Crying Brothers: The Little Sister We Hate Is Actually a Bigshot

Chapter 43 - Chapter 43: Murderous House

Chapter 43: Murderous House

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Of course, Ji Jing is now possibly the only person who can save Ji Yao.

“I’ll go see her.” Since Ji Ling said such words, Ji Jing didn’t plan to get angry anymore. After all, she came to the hospital to find out what had happened to Ji


Although she was inexplicably scolded by Ji Yi’s unilateral delusional accusations, she decided not to argue with Ji Yi, considering that she had to hide from the catastrophe in the Ji family.

Let’s just treat it as a long-term assignment with a client who has a terrible temper!

Ji Ling gestured for Ji Yi to stand up, and Ji Yi reluctantly opened the door to the ward for Ji Jing.

As soon as they entered, Ji Jing saw layers of black energy swirling around Ji Yao’s body.

Frowning, Ji Jing glanced at Ji Yi and asked, “When did you find the talisman?

Before li Yao fell ill or after?”

“Of course, it was after Yao Yao was hospitalized with a high fever,” Ji Yi replied, somewhat bewildered.

“Her illness is indeed related to metaphysics, but it’s not a curse; it’s Yin energy. Ordinary people can shake off Yin energy when it entangles them, but her constitution is weak, so she gets sick because of it,” Ji Jing explained while pondering. “However, if she had been carrying the protective talisman I gave her before falling ill, she wouldn’t have been affected by the Yin energy.”

As Ji Yi listened, he suddenly realized something and asked nervously, “Are you suggesting that because I found the talisman, Ji Yao was then affected by that

Yin energy?!”

Ji Jing looked at him as if he were a fool. Really, whenever it came to Ji Yao’s matters, this person seemed to have taken some kind of intelligence-reducing pill.

Ji Ling remained silent for a while, unable to bear it anymore. “Ji Yi, Ji Yao must have been affected by the Yin energy before you found the talisman. What we should be thinking about is when she left the talisman’s protection and was attacked again.”

“Oh! What Big Brother said makes sense…” Ji Yi slapped his forehead. He had been too anxious and made such a foolish mistake, especially in front of Ji Jing. He felt embarrassed.

He took a deep breath, finally calming himself down and approaching the situation from the perspective of accepting Ji Jing’s theory.

Ignoring Ji Yi’s fragile ego, Ji Jing explained to Ji Ling, “We can rule out the Ji family. We have a protective dog at home, so no one can take advantage of it.”

So, that dog is also part of their metaphysical system? Hopefully, it’s not some other creature that looks like a dog… Once Ji Yi accepted what Ji Jing said, his vivid imagination couldn’t help but take flight.

“Has Ji Yao gone out these past few days?” Ji Ling asked.

He was abroad before, and he just returned today. Ji Yi doesn’t have clear information about Ji Yao’s situation.

Ji Yi furrowed his brows and thought for a moment before saying, “Yesterday, Ji Yao went out with our parents, but they’re fine, so it shouldn’t be related to that incident. This morning, she went out with her classmates, but I don’t know where she went.’

As he spoke, Ji Yi quickly took out his phone and contacted someone to inquire about Ji Yao’s whereabouts.

“If we don’t know the cause of her affliction, can she still be saved?” Ji Ling asked, his brows tightly furrowed.

“Yes,” Ji Jing nodded, “Removing these Yin energies is straightforward. Once the Yin energy is eliminated, she will wake up. However, these Yin energies are not naturally occurring. They are pure and intense, likely originating from a specific location or artificially created. If it’s the former, it’s manageable, but if it’s the latter…”

Ji Jing didn’t finish her sentence, but Ji Ling quickly understood her meaning.

As a precaution, it would be best to address the root cause of the problem.

“I found it!” Ji Yi received a quick response from the person he contacted, but he was puzzled. “Ji Yao and her classmates went to a haunted house.”

“A haunted house? At an amusement park?” Ji Jing contemplated, as haunted houses at amusement parks usually don’t generate such Yin energy.

“No, that’s not it. It should be described as a haunted residence,” Ji Yi said, distressed as he grabbed his hair. “In your terms, it would be called a ‘sinister housel?”

Sinister house. Ji Jing’s heart skipped a beat; this was not good.

“Which sinister house?” Ji Jing asked.

“It’s the villa on Chengnan Road. Strange, why would Ji Yao go to such a place? Was she persuaded by her classmate?” Ji Yi murmured.

After contemplating for a moment, Ji Jing said, “First, I will perform a ritual to remove the Yin energy from her, and then I need to visit that sinister house.” “Tonight?” Ji Ling didn’t fully agree. “It’s too late; let’s go tomorrow instead..”

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