Crying Brothers: The Little Sister We Hate Is Actually a Bigshot

Chapter 41 - Chapter 41: Hospital

Chapter 41: Hospital

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Ji Yi’s voice remained angry, “I admit that I really don’t like you, but Yao Yao doesn’t feel the same way. She cares about you so much, why would you curse her?!”

“How could I possibly curse her?” Ji Jing was speechless for a moment. “What are you talking about?”

Ji Yi took a deep breath and said wearily, “Come to the hospital. I don’t want to argue with you. Consider it a plea from me, spare Yao Yao and save her.” After speaking, Ji Yi hung up the phone.

Ji Jing stared at the phone screen, momentarily speechless. Ji Yi probably imagined that she had targeted Ji Yao, but from the tone of her voice, it was highly likely that something had really happened to Ji Yao.

“Are you in trouble?” Mingze asked gently.

“Maybe Ji Yao is sick again, and Ji Yi thinks I cursed her,” Ji Jing sighed.

Mingze looked at Ji Jing’s hairline and seemed to understand what had happened without much explanation. “The sun is setting soon. Let me take you there.”

“No, no, it’s fine. It’s already troublesome enough for you to come today,” Ji Jing quickly shook her head. She had already asked Mingze for help twice and didn’t know how to repay him.

“Don’t be polite with me,” Mingze said with a light smile. “Come on, have you ever tried walking on the Demon’s Path?”

For some reason, as Ji Jing looked at Mingze’s smile, a wave of warmth suddenly surged in her cheeks. This is so unfair! It turns out that all demons are exceptionally handsome.

She quickly lowered her head and saw Mingze’s palm open, waiting for her.

“No, I haven’t, I’ve only heard my master talk about it,” Ji Jing subconsciously raised her hand but hesitated, leaving it suspended in the air.

Mingze decisively grabbed her hand. “Then let’s experience it today.”

As they spoke, the air around Mingze suddenly started flowing rapidly, and then a strong gust of wind propelled Ji Jing forward.

Mingze led her lightly as they moved forward. Just as Ji Jing took her first step, she realized that she seemed to be stepping on another intangible path in midair.

On this path, with each step they took, they covered several hundred meters. Although they were walking, it felt as if they were sitting on a speeding train, with the scenery and pedestrians swiftly passing by.

So, this is the Demon’s Path! Ji Jing couldn’t help but marvel in her heart.

The host had introduced it before. Just like humans build highways, the Demon’s Path is a convenient route developed by demons. Most of the maintenance and construction are done by powerful demons, and the roads lead to important areas of various demon realms.

With the empowerment of powerful demons, walking on the Demon’s Path is much faster than walking on human roads.

“There’s a stop near the hospital, so it’ll be faster this way,” Mingze said as he noticed Ji Jing curiously looking around and explained with a smile. “A little further down is the entrance to the Ghost Market, but you probably don’t have time to go there today.”

“Yeah, it’s a pity,” Ji Jing sighed regretfully. “I have to deal with the troubles on Ji Yao’s side first.”

Even if she had the time, she couldn’t go to the Ghost Market because she didn’t have any money!

“Don’t worry, it will be resolved smoothly,” Mingze reassured her.

Although Mingze’s tone was light, Ji Jing keenly felt that the atmosphere around him had changed when he spoke those words.

Huh? Mingze, is he… using the power of Bai Ze? In other words, “resolving it smoothly” is not just a simple reassurance, but a prophecy with a blessing effect made by him as the divine beast Bai Ze.

Ji Jing felt a warmth in her heart. Taoists are not allowed to divine for themselves, and the same goes for all blessings. So this is the first time someone has spoken some prophetic words about her.

“Thank you,” Ji Jing smiled sweetly, understanding the meaning.

His hand holding hers was dry yet warm, bringing her a rare sense of comfort after all these days.

Soon, they arrived at the entrance of the hospital, and Ji Jing bid farewell to Mingze.

“If you need anything, you can use the jade pendant to find me,” Mingze instructed.

Following the address given by Ji Yi, Ji Jing successfully arrived at the top-level ward in the hospital.

This was the best ward arranged by the Ji family specifically for Ji Yao, equipped with the most advanced instruments and a top-notch medical team.

However, despite the excellent medical care, they still couldn’t awaken Ji Yao. Or rather, the medical team had no idea where to start. They couldn’t find the cause, and Ji Yao was simply running a high fever. Besides futile attempts to lower the temperature, they had no other methods to use.

The cold beeping sounds of the instruments in the ward accentuated the weakness of the girl lying on the bed..

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