Crying Brothers: The Little Sister We Hate Is Actually a Bigshot

Chapter 42 - Chapter 42: Yin Oj

Chapter 42: Yin Oj

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Outside the ward, Ji’s parents seemed to be absent, and Ji Yi paced anxiously.

Ji Ling sat on the waiting bench, working on her laptop to handle official matters while waiting.

When Ji Jing reached the door of the ward, Ji Yi grabbed her and whispered, “I haven’t told Mom and Dad yet. This is your last chance! Quickly lift the curse.” Ji Jing rolled her eyes subtly. “Why do you think I cursed her?”

“What else could it be?” Ji Yi angrily pulled out a red item from her pocket and threw it at Ji Jing. “Yao Yao’s sudden high fever was strange, even the doctors said so. While we were investigating the cause, we found this! Besides you, who else would make something like this?!”

Ji Jing was lightly hit by the red item and picked it up, realizing it was the talisman she had previously placed in Ji Yao’s bag.

Ji Jing sighed and explained helplessly, “It’s not a curse; it’s a protective talisman. The spells on it are public, you can verify it. I’m definitely not lying.

As you said, Ji Yao has no grudges against me, and I have none against her. Why would I curse her?”

“Who knows if you wanted to harm her and conveniently take her place? We all know what intentions you had when you returned to the Ji family. You…” Ji Yi gritted his teeth and expressed his conjecture.

“Ji Yi,” seeing Ji Yi getting more and more outrageous, Ji Ling closed the laptop and interrupted him, “What are you saying?”

“Big brother!” Ji Yi was indignant. “Is there any other possibility now?!”

“Ji Yi, I thought you didn’t believe in these superstitious things? So now, the protective talisman is superstition, but the curse isn’t?” Ji Jing was scolded harshly by Ji Yi and simply sneered, “Even if it were a curse, it should be just a useless piece of paper to you, right?”

“Well…” Ji Yi couldn’t argue for a moment.

“She’s right,” Ji Ling stood up, pulled Ji Yi, who was entangled with Ji Jing, and made him sit on the waiting bench. “Calm down first.”

“Big brother! Why are you taking an outsider’s side?!” Ji Yi, held down by Ji Ling, became even angrier and blurted out impulsively.

“Shut up!” Ji Ling’s voice grew stern, no longer gentle. “What do you mean by outsider? Who here is an outsider?! Let me tell you, Yao Yao is our sister, and so is Ji Jing. Dad said this, remember it!”

Ji Yi also realized he had said something wrong and remained silent for a while.

Ji Jing looked at the drama between the brothers coldly.

“He’s just overly worried about Yao Yao. Try to understand,” Ji Ling explained to Ji Jing after Ji Yi calmed down a bit.

“It doesn’t matter. I don’t really want to be a part of this family either,” Ji Jing turned her head and looked out the corridor window.

Ji Ling, Ji Yao, and Ji Jing were the real family. She was just a daughter they hadn’t cared about for over a decade. Apart from blood ties, she was nothing.

That was a fact Ji Jing had known from the beginning.

“You made a protective talisman for Yao Yao?” Ji Ling took out the talisman that Ji Jing held tightly in her hand, smoothing it out carefully. “That’s thoughtful of you. I thank you on behalf of Yao Yao.”

“No need, you gave me a gift on the first day I came here, I’m just returning the gift.” Seeing this scene, Ji Yao’s depression finally dissipated.

She asked hesitantly, “Do you believe me?”

Ji Ling glanced at her meaningfully, “This is indeed in the shape of a peace talisman, I recognize it. As you said, if this talisman is useful, it is impossible to cause Ji Yao to get sick; if this talisman is useless, Then it won’t affect Ji


Ji Yi suddenly raised her head, a little unacceptable. Is what Ji Jing said true?

Big brother never tells lies, is that really a peace talisman? Then… what happened to Yaoyao’s illness?

Ji Jing nodded, she didn’t expect Ji Ling to be able to see so clearly.

“But Yaoyao’s illness is really unusual. The hospital’s examinations have been done, but the cause is still not found.” Ji Ling frowned and looked at Ji Jing, “Maybe I still have to ask you to save her.”

Ji Yi silently clenched her fists. The eldest brother begged Ji Jing for help in such a low voice.. Why should she?

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