Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3625: Making Offerings

Chapter 3625: Making Offerings

Very soon, Jian Chen entered the second level of the sacred land.

The space there seemed no different from the previous level. It was empty like before and barren. It covered an extremely vast stretch of area.

However, only eight stone pillars stood in the very centre of the space.

Apart from that, the presence from the Stainless Qi that permeated this space was slightly heavier than the previous.

This was the second floor of the sacred land. Basically everyone who remained on this floor were Hundred Immortal Commandants that had reached Immortal Monarch.

There were also a small number of Godking soldiers mixed among them.

Through the limited information recorded in the official seal, Jian Chen learnt that the sacred land of the Observance Heaven City had a total of nine floors.

Godkings soldiers cultivated on the first floor.

Hundred Immortal Commandants were on the second floor.

Thousand Immortal Generals were on the third floor.

Apart from that, if they had made contributions to the Observance Heaven City and accumulated sufficient merit, they could exchange this merit for the opportunity to enter higher spaces.

Offering some special heavenly resources to the Observance Heaven City was also a form of contribution. With enough merit, they could also enter the higher spaces.

Even their time spent in the sacred land could be increased through those two methods.

The higher up among the nine floors, the heavier the presence of Stainless Qi. At the same time, the chances of obtaining Stainless Qi would increase drastically.

That was because Stainless Qi appeared randomly among the nine floors at random times. Some people would spend ten thousand years waiting arduously in the sacred land, only to never see even a glimpse of Stainless Qi. They could only sense the presence left behind by the Stainless Qi.

However, there were also some people who would come across a strand of Stainless Qi in just a century!

Jian Chen flew through the second floor and made his way towards the entrance of the third floor. Along the way, he carefully observed the surroundings, afraid of missing out on any Stainless Qi.

However, by the time he reached the entrance to the third floor, he did not discover any Stainless Qi at all. Instead, he had run across quite a few Hundred Immortal Commandants scattered on this floor.

These Hundred Immortal Commandants basically all found a peaceful place of their own before sitting down on the ground. Most of them did not seem to have any hopes about obtaining any Stainless Qi. They all were satisfied with absorbing the special presence in the surroundings.

The presence came nowhere close to Stainless Qi, but it still had extremely significant benefits to them.

It was very difficult for the outside world to provide a benefit like this.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

From the centre of the second floor, deafening rumbles rang out endlessly. Several dozen Hundred Immortal Commandants were locked in an intense battle around the eight stone pillars, contending for the right to claim them.

Jian Chen did not stay for too long. He passed through the region where energy wreaked havoc without any obstruction and entered the third floor.

As soon as he arrived, Jian Chen discovered over twenty Thousand Immortal Generals scattered across the area. The stone pillars in the centre also went from eight to seven.

By now, seven Immortal Emperors were already sitting on the stone pillars.

The dozen or so other Immortal Emperors all occupied a region of their own, scattered in different places.

Apart from the Thousand Immortal Generals, there were around a dozen Hundred Immortal Commandants as well.

Immortal Emperor Chang Yang, with your strength, you should have a stone pillar of your own.

Immortal Emperor Chang Yang, the stone pillars are where spiritual Qi gather. Not only will cultivating on the stone pillars make the entire process easier, but the space above the stone pillars also has the greatest probability of Stainless Qi appearing. Don’t you want to contend for a spot?

Immortal Emperor Chang Yang, you better not miss out on the stone pillars unless you enter the fourth floor.


Right as Jian Chen arrived on the third floor, several Immortal Emperors communicated to Jian Chen.

Their voices were all slightly feeble. It was obvious that they were injured, clearly people who had failed to claim a stone pillar.

They all prompted Jian Chen, hoping that they could make the people on the stone pillars pay a price through him.

Jian Chen ignored their words. With a flash, he arrived near the stone pillars through the Laws of Space as if he had teleported. He glanced past the seven Immortal Emperors seated there.

Out of the seven Immortal Emperors, six of them were clearly injured. They were currently using healing pills to recover.

