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Chapter 208 - Treasure Hunting in the Immortal Ascension Pavilion

Chapter 208: Treasure Hunting in the Immortal Ascension Pavilion

Two days later, the 30-meter-long wooden dragon tore through the air, leaving a long trail of clouds in the sky.

On the back of the wooden dragon sat three people.

Jiang Li, Elder He, and the dignified body cultivator, Senior Brother Xiang Yuanba who was at the Core Formation realm.

At first glance, this senior brother looked almost identical to Elder He.

He was also bald, had the same bronze skin, and was covered in blood tattoos.

Apart from the fact that there were fewer blood tattoos and their appearances were different, everything else could be said to be perfectly copied.

Even the types of blood tattoos were very similar. This was a disciple who followed Elder He’s path safely.

In the past two days, Jiang Li had also asked Senior Sister Liu Mulan and the others. He learned that this Senior Brother Xiang Yuanba was the disciple that Elder He was most proud of before him.

Although he could not compare to Chu Yunxuan of the same generation, he was still an outstanding disciple who had made a name for himself in the Great Mountain Region.

After he saw Jiang Li, this person was extremely enthusiastic. He was about to spar with Jiang Li on the spot, but his master was present and anxious to set off, so he could only give up.

Elder He and Senior Brother Xiang originally had their own mounts.

However, they were all demons that were casually captured. Clearly, they were not as flashy as Jiang Li’s wooden dragon.

If he went with a mount that was even inferior to his disciple, Elder He could not accept it at all.

Therefore, the three of them rode on Rayquaza together and set off. The 30-meter-long wooden dragon was long enough for them to run a few steps when they were bored. It did not seem crowded at all.

After flying for a day and night, a bustling and dense human city appeared below. There was a wide lake with surging waves and a huge wooden building by the lake.

Jiang Li and the other two did not head straight to Benevolent Travel Temple. Instead, they deviated from the route and arrived at the Immortal Ascension Pavilion first.

Riding the wooden dragon, Jiang Li looked at the familiar wooden building below. He felt an inexplicable sense of melancholy.

Back then, this was still his first stop in cultivation. It was through the Immortal Ascension Assembly that he was able to enter the sect’s Scripture Storage Valley and grow to his current level.

Last time, he had come to seek immortality and pursue the Dao. This time, he came to collect debts.

“Master, looks like the Immortal Ascension Pavilion has quite a number of guests today!”

On the huge wooden dragon, Jiang Li saw several carriages moving towards the Immortal Ascension Pavilion from afar.

In the lake behind them, a large number of figures were walking on the large ship that was docked.

Jiang Li turned his head and recalled.

It had been almost a year since he entered the Scripture Storage Valley.

The Immortal Ascension Pavilion, which was hosting the Immortal Ascension Assembly, usually sent people out a few months in advance to test the spiritual root aptitude of potential disciples of the mortal countries in the Great Mountain Region on a large scale.

Then, in a lake island behind the Immortal Ascension Pavilion, a month-long Immortal Ascension Assembly was held.

This was another year of the Immortal Ascension Assembly. Countless disciples who harbored the dream of becoming immortals would begin their journey here.

Jiang Li looked down at the many children with spiritual root aptitude who raised their heads to look at the wooden dragon. Wasn’t he one of them back then?

Roar! Roar!

“The Head Elder of the Demon Vanquishing Hall of the Scripture Storage Valley has come to visit!”

Jiang Li patted the wooden dragon beneath him. In the next moment, a vigorous and penetrating dragon roar spread out, directly sweeping through the entire city and drawing the gazes of all the potential cultivation seeds.

After announcing the name with the enhancement of spiritual qi, the huge dragon body showed off again. It circled twice in the air before slowly descending.

This action directly shocked those children with spiritual root seeds who had yet to enter the cultivation world.

“This is the Dragon King. The Dragon King has appeared!”

“Dragons! There really are dragons in this world! Is the person sitting on the dragon really an immortal?”

“The immortals above mentioned the Scripture Storage Valley, is that where the immortals live? Can we also enter the immortal sect?”

Most of those ignorant cultivation seeds knew nothing about the cultivation world. Moreover, very few people were like Jiang Li and Yan Hong, who would take the initiative to search for information about the various large sects and make the best choice.

A large portion of them could not even read. In the end, their choices in the Immortal Ascension Assembly were only to listen to others and see what they felt.

Now, Jiang Li rode the wooden dragon and flew above their heads, directly imprinting the words “Scripture Storage Valley” in their minds.

