Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3605: Battle Amongst the Top Three (Two)

Chapter 3605: Battle Amongst the Top Three (Two)

Basically all god artifact armour, or even just defensive treasures in general, only blocked external attacks. As for the internal body, that was the weakest point for experts of all cultivations.

Xia Mingtian coughed up a few mouthfuls of blood before immediately taking out a God Tier pills from his Space Ring and ingesting it.

It was a high grade God Tier pill. It shone with hazy light. The moment it appeared, the energy in the surroundings reacted violently.

After ingesting the high grade God Tier pill, Xia Mingtian’s injuries rapidly stabilised.

However, despite being a high grade God Tier pill, its effects came nowhere close to the Source of Life. As a result, although Xia Mingtian was healing, he basically seemed to be recovering at a snail’s pace when compared to Jian Chen.

When Xia Mingtian ingested the God Tier pill, Jian Chen appeared behind him silently through the Laws of Space. Along with blinding light, he slashed out with his medium quality god artifact sword at full strength.

Xia Mingtian’s high quality god artifact armour erupted with dazzling light, forming a powerful barrier that enveloped him.


When Jian Chen’s attack landed on Xia Mingtian’s armour, it produced a great rumble. The high grade god artifact armour’s barrier blocked all of the power inside the sword.

Xia Mingtian turned his gaze towards Jian Chen again. Icy killing intent flickered in his eyes. “I sure have underestimated you. I never thought you would actually be capable of such a strange secret technique, but so what? Your cultivation is still too low after all. You can’t even penetrate my armour.”

Suddenly, Xia Mingtian shut his eyes and performed a seal, which made his body fade away.

At the same time, a tremendous might of the world descended. Xia Mingtian directly used a God Tier Immortal Technique. Countless feathers appeared from his hazy body before shooting towards Jian Chen like a storm.

Each feather shone with dazzling light and contained great power, enough to destroy the surroundings.

When he saw Xia Mingtian use a God Tier Immortal Technique, Jian Chen could not help but smile strangely. In the next moment, his ultimate will condensed into an invisible blade and directly severed it.

At that moment, the tremendous might of the world receded like the tide. The thousands of feathers that Xia Mingtian produced turned into a ball of mighty energy that dispersed into the surroundings.

Xia Mingtian snapped open his eyes in disbelief.

It was not just him. Even Ye Qingyun nearby was filled with surprise.

In the courtyard that belonged to the Immortal Feather sect in the Observance Heaven City, the ancestor of the Immortal Feather sect, the Wayless Immortal Exalt, stared straight at the projection of the battlefield. He frowned heavily and murmured, “Just what kind of legacy did Chang Yang receive? He’s actually grasped such strange secret techniques. Not only did he heavily injure Xia Mingtian right off the bat through some unknown means, but he’s probably responsible for the sudden dissipation of Xia Mingtian’s God Tier Immortal Technique as well.”

In one of the five commander’s estates in the Observance Heaven City, Ye Beifeng also stared sternly at the projection of the battlefield. After a good while of silence, he murmured, “I didn’t expect this Chang Yang to actually be such a difficult opponent. Even Xia Mingtian of the Immortal Feather sect has suffered miserably at his hand.”

Ye Beifeng and the Wayless Immortal Exalt were not the only experts observing this battle. There were also the four other commanders and the city lord of the Observance Heaven City, Jiang Pingtian, and the vice city lord, the Master of Fire Virtue.

At this moment, countless gazes gathered on Jian Chen. Clearly, all of them were astounded by his performance.

None of them thought that the least likely candidate in their eyes would perform so wondrously, leaving the strongest great elder of the Immortal Feather sect in such a miserable state right from the start.

On the ancient battlefield, the three of them continued to fight, and Xia Mingtian finally demonstrated his full strength as the strongest great elder of the Immortal Feather sect as well. He consecutively unleashed many ancient secret techniques he had kept hidden earlier. Each secret technique possessed unbelievable might and was truly devastating. Whenever one landed, it would make the entire ancient battlefield shake violently.

