Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3622: The City Lord’s Favouritism

Chapter 3622: The City Lord’s Favouritism

Inside the majestic hall, over a dozen Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor Thousand Immortal Commanders clasped their fists towards the Wayless Immortal Exalt. Their actions had a hint of flattery towards him.

Even when they possessed extraordinary strength and were all Immortal Emperors of renown, they still desired to establish ties with the Immortal Feather sect very much deep down.

The Truepeer Immortal Exalt, Immortal Exalt Sha Xue, and Immortal Exalt Ji Yun all clasped their fists at the Wayless Immortal Exalt, nodding to send him their regards.

City lord Jiang Pingtian was calm. There was a faint sense of indifference in his eyes as if the Wayless Immortal Exalt’s arrival had not affected him at all.

“Junior Wayless greets fellow Jiang!” The Wayless Immortal Exalt clasped his fist towards Jiang Pingtian. Although he referred to himself as a junior, he referred to Jiang Pingtian as a fellow and not a senior.

That meant the Wayless Immortal Exalt was only putting on a show of respect, but deep down inside, he had already placed himself on the same level as Jiang Pingtian.

He was an early Immortal Exalt, yet he believed he possessed the same status as a late Immortal Exalt. That was already a form of great disrespect.

“You can spare the gestures of courtesy!” Jiang Pingtian was calm. He was not concerned by the Wayless Immortal Exalt’s rudeness. He stared at the Wayless Immortal Exalt in interest and feigned surprise. “Wayless, I just heard that you requested them to rob Chang Yang of his two million five-coloured immortal crystals?”

The Wayless Immortal Exalt frowned and said in some displeasure, “Fellow Jiang, we didn’t rob Chang Yang of two million five-coloured immortal crystals-”

As soon as the Wayless Immortal reached there, he was interrupted by Jiang Pingtian. Jiang Pingtian shook his head with a smile. “Chang Yang earned the two million five-coloured immortal crystals through his wager. Part of it even amounts to the initial capital he placed down. In the end, not only has he received nothing at all, but the pool that originally belonged to him and even the initial capital that he staked had ended up in your hands. Are you really trying to say that you didn’t steal it?”

When he heard Jiang Pingtian’s words, Jian Chen eased up significantly, as he could tell from Jiang Pingtian’s attitude that he did not stand on the Immortal Feather sect’s side like the five commanders of the Observance Heaven City.

Fortunately, the city lord of the Observance Heaven City is someone who can uphold justice.” Jian Chen rejoiced inside. If even the city lord of the Observance Heaven City stood with the Immortal Feather sect, then he would really be out of options.

As for finding the artifact spirit, the artifact spirit of the Observance Heaven City would basically never concern itself with these trivial matters according to his understanding of the city.

The Truepeer Immortal Exalt, Immortal Exalt Ji Yun, and Immortal Exalt Sha Xue also became solemn. They had already realised Jiang Pingtian’s stance on this issue from what he said.

The Wayless Immortal Exalt’s expression changed. He had been left rather speechless by Jiang Pingtian’s retort. A hint of resentment gradually rose up in the depths of his eyes. He clasped his fist towards Jiang Pingtian and said, “Fellow Jiang, this is a matter between our Immortal Feather sect and Chang Yang. Please do not interfere with it. We can handle it ourselves.”

“It’s not that I insisted on interfering. Instead, your people proactively came to my estate. You better not twist the truth here.” Jiang Pingtian smiled gently. Afterwards, he paused and looked at Jian Chen before continuing, “I indeed have no right to interfere in the grievance between your Immortal Feather sect and Chang Yang. However, I have the right to resolve the matter between him and the Thousand Immortal Generals of the Observance Heaven City as the city lord.”

Jiang Pingtian glanced past the Thousand Immortal Generals and asked, “Is it true or false that Chang Yang wagered two hundred thousand five-coloured immortal crystals?”

Seeing how the Immortal Emperors kept their heads lowered in silence, Jiang Pingtian shook his head with a gentle sigh. “All of you are people of reputation, only a step away from Immortal Exalt. Don’t tell me you don’t even have the courage to admit something as small as this?”

“Did he, or did he not? Tell me!” Jiang Pingtian’s tone immediately became harsh.

The Thousand Immortal Generals all became bright-red. After hesitating for a good while, someone finally stood forward and admitted it.

They could hide this from the people below, but they could not hide this from the people above. Once the city lord began investigating the matter seriously, it would be very easy for him to get to the bottom of it.

