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Chapter 1954 - Sinking deeper and deeper  

Chapter 1954: Sinking deeper and deeper

Song Shuhang “watched” as his neck was grabbed by the fat ball, and saw just how powerless he was against it.

This scene felt really familiar.

But previously, it was the Immortal monster hunter that had gotten a hold of him. However, he still had the Indestructible Lord’s ❮Declaration of Death❯ at his disposal. As such, not only did he not die, he was even able to counterattack.

This time, he no longer had the energy of the Indestructible Lord. In addition, ❮Declaration of Death❯ was a skill of the Indestructible Lord, and he could not use it without the energy of the other party.

From the perspective of a third party—as if his soul had left his body—Song Shuhang watched as his body was raised up into the air by the fat ball.

He could feel his death approaching.

[How do you feel?] Senior White Two’s voice echoed in his head.

[Pretty bad,] said Song Shuhang sorrowfully.

[I thought you were going to say that you’ve already gotten used to it,] said Senior White Two.

[Death isn’t something you can get used to so easily. Also, I’m not a masochist,] replied Song Shuhang.

While he was conversing with Senior White Two in his mind, his consciousness fell into a trance.

In his body, the Dragon Talisman Reincarnation Rune had begun to work.

The Dragon Talisman Reincarnation was a special means of resurrection that Song Shuhang had acquired in the Black Dragon World, and it could work on Ninth Stage mages who had left the Black Dragon World to wander the universe.

The only side effect was that after being resurrected in the Black Dragon World, the user’s strength would be lowered; and their vitality, as well as their memories, may be affected negatively.

However, the Dragon Talisman Reincarnation Rune inside Song Shuhang’s body was not activating its resurrection function at this time.

Unexpectedly, the rune had been perfected.

The knowledge and the information that had stemmed from the Indestructible Lord had changed it, allowing it to transform.

Before Song Shuhang blacklisted the Indestructible Lord, the latter had transmitted him a wave of energy that carried a personal mark. A portion of the information that came with the wave of energy had been retained in Song Shuhang’s body, merging with the Dragon Talisman Reincarnation Rune.

In a way, Song Shuhang’s body could be associated with that of a husky. No matter how much you brushed its fur, there would always be some dirt left behind.

Unfortunately, as he had blacklisted the Indestructible Lord so quickly at that time, the energy that had been transmitted was not that much. Consequently, the knowledge and information that Song Shuhang acquired were lacking.

Because of that, the Dragon Talisman Reincarnation Rune was unable to continue evolving after a part of it had been perfected.

What a pity. Had I known earlier, I wouldn’t have blocked the Indestructible Lord so quickly, and allowed it to send over a bit more energy instead. If I did that, the Dragon Talisman Reincarnation Rune might have been able to evolve further.

Song Shuhang did not have any massive demands. Nevertheless, if the Dragon Talisman Reincarnation could evolve, he would have perhaps gained a means of resurrection that would not cause his cultivation realm to deteriorate after reincarnating.

For cultivators, every small step was the result of blood, tears, sweat, and time. Losing a portion of their strength was always a heart-wrenching matter.

“Should I remove the Indestructible Lord from the blacklist? If I do that, I might get the opportunity to acquire more information.” A bold idea suddenly emerged in Song Shuhang’s mind.


At the place where the Indestructible Lord was sleeping.

[Beep~ Profound Sage Tyrannical Song wishes to remove you from the blacklist and return you to the unfamiliar friends list. Do you agree to be moved? Yes/No.]

The figure of the Indestructible Lord, who was in the middle of its slumber, remained completely still.

But despite being asleep, it was still able to make a choice.

Its choice was—[No].


[Beep~ The Indestructible Lord has refused to be removed from the blacklist.] In Song Shuhang’s mind, a prompt popped up.

Song Shuhang: “…”

It was only at this time that he learned that among the QR code Golden Core Composition’s many functions, the blacklist function was the friendliest… to those who got blacklisted.

