Crying Brothers: The Little Sister We Hate Is Actually a Bigshot

Chapter 17

Chapter 17

Ji Jing was really surprised this time.

According to Lin Han’s explanation, the playful sounds of children are a typical expression of a child’s worship of evil in their mind. However, the layout of the Ouli building was personally arranged by the observatory master.

Ji Jing also believed in her own abilities. Her judgment of the Ouli building was correct.

There might be some minor evil spirits in this building, which, when combined with two Feng Shui events, could result in the most serious consequences.

It was definitely not the clear sound of children playing hide and seek that Lin Han had mentioned.

Similar to human growth trajectory, the more powerful the evil worship, the more intellectual it is.

Evil spirits that can clearly play hide and seek games must be seriously dealt with through rituals and not just by changing Feng Shui.

Ji Jing had traveled with the observatory master for many years and developed an unperturbed character. Although she was surprised, she didn’t show it, but Lin Han seemed to have noticed.

Lin Han spoke first: “I can see another world to some extent, so when my subordinates spread rumors of ‘hauntings’, I stayed behind to observe carefully. It was probably last Friday when I stayed up all night here, and indeed, there were only some small evil spirits wandering around.”

The two walked to the elevator, and Lin Han pressed the button, inviting Ji Jing in first, then stepping in and pressing the button for the 38th floor.

He recalled carefully and said, “And that night, I didn’t hear any sounds of hide and seek.”

Ji Jing nodded. Yes, this should be the normal situation.

Lin Han continued, “The next day when I confirmed it, the Lin family sent a greeting card to Lingyun observatory, which was last Saturday. From Saturday to today, someone from the Lin family has been on duty every night to prevent any changes in the evil worship here.”

Ji Jing responded, “That’s very responsible.”

No matter what the purpose is, it’s already quite good to achieve this.

Lin Han chuckled bitterly, “Until tonight, the sound of children playing hide-and-seek suddenly appeared.”

They quickly arrived at the 38th floor.

Lin’s president’s office, secretary’s office, and high-level conference room are all located on this floor.

Stepping out of the elevator, Ji Jing investigated and confirmed that everything was as expected. The office building was normal and clean.

Ji Jing asked, “Where did you hear the child’s voice?”

Lin Han replied, “My office.”

He led Ji Jing into one of the offices—the executive president’s office.

Ji Jing calmly searched both inside and outside the office but found nothing unusual.

Ji Jing thought for a moment and asked, “Has Mr. Lin considered human factors?”

Lin Han asked in response, “Human factors?”

Ji Jing nodded, “Yes, there are many similar incidents that are not really supernatural, but rather man-made. Although there are some minor feng shui problems in the Lin family, it cannot be ruled out that someone is creating more supernatural events to make the group more anxious. In my opinion, there is no supernatural force on this floor that could produce the sound of children playing hide-and-seek.”

Lin Han immediately understood Ji Jing’s meaning. Although Lin’s company had tried to suppress rumors of hauntings within the group, it was still possible that someone had heard about it and deliberately created more supernatural events to cause panic.

Lin Han thought that not all employees had access to the 38th floor. Obviously, Lin’s company had an insider!

Realizing this, Lin Han’s face became very bad, “I understand now. Thank you, Master Zizhu, for reminding me.”

Ji Jing waved her hand, “Don’t mention it. Feng shui problems can be solved quickly, but human factors need to be investigated by Mr. Lin. I still need to perform a blessing ceremony. Should I do it now or wait until the side door is renovated?”

After a night of chaos, it was almost dawn, and it was indeed the time for a Taoist blessing ceremony.

Lin Han said, “Please do it now, Master Zizhu. The logistics department has already prepared the materials knowing that you were coming.”

Ji Jing nodded and began to prepare for the ceremony with Lin Han’s help.

Lin Han contacted his secretary and informed the group that they would have a half-day off the next day. He also arranged for rumors to spread that the group had hired a professional Taoist to perform a ceremony to dispel supernatural forces and to calm employees’ fears.

After all, people’s minds work that way. The official explanation is always questioned, while rumors are easier to believe.

The night passed quickly, and the next day, after Ji Jing finished the ceremony, it was already bright outside.

The clock on the wall showed that it was already noon.

Ji Jing declined Lin Han’s invitation to lunch because she was too focused on the ceremony, and she had even forgotten about her own family.

As she prayed to her ancestors to keep her family from finding out, she hurried to her own home.

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