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Chapter 1956 - The bone of eternity fished out  

Chapter 1956: The bone of eternity fished out

Song Shuhang asked, “Did… Did you use too much strength when you cut my head off?”

Senior White Two replied, “Yup.”

Then, Senior White Two took out a silk scarf from his large package and tied Song Shuhang’s head and body together.

He did everything the same as when he did it for his own body and head.

He was becoming increasingly proficient and familiar with this method.

Senior White Two nodded with satisfaction. “This way, you can be as handsome as me.”

Song Shuhang said with a stifled heart, “I’m afraid I won’t be able to captain this handsome style.”

“It’s fine, you just have to get used to it. Also, after a while, your head and neck will reconnect with each other; this isn’t a permanent thing. You don’t have anything to worry about,” Senior White Two said. “If you feel uncomfortable, you can try dying and resurrecting. After you resurrect, you should have a complete and brand-new version of yourself, and your head should naturally be back on your neck as well.”

Song Shuhang said, “Senior White, means of resurrection are very valuable. I can’t waste them on something so trivial.”

“Oh, so you do know that they’re valuable.” Senior White Two patted Song Shuhang’s head. “Then, just be content and accept that you’re going to be headless for a while. You should be back to normal in two to three days in the best case, or up to about half a month in the worst.”

Song Shuhang looked at the sky, speechless.

When I get back, I’ll ask Senior Medicine Master if he can sew my head and neck back together or something.

“Alright, that’s that.” Senior White Two patted Song Shuhang’s body lightly, and the state of suspended animation was canceled.

Song Shuhang’s consciousness, which was floating in the air, also returned to his body.

Subconsciously, he turned his body over, which caused his head to fall down due to gravity.

Because of gravity, his head was now lying upside down on his chest.

Song Shuhang said in pain, “This really feels uncomfortable. I can’t breathe.”

Although he would have no problem going without breathing for about half a month at the Sixth Stage, with his neck and head tied and positioned in such a way, he constantly felt suffocated.

Senior White Two reached out to help hold his head and put it back on top of his neck.

Song Shuhang also stretched out his hands to hold his head in place. Unfortunately, his head could not float in the air like Senior White Two’s.

However, although his head and neck had been separated, all of his senses were still working perfectly. His sight, smell, hearing, and even breathing were all working just fine.

This reminded him of when Senior White had used a strange magical treasure to cut off and borrow his arm when transcending a tribulation.

This was a very similar case to back then.

Although the arm had been brought into the Heavenly Tribulation Realm by Senior White to farm Heavenly Tribulation Nuclear Bombs, and his arm and body had been in different places back then, he could still feel everything that his arm felt.

After the experience, he even thought of using Senior White’s magical treasure to cut off his head and become something like a headless horseman.

He never expected that his wish would come true thanks to the other Senior White.

Song Shuhang held his head in between his hands and tilted it so that it looked like it was looking up at the sky.

“Logically speaking, since my wish has come true, I should be feeling happy,” Song Shuhang said sadly. “But now that it’s actually happened, it isn’t as cool as I originally thought.”

Keeping my head straight is enough to give me a headache.

Even looking up at the sky has to be done manually now…

“You can just make your head fly like me,” said Senior White Two.

Once a cultivator reached the Fifth Stage and condensed a Golden Core, they would gain the ability to tread the air. Their body could move in the air as they would on the ground.

So theoretically speaking, Song Shuhang’s head should also be able to defy the principles of gravity and float in the air.

Song Shuhang tried doing that a few times, but every time he tried, he ended up making his entire body float up rather than just his head.

Song Shuhang said, “It seems like I need a bit more practice with this skill.”

“This is something that you should be able to do with a thought. You’re a lot clumsier than I imagined in this regard,” Senior White Two said. “Then, how about using psychic energy? You can use that to hold your head up.”

“That’s right!” Song Shuhang willed it and used psychic energy to hold up his head, letting it float in the air without the help of his hands.

As long as he controlled his psychic energy precisely enough, he could even keep his head at its normal position without it falling off like a short while ago.

Now, he could even make his head rotate 360 degrees in its place.

Song Shuhang said proudly, “This way, even if someone from the special forces like in those movies attacked me from behind and tried taking me down by twisting my neck, it would be impossible.”

Senior White Two: “…”

Is that seriously your takeaway from this?


After releasing Song Shuhang from the state of suspended animation, Senior White Two went over to the fat ball.

Although the evil demons of the Netherworld around the fat ball’s throne wanted to protect their master, they could not bring themselves to do it. At this moment, they could barely even muster the strength to crawl to the side of the throne, much less defend against the enemies.

Both parties were rulers of the Netherworld, so there was nothing they could do.

Even if they swore their allegiance to one, they could still not resist the will of the other.

They could only helplessly watch Netherworld Ruler White approach their master.

Senior White Two said happily, “Now, it’s time to collect the loot.”

After wasting so many of his brain cells, as well as not hesitating to cut off his head, it was time to reap the benefits. Besides experiencing the pleasure of making the fat ball fall for his trap, there was another thing that Senior White Two wanted.

At this time, the fat ball’s clone was still in the same posture, completely motionless. It had become addicted to the information about transcendence and eternity and had fallen into a state that it could not wake up from.

First thing, Senior White Two took off the sci-fi-looking glove on the fat ball’s hand as it was a precious treasure. It was much safer to read other people’s memories when wearing it.

Afterward, he took out a delicate leather glove from his large package and put it on.

Senior White Two said happily, “I’ll need some time to study this bone of eternity.”

He stretched out his leather-gloved hand and inserted it into the fat ball’s body.

The fat ball’s metal body liquified and spread as if repelled by the leather glove.

Senior White Two’s palm searched through the fat ball’s body and quickly found where the bone of eternity was.

He grabbed it tightly, then pulled it out of the fat ball.

“Without this thing, you’ll be forced to stay in the Netherworld Realm and play with me. You won’t be able to go around making a mess in the main world anymore.”

Everything had gone according to the plan.

He felt very pleased with himself after having accomplished what he wanted.

Senior White Two put away the bone of eternity and said, “I’ll be researching this for a while. You can go now, Shuhang.”

Song Shuhang asked, “Where?”

Senior White Two smiled and said, “With the work done, it’s time for everyone to go home. You’ll be returning to the main world, while I’ll be returning to the Netherworld. I’ve opened an exit for you. My main body is still fighting with the main body of the fat ball. If you would like to accompany the fat ball, then you can stay here and wait for him…”

Song Shuhang picked up Senior Scarlet Heaven Sword without hesitation, then stepped on the Tyrant Cuttlefish’s Twin Blades, shooting toward the exit that led back to the main world.

On his way back, he saw several body parts of Senior Skylark and decided to take them back with him.

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