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Chapter 1953 - Disgrace!  

Chapter 1953: Disgrace!

No, Senior White.

I can’t even control my body! I’ve lost control of the Indestructible Lord’s obsession once again!

The Indestructible Lord’s ultimate move, Reincarnation and Ruination, burst out from Song Shuhang’s hands and slammed into the fat ball.

All the power of the Indestructible Lord that was in Song Shuhang’s body transformed into two vortexes. Hidden inside each of these vortexes was a universe. One universe was alive while the other was dead; they formed the cycle of life and death.

Then, these two very different universes were forcibly fused with one another. The cycle of life and death shattered, everything died, and space and time collapsed.

This was one of the strongest offensive magical techniques of the Indestructible Lord.

Even if it was being performed by the obsession attached to Song Shuhang’s body, its power could not be underestimated.

The fat ball on the throne could no longer maintain its casual sitting posture as it stood up, mobilizing the evil energy of the Netherworld that was behind it.

“We’re at a passage that is directly linked to the Netherworld Realm, so I have the entire Netherworld Realm to draw power from.” Fat Ball stretched out its hand and waved it. Then, the incomparably vast energy of the Netherworld formed a black hole in front of it.

Everything in the surroundings was swallowed by the black hole.

All the elite evil demons of the Netherworld that it had summoned previously retreated behind the throne. If they did not do so, they would’ve been sucked into the black hole as well.

Eventually, the black hole and Reincarnation and Ruination made contact.


When Reincarnation and Ruination met with the black hole, most of the energy was swallowed by the black hole.

But the other half exploded.

The might of the explosion was concentrated in the space adjacent to the fat ball.

The spatial passages beside the fat ball were destroyed, causing all the tunnels that were connected to the place where the Indestructible Lord was slumbering to become useless.

As a result, the fat ball lost connection with the energy it had transferred over to where the Indestructible Lord was sleeping.

When the shock waves from the explosion of Reincarnation and Ruination subsided, the fat ball reconnected to the place where the Indestructible Lord had been sleeping and attempted to dig it out again.

However, it soon discovered that its energy had been transferred to an unfamiliar place, somewhere else in the universe.

The Indestructible Lord, along with its resting place, had disappeared.

Did it escape?

The Indestructible Lord and its resting place would not always stay in the same place.

After all this chaos, it took its home and went somewhere else.

The fat ball did not want to leave things at that and tried to find traces of the Indestructible Lord’s escape, but it couldn’t find anything; the Indestructible Lord did not leave a single trace behind.

With that, the fat ball’s plan to capture the Indestructible Lord had gone awry.

It could only withdraw its gaze while filled with regret.

Eventually, its eyes shifted to Profound Sage Tyrannical Song, who was right in front of it.

The energy of the Indestructible Lord that had previously surrounded Shuhang’s body had disappeared as it had been used up when casting Reincarnation and Ruination.

In other words, Profound Sage Tyrannical Song was defenceless.

“Hehehehe.” A strange and eerie smile appeared on the face of the fat ball. This clone that was constructed around the bone of eternity allowed it to finally make some expressions such as smirks and strange smiles without it having to manually explain itself.

This also allowed it to gain more confidence in its speculations.

As long as it was able to analyse the composition of the bone of eternity, it might be able to permanently become a ruler of the Netherworld, just like White.

At that time, even if its main body, which was the current Wielder of the Will, died, it would be able to continue existing.

When the new ruler of the Netherworld took office, they would be met with a big surprise, two former rulers of the Netherworld still lurking around!


Below, Song Shuhang waved at the fat ball with a friendly face. “Fat Ball, it seems that there is nothing left for me to do here. See you next time.”

The fat ball snickered.

Song Shuhang patted his butt and summoned the Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades while still right in front of the fat ball.

He placed one foot on each of the blades, and then perfectly split his legs. After that, he rushed toward the other end of the Netherworld passage.

It was extremely exciting to run away after showing off.

Fat Ball said, “Do you think I’m just going to let you run away?”

It stretched out its hand and waved it; the group of elite evil demons it had summoned chased after Song Shuhang right away.

At the same time, it reached out and blocked Song Shuhang’s path.

It was the one who had opened the passage. As such, opening and closing it could be done with just a thought.

The black Scarlet Heaven Sword, who was hanging behind Song Shuhang’s waist, shouted, “Not good, they’re going to catch up!”

The virtuous lamia said, “Despite being a mere bug, you made my fingers itch a bit when I tried to crush you.”

“Don’t talk. You’re distracting me,” said Song Shuhang.

In the meantime, the group of elite evil demons were already right behind Song Shuhang.

A werewolf-like demon that was at the very front of the group swiped its claws at Song Shuhang’s back.

Even if its enemy was Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar, he would not feel good after having his back scratched by its sharp claws. As long as it was able to slow him down a bit, the endless stream of evil demons behind it would be able to follow up and tear him into pieces.

It could already imagine the scene of Demon Sage Tyrannical Scholar getting torn to pieces.

But then, just as its claws were about to hit Song Shuhang’s back, an illusory figure appeared behind Song Shuhang.

This figure carried itself with supreme majesty.

He was a ruler of the Netherworld, and all the creatures of the Netherworld had to submit themselves to his will.

Even though the werewolf demon was Fat Ball’s subordinate, it had no way of resisting the other ruler of the Netherworld.

After all, the creatures of the Netherworld would never be able to swing their claws at a Netherworld Ruler.

Even if it did launch an attack on a ruler of the Netherworld, the demon would be the only one getting hurt.

Knowing this, the werewolf forcefully stopped its attack.

Then, its body was drained of all its strength, and it slumped down on the ground.

It wasn’t the only one either, as the entire group of evil demons similarly fell to the ground.

“White!” shouted Fat Ball furiously.

It knew that wherever Tyrannical Song appeared, White followed like a shadow.

Before this, it had not sensed White’s presence at all. To its surprise, the other party had been hiding inside Song Shuhang’s body.

He doesn’t have the dignity of a ruler of the Netherworld at all!

A dignified ruler of the Netherworld attached himself to the back of a puny human being… This is a huge disgrace to all rulers of the Netherworld!

But today, you won’t be able to protect Tyrannical Song.

Fat Ball snapped its fingers.


Song Shuhang, who was flying with his legs in a perfect split, passed through a layer of space, returning in front of the fat ball.

The spatial passage had been created by the fat ball. Therefore, not only could it block it, but it could also reverse the direction with a single thought.

Fat Ball said, “I’m not letting you escape this time!”

It stretched out its hand and grabbed Song Shuhang by the neck, lifting him up.

You stubborn bug, today will be the day I pinch you to death! You won’t be getting any more chances!

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