Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3608: The Realm of Immortal Exalts

Chapter 3608: The Realm of Immortal Exalts

Jian Chen gradually became stern. “You even hid this from your ancestor, yet you’re telling me now, just for me to forfeit this competition. Looks like the Thousand Immortal General’s post is only more important to you than I ever imagined. If it were another time, I’d be more than happy to make this deal with you. After all, I am indeed interested in the pill in your possession, but unfortunately, I can only leave you disappointed this time. The Thousand Immortal General’s post is just as important to me as it is to you. I must claim it.”

Ye Qingyun’s gaze immediately turned cold. He said sternly, “The Thousand Immortal General’s post was only freed up under the painstaking efforts of our Ye family. If you insist on opposing me, then you will only become my enemy. Chang Yang, I can produce a pill from the previous aeon, so you’ve probably guessed that I’ve received an extraordinary legacy. You’ll regret it sooner or later for making an enemy out of me over a Thousand Immortal General’s post.”

“You’re threatening me now?” Jian Chen’s gaze towards Ye Qingyun became intrigued. “Ye Qingyun, don’t tell me you’ll become even more powerful than the Immortal Feather sect? I’m not even afraid of offending the Immortal Feather sect of the twelve courts of heaven, so why would I fear a mere Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor like you?”

With that, Ye Qingyun’s breath came to a halt.

“If you want the Thousand Immortal General’s post, then claim it with your strength,” Jian Chen called out. Suddenly, he thrust out with his sword. The Laws of the Sword and the Laws of Space merged together, unleashing the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike again.

A powerful strand of sword Qi bypassed Ye Qingyun’s high quality god artifact armour completely and erupted inside his body.

Ye Qingyun grunted and blood immediately sprayed out from his mouth. However, his gaze soon became mad as his face twisted. He said viciously, “Chang Yang, you forced me to do this. You better not blame me. Even if I lose this battle, I’ll make you pay.”

With that, Ye Qingyun brought the lip of the jade bottle in his hand to his mouth. As the high grade God Tier pill in the bottle rolled into his mouth, he also swallowed the other wondrous pill akin to a fleshly core in an extremely discreet manner.

All of the experts who watched the projection of the battle in the Observance Heaven City believed that Ye Qingyun had only consumed a high grade God Tier pill. They were completely unaware that the high grade God Tier pill was merely a cover.

At the same time, a faint, blood-red light began to radiate from Ye Qingyun. He began to burn his essence blood as a tremendous presence erupted.

On top of that, the presence was so powerful that it soon surpassed Immortal Emperor, reaching a higher level.

The realm of Immortal Exalts!

At this moment, the presence that Ye Qingyun erupted with had well and truly reached the realm of Immortal Exalts!

Jian Chen stared straight at Ye Qingyun. He could tell with a single glance that Ye Qingyun had only ignited his essence blood as a cover. It let him come up with a suitable reason for the strength he would be displaying.

What really pushed him to the realm of Immortal Exalts was the existence similar to a fleshly core.

Like a true Immortal Exalt? The pill from the previous aeon actually has such impossible effects.” Looking at Ye Qingyun whose forehead bulged with veins, Jian Chen gradually became stern. Right now, Ye Qingyun had well and truly reached Immortal Exalt in terms of both cultivation and comprehension.

Not only did the fleshly core contain cultivation of the realm of Immortal Exalts, but it also had the laws of Immortal Exalts. With this fleshly core as a source of power, Ye Qingyun would become a true Immortal Exalt until the fleshly core ran out of energy.

“The realm of Immortal Exalts! Is this the realm of Immortal Exalts?” Ye Qingyun shut his eyes slowly. The endless energy channelling into him from the pill allowed him to truly stand in the realm of Immortal Exalts.

Despite only reaching the First Heavenly Layer of Immortal Exalt, it still allowed his battle prowess to develop by strides.

Of course, he paid a price as well. His skin became bright-red. Countless capillaries had appeared as if his body was on the brink of bursting.

The might of Immortal Exalts was not that easy to endure. If his personal strength was insufficient, he would instantly explode from the fleshly core.

At this moment, the high grade God Tier pill that he swallowed at the same time came into effect. A tremendous force began to heal his injuries.

“I’ve already reached the realm of Immortal Exalts. Chang Yang, hopefully your regenerative ability can last until the very end.” Suddenly, Ye Qingyun bellowed out. The spear in his hand shone with blinding light as it shot out instantly with the great power of an Immortal Exalt, leaving a vicious wound on Jian Chen.

But in a split second, the energy of life circulated through the wound and rapidly healed it.

“Between Heaven and Earth, the Division of Yin and Yang!” Ye Qingyun bellowed out.

The tremendous energy of an Immortal Exalt erupted from his body. He extended his spear towards the sky and used a God Tier Immortal Technique.

Immediately, a tremendous might of the world suddenly descended. Jian Chen immediately felt like his entire existence had been locked onto. A mountainous pressure weighed down on him, making his body suddenly sink.

A blinding streak of light appeared in the sky. This was a golden streak condensed from the Laws of Metal, radiating with blinding light and piercing the entire sky.

The golden streak of light seemed to split the heavens from the earth. As the golden streak of light fell down, the entire world seemed to be divided into two.

After reaching the realm of Immortal Exalts, Ye Qingyun still possessed the battle prowess of a prodigy. Despite still being far off from rivaling Second Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalts, the God Tier Immortal Techniques he used were powerful enough to heavily injure First Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalts.

Jian Chen narrowed his eyes. His ultimate will condensed into an invisible blade, directly slashing towards Ye Qingyun’s God Tier Immortal Technique.

The entire world seemed to shudder. Ye Qingyun’s God Tier Immortal Technique immediately lost all of its might, having been disrupted by Jian Chen with ease.

Ye Qingyun’s face sank as he said coldly, “I didn’t think you could even disrupt the God Tier Immortal Techniques of Immortal Exalts. But so what? You can stop God Tier Immortal Techniques, but you can’t stop secret techniques.”

Ye Qingyun stowed his spear away and brought his palms together before him. Immediately, the Laws of Metal, Wood, and Water shone before him, condensing into a three-hundred-metre tall avatar in the end. It was like a god from beyond the heavens, radiating with unparalleled might.

At the same time, the fleshly core in his body rapidly depleted its energy.

After reaching the realm of Immortal Exalts, every attack he used exhausted the energy in the fleshly core.

At this moment, Ye Qingyun moved. His method of attack was very simple. He simply brought his hand down, suddenly slamming down from above.

Immediately, the avatar behind him copied Ye Qingyun’s movements. The colossal hand condensed from the three laws fell down, striking directly towards Jian Chen with a terrifying force that could compress space.


The world rocked. The entire ancient battlefield shook violently. Jian Chen was struck deep underground by the avatar’s hand.

Ye Qingyun did not stop. There was viciousness and determination in his eyes. He merged with the avatar behind him and raised his colossal hands, slamming down again and again.

Boom! Boom! Boom! Boom!

Immediately, rumbles rang out endlessly through the ancient battlefield. The miniature world shook even more violently. Fierce storms of energy ripped through the sky as the land split into pieces, producing colossal chasms after chasms.

Blood oozed from the corner of Ye Qingyun’s lips. Many parts of his body had already burst open, reduced to a bloody mess. This was the result of the fleshly core’s violent energy.

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