Crying Brothers: The Little Sister We Hate Is Actually a Bigshot

Chapter 16

Chapter 16

Ji Jing immediately replied: [Sure, but your building has facial recognition gates, so I can’t get in.]

After that, the other party did not reply, but it should not have encountered any trouble. The Euroland Tower had a layout set by the Observer, so there should not be any powerful evil spirits.

“Maybe someone came to pick her up?” Ji Jing thought to herself. It was true that secretaries provided excellent service.

Soon, there was a “ding” sound coming from one of the elevators in the lobby on the first floor, and a tall man in a suit and leather shoes walked out of it.

Ji Jing and the others were bored and were tossing around some balls made out of amorphous black mist, which could be seen as evil spirits that were not yet fully formed in the human world.

They mostly originated from the malice in people’s daily lives, with only a few possessing the tendency to seek gain and avoid harm. Anyone with a little spiritual power could manipulate them, although there wasn’t much one could do with them, as they only moved with the fluctuations of spiritual power, just like dust that was brushed off by someone’s hand.

The small evil spirits would disappear when exposed to sunlight the next morning. Just like the malice that arose occasionally in people, when the sun shone the next day, their mood would improve, and they would naturally become more optimistic, forgetting everything that had happened.

The larger evil spirits might possess a bit more consciousness and start to intentionally consume malice, but they would still weaken considerably the next day and eventually disappear after several cycles of day and night.

Ji Jing was kneading these evil spirits, listening to the “chirping” sounds they made as they were squeezed.

The man’s footsteps stopped momentarily when he saw Ji Jing at the entrance, but then he continued walking. Ji Jing also noticed him and quickly threw the balls away, walking up to him and saying, “Hello, I am Zi Zhu.”

The man didn’t seem surprised that she looked so young and introduced himself, “Zi Zhu Daoist, it’s a pleasure to meet you. I am Lin Han.”

Ji Jing used a peculiar look to exchange glances with him. Few people would say “it’s a pleasure to meet you” to her. It seemed that she had not yet reached the age where people would find her intimidating at first glance.

The man also sensed the meaning behind her eyes and said, “Although the Lin family’s inheritance is already quite weak, we are still lucky enough to inherit some spiritual power.”

Ji Jing understood and replied, “I see.”

No wonder the Lin family could trust Taoism more than other families. It turned out that they were half experts themselves.

Spiritual power talent can be passed down along the bloodline. The higher the talent of the parents, the higher the talent passed down to the next generation. Marrying a mortal will dilute the bloodline.

However, sometimes accidents happen. For example, due to wars, disasters, or other reasons, high-talented individuals in the family are unable to pass down their talent to the next generation. As a result, the power of the family’s bloodline will be weakened. If it cannot be well maintained for several generations, it will become weaker and weaker, like the Lin family.

The current generations of the Lin family have very weak spiritual power talent, which can only maintain a short-term ability to “see ghosts.” The better ones can maintain it for one or two days, while the worse ones can only maintain it for a few hours and need to rest for a long time after using it.

Another accident is like Ji Jing’s “reversion,” where the power of the bloodline suddenly awakens in someone who has been a mortal for many generations.

This is actually very dangerous for Ji Jing, as she could easily be regarded as having a mental problem by mortal family members who do not understand ghosts and spirits. Then she may be sent to a psychiatric hospital.

At least Ji Jing thinks that her brothers from the Ji family could probably do such things.

Looking at it this way, it’s probably not just a secretary that Lin Han is, but also a direct descendant of the Lin family.

Oh no. Ji Jing thought, the scene of her fighting with ghosts just now may have been seen clearly.

Disaster. The image of the cold and aloof Daoist leader is shattered!

Ji Jing’s thoughts turned a few times, but not much time had passed. She smoothly entered the Ouli Building.

Suppressing her awkward emotions, she tried to act normally and asked Lin Han, “Did you encounter something on the 38th floor just now?”

Lin Han nodded, “Sort of. I was working overtime tonight, and there was no one else in the office, but… there was a child’s voice playing hide-and-seek.”

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