Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3623: The Dust Settles

Chapter 3623: The Dust Settles

The fellow Thousand Daggeraxe that Jiang Pingtian spoke of clearly had an extremely strong deterrent influence over the Wayless Immortal Exalt.

As a result, when he heard that Jiang Pingtian would write a letter to the Thousand Daggeraxe Ancestor, the Wayless Immortal Exalt was unable to utter a single threat anymore.

He stood there as his expression changed multiple times. In the end, he let out a cold snort before turning around and leaving the city lord's estate without uttering a single word.

The group of Thousand Immortal Generals and Hundred Immortal Commandants in the city lord's estate were originally still waiting for the Wayless Immortal Exalt to stand up for them. In the end, the Wayless Immortal Exalt just left like this, which immediately left many of them ashen.

"Since this has already been resolved, you're free to go." Jiang Pingtian waved his hand as he sat on the city lord's throne. Shortly afterwards, he looked towards Jian Chen. A strange light flickered in the depths of his eyes. "Chang Yang, don't go challenging them without reason now. In three days' time, if they still haven't returned the two million five-coloured immortal crystals to you, you're more than welcome to come and find me. I'll settle the matter for you."

Jiang Pingtian’s words extinguished the last bit of hope in the Thousand Immortal Generals and Hundred Immortal Commandants' hearts without any doubt.

Jiang Pingtian had actually begun paying attention to this matter personally, so it would be useless no matter what kind of excuses they came up with to try and get out of this.

With so many people responsible for paying two million five-coloured immortal crystals, they could amass that amount, but it still made them bleed inside.

Jian Chen rejoiced, thanking Jiang Pingtian once again.

Afterwards, Jian Chen returned to his estate and remained there, patiently waiting for the result in three days' time.

The eight Hundred Immortal Commandants that Jian Chen had ordered to stir up a ruckus returned as well. They resided in their pavilions with very ugly expressions.

However, they would all glance towards the central residence from time to time with gazes possessing a deep sense of fear.

Challenging four Immortal Emperors one after another and destroying their bodies without any regard had allowed them to understand a fact very well.

Immortal Emperor Chang Yang was not one to be trifled with.

On the next day after Jian Chen’s return to his estate, elder Wen Shan of the Feather arrived in the general's estate and personally handed a Space Ring over to Jian Chen.

"There is a total of two million five-coloured immortal crystals in there. I'm returning it all today." Despite only being an Immortal Monarch, elder Wen Shan did not feel any fear before Jian Chen at all. He said rather coldly, "Immortal Emperor Chang Yang, the Thousand Immortal Generals and the Hundred Immortal Commandants don't owe you anything now."

Jian Chen fiddled around with the Space Ring. He had already sent the senses of his soul inside, discovering mountainous piles of immortal crystals.

The five-coloured immortal crystals only made up for a small portion of the total. The rest were all four-coloured, three-coloured, two-coloured, one-coloured, and supreme grade immortal crystals.

However, all of the immortal crystals did indeed sum up to two million five-coloured immortal crystals in value.

“And I had thought your Feather would take these two million five-coloured immortal crystals of mine for yourself before getting the people behind the gambling parlour to pay out of their own pockets to cover my loss.” Jian Chen sneered.

“It's only two million five-coloured immortal crystals. That's nothing to our Feather. Immortal Emperor Chang Yang, the ancestor has told me to convey a message to you. Once you leave the Observance Heaven City, you better be careful. No one who's bold enough to offend the Feather has ever ended up in good shape.” Elder Wen Shan turned around and left after saying that.

“Hmph, the Feather!” Jian Chen sneered. He gazed in the direction that elder Wen Shan had vanished off into. Intense killing intent flashed through his eyes.

Over the next period of time, the Observance Heaven City completely settled down. Jian Chen remained in his estate in secluded cultivation, patiently waiting for the day when the sacred land opened up.

While he had gotten some peace, the Thousand Immortal Generals of the Observance Heaven City could still closely recall the shock he had created.

However, they were more concerned about the secret that basically allowed him to heal instantly.

The many Thousand Immortal Generals of the Observance Heaven City had gathered together several times privately. They invited Immortal Emperor Duan Hun, the Gathering Clouds Immortal Emperor, Immortal Emperor Sen Yang, and Immortal Emperor Can Ye, asking them about their battle experiences with Jian Chen.

It was not just them. Even Jian Chen's superior, Immortal Exalt Wei Qi, had received the visits of multiple Immortal Exalts. Even the Wayless Ancestor of the Feather had personally visited Immortal Exalt Wei Qi, asking about this matter.

“I don't know what Chang Yang's secret treasure is. I can't even be certain about whether it's a treasure or not. It might be something else. In short, when I clashed against him, I felt like he was shrouded in mist the entire time. No matter what I tried, I was unable to peer into his body and see the secret hiding inside. However, when I fought against him, I had no confidence in being able to defeat him, as he's basically unkillable.”

Immortal Emperor Wei Qi did not hide the details of his battle against Jian Chen at all. He gave the same answer to every Immortal Exalt who tried investigating Jian Chen.

However, the peace of the Observance Heaven City lasted for only a month before being set alight with enthusiasm again by stirring news.

Another position among the Thousand Immortal Generals had opened up. The Observance Heaven City would hold another competition for a Thousand Immortal General's post in a decade's time.

Jian Chen was also alarmed by this piece of news as he cultivated in the general's estate, but when he heard of it, a figure immediately flashed through his head.

Ye Qingyun!

Ye Qingyun had opened an ancient legacy from the previous aeon, and he had once told Jian Chen that he was determined to become a Thousand Immortal General this generation. Coupled with his strength that was already exceptional, Jian Chen immediately thought of him when an empty position appeared among the Thousand Immortal Generals.

If no new supreme Immortal Emperors appear during the next competition, then it's extremely likely for Ye Qingyun to come first. As for Xia Mingtian of the Feather, I've already destroyed his body, so it's completely impossible for him to recover in such a short amount of time,” Jian Chen thought as his eyes flickered with uncertainty.

Ye Qingyun was so desperate to become a Thousand Immortal General during this general, such that he even refused to wait a few thousand years. He would not even mind paying such a great price, which immediately piqued his curiosity.

After all, getting a Thousand Immortal General to step down was anything but easy. The price was not someone that a regular person could pay.

Several years later, the competition for the Thousand Immortal General's post formally began. Without any surprises, Ye Qingyun also participated in the competition.

Jian Chen emerged from his estate and arrived at the gambling parlour again, wanting to wager on Ye Qingyun and make another killing.

However, when he saw Ye Qingyun's payoff, he gave up on that idea without any second thought.

Ye Qingyun had already participated in the competition last time. Everyone had witnessed his strength, so countless immortals wagered on him winning in every round of battle. As a result, the payoff for gambling on Ye Qingyun was pitifully low.

The competition raged on like fire, and the Observance Heaven City became bustling once more. Many immortals even specially paid immortal crystals to enter the city just to see the battles between the Immortal Emperors, hoping to get some sort of inspiration.

Jian Chen remained in his estate, observing the battle from afar. At the same time, he witnessed even more supreme Immortal Emperors.

Finally, after many years, the competition for the post came to a formal close. Unsurprisingly, Ye Qingyun ingested another pill similar to the fleshly core in the final battle, using the strength that came from temporarily stepping into the realm of Immortal Exalts to achieve the final victory.

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