Now, in their hearts, the Scripture Storage Valley was a place with dragons and immortals. Jiang Li’s actions would undoubtedly give the Scripture Storage Valley an advantage in this year’s Immortal Ascension Assembly.

When they landed on the ground, a few stewards and elders of the Immortal Ascension Pavilion hurriedly came out to welcome them. However, their expressions were not very good.

“Elder He, you came to the Immortal Ascension Assembly to personally preside over the recruitment of new disciples?”

“We’ll immediately arrange for the largest and best courtyard for you.”

The leading elder of the Immortal Ascension Pavilion stepped forward and wanted to send the three of them elsewhere. He wanted to invite them into the Immortal Ascension Pavilion branch to have a seat.

Obviously, this elder did not welcome Jiang Li and the others as he had said.

“There’s no need. I came here with my disciple to collect something. Lead the way.”

Elder He ignored the other party’s trick and said indifferently.

Jiang Li took out the compensation list that he had prepared beforehand.

There was still one last compensation that the higher-ups had not completed. That was to let Jiang Li freely choose two treasures from the Immortal Ascension Pavilion’s treasure vault.

When the elder saw the list, his expression immediately collapsed. Indeed, what should come could not be avoided.

“This… It’s like this. This matter is important and our authority is insufficient. Please wait in the VIP room for a moment. We will go and invite the Pavilion Master now.”

The elder spoke hesitantly. In short, he was stalling for time.

He was depressed in his heart as well. Jiang Li had come without saying anything. Moreover, so be it if he came. Why had he brought the brute along as well? This caused them to not be prepared at all.

“There’s no need. I don’t feel good seeing him. Lead the way. We’ll take it and leave. We’ll write off everything that happened before.”

As he spoke, he led the way. Elder He directly walked towards the entrance of the Immortal Ascension Pavilion.

With his size and aura, none of the Immortal Ascension Pavilion elders dared to stand in front of him.

Jiang Li and the other two followed closely behind and directly swaggered in.

The elder who spoke to them first saw that the situation was bad and hurriedly ran to report it.

The remaining elders surrounded them and chased after them, trying their best to persuade them.

“Lord Pavilion Master will be here soon. The three of you can have a cup of tea first. How about a moment?”

“Elder He, wait, wait. Please wait a moment. Don’t make things difficult for us.”

“Elder He, this is against the rules. Please believe us. We will definitely make proper arrangements for your disciple.”

The group of deacons had nothing to say, but the three of them were unmoved.

Wait for what? Should they wait until these people moved all the good stuff away?

As expected, when Elder He brought Jiang Li to the entrance of the Immortal Ascension Pavilion’s treasure vault, there was a group of disciples carrying things out of the storehouse.

Seeing this, the awkward atmosphere could not help but quieten down for a few seconds.

Fortunately, Jiang Li had come with his master, Elder He. Otherwise, with his strength and cultivation, he would have probably been stopped just now.

At that time, they could drag it out for ten days to half a month before letting him go to the treasure vault and choose. The best items inside might only be a few Yellow-rank artifacts.

“Is this what the Immortal Ascension Pavilion wants? If you want to break the contract and refuse to compensate, you can directly tear the agreement into two.”

“We will leave without a word.”

Elder He released his aura, shocking everyone until they did not dare to move.

How could they really dare to tear up the compensation agreement? Although there was no such thing as honest business, these tricks were all done behind the scenes.

It was one thing to bully small sects since they could not stir up much trouble.

However, if he directly tore up the contract with the Scripture Storage Valley, as one of the local leaders, the other party had at least 99 methods to make the Immortal Ascension Pavilion unable to survive here.

At that time, the losses would not be comparable to one or two treasures.

In the confrontation, Jiang Li quietly noted down those treasures that had been taken out of the treasure vault as they were given priority to be hidden.

This meant that the value of those items was definitely not bad. At the very least, they should be items of Profound-rank and above.

“Put everything back.”

At this moment, a voice sounded, tearing apart the frozen atmosphere. The disciples of the Immortal Ascension Pavilion felt as if they had been granted amnesty and hurriedly placed the things in their hands back to their original positions.

Jiang Li looked at the source of the voice. It was a young man he had never seen before and Pavilion Master Sun of the Immortal Ascension Pavilion.

The person who spoke had a smile on his face. He looked imposing and very young. From the beginning to the end, he had a disdainful attitude towards outsiders.

What was surprising was that even Pavilion Master Sun, who he had seen before, was standing behind that person as he walked. Clearly, that young man’s identity was not ordinary.

