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Chapter 1952 - The Indestructible Lord has been blacklisted

Chapter 1952: The Indestructible Lord has been blacklisted


“Having lived a long time does not necessarily equate to having great strength.” The fat ball sat on the throne and said calmly, “Even if the Indestructible Lord was born during the primordial era, it has also been in a deep sleep ever since. Do you think that he’s stronger than me?”

While it was speaking, the two giant swords made from evil energy barged into the place where the slumbering Indestructible Lord was.

The giant swords then began to frantically absorb the energy between heaven and earth.

No matter what kind of energy it was, it was absorbed by the swords and added to their power.

In the blink of an eye, the size of the two swords had increased from tens of meters to hundreds of meters, then thousands of meters, and finally ten thousand meters.

The figments of demonic will around the Indestructible Lord’s body frantically rushed to attack the giant swords.

However, even they were ultimately absorbed by the giant swords, and only served to make the swords larger and more terrifying.

After five breaths of time, all of the energy in the void had already been swallowed.

Fat Ball said softly, “Go.”

The slumbering Indestructible Lord was nothing but a large target.

Therefore, the fat ball could use this attack that required a long time to prepare without any repercussions.


The two giant swords slashed at the Indestructible Lord.

The giant sword swords that were ten thousand meters long were still tiny compared to the huge size of the Indestructible Lord, but the attack that these two swords dished out was not a simple slash.

The giant swords broke through the defenses surrounding the Indestructible Lord’s body, cutting into its flesh and entering its body.

Afterward, the giant swords began to greedily extract the energy of the Indestructible Lord to strengthen themselves.

They were like mosquitoes sucking blood.

But the power of these two swords was much more terrifying than mere mosquitoes.

As long as they were given some time, they could firmly take root inside the Indestructible Lord’s body and explode violently.

“It hasn’t woken up even after being attacked like this. I’m beginning to wonder how the Indestructible Lord has survived until now.” The fat ball looked at Song Shuhang and said slowly, “Look, this is the backer you’re relying on. It can’t do anything. It can’t even protect itself.”

Song Shuhang tried his best to maintain an indifferent look.

[Right, that’s it. Hit it! Hit it! It would be even better if the Indestructible Lord wakes up and starts fighting with the fat ball!]

The Indestructible Lord was not Song Shuhang’s backer, after all.

The demonic heads formed from the Indestructible Lord’s demonic will had even attacked him in the past.

Song Shuhang knew that his face was normally very expressive, so he tried his best to keep a poker face, preventing the fat ball from seeing his inner thoughts.


“Boom! Boom!”

At this moment, two deafening explosions suddenly sounded.

The shock waves from the explosion were so powerful that they managed to traverse the entire spatial passage and reach where Song Shuhang and the fat ball were.

After having absorbed enough energy, the two giant swords had finally exploded.

Two humongous holes were blasted out in the body of the slumbering Indestructible Lord.

All of the figments of demonic will that were wrapped around its body were swept away.

But even after all that, the Indestructible Lord did not wake up.

Moreover, there strangely wasn’t any blood or anything of the sort that seeped out from the large wounds left on its body.

The fat ball’s attack seemed to have not had any effect, which left it speechless.

Fat Ball said, “It turns out that its huge body still has another layer of defense…”

Over the countless years, the demonic will and energy of the Indestructible Lord had been accumulating around its body, eventually creating this huge body that was as large as a big planet.

But no matter how thick its defense was, it would collapse sooner or later.

In addition, the fat ball had another idea—it could move the entire body of the Indestructible Lord to the Netherworld Realm.

In the Netherworld Realm, it could display its true power, and it should be able to disintegrate the defenses of the Indestructible Lord much faster.

It felt that the Indestructible Lord’s body would be great to experiment on.

The fat ball began to extend its energy to the place where the Indestructible Lord was sleeping.

Its energy hovered above the body of the Indestructible Lord, condensing several steel pillars.

The steel pillars condensed went on to form a large gate that looked like the ones found in science-fiction stories.

After this gate was assembled, a huge suction force was generated. It pulled on the humongous body of the Indestructible Lord, moving it little by little.

When its slumbering body was moved, the Indestructible Lord subconsciously resisted.

A growl sounded from its humongous body.

Then, a giant beast emerged from its body.

This was also a product of the will of the Indestructible Lord. This monster in particular was condensed from the Indestructible Lord’s will to murder.

The giant beast had a single horn on its forehead and held a giant axe. The beast stood upright and slashed at the gate in the void, resisting the suction force.

At the same time…

A “beep~” sounded in Song Shuhang’s mind.

[Beep~ Your unfamiliar friend Indestructible Lord is asking for your help. Do you choose to help him? Yes/No]

This situation was similar to when Senior Melon Eater had been transcending his tribulation and suddenly wanted to share the joy of transcending a tribulation with Song Shuhang—as well as when Song Shuhang was transcending his tribulation and wanted to get help from Lady Kunna.

Song Shuhang smiled and clicked “No” without any hesitation.

The two big shots who were fighting could casually pinch him to death if they so wished. If he got involved, he could die at any moment.

As soon as Song Shuhang rejected the request, another “beep~” sounded in his mind.

[Beep~ Your unfamiliar friend Indestructible Lord has begun to remotely transfer strength to you.]

In the next moment, the energy that belonged to the Indestructible Lord began to pour into Song Shuhang’s body. This energy carried the mark of the Indestructible Lord.

Song Shuhang said, “Blacklist it!”

Previously, when he was fighting Demon Emperor Hezhi, the QR code Golden Core Composition had developed a blacklisting function.

Following Song Shuhang’s order, the Indestructible Lord was transferred from the “unfamiliar friends” list to the “blacklist,” becoming the second big shot to be on his blacklist after Demon Emperor Hezhi.

[Beep~ The Indestructible Lord has been blacklisted.]

This message also sounded in the Indestructible Lord’s consciousness.

The transmission of strength coming from the Indestructible Lord was interrupted.

Hehe, I want to see what you’re going to do now, Song Shuhang thought to himself.

While he was in the middle of his thoughts, the bit of energy that the Indestructible Lord had transmitted to Shuhang remotely merged with the black hole formed from the Lord’s obsession that was behind him.

Song Shuhang’s body took a step forward.

When he took this step, space solidified

The fat ball sat high on its throne and looked at Song Shuhang calmly—it was waiting for Song Shuhang to finish his move.

“Reincarnation and Ruination.” Song Shuhang clasped his hands together. The power of the black hole and the energy that the Indestructible Lord had transmitted to him just now combined, giving birth to an offensive skill that the Indestructible Lord was proud of.

Anyway, Shuhang had lost control once again.

This time, it was the energy of the Indestructible Lord that had caused the shadow-like obsession to go berserk.

The way big shots operated were never the same.

[Well done.] At the same time, the voice of Senior White Two sounded in his mind.

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