touched the dragon’s head left and right. After searching for a long time, he discovered an extremely fine bone crack on the upper jaw of the dragon bone’s mouth.

This seemed to have been damaged before but had already healed. Presumably, the foreign object was buried there.

However, what exactly was it that was embedded in such a place?

After a long time, Jiang Li walked out of the treasure vault.

He had a Ghost Head Saber on his waist, in his hand was a bottle of spirit pills, and on his shoulder was a huge Dragon Head Fossil.

Jiang Li did not act according to common sense. He came out and directly took three items.

“This… Elder He, among the compensation we agreed on, you can only take two items.”

Outside, Pavilion Master Wen and Pavilion Master Sun Qian had already left. They were clearly not interested in waiting for a mere Foundation Establishment cultivator like Jiang Li for too long.

Only an elder was left to watch at the door.

At this moment, when they saw Jiang Li take three items, they thought that he wanted to raise the compensation amount, and they were immediately slightly displeased.

“Don’t be so stubborn as businessmen. Which of these three items is the cheapest? I’ll buy it.”

Jiang Li was not someone who lacked money… Alright, his savings had already been invested in the coffin.

However, his good master, Elder He, was rich. The dignified Head Elder of the Demon Vanquishing Hall waved his hand and directly bought the bottle of Dustfall Pills for Jiang Li.


After Jiang Li obtained the compensation that belonged to him and the two sides reached an agreement, the contract was immediately burned and written off.

Jiang Li and the other two did not leave immediately. They first came to the venue of the Immortal Ascension Assembly to express their condolences.

The person in charge of recruiting disciples for this Grand Assembly was Elder Weng Sanqi of the Mystic Gate Hall.

The sect felt that his luck was definitely not bad to be able to recruit a monstrous disciple like Jiang Li last year. If he recruited another one this year, then the Scripture Storage Valley would make a killing.

Therefore, they ignored Elder Weng’s bitter expression and assigned this difficult and important mission to him.

As the Head Elder of the Demon Vanquishing Hall, Elder He encouraged them before the three of them set off for Benevolent Travel Temple again.

However, when the wooden dragon soared into the sky and left, it discovered that several huge flying ships were flying over from the distant sky.

In the Great Mountain Region, there were only a few forces that could construct flying ships alone. With Jiang Li’s vision, he could easily discover that the craftsmanship of those flying ships was different from the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region.

Clearly, this was another group of foreign guests.

Standing on the wooden dragon, Elder He turned around and looked at the Immortal Ascension Pavilion and the flying ships under the shadow of the clouds.

He spat out, “The Great Mountain Region is facing internal and external threats now!”

The appearance of the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm, which represented huge benefits, was originally a good thing that could benefit the cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region for hundreds of years.

But before the benefits were digested, they could also become the trigger for a devastating catastrophe.

It could be seen from the various vile actions of the Hundred Tempering Mountain in order to obtain a share of the medicinal garden’s production.

The powerful forces of the outer regions did not hesitate to cross thousands of mountains and rivers in an attempt to divide a piece of profits in this opportunity.

The current situation was already tense to the extreme. It seemed to be calm only because Jiang Li was a disciple of the Scripture Storage Valley.

The small sects below, such as the Golden Tooth Sect, were already in a mess.

If an opportunity arose, the conflict would completely explode.

Just as Elder He had said, the current cultivation world of the Great Mountain Region was filled with internal and external threats. Even if he was a Nascent Soul cultivator, he only felt helpless about this.

After another two days of high-speed flight, the wooden dragon finally arrived at Benevolent Travel Temple, one of the four major sects of the Great Mountain Region.

Before it arrived, a blurry golden light could be seen from afar under the night sky.

Then, a large group of Buddha statues appeared below the wooden dragon.

The cultivation of body cultivators was largely similar. Jiang Li and the other fellow disciples under Elder He’s tutelage used their bodies to pound the mountains and dig graves every day.

