Chaotic Sword God

Chapter 3610: Jian Shiyi

Chapter 3610: Jian Shiyi

When Jian Chen saw the golden seal, he understood the method of using it already. Without any hesitation, he immediately merged a wisp of the power of his soul into the golden seal.

Immediately, the golden seal shone brightly, dazzling like the sun. A powerful pulse of energy emerged from inside, alarming the entire Observance Heaven City.

In the next moment, the golden seal turned into a streak of golden light and shot into Jian Chen’s forehead.

When the golden seal merged with his soul, Jian Chen also gained a more detailed understanding about the post in the Observance Heaven City through the information recorded inside the seal.

Thousand Immortal General… I have a thousand Godking soldiers under my command and ten Immortal Monarch commandants. These people all obey me.

My superior is one of the five commanders, Immortal Exalt Wei Qi.

As he merged with the golden seal, Jian Chen learnt about the ten Immortal Monarchs and a thousand Godkings under his command from the seal.

However, it only detailed their names and cultivations. The seal did not possess any record of their origins or background.

Jian Chen looked at the crowds of people below. These people were all immortals that had come to spectate the battles between Immortal Emperors. Some of them were already in the Observance Heaven City, while others had specially made their way over here for the sake of watching the battles.

Now, with the end of the competition, the people gathered below gradually dispersed. Many immortals chose to leave the Observance Heaven City immediately.

To a portion of them, paying the fees to remain in the Observance Heaven City was quite a burden.

At this moment, several streaks of light arrived before Jian Chen and turned into three middle-aged men.

One of them was a Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Emperor, while the other two were peak Godkings.

Jian Chen subconsciously looked towards the three of them. Through his official seal, he could clearly sense that the three middle-aged men also possessed seals inside them.

The Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Monarch was a Hundred Immortal Commandant, while the two peak Godkings possessed the seals of soldiers.

“Greetings, senior Chang Yang! I am Jian Shiyi.”

“Greetings, senior Chang Yang! I am Xun Rufeng.”

“Greetings, senior Chang Yang! I am Chen Ping.”

The three middle-aged men clasped their fists and bowed towards Jian Chen.

Jian Chen’s eyes shone. Through their names, he immediately recognised them to be his subordinates.

Of course, that was only according to the hierarchy designated by the Observance Heaven City.

Jian Shiyi was one of the ten Hundred Immortal Commandants under his command.

“You can spare the trifling gestures!” Jian Chen smiled gently.

Jian Shiyi looked around and smiled gently. “According to the examples of the past, the ten commandants would all come and congratulate the general for taking the post, but looks like the nine others won’t be coming this time.”

“Please come this way, senior Chang Yang. I’ll introduce the situation in the estate to you. After all, the seal doesn’t have everything recorded in detail.”

Jian Shiyi made an inviting gesture to Jian Chen before leading the way. They arrived before an extremely expansive estate very soon.

“The Observance Heaven City has a total of fifty general’s estates. Senior Chang Yang, the estate before you will serve as your residence for the next few thousand years.” Jian Shiyi introduced it to him as he brought Jian Chen towards the general’s estate.

“Greetings, senior Shiyi!”

When they arrived at the entrance, the two soldiers stationed there clasped their fists and bowed politely towards Jian Shiyi.

“This is senior Chang Yang. From today onwards, senior Chang Yang will serve as the master of this general’s estate for the next few thousand years to come. What are you waiting for? Pay respects to him,” Jian Shiyi ordered the two soldiers.

When they heard that, the two soldiers glanced at one another. Only after a moment of hesitation did they bow towards Jian Chen rather stiffly.

Jian Chen frowned slightly, but he said nothing. He made his way into the general’s estate.

The general’s estate was extremely large. It was divided into many regions. There were ten pavilions among them. He could clearly sense the presences of nine Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Monarchs among them.

In the distance, he found the presence of around a thousand Godkings among the many stone huts scattered.

In the Observance Heaven City, only Thousand Immortal Generals and above had their own estates. Hundred Immortal Commandants also stayed in the general’s estates, possessing a pavilion to themselves.

As for the Godking soldiers beneath, they would all receive a small, orderly, stone hut.

The fifty general’s estates in the Observance Heaven City had identical layouts to one another, which could not be changed.

At this moment, in a majestic hall, Jian Chen stood in the centre of the hall with his hands behind his back instead of taking the throne. The Hundred Immortal Commandant, Jian Shiyi, stood behind Jian Chen with Xun Rufeng and Chen Ping.

At this moment, Jian Shiyi glanced towards the nine other pavilions in the estate. He could not help but sigh gently. “Senior Chang Yang, ever since you defeated the great elder of the Immortal Feather sect, Xia Jianming, an elder of the Immortal Feather sect visited our estate. As a result, many people in the estate are afraid of meeting with you due to the Immortal Feather sect.”

“None of them are bold enough to offend the Immortal Feather sect.”

After hearing that, Jian Chen glanced at Jian Shiyi and the two Godkings standing behind him. “You clearly know the Immortal Feather sect is hostile to me, yet you’ve still gone out of your way to receive me. Looks like the organisation behind you is substantial as well.”

“Senior Chang Yang, the three of us are disciples of the Immortal Sect of Myriad Swords.” Jian Shiyi clasped his fist

“The Immortal Sect of Myriad Swords? I see…” A hint of surprise flashed through Jian Chen’s eyes. “Looks like there are many people from courts of heaven in the Observance Heaven City.”

“It’s not just courts of heaven. There are even people from the Sacred Beast clan and even the Waymight clan,” Jian Shiyi said.

As soon as he heard mention of the Waymight clan, Jian Chen recalled how the Grand Exalts of the Immortals’ World attacked the Saints’ World together back then.

He knew quite a lot about the Waymight clan. The part about them that left him with the deepest impression was that the Waymight clan had protected the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens for a period of time. They used it to absorb some disciples of the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens.

These disciples contacted the Sword Sect of Violet Heavens less and less frequently.

“The Waymight clan has a Grand Exalt. Don’t tell me even descendants and disciples of sovereign-level organisations still come to the Observance Heaven City to contend for posts?” Jian Chen asked.

“The Observance Heaven City has its peculiarities. It’s the only place known so far that produces Stainless Qi. Many people are in need of it. Even people from sovereign-level organisations are no exceptions. However, when it comes to certain people important to Grand Exalts, they don’t need an official post. Instead, they can directly enter the sacred land of the Observance Heaven City to cultivate if a Grand Exalt accompanies them personally. They don’t have any time limits either, so they can stay for as long as they want.”

“However, there are only a handful of people that actually receive treatment like that. They’re extremely rare. After all, Grand Exalts are lofty. Only a select few people have the right for them to personally take action.”

“As a result, many people from these organisations with Grand Exalts also enter the competitions to earn the right to access the sacred land.”

None of this information was recorded in the seal, which was why Jian Shiyi gave Jian Chen a detailed explanation.

With his strength as a Ninth Heavenly Layer Immortal Monarch, he was only a step away from great elder even in a court of heaven like the Immortal Sect of Myriad Swords, so he knew quite a lot.

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