Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3609: The Post Claimed

Chapter 3609: The Post Claimed

There were several dozen Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor generals in the Observance Heaven City.

Originally, these generals all resided in their respective estates and watched the projection of the battle from afar.

When Ye Qingyun ingested the pill that resembled a fleshly core and erupted with the terrifying strength of an Immortal Exalt, all of these Immortal Emperors finally lost their composure. They left their estates and stared at Ye Qingyun in the projection sternly.

“The realm of Immortal Exalt? Is this really the realm of Immortal Exalt? He’s an Immortal Exalt through and through, whether in terms of cultivation or comprehension.”

They could tell Ye Qingyun’s strength with a single glance. Many of their gazes even began to flicker. Battle prowess on par with Immortal Exalts was a completely different concept from being an actual Immortal Exalt.

In one of the five commander’s estate, the ancestor of the Ye family, Ye Beifeng, also became fixed on Ye Qingyun. His face was filled with surprise, but shortly afterwards, it turned to a smile of relief. He smiled very gladly as if he had found much ease.

In the ancient battlefield, deafening rumbles rang out endlessly. The powerful storms of energy wreaked through the surroundings. Ye Qingyun unleashed the Immortal Exalt’s might from the fleshly core freely, producing colossal hands of destruction that struck the ground again and again. He howled furiously, shattering the land.

Ye Qingyun’s furious attacks lasted for several seconds before coming to a stop. He hovered in the air and shone brightly, but his body hidden inside the dazzling light no longer seemed optimistic. The great energy from the fleshly core had already severely damaged his body. He no longer seemed to possess a single inch of intact skin.

“Chang Yang, even if I can’t defeat you, I won’t let you claim the Thousand Immortal General’s post this easily. The Thousand Immortal General’s post was specially prepared for me at a tremendous cost to our Ye family. Since you want to claim it, then I’ll make you use up even more of your energy of life. I refuse to believe the energy of life you use to heal your wounds is truly endless.” Ye Qingyun stared at the bottomless pit before him and ground his teeth.

But in the next moment, blood sprayed from his mouth. Powerful sword Qi erupted in his body, heavily injuring him from inside once again. Strands of sword Qi erupted from his pores.

He had been hit by Jian Chen’s Shadowless Lifetaking Strike yet again.

Ye Qingyun shuddered violently and immediately took out a healing pill to swallow. After sucking in a deep breath, he formed a seal with both hands. His terrifying cultivation as an Immortal Exalt erupted like a turbulent wave.

“Sword Domain of Metallic Hell!”

With Ye Qingyun’s bellow, the Laws of Metal manifested in the surroundings, turning into chains that linked together. They rapidly constructed an independent domain.

Apart from the Laws of Metal under Ye Qingyun’s control, all of the other laws had been expelled from the domain.

This was not a God Tier Immortal Technique but a powerful secret technique!

Jian Chen immediately sensed his grasp over the Laws of the Sword rapidly weaken inside Ye Qingyun’s Sword Domain of Metallic Hell. It was not just the Laws of the Sword but the Laws of Space, the Laws of Strength, and so on. All of the laws he had comprehended seemed to lose control, such that he could no longer use them.

The Sword Domain of Metallic Hell was equivalent to an independent space that Ye Qingyun had created. Unless his comprehension surpassed Ye Qingyun’s, all of his laws would be suppressed.

However, the Sword Domain of Metallic Hell was not as simple as an independent domain. In the next moment, strands of golden sword Qi condensed quietly in the domain woven from the Laws of Metal.

Each strand of golden sword Qi was several metres long, radiating with powerful energy. They appeared one after another, reaching into the hundreds.


Suddenly, a strand of golden sword Qi shot over with a piercing whistle, penetrating Jian Chen’s body.

Jian Chen immediately determined the might of the golden sword Qi. It was completely on par with the power behind a strike from a First Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalt.

Just a single strand of golden sword Qi was enough to heavily injure or even directly kill a regular Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor!

Swish! Swish! Swish!

After the first strand of golden sword Qi, a second and a third soon followed.

