Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3624: The Sacred Land Opens

Chapter 3624: The Sacred Land Opens

The competition for the Thousand Immortal General’s position came to a close. Ye Qingyun also claimed his spot as he wished.

In the city lord’s estate of the Observance Heaven City, the Master of Fire Virtue sat in the side hall that belonged to him as the vice city lord. He looked at Ye Qingyun in the distant sky who was merging with the official seal. He felt some gladness as he murmured to himself, “Since you’ve successfully obtained the Thousand Immortal General’s post, hopefully you will succeed in becoming an Immortal Exalt within the next few thousand years. Don’t let down my hopes.”

“After all, this position did not come easily.”


Only after Ye Qingyun became a Thousand Immortal General did the Observance Heaven City finally enter a long period of peace. The colossal city operated quietly according to its own methods.

There were no potential threats to public order within the Observance Heaven City, as all immortals that entered the city understood the rules of the place. Even people from powerful courts of heaven did not dare to fight within the city.

As a result, Jian Chen spent his time in the Observance Heaven City with a lot of leisure. He spent all of his time cultivating, basically never being disturbed.

He was not the only one. All of the experts who took posts in the Observance Heaven City, ranging from Godking soldiers to Immortal Exalt Myriad Immortal Commanders, or even the city lord, were no different.

After all these years, the Observance Heaven City had already become a holy land for cultivation in everyone’s hearts!

As for the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City, it mechanically followed the rules that its master had set down in the past, operating the city quietly.

Time flew by like an arrow. In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen had already spent over a century in secluded cultivation in the Observance Heaven City.

During this century, he spent his entire time comprehending the Laws of the Sword, attempting to make another breakthrough and hence reach the eighteenth layer of the Chaotic Body.

However, at his realm of cultivation, each step forward came with tremendous difficulty. The resistance and hardships he encountered could not be compared to the lower realms of cultivation.

As a result, even after over a century of secluded comprehension, Jian Chen had not made any progress with the Laws of the Sword.

After all, compared to the other Immortal Emperors who had spent hundreds of thousands of years or even millions of years to reach their current heights, he was already an unprecedented genius of unrivalled talent to achieve his current accomplishments in less than ten thousand years.

On this day, Jian Chen suddenly opened his eyes as he cultivated in seclusion in the general’s estate. A hint of joy and eagerness flashed through his eyes.

At this moment, he had received a piece of news that he had been waiting for the entire time from the Thousand Immortal General’s seal.

Today was the day of opening for the sacred land!

The sacred land of the Observance Heaven City opened once every thousand years. If he missed today, then he would have to wait another one thousand years.

Jian Chen opened his hand. The seal dazzling with golden light rose up from his hand. He formed a hand sign with his fingers that he sent into the seal.

In the next moment, the seal erupted with light. Dazzling golden light filled every inch of the general’s estate before wrapping around Jian Chen and immediately taking him away.

After Jian Chen vanished, more than half of the ten Hundred Immortal Commandants also took out their seals in the general’s estate before vanishing, having been sent off to the same space by the power of the Observance Heaven City.


All Jian Chen saw was a blur before his eyes. In the next moment, he had already arrived in a grey space.

The colour grey ruled over everything in this space. As far as the eye could see, all of the landscape, all of the vegetation, had been dyed grey.

Basically all of the Thousand Immortal Generals holding posts in the Observance Heaven City arrived by his side. The rest were all Hundred Immortal Commandments and Godking soldiers.

Immortal Emperor Duan Hun, Can Ye, Gathering Clouds, and Sen Yang whose bodies he had destroyed a century ago were also present.

They had already recovered their bodies, but their reconstructed bodies clearly had yet to completely merge with their souls in such a short amount of time. As a result, their actions seemed stiff as if their reconstructed bodies still did not listen to them properly.

However, Jian Chen discovered that they all seemed grey to him.

Some of these people clearly wore clothes of all different shades. Some of them even glowed, but without any exception, it all turned grey in this space.

Even the white robes that he wore had become grey robes.

This space has no colour?” Jian Chen wondered to himself. Shortly afterwards, he shifted his gaze away from them and began studying the surroundings.

In the next moment, his mind suddenly shuddered. His eyes narrowed slightly, staring straight ahead.

At the end of his view, he saw an ancient city, radiating with a mighty presence like an ancient beast prowling on the ground silently. Enveloped by the grey, the entire place seemed like a ghost city.

However, the ancient city was extremely familiar to Jian Chen, as it was identical to the Observance Heaven City.

The only difference was that the ancient city stood on the ground upside down.

Jian Chen took out his seal and learnt about all the relevant details through it.

The entrance to the sacred land is in the city lord’s estate. I need to cross through a secret path in the city lord’s estate that leads straight underground?” Jian Chen’s gaze slowly moved upwards from the upside down city lord’s estate before landing on the underground part of the city.

As the city was upside down, the underground part hung in the sky.

As Jian Chen studied the grey Observance Heaven City, the Thousand Immortal Generals next to him had already begun to move. These people were clearly familiar with the entire process already. They turned into blurs and shot towards the city lord’s estate, vanishing from view very quickly.

The Hundred Immortal Commandants and soldiers located behind Jian Chen did not hesitate either. They also made their way towards the city lord’s estate.

Jian Chen gathered his mind and vanished with a thought. He directly appeared near the entrance of the city lord’s estate like he had teleported.

I can use the Laws of Space. My Laws of the Sword aren’t affected either. My strength hasn’t been restrained in this space. However, I’ve only been in the Observance Heaven City for a little over a century. I only have around a decade of time in the sacred land this time…” Jian Chen calculated how much time he had before vanishing into the city lord’s estate.

With the guidance of the seal, it was impossible for Jian Chen to get lost. He found the secret passageway in the city lord’s estate very soon before venturing underground.

It was underground, but he was technically flying up.

After going through the long passageway, Jian Chen arrived in the so-called underground area of the Observance Heaven City very soon.

However, what unfurled before his eyes was a colossal space. Everything was grey, and the entire place was empty. Only nine giant stone pillars stood in the very centre.

Jian Chen could sense very clearly that the space was filled with a strange presence. Under this presence, his entire body immediately gave off a sense of comfort as if all of his pores had opened up and were breathing in deeply.

It was not just his body. Even his soul fell lighter.

Don’t tell me this presence is Stainless Qi?” Jian Chen thought to himself.

By now, a group of Godking soldiers had already arrived in this space. They scattered apart and found their own places to sit down and meditate, entering a state of cultivation.

There were many people who gathered around the nine stone pillars and clashed against one another. The final victors each claimed a stone pillar before sitting down on the top to cultivate.

What permeates this space still can’t be considered as true Stainless Qi. It’s just some presence produced by Stainless Qi.” Jian Chen realised what was going on. He did not remain on this layer. Instead, he found an entry at the end of the space and entered the next level.

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