As a result, not only would lies be completely ineffective, it would only disgrace them even more in the very end.

The Wayless Immortal Exalt’s face became ugly. The Truepeer Immortal Exalt, Immortal Exalt Ji Yun, and Immortal Exalt Sha Xue also entered a dilemma.

Before them was Jiang Pingtian and behind them was the Immortal Feather sect. They could not afford to offend either of them.

“Thousand Immortal General Sen Yang, Thousand Immortal General Duan Hun, Thousand Immortal General Gathering Clouds, Thousand Immortal General Can Ye, come to the city lord’s estate immediately!” Jiang Pingtian gazed outside the estate and personally summoned the four Immortal Emperors.

In the next moment, the four Immortal Emperors who had their bodies destroyed by Jian Chen all appeared in the city lord’s estate, clasping their hands and bowing towards Jiang Pingtian at the front.

Apart from them, Jiang Pingtian had also summoned over twenty Hundred Immortal Commandants. They all gathered in the city lord’s estate.

These twenty Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor Thousand Immortal Generals and the twenty-odd Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Monarch Hundred Immortal Commandants backed the gambling parlour.

The manager of the gambling parlour, Yu Changkong, was among them too. He avoided Jian Chen’s gaze. In the depths of his eyes, there was a deep sense of fear.

Four Immortal Emperors had lost their bodies, only surviving as souls. If the city lord had not interfered today, he did not have any doubts that probably none of the remaining Thousand Immortal Generals would be spared.

He had truly witnessed Chang Yang’s viciousness and madness.

The Wayless Immortal Exalt seemed to have guessed what Jiang Pingtian was about to do. His face had already darkened.

The Hundred Immortal Commandants who arrived afterwards originally had no idea what was going on, but when they saw the ugly faces of the Immortal Emperors, they clearly noticed something, and their hearts all sank.

At this moment, Jiang Pingtian said slowly and vigorously, “Since everyone is present, then I hereby exercise my authority as the city lord of the Observance Heaven City. I order you to return Chang Yang’s two million five-coloured immortal crystals within three days.”

When they heard that, all of their faces changed. One of the Hundred Immortal Commandants stuttered, “C-city lord, the two million five-coloured immortal crystals aren’t with us.”

“They aren’t with you, but they were lost because of you, so you need to take full responsibility. You’ll compensate him with the two million five-coloured immortal crystals from your own pocket. It’s not a small sum, but you can muster that much if the several dozen of you pool your resources together,” Jiang Pingtian ignored the Wayless Immortal Exalt’s sunken face and continued.

Afterwards, he turned towards Jian Chen and asked, “Chang Yang, are you satisfied with this?”

“I’m extremely satisfied. Thank you for upholding justice, senior.” Jian Chen clasped his fist.

“Fellow Jiang, it’s a little inappropriate for you to do this. Have you ever considered how our Immortal Feather sect would feel about this?” the Wayless Immortal Exalt said with a darkened expression. He had gone to such great lengths to finally teach Jian Chen a small lesson under the strict rules of the Observance Heaven City, yet in the blink of an eye, it had been reversed by Jiang Pingtian. How could he accept this?

“Wayless, are you aware that your actions are actually bringing disgrace to the Immortal Feather sect’s name?” Jiang Pingtian stopped smiling and stared at the Wayless Immortal Exalt. “The Immortal Feather sect is a mighty court of heaven. They’re a supreme existence that countless people across the entire Immortals’ World look up to. They should possess tremendous tolerance and the integrity of forgiveness. How can they do what you’ve done just for a moment of victory, abusing your power and oppressing others?”

“Your actions have already clearly demonstrated to the world that your Immortal Feather sect refuses to lose in anything, even in the smallest trifles.”

“Wayless, I’m not criticising you, but your actions truly do bring disgrace to the Immortal Feather sect. If you still refuse to open your eyes to this fact, then I’ll be forced to write a letter to fellow Thousand Daggeraxe of the Immortal Feather sect and tell him exactly what has happened here in detail.”

When he heard him mention fellow Thousand Daggeraxe, the Wayless Immortal Exalt’s face immediately changed.

Among the many ancestors of the Immortal Feather sect, the Wayless Immortal Exalt ranked at the bottom. He possessed the least status.

Meanwhile, the fellow Thousand Daggeraxe that Jiang Pingtian spoke of possessed substantial status among the ancestors of the Immortal Feather sect. At the same time, he was a late Immortal Exalt!

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