Immediately, the hundreds of golden sword Qi that appeared in the Sword Domain of Metallic Hell began to move, kicking up a storm of energy that enveloped Jian Chen.

Faced with this blanketing attack of sword Qi, even a true First Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalt would be in danger of perishing if they were caught within it.

Ye Qingyun was equivalent to an Immortal Exalt right now. With his strength that allowed him to challenge those stronger than him, killing a regular Immortal Exalt would not be too difficult.

Under the attack of the golden sword Qi, a large number of wounds appeared on Jian Chen, erupting with a bloody mist.

But in the blink of an eye, all of his injuries healed completely. He recovered so quickly that it even surpassed the rate at which the golden sword Qi could harm him.

By now, Ye Qingyun had already shut his eyes, focusing on maintaining the Sword Domain of Metallic Hell. The fleshly core within his body depleted at an extremely terrifying rate.

Of course, the damage he received from the backlash grew heavier and heavier too.

He was not a true Immortal Exalt after all. He could not endure such powerful energy.

Jian Chen moved swiftly through the Sword Domain of Metallic Hell. During this time, the golden sword Qi condensed from the Laws of Metal plunged into his body again and again, but Jian Chen ignored it all.

Very soon, after enduring over a hundred vicious attacks, he finally arrived before Ye Qingyun. He erupted with his great physical strength that originated from the Chaotic Body and swung his sword at Ye Qingyun as hard as he could.


With a bang, Ye Qingyun was knocked far away. The Sword Domain of Metallic Hell was interrupted as well. Even the high quality god artifact armour on him dimmed.

As the Sword Domain of Metallic Hell collapsed, Jian Chen regained his control over the laws. With a flash, he appeared behind Ye Qingyun like he had teleported. The sword Qi turned into a gorgeous stream and slammed into Ye Qingyun’s back.

Jian Chen directly dispersed the last bit of light from the high quality god artifact with that attack. The residual might amassed against the armour, passing through as a great force that directly entered Ye Qingyun’s body.

Ye Qingyun’s body immediately began to crack open. His body inside the high quality god artifact was like a vase covered in cracks. It could collapse from the slightest touch.

His body was already on the verge of collapsing.

By now, Ye Qingyun had basically become a spent force. He had endured many Shadowless Lifetaking Strikes from Jian Chen, and he had suffered the backlash from ingesting the fleshly core. His injuries were so severe that he was almost incapable of fighting back now.

The resplendent streak of light appeared again. Jian Chen attacked him again with a medium quality god artifact sword.

Ye Qingyun stared straight at Jian Chen with his feeble gaze. With great reluctance, he said as he basically ground his teeth, “I- forfeit-”

As he said those words, the power of the Observance Heaven City immediately descended, protecting Ye Qingyun from all directions.

Jian Chen’s attack stopped before Ye Qingyun. He glanced at Ye Qingyun mercilessly before slowly stowing his sword away.

When Ye Qingyun admitted defeat, the ancestor of the Ye family, Ye Beifeng, seemed to lose all of his strength. He fell back on his bottom onto the ground. His eyes were dazed.

The Master of Fire Virtue who had been watching the battle with Jiang Pingtian the entire time let out a powerless sigh as well.

As for Jiang Pingtian, he was calm, but he stared at Jian Chen as his eyes flickered. Who knew what he was thinking.

Ye Qingyun vanished from the ancient battlefield, having been sent out by the power of the Observance Heaven City.

With that, only Jian Chen remained in the messy battlefield.

But very soon, Jian Chen was transported out of the ancient battlefield by the power of the Observance Heaven City as well with a flash. He appeared above the Observance Heaven City.

As soon as he arrived there, Jian Chen’s ears became filled with noise. That was the discussion and cries of alarm from the immortals below.

Clearly, a mere Sixth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor independent cultivator claiming the Thousand Immortal General’s post had quite a powerful impact on many of them.

Suddenly, a bright streak of light shot down from the sky. When the light dispersed, it revealed a thumb-sized golden seal that hovered before Jian Chen.

The golden seal was a symbol of the Thousand Immortal General’s post.

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