As for the disciples of the Hundred Tempering Mountain, they were similar. From the moment they entered the sect, they had to ‘dig’ out the Buddha statue from the mountain rocks.


The larger the Buddha statue dug out, the harder the stone used. The more perfect the details were, the better this disciple’s cultivation was.

Over time, during the cultivation of countless generations of disciples, countless Buddha statues appeared on this plain.

Of course, the cultivation here could not use other tools. All they could rely on was their own bodies.

Jiang Li and Senior Brother Xiang looked at each other. They could clearly see the gratification in each other’s eyes. It turned out that they were not the only ones suffering.

In order to be polite, Jiang Li reduced the height and speed of the wooden dragon. After passing through the Ten-Mile Buddhist Forest outside, he slowly stopped in front of Benevolent Travel Temple’s golden door.

Although it was called golden, the golden paint used was clearly thousands of times more expensive than real gold.

Jiang Li and the other two had just landed when the door slowly opened. A group of monks walked out from inside. Clearly, they had been waiting for a long time.

Elder He had come to Benevolent Travel Temple to seek an alliance. To put it bluntly, they had a request.

Naturally, everything had to be done according to proper etiquettes. Long before they set off, they had used the spiritual bird to send an official visitation notice. The other party naturally knew their schedule.

“Haha, it’s been a long time since we last met, Dharma Master Le Chi. How have you been?”

Before the other party could speak, Elder He directly smiled when he saw the person. It seemed that the relationship between the two was quite good.

He had always heard that the body cultivators of Elder He’s faction had a conflict with Benevolent Travel Temple. When their disciples met, it was inevitable that they would compete with each other.

This matter originally made Jiang Li nervous.

He had been thinking about how he should act when the time came.

After all, this time, they were here to get assistance. They had to win, but what if they beat up the opponent too badly that they got upset and refused to help?

However, from the looks of it, body cultivators grew to know each other through fighting. Elder He’s relationship with Benevolent Travel Temple was clearly not bad.

A normal friendly spar would not be a problem.

“Amitabha. Thank you for your concern, Elder He. Benefactors, you have come from afar. I apologize for not coming out to meet you.”

“Please take a rest here. Our temple has prepared a room.”

Dharma Master Le Chi rolled his eyes. They were no longer young. There were disciples beside them, so how could he act as frivolous as Elder He? He only replied in a formal tone.

As for Jiang Li, he saw the familiar Dharma Master Le Yuan in the crowd.

With this person’s identity, the fact that he was waiting here clearly meant that he was here to fetch Jiang Li.

Jiang Li was greatly comforted. Indeed, he was the type of person who had friends outside.

“Benefactor Jiang, it’s been a long time. This Wood Dragon of yours is too large and can’t enter the wing. It can be temporarily placed in my monastery’s spiritual beast courtyard. However, does this Wood Demon need any special care?”

The two sides exchanged greetings, and Dharma Master Le Yuan smiled. He still pressed his palms together, looking humble and concerned about Jiang Li’s mount.

At that time, during the last battle of the Hundred Battles Steps, Jiang Li did not use the Wood Dragon. Le Yuan had always felt that he had been given a huge advantage, even though he had still lost in the end.

“It’s fine, it’s fine. My Wood Dragon is easy to raise. Just find an empty space for it.”

Jiang Li saw that the other party’s hands were tightly clasped together again, and he understood in his heart. Dharma Master Le Yuan was cultivating the Palm Meditation Technique again.

The next time he broke the stance, he would probably reach the Core Formation realm.

Jiang Li pointed at the empty space outside the monastery, and the wooden dragon automatically flew over and dug a hole before burrowing down. It only left a tail exposed that was no different from a tree on the ground.

It was indeed very easy to raise.

After entering, they enjoyed tea and vegetarian dishes. Then, Jiang Li took out the Dragon Head Fossil alone in his room.

There was something inside that he had to obtain.

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