Crying Brothers: The Little Sister We Hate Is Actually a Bigshot

Chapter 15

Chapter 15

Eventually, Chen Ting and Zhang Ning are also very talented and had the opportunity to take over this matter, but Chen Ting was bitten by a dog, and Zhang Ning has not yet graduated. There is also Ji Jing who has higher talent, stronger abilities, and more stability, so the master naturally handed over Lin’s matter to Ji Jing.

Lin’s matter is not serious, but what Chen Ting and Zhang Ning value is the opportunity to leverage the geomancy to connect with Lin, a rising real estate giant in City C.

But such an important opportunity was easily obtained by Ji Jing.

This is also why Chen Ting and Zhang Ning envy Ji Jing and one of the reasons they blackened her at all costs.

Ji Jing’s ability to obtain this opportunity is inseparable from her excellent skills.

She is talented and hardworking, and has learned all of the master’s skills well, especially geomancy.

Geomancy particularly requires sharp eyes. Geomancy is roughly composed of the basic geomancy trend composed of mountains and rivers, the regional geomancy bureau composed of urban structures, and the small geomancy bureau specific to a building or even a room.

Among them, if you can see through the local mountain and river geomancy bureau, especially grasp the direction of the dragon veins, then half of the geomancy will be successful.

Ji Jing followed the master to study and travel, and cultivated such eagle eyes.

When she came to the city center of City C, she understood that the location was selected well, and the dragon veins passed through here, driving one of the central areas of southern City C for over a hundred years.

The design of Ouli Building looks very modern, and there are many requirements for geomancy, including location, direction, and style, which were carefully arranged by the master.

The master also worked wholeheartedly for Lin’s matter. The construction, topping out, and decoration of the building were all inspected, and there was no problem.

However, there is a dilapidated office building on the west side of Ouli Building that has been abandoned for many years.

Dilapidated buildings are easy to attract evil spirits and are located in the city center. To ensure the safety of the people of City C, Taoist practitioners in City C will regularly perform rituals at this dilapidated building.

Ouli Building also avoided this dilapidated building in its location.

However, this dilapidated building recruited investors from somewhere and unexpectedly completed construction smoothly and quickly during the three months from the last time the master came to City C until Lin officially moved in.

Moreover, it was designed with sharp corner shapes like a blade, directly pointing at Ouli Building.

This created a situation where Ouli Building and the dilapidated building confronted each other.

During the day, the city is lively, and the sound of environmental noise masks the situation. But at night, when it is quiet, the sound of metal collision from the confrontation of the two buildings is easily noticed by people.

This situation is not very serious. Lin’s company often encounters competitors in the business world and is not afraid of a fight. The master’s arrangement in Ouli Building, together with the development of Lin’s group, instead enhances their ability to fight.

But the problem is that the newly built side door of the dilapidated building is directly opposite the side door of Ouli Building, forming a passage between the two buildings that is easy for evil spirits to invade.

When the two buildings fight at night, the evil spirits also participate, which creates the current situation at Ouli Building.

After Ji Jing sees through the feng shui pattern of Ouli Building, the solution is very simple. Just ask Ouli Building to change the style of the side doors, or build some barriers in front of the side door, and put some screens of a specific style in the side door. Can break this bureau.

The evil spirit inside the Ouli Building can be easily removed by performing a ritual.

Ji Jing looked at the time. It was just after nine o’clock. For modern people who are used to staying up late, it shouldn’t be too late, so they won’t disturb you, right?

She found the contact of Lin’s in her phone, edited the conclusion and solution and sent it to her.

The matter was easily resolved. Ji Jing was about to go back to Ji’s house, and then went back through the window, bringing an end to this unnoticed itinerary.

Unexpectedly, the phone made a “ding”.

Lin’s contact person responded in seconds. Ji Jing couldn’t help but sigh, this is really dedicated, maybe it’s a secretary or something, and the phone is turned on 24 hours a day.

[Thank you, Priest Zizhu, the renovation of the side door will start at a certain date, and we invite Priest Zizhu to supervise the work.]

Ji Jing immediately replied: [Okay, I will come when the construction starts and when it is completed.]

The other person replied in seconds, but this time the question was a bit strange.

[Is Taoist Zizhu currently in the Ouli Building?]

Ji Jing replied: [Yes]

Could it be that the other party is also in the Ouli Building and is in trouble?

The reply on the other side was indeed a bit hasty.

[Is it convenient for Taoist Master Zizhu to come to the 38th floor?]

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