Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3606: Xia Mingtian in Despair

Chapter 3606: Xia Mingtian in Despair

A number of figures seemed to hover mid-air in seated positions within the illusionary structures. They dwelled atop the illusionary structures as they shone with hazy light. They were like gods, presiding over this region.

Jian Chen’s gaze landed on the illusionary structures and immediately became stern. He could already sense that a mysterious power had filled the surroundings, influencing the space and interfering with the entire ancient battlefield.

Under the interference of the mysterious power, the laws across the entire ancient battlefield became disorderly. A new law and order seemed to be constructed wherever the mysterious power reached.

In the city lord’s estate of the Observance Heaven City, Jiang Pingtian’s soul clone stared at the projection of the battlefield with shining eyes. He said to himself, “The Divine Court of Ascension is said to be an ultimate secret technique produced by the Immortal Feather sect’s past Grand Exalt. Its power is absolutely alarming and only second to the Authority of the Grand Exalt.”

“However, it’s said that only Immortal Exalts of the Immortal Feather sect can grasp this ultimate secret technique through many years of comprehension. Xia Mingtian has actually comprehended the Divine Court of Ascension that only Immortal Exalts can grasp as a Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalt, which is a demonstration of his talent. Even throughout the history of the Immortal Feather sect, this is extremely rare.”

The Master of Fire Virtue who sat below also nodded. Amazement filled his eyes. “It’s said that the Divine Court of Ascension can draw the ways and seize a region of space and time. It possesses unfathomable might. Under this secret technique, even some regular First Heavenly layer Immortal Exalts would be heavily injured if they are not careful. After all, this is the ultimate technique personally created by the Immortal Feather sect’s past Grand Exalt.”

Elsewhere, in the Immortal Feather sect’s courtyard, the Wayless Immortal Exalt also struggled to remain composed. He immediately leapt to his feet. His face was filled with disbelief. The Divine Court of Ascension was an ultimate technique that was extremely difficult to comprehend. Even when he was still a First or Second Heavenly Layer Immortal Exalt, he had never managed to grasp the Divine Court of Ascension. Only after he reached the Third Heavenly Layer did he finally grasp this ultimate technique after several hundred thousand years of arduous study.

“Xia Mingtian is actually so talented. That is truly the good fortune of our Immortal Feather sect…” A while later, the Wayless Immortal Exalt let out a sigh of amazement.


On the battlefield, Jian Chen’s expression suddenly changed. His body had actually been restrained by a mysterious force akin to a freezing curse. Although his thoughts still moved, his entire body was immobilised. He could not even move a single finger.

In the next moment, one of the blurry figures in the illusionary structures over Xia Mingtian’s head suddenly stood up. It was like a mesh of light and energy, suddenly flying out with a strange presence and immediately arriving before Jian Chen. It delivered a palm strike towards the immobilised Jian Chen.


A bang rang out. The illusionary figure vanished as if it had lost all of its power. However, Jian Chen shuddered violently as hairline cracks immediately covered his Chaotic Body. Chaotic blood flowed out, dyeing his entire body red.

His organs inside had been reduced to mush.

The power behind the palm strike was far too great. None of it was wasted, such that all of the might was delivered into Jian Chen’s body without any leakage.

However, Xia Mingtian’s Divine Court of Ascension clearly was not over yet. A second figure flew out shortly after the third, turning into a colossal fist that slammed into Jian Chen.

Shortly afterwards, a third figure turned into a colossal sword.

The fourth figure turned into a mountain.

The fifth figure transformed into a giant cauldron.

The attack from each figure was different. The later they came, the more powerful they were.

Each illusionary figure that resided among the structures seemed to be a powerful attack.

Jian Chen was immobilised. His injuries became heavier and heavier. Blood exploded in the space there.

This ultimate technique was created by the Grand Exalt of the Immortal Feather sect. It contained unfathomable power and could interfere with the order of an entire region. Its might was shocking.

In a short instant, Jian Chen had endured the attacks of nine illusionary figures. His Chaotic Body was already severely damaged. He could not even circulate the Chaotic Force within his body. It had also been restrained.

There were a total of eighteen attacks to the Divine Court of Ascension. It was only half way through. As long as the technique continued, the restraining force would remain.

If it had been an Immortal Exalt instead, the Divine Court of Ascension obviously could not keep them restrained for too long, but Jian Chen’s current cultivation was only equivalent to the Sixth Heavenly Layer of Immortal Emperor after all.

His disadvantage in terms of cultivation obviously left him powerless before the restraining force from the Divine Court of Ascension.

Under these circumstances, even if he did possess healing pills, he would not have the opportunity to consume them.

I can still use the Profound Sword Qi, the twin swords, and the Primeval Divine Hall. Looks like the force only restricts my body.” Jian Chen secretly observed this and discovered that he was not unable to stop the Divine Court of Ascension. He only needed to use a single strand of Profound Sword Qi to heavily damage Xia Mingtian’s soul. Not only would the Divine Court of Ascension be forcefully halted, but Xia Mingtian would suffer a severe backlash as well.

However, he could not expose the Profound Sword Qi to the eyes of the public!

At this moment, the tenth and eleventh figures flew out, striking Jian Chen with even more terrifying force.

“Chang Yang, don’t you have pills that can rapidly heal you? Why aren’t you using them anymore?” Xia Mingtian sneered. His gaze was extremely cold, together with some killing intent. Using the Divine Court of Ascension came at a heavy price for him. He would need a thousand years at the very least to recover from it.

As Xia Mingtian said that, the twelfth figure arrived before Jian Chen, turning into an ancient hammer that swung towards him with destructive power.

In Jian Chen’s current state, the Chaotic Body would struggle to withstand such a blow. After all, the Chaotic Body’s self-recovery had also been restricted.

But at this moment, a blinding green light suddenly began to shine from Jian Chen. An extremely pure presence of life radiated from his body, such that his injuries closed up at an unbelievable rate.

Boom! The giant hammer that the twelfth figure transformed into slammed against Jian Chen heavily. However, not only did his wounds fail to worsen, but they even took a rapid turn for the better instead.

In the blink of an eye, Jian Chen made a full recovery.

Witnessing all of this, Xia Mingtian behaved like a bombshell had just been dropped on him. He was in disbelief as he murmured in a daze, “Impossible, this is impossible. You’re clearly immobilised. You can’t ingest any more pills. How did you recover?”

Ye Qingyun was stunned as well. He stared straight at Jian Chen and immediately became extremely stern. He ground his teeth. “I understand now. Your recovery has nothing to do with pills at all. You’ve always been putting on an act before us by ingesting pills, just to deceive us.”

With that, Xia Mingtian understood everything. His pale face immediately became extremely ugly as despair filled his heart.

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