However, Jian Chen recognised one of the six injured people. He called himself the Sun-facing Laity. He was also one of the people behind the gambling parlour, someone he had seen in the city lord’s estate.

With Jian Chen’s arrival, the seven Immortal Emperors on the stone pillars all opened their eyes and looked towards him.

When they recognised him, all of them narrowed their eyes and became serious.

In particular, the Sun-facing Laity averted his gaze and became uneasy inside.

Jian Chen locked onto the Sun-facing Laity and smiled mysteriously. He drifted closer and said, “Fellow Sun-facing, I’ve taken a fancy towards your spot. Do you want to fight and contend for the right to it?”

When he heard that, the Sun-facing Laity’s face immediately changed, while the sixth other Immortal Emperors seated on the stone pillars all let out sighs of relief.

People matched their reputations. All of the Thousand Immortal Generals knew about Jian Chen’s glorious achievements in battle. They obviously did not have any confidence at all in defeating an expert who could even make Immortal Exalt Wei Qi yield.

The Sun-facing Laity’s expression changed as he sat on the stone pillar. In the end, he gritted his teeth and said, “Since Immortal Emperor Chang Yang has taken a liking to my spot, what’s wrong with giving it to you?”

With that, the Sun-facing Laity stood up from the stone pillar and chose to leave without any reluctance, sitting down in an empty spot in the distance.

The six other Immortal Emperors on the stone pillars narrowed their eyes as if they had never expected the Sun-facing Laity to flee in the face of battle. After all, he was a renowned supreme Immortal Emperor as well.

For a moment, the six Immortal Emperors all looked towards Jian Chen with a deep sense of fear.

Jian Chen drifted onto the stone pillar like nothing had happened at all. He immediately sensed the special presence in the surroundings grow heavier as if the special presence in the entire space had been gathered by the stone pillar.

Cultivating on the stone pillar was much more than just easier.

Jian Chen sat on the stone pillar, absorbing the special presence as he sensed the various changes to his body brought on by the presence.

This presence can assist my comprehension to a certain degree. The effect is similar to Comprehension Tea, but it’s far weaker, probably because this presence cannot be regarded as true Stainless Qi.

Apart from that, if I remain in this presence for long periods of time, it can refine my soul and purify my mind.

However, these are all effects that only become evident after a long period of time. This would require thousands of years at the very least.

Jian Chen looked around and discovered that many of the Thousand Immortal Generals who entered the sacred land were not on this floor. It was as clear as day that these people had ventured to the fourth floor.

The further up, the greater the chances to obtain Stainless Qi. The third floor is still a little low after all. Even occupying a stone pillar isn’t enough. Looks like I can’t stay on this floor for too long. I need to venture higher.” Jian Chen’s gaze became determined. With a flip of his hand, he immediately set up a spatial barrier. His entire figure, as well as the stone pillar, vanished from the view of others.

The six other Immortal Emperors opened their eyes. With their cultivations, they could look through Jian Chen’s spatial barrier with a single glance, but none of them chose to do that. They all glanced in Jian Chen’s direction curiously before shutting their eyes again.

“Senior artifact spirit!”

Jian Chen took out a few formation discs from his Space Ring inside the spatial barrier and set up a few concealing formations before calling for the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City.

With a flash, the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City appeared before Jian Chen silently, staring at him calmly.

“I have a special heavenly resource that I would like to offer up in exchange for merit with the Observance Heaven City,” Jian Chen said to the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City.

“Take it out and show me. Different heavenly resources will result in different levels of merit according to their rarity and quality. However, if they’re extremely common, then there’s no need to take them out,” the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City said calmly.

Right when he was about to take out the heavenly resource, he felt like something was amiss. He stared at his concealing formation for a while before telling the artifact spirit, “Senior artifact spirit, my heavenly resource is quite special. I can’t let its presence leak out. I’ve set up a few formations, but I still don’t think it’s sufficient, so please help me out.”

With just a thought from the artifact spirit, Jian Chen immediately felt like he had entered another space. He was completely unable to sense the outside world anymore.

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