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Chapter 1955 - Ah, how beautiful!  

Chapter 1955: Ah, how beautiful!

This kind of esoteric information that involved transcendence and eternity was not something that Song Shuhang’s brain could handle. If he did have this level of knowledge in his head, he would have already fallen into an eternal slumber like the Indestructible Lord.

This was White Two’s gift for the fat ball—this portion of the information on transcendence and eternity was what [Wielder of the Will White] left in White Two’s leg after experimenting with it.

[No, I need to stop looking further!] The fat ball was struggling frantically.

It knew that if it continued to read more of the information, it would soon become the second Indestructible Lord and fall into an eternal slumber.

However, it could not control itself.

Whether it was the knowledge about eternity or about transcending eternity, they held a fatal attraction to the ruler of the Netherworld, and it would be the same for any Immortal who had stepped onto a path.

Even with a firm will, they were not completely immune to temptation as this kind of information about eternity was the ultimate pursuit of all Immortals.

[I’ll just take another look. Just a small look. Afterwards, I won’t read any more of it!]

[No, I must not read any more of this…]

[Just a bit more, just a bit more… I’m almost at a key point!]

[No, I must restrain myself…]

[Ah, so beautiful!]

[I feel like I can somewhat understand it a bit. Let me read a little more!]

[I should be able to hold on for a while longer!]

The mind of the fat ball was filled with messy thoughts, and it had even speculated that this might be a trap set by White Two.

It was right before a cliff where another step would doom it…

And finally…

It fell to the temptation. It took another step, and stumbled into the endless abyss.

The humanoid fat ball maintained the posture of holding Song Shuhang up with one of its hands while the other one was on top of his head, motionless.


Song Shuhang, who was watching everything from a third-party perspective, was puzzled.

He had guessed that the fat ball was probably reading through his memories, but he had no idea as to why the fat ball became silent after doing so.

To Song Shuhang, the other party looked very much like how he did when he was freeloading on books and could not stop himself from doing so.

What’s in my mind that can make the fat ball read with such relish that it can’t extricate itself?


Could it be that it read the memory related to the Scholarly Sage?

[Okay, done.] At this moment, Senior White Two’s voice resounded in Song Shuhang’s mind.

Then, Song Shuhang’s body slipped from the fat ball’s hands.

His severed head fell from his body and rolled on the ground. The scene looked particularly hair-raising and terrifying.


Did the fat ball get tricked again?

Song Shuhang asked, “Senior White, am I dead?”

He could feel that Senior White Two was nearby. He just had no idea where the other party was hiding.

“What?” Senior White Two’s voice sounded again. On the ground, the detached head transformed and turned into Senior White Two’s head.

“Do you really want to die? From your tone, it seems like you wanted to die…” Senior White Two looked up and asked curiously.

“No, no. I don’t want to die.” Song Shuhang shook his head repeatedly.

Then, he looked at his headless body.

My head’s gone, yet I’m still alive…

Senior White Two’s head said, “You’re in a state of suspended animation. If you want to fool the fat ball, everything has to be realistic. I prepared for this moment for several days, and I spent so much of my brain cells on it. I even cut off my own head to fool the fat ball.”

Then, Senior White Two’s head floated up.

It was a flying head, attractive and handsome.

A spatial gate appeared shortly after, and Senior White Two’s body emerged from it. His body was headless and it was carrying a big package.

The body stretched out its hands and grabbed the head before handsomely pressing it onto its neck.

However, the two parts didn’t connect, and the head fell off again.

Senior White Two hurriedly reached out his hand to catch his head and sighed. “To make sure that the act would work, and be realistic enough to fool the fat ball, I cut off my head too well. It will take some time before I’m able to reconnect it.”

Song Shuhang: “…”

“I’ll have to put up with it for now.” Senior White Two took out a silk scarf from the large package, tying one end around his neck and the other to his body.

It now looked as if Senior White Two’s headless body was flying a kite, where the kite was his head.

However, with how handsome he was, even when in such a state, he still looked quite appealing to the eye.

Song Shuhang asked curiously, “Senior White, what happened to the fat ball?”

“Didn’t you come into contact with the Indestructible Lord? The fat ball’s clone is now in a similar state,” Senior White Two said proudly. “It has come into contact with knowledge and information far beyond what it can understand at its current realm. It was enthralled by the experience and entered a state of deep sleep from which it cannot awaken. Infinite knowledge is always irresistible.”

Finally, Senior White Two added, “Knowledge is power!”

Song Shuhang was stunned. Knowledge can be used like this?

Senior White Two said, “There isn’t any sense of accomplishment that comes with trapping the fat ball with physical traps. On the other hand, using the power of knowledge to trap it leaves me particularly satisfied. It brings me back to when I first fooled the fat ball.”

Then, he went to Song Shuhang’s headless body, stretched out his hands, picked it up, and placed it on Song Shuhang’s body.

Song Shuhang asked, “Are you going to release me from my state of suspended animation?”

Senior White Two replied, “Of course.”

Then, he reached out and pulled out a head from the package behind him.

It was Song Shuhang’s head.

Shocked, Song Shuhang asked, “Senior White, is that my head?”

Senior White Two asked in return, “What do you think?”

“Why do you have my head, Senior White?” Song Shuhang looked confused.

Senior White Two said, “How would I be able to put my head on your neck without cutting off your head first? If you want a realistic performance, you must pay the price.”

Song Shuhang nodded silently.

I understand the theory, but when did you cut my head off? Why did I not even know about it?

Senior White Two said, “I told you in advance. Although I am the ruler of the Netherworld, I did get your consent before cutting your head off.”

Song Shuhang: “???”

Why do I seem to not remember anything?

Senior White Two calmly placed Song Shuhang’s head back on his neck.

However, it didn’t connect, and it ended up falling off…

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