“You are?”

Elder He frowned. Clearly, even he felt some pressure from the other party.

“My name is Wen Huizhou. From today onwards, I will take over the responsibility of Pavilion Master Sun and become the new Pavilion Master of the Great Mountain Branch of the Immortal Ascension Pavilion. I will need Elder He’s help in the future.”

This Wen Huizhou was wearing a deep red robe. In his hand was a fan just like Pavilion Master Sun’s. The fan bone was made of a reddish-gold metal, looking mysterious and expensive.

It was probably a powerful artifact.

“The conflict with your esteemed sect was indeed caused by the rashness of our juniors. I apologize on behalf of Martial-Nephew Huangfu.”

“You must be Little Friend Jiang Li. You are indeed a promising young talent. Our Immortal Ascension Pavilion is honest and we naturally won’t go back on our words.”

“Young friend, you only need to go in and choose what you like. I’ll make the decision.”

This new Pavilion Master acted indifferent and extremely forthright. He even asked Jiang Li if he wanted a staff member to accompany him and help him explain the classifications and uses of the vast amount of items in the treasure vault.

However, Jiang Li did not believe the businessman’s nonsense and directly rejected him.

Pavilion Master Sun, who was standing at the side, was indifferent to everything. After he applied for external help, he still lost in the competition, causing the Immortal Ascension Pavilion’s benefits to be lost.

When they began to excavate the Medicine Garden Mystic Realm, a large number of spiritual medicines surged into the market, benefiting the entire Great Mountain.

The Immortal Ascension Pavilion headquarters also realized how large the benefits were.

Therefore, he, Pavilion Master Sun, was directly removed from the position of the Pavilion Master of the Great Mountain Branch and replaced by an even more powerful Pavilion Master Wen.

“Since Pavilion Master Wen has said so, go ahead.”

After Elder He spoke, Jiang Li nodded. After leaving the spatial bag outside, he entered the treasure vault alone.

Here, there were huge shelves that were dozens of meters tall. Furthermore, the treasure vault covered an extremely large area.

Instead of calling this a treasure vault, it was more like a warehouse.

There were too many things inside.

Animal bones, spirit materials, spirit mine ores, demon eggs, beast eggs, artifacts, weapons, spirit pills, medicinal pills, and books.

A vast number of treasures were placed in the air above the shelves. The smell they emitted made the air in the treasure vault feel expensive.

Jiang Li was extremely curious about everything, and it truly filled him with the desire to search for treasures.

However, if he wanted to find something good from such a place, it was no different from finding a needle in a haystack. Fortunately, he, Jiang Li, was prepared and brought professional equipment.

Jiang Li took out a black cloth and firmly wrapped it around his eyes.

Only then did he point his fingers and use his spiritual qi and sword light to slowly cut open his flesh.

He then stuffed the turtle treasure from the Demon Core realm turtle into his flesh.

The wound healed, and the turtle treasure formed a symbiosis with Jiang Li again.

[Added Status: Treasure Light Vision]

At this moment, the pitch-black scene gradually lit up with a blinding white light.

Even if Jiang Li’s eyes were covered in black cloth, the treasure light was still dazzling to the extreme.

Jiang Li hurriedly took out a few more pieces of black cloth. One layer, two layers, and three layers covered his eyes.

Every additional layer of black cloth would filter out a layer of treasure light that was not strong enough.

It was not until Jiang Li’s face was covered in a total of six layers of black cloth that he looked around. The number of treasure lights in this enormous treasure vault finally fell to single digits.

After Jiang Li completely recorded the location of those items, he dug out the turtle treasure in his arm again.

However, after two consecutive instances of implantation and forcefully digging, the surface luster of this turtle treasure became a little dim.

It seemed that if he used it a few more times, this thing would become useless.

Jiang Li tore off the black cloth in front of him and inspected the few brightest light spots in his memories.

A large pearl with the power of the sea that could cleanse the hearts of people.

A bottle of medicinal pills that could have unknown uses but had overwhelming spiritual qi.

An ancient True Dragon’s head fossil with a missing dragon horn.

A huge claw of an unknown creature.

A pitch-black ghost head saber.

An ancient token made of white bones.

Apart from these, there were a few other items that were secretly taken away by the Immortal Ascension Pavilion disciples. They were a few high-grade Profound-rank artifacts.

On the other hand, since they were able to emit a treasure light of the same level or even stronger than a medium-grade Profound-rank artifact, it was sufficient to prove that everything chosen was good.

However, Jiang Li felt troubled about which ones he should choose.

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