If the miniature world had not been reinforced by the power of the Observance Heaven City, it probably would have been shattered by Xia Mingtian’s endless stream of secret techniques already.

In order to deal with Jian Chen, Xia Mingtian truly made use of everything available to him. He did not hold back.

Ye Qingyun did not hold back either. Apart from not using secret techniques as frequently as Xia Mingtian, he used his full strength with every attack.

Under Ye Qingyun and Xia Mingtian’s barrage of vicious attacks, Jian Chen was like a row boat in the ocean. He was basically beaten to the point where he could not fight back at all. All he could do was receive their attacks passively.

Xia Mingtian and Ye Qingyun both had high quality god artifact armour, which offered extremely powerful defence. Apart from using the twin swords or the Profound Sword Qi, he could only harm them through the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike.

However, Jian Chen possessed the Source of Life, so no matter how severe his injuries were, he could make a full recovery in a very short amount of time.

As a result, Jian Chen remained unscathed despite Ye Qingyun and Xia Mingtian’s furious attacks.

However, he did heal over twenty times.

Meanwhile, Xia Mingtian’s injuries rapidly worsened. Around every half a minute, Jian Chen would use the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike and deal a lethal blow to Xia Mingtian.

Xia Mingtian tried everything he could, but he was unable to block the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike, much less avoid it. Whenever Jian Chen used the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike, he could injure the interior of Xia Mingtian’s body with utmost accuracy. The only thing that Xia Mingtian could do was to spread his tremendous energy throughout his entire body to weaken the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike’s power.

At this moment, Xia Mingtian stopped his attacks. His face had already become sheet-white as he radiated with a sense of feebleness, but despite his terrible condition, his gaze grew colder and colder. He said sternly, “Sure enough, you have more than just a dozen healing pills on you.”

Nearby, Ye Qingyun hovered mid-air with his spear in hand. He stared at Jian Chen with extremely mixed feelings. This battle had truly left him shuddering with fear.

He never thought that under his combined efforts with Xia Mingtian, not only would they fail to defeat Jian Chen, but Xia Mingtian would even be reduced to such a state by the wondrous secret technique.

And this was under the circumstances where he was staving off Jian Chen.

If he did not stave off Jian Chen, Ye Qingyun even began to wonder whether Xia Mingtian could last until now.

Shadowless Lifetaking Strike!

Jian Chen said nothing and used the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike again.

Xia Mingtian shuddered violently as blood trickled out from his mouth without stopping. The high quality god artifact on him also dimmed.

Having received numerous Shadowless Lifetaking Strikes, his body had already suffered extremely severe damage. Even ingesting high grade God Tier pills would not be enough to heal him in a short amount of time. He had completely coughed up all of his shattered organs.

Under the threat of the Shadowless Lifetaking Strike, even if Xia Mingtian wanted to fight a battle of endurance against Jian Chen through the pills in his possession, he would not be able to last too long.

That was because he could not heal all of his injuries fast enough.

“There’s roughly half a minute before you use the secret technique again. This time is enough.” However, Xia Mingtian smiled instead. His mouth was bloody, so when he smiled, he seemed quite frightening. He looked at Jian Chen with surging killing intent and said, “For the Thousand Immortal General’s post, I originally had no plans on paying such a price, but now, this is no longer about the Thousand Immortal General’s post, but my own dignity and the honour of our Immortal Feather sect.”

With that, a tremendous presence erupted from Xia Mingtian. The presence was so powerful that it soon surpassed his peak condition.

He was igniting his essence blood and damaging his foundations to help unleash an ancient and powerful secret technique.

“Divine Court of Ascension!” Suddenly, Xia Mingtian bellowed. Blinding light gathered over his head, as dazzling as the sun.

A series of colossal structures seemed to stand under the dazzling and resplendent glow. It was hazy and illusionary.

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