Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3607: Fleshly Core

Chapter 3607: Fleshly Core

Afterwards, all of the power behind the Divine Court of Ascension rained down. As Xia Mingtian’s ultimate technique vanished, Jian Chen recovered his freedom as well. In the next moment, he arrived before Xia Mingtian like he had teleported and slashed his sword towards him with blinding light.

At the same time, Ye Qingyun thrust his spear towards Jian Chen’s back.

Jian Chen ignored Ye Qingyun, exchanging injuries for injuries. His sword continued along the same path.

After using the Divine Court of Ascension, Xia Mingtian was already exhausted. He could no longer fend off Jian Chen’s attack.

Boom! Jian Chen’s sword landed against Xia Mingtian high quality god artifact armour. He failed to leave a mark, but the powerful force passed through the armour and directly entered his body.

Xia Mingtian sprayed out blood and was thrown far away. His body hidden within the armour was already in shambles.

Jian Chen’s abdomen was pierced by Ye Qingyun’s spear, but he ignored his injuries and used the Laws of Space to teleport over to Xia Mingtian again, landing another full-powered blow on him.


With a rumble, blood erupted within the high quality god artifact. Xia Mingtian’s damaged body directly exploded, having been reduced to a bloody pulp from the force of the attack.

Immediately, the high quality god artifact was reduced to an empty husk. It fell out of the air dimly after Xia Mingtian was reduced to soul form. Under the protection of the Observance Heaven City, he hovered mid-air in confusion.

“Xia Mingtian failed. He’s actually been defeated.”

“The strongest great elder of the Immortal Feather sect has actually been defeated by an Immortal Emperor far weaker than him.”


With that, the entire Observance Heaven City was shocked. Countless immortals looked at the battle projection. Their faces were blank, filled with disbelief.

The Wayless Immortal Exalt immediately stood up in the courtyard that belonged to the Immortal Feather sect and reduced the white jade table before him to dust with a slam. His eyes were filled with seething fury.

To him, Xia Mingtian’s defeat was no longer as simple as losing. Instead, it affected the dignity of the Immortal Feather sect.

It was not that Xia Mingtian could not lose, but he could only lose to opponents of the same level. He could only lose to other supreme Immortal Emperors. He definitely was not permitted to lose to an Immortal Emperor with lower cultivation, especially an independent cultivator.

On the battlefield, Xia Mingtian’s soul had vanished, having been transported away from the battlefield by the power of the Observance Heaven City.

His high quality god artifacts vanished along with him.

With that, only Jian Chen and Ye Qingyun remained on the barren battlefield.

The two of them did not stop because of Xia Mingtian’s elimination. They remained locked in an intense battle.

Ye Qingyun was extremely powerful as well. With three laws in his possession combined with two high quality god artifacts, he was not much weaker than Xia Mingtian. He would be able to injure Jian Chen with each attack.

If he used secret techniques, the power would be even more startling.

Jian Chen repeated the same procedure against Ye Qingyun. He primarily used the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike to attack and the Source of Life to heal his injuries.

But now, he no longer needed to ingest God Tier pills to deceive everyone. His method of recovery had been exposed already anyway, so he simply stopped hiding it. He let everyone know that he did not rely on any kind of pill to recover.

Of course, no one could imagine that it was actually a sovereign god artifact healing Jian Chen’s injuries either!


With an alarming rumble, the two of them separated at the same time. Ye Qingyun had already become pale. He used the spear in his hand to support his body as he stood there weakly.

He had already received over ten Shadowless Lifetaking Strikes from Jian Chen. Despite furiously ingesting God Tier pills, he struggled to keep up with the rate at which he was injured.

“Chang Yang, it’s impossible for the power of life that you use to heal your injuries to be endless. If this continues, you’ll run out one day. Is a Thousand Immortal General’s post really worth this price?” Ye Qingyun said sternly before him.

Seeing how Ye Qingyun did not keep fighting, Jian Chen stopped as well. He only needed a few more seconds before he could use the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike again. “Aren’t you no different? For the sake of a Thousand Immortal General’s post, you’ve depleted so many God Tier pills, and they’re all mid grade or even high grade God Tier pills at the very least. If I were you, Ye Qingyun, I’d directly forfeit. You’ll lose in the end anyway, so why not be a little more decisive and conserve some of those precious pills?”

Ye Qingyun shook his head and said firmly, “The Thousand Immortal General’s post this time is extremely important to me. I must obtain it. I can’t afford to forfeit.” As he said that, Ye Qingyun took out a jade bottle from his Space Ring and said painfully, “Chang Yang, as long as you forfeit, I’m willing to give this to you as compensation.”

“Don’t decline in a hurry. You’re welcome to send a wisp of the senses of your soul over to take a look at what it is.”

A smear of interest appeared in Jian Chen’s eyes. Immediately, he sent out a wisp of the senses of his soul. He was not afraid that Ye Qingyun was up to something. He could severe this wisp at any time.

Very soon, Jian Chen saw what was inside the jade battle, which immediately made him shudder.

There were two pills in the jade bottle. One of them was a high grade God Tier pill.

However, Jian Chen directly neglected the high grade God Tier pill and instead turned his focus over to the other pill.

The pill was snowy-white. It was impossible to tell its exact grade, but the energy it contained was so powerful that it even alarmed Jian Chen.

Most importantly, he could sense a familiar presence from the pill. The presence was akin to Gusta’s fleshly core that he had obtained deep underground on the Desolate Plane in the past.

The pill was an existence similar to a fleshly core.

However, it came nowhere close to the quality of Gusta’s fleshly core, but it was still equivalent to the First or Second Heavenly Layer of Immortal Exalt.

“This item doesn’t belong to this aeon.” Jian Chen withdrew the senses of his soul. He could sense an ancient and bleak presence from the pill. He could tell that the pill had already existed for an extremely long time.

“That’s right. It’s not from this aeon but the previous aeon. As long as I ingest it, I will immediately gain the battle prowess of an Immortal Exalt. All of the techniques I use will extract their energy from the pill until it runs out of energy. But right now, I’m willing to offer it up to you, as the Thousand Immortal General’s post is truly extremely important to me.” As he said that, Ye Qingyun poured the high grade God Tier pill out from the bottle. He stared at the pill hovering before him with a hint of reluctance.

When the countless immortals in the Observance Heaven City saw the high grade God Tier pill in Ye Qingyun’s hand, they all behaved like their guesses had been confirmed.

Jian Chen smiled gently. He obviously understood why the white jade bottle contained two pills; the high grade God Tier pill served as a cover.

“You possess something so precious. If you offered it up to the city lord of the Observance Heaven City, I think he’d be very willing to help you free up a Thousand Immortal General’s post.”

Ye Qingyun was stern. “Chang Yang, you’re not a fool. I possess something so wondrous, so why would I intentionally expose it to an expert like that? Even the ancestor of my family is in the dark about this. If it weren’t for the fact that I’ve run out of choices, I’d never offer this pill to you.”

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