Whenever Song Shuhang placed someone on the blacklist, the other party would be reminded in a friendly manner that Tyrannical Song had placed them on the blacklist.

Should Song Shuhang want to remove anyone from the blacklist, the blacklist function would first ask for the other party’s opinion.

Am I really the owner of this thing? It really feels as if this Golden Core Composition isn’t mine!

Why do I need to get the other party’s consent to remove them from my blacklist?

Song Shuhang felt his liver ache in pain.


The sound of bones being crushed sounded in Song Shuhang’s ears.

Song Shuhang’s consciousness had recovered from its trance.

He once again saw his body from the perspective of a third party.

The fat ball did not show him any mercy and snapped his neck directly.

Song Shuhang’s legs jerked and kicked violently before he died.

All traces of life disappeared from his body.

The Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades and the black Scarlet Heaven Sword both fell to the ground and were suppressed by the energy of the fat ball.

Behind Song Shuhang’s body, a projection of Senior White Two appeared. This projection was fighting against the fat ball, but because it was only a projection, it was not the fat ball’s opponent.

Beside the projection, there was a spatial gate that was constantly opening and closing.

Through this spatial gate, one could vaguely see Senior White’s real body and fat ball’s real body in a deadlock.

Senior White Two’s real body wanted to rush over, but he was blocked by the fat ball’s real body.

“You’ve lost this round, White,” said the fat ball to White Two’s projection. Then, it quickly shattered White Two’s projection. After all, how could a projection formed from a mere wisp of energy possibly compete with a proper clone?

Song Shuhang: “…”

Is this really how it’s going to end?

Seeing myself strangled to death from a third-party perspective is really a fresh experience.

When he saw his own death, Song Shuhang found that his heart was surprisingly calm.

It wasn’t that he wasn’t afraid of death…

But rather his mental state had entered a familiar mode again—the Sage mode.

He felt no sadness, no joy, no anger, no fear, no turmoil whatsoever in his emotions.

Did Senior White Two do something? wondered Song Shuhang.

After all, the only one present who has the ability to do something like this was Senior White Two.

He had always been lurking in the dark in order to trick or trap the fat ball.


“Great.” Fat Ball grabbed Song Shuhang’s body and stretched its hand toward his head.

It still remembered that the last time it looked through Song Shuhang’s memories, it had gotten to experience some absolutely terrible things.

A guy shrouded in holy light had merely spoken a word, and that had caused its clone’s consciousness to shatter. Soon after, its clone ended up getting torn apart, and it lost control over Skylark’s old body.

If it was not for its quick response, it might not have even been able to retrieve the bone of eternity.

So this time, the fat ball no longer blindly read Song Shuhang’s memories.

Instead, it wore a glove that gave off a hi-tech vibe. This was a magical treasure that it had specially developed to read Song Shuhang’s memory.

If it used this glove to read Song Shuhang’s memory, certain memories that might affect it would be weakened so that they could not harm it.

Similar to the last time, when it forcibly read Song Shuhang’s memory, a modern pc interface appeared in front of the fat ball.

C drive, D drive, E drive, F drive, and a DVD CD-ROM G drive all appeared. There was even an icon for “My Network” and “IE”.

Having learned from its previous experience, the fat ball ignored the E and F drives and opened the D drive.

Then, it saw [Transcendent].

It appeared to contain information on transcending to the “Eternal Realm.”

What is this?

Why does Profound Sage Tyrannical Song have such esoteric things in his mind?

Could it be a trap?

However, the fat ball could not help but take a look as the words “Transcendent” and “Eternal Realm” possessed an irresistible temptation.

Even if it knew that it might be a trap, it really could not help but take a peek.

However, the information was truly too esoteric. The more it looked at it, the more it could not understand. The further it went, the more esoteric the information became. In the end, its consciousness was immersed in the information on transcendence and eternity…

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