Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 34: Shocking Discovery

Chapter 34: Shocking Discovery

Initially, Little Fatty was too busy detecting demonic beasts that he did not notice the nearby stone wall. With Monkey’s reminder, he then looked at it carefully and said with astonishment “Good good, this, is this a water type spiritual rock?”

Saying that, Little Fatty stretched his hand over and exerted force to pull the protrusion up. He scrutinised it in his palm and it was really a low grade water type spiritual rock.

Little Fatty then stretched his hand out to allow Han Ling Feng and Monkey to see it. The moment Monkey saw it, he immediately determined what it was and said, “That’s right, this is a water type low grade spiritual rock. I touched it by accident previously, and felt that the density in it was stunning and thus I was curious. I didn’t think that it is really a spiritual rock!”

Han Ling Feng then took it from Little Fatty and inspected it. She then exclaimed joyfully, “This isn’t small, it is equivalent to about 10 spiritual stones! Goodness, why would there be so many spiritual rocks here? Don’t tell me~”

“Don’t tell me this is a spiritual stone mine?” Little Fatty finished the sentence in shock.

“It’s possible, but we cannot determine that with just a single spiritual stone!” Han Ling Feng said, “Let’s continue walking and see if we can find any more!”

“Okay!” Little Fatty responded and continued walking forward. This time, the three of them were staring at the stone wall, and even used their hands to test it occasionally. In the end, in just a short 2 hours, the 3 of them each collected dozens of low grade spiritual stones, which added up to more than 100 low grade spiritual stones.

Besides that, fortuitous Monkey even managed to find a metal type middle grade spiritual rock of the size of a head. According to the exchange rate on the black market, a piece of middle grade spiritual stone could be exchanged for over a hundred low grade spiritual stones. A size of about a human head was even more valuable. This is because the larger it is, the more convenient it would be to refine higher grade magical tools. Thus, this piece of spiritual rock was worth over 10,000 spiritual stones.

Monkey had never seen so many spiritual stones before in his lifetime. As he held onto the spiritual stones, his hand shook and said in agitation “Fatty bro, this, this is a middle grade spiritual stone. Let’s split it!”

“Ah ah, split it your head!” Little Fatty scolded laughingly, “Since you found it, it is yours. We won’t have the face to snatch it from you?”

“Yes, it would belong to whoever picked it up. It is your luck to be able to see it! Hurry and keep it!” Han Ling Feng smiled and continued “I would also not share with you what I picked up~” Saying that, she continued picking up spiritual stones.

“Heh heh, then I shall not stand on ceremony!” Monkey grinned and kept the middle grade spiritual rock.

He then rubbed his hands and said “Let’s continue searching, I think that this is a spiritual rock mine. Not just that, it is the rare 5 elements spiritual rock mine!”

What is meant by a 5 elements spiritual rock mine is a mine which can simultaneously produce spiritual stones of all 5 elements: Gold, Wood, Water, Fire, Earth. This type of mine is exceedingly rare. Typically, a mine could only produce 2 types of elements which complements one another, eg. Earth and Water or Metal and Fire. But a mine like this, which can produce all 5 elements, is exceedingly rare. In the vast mountains of over 10,000 miles, there were already over a thousand mines discovered. But none was a 5 elements spiritual rock mine.

“Also good, since we’re deep in the treasure mountain, we should not miss this chance!” Little Fatty said immediately “All stay sharp, and get rich first before making any plans!”

“En, let’s go!” Han Ling Feng rushed.

The trio temporarily forgot about the Blood Ravens who were lurking outside and of the potential dangers inside the mine. They only focused on finding spiritual rocks. Although Little Fatty and Han Ling Feng did not pay much attention to the middle grade spiritual rock which Monkey found, but they would be lying if they said that they weren’t envious. Thus, they were determined to find higher grade spiritual rocks.

Enticed by the spiritual stones, the 3 of them forgot about their hunger and fatigue. Walking towards the dense spiritual Qi, they dug in the cave for the whole day. Finally, they reached the end of the cave.

This was a hall with an area of over a thousand feet. It was over a hundred feet tall and there were stalactite all over. In the centre, was a 3 to 4 foot deep, 50 to 60 foot wide circular pond.

The pond was made from a special green jade rock. In the centre, there was a sharp stalactite of over 10 feet high. On the surface was beads on sparkling water pearls.

As the three of them walked in, they were awed by the dense spiritual Qi emanated by the pond. Even the spiritual Qi formation of the Mystical Sky Yard could not compare to this. The spiritual Qi in this place was dense to the point fog would automatically form. As Little Fatty felt it for a moment, it was not any much less dense than the dimension within his Natal Artifact. You have to know, the density of Little Fatty’s Natal Artifact was to the extent it could condense spiritual stones.

The trio were stunned upon witnessing such a situation. They walked to the side of the pool and examined it. They realised that the water of the pool was colourless and pristine clear. There were many special lotus flower which grew as well. There were two of it which already bloomed, and the fragrance which it gave out refreshed their minds. The 3 of them could not help but be enchanted.

“This, this seems to be a 5-element lotus!” Han Ling Feng trembled and said.

“5-element lotus?” Little Fatty asked strangely, “What is that?”

“I saw it before in the sects records. It writes, the 5-element lotus is one of the few medicine which can strengthen the spiritual roots of the 5 element!” Han Ling Feng said emotionally “In order words, it can strengthen the roots of our spiritual talent!”

“Ah~” As Little Fatty and Monkey heard that, they were stunned silly. They could not have imagined that there was such a heaven-defying object in this world. One have to know, once a person is born, the 5 element spiritual roots are fixed. It was very difficult to change it after. Although Han Ling Feng and Monkey both had spiritual roots which are better than normal people, but compared to those unparalleled geniuses, they were far lousier. Otherwise, they would have entered the inner courts long ago.

Under normal circumstances, with both their talent, they would only be able to become JinDan or YuanYing stage cultivators, with no chance of further progression. But now they had a chance in front of them, if they ate this 5-element lotus, it could completely change their spiritual roots. At least, they would be able to enter into the semi-deity stage or even higher. With such a stupefying news, how could they not become emotional.

As for Little Fatty, his spiritual roots was already originally rubbish. But after he had the Primal Chaos Formula, there was also a little change. Even if he could not compare to those geniuses, he is definitely not considered trash. If he had the help of this 5-element lotus, what sort of a height would he be able to reach? Little Fatty’s heart could not help but be fired up too.

After he carefully inspected the lotus in the lake, he could not help but sigh with disappointment, “The lotus seed pot can’t be seen. It appears that it has not formed any seeds. How long does it take for the 5-element lotus to form seeds?”

“I don’t know. It is said that the 5-element lotus is the sort of flower which only blooms one every few millennium. The way it seems, although it has already bloomed, and the seed pod is forming. But for it to form seeds, I’m afraid it would still take at least a hundred years.” Han Ling Feng answered.

“Hundred years? That’s too long!” Little Fatty said in disappointment.

“To us, we can still afford to wait!” Han Ling Feng said.

“But the problem is, we cannot just wait here!” Little Fatty added, “A hundred years is not short. If someone were to come in here and find this place, then wouldn’t we lose out?”

“That also can’t be helped.” Han Ling Feng said “The 5-element lotus requires 5 element pure water for it to grow. The environment it requires is also very stringent. It requires a certain density of the 5 elements before it would grow. Otherwise, it would start to wither. Apart from this place, we will not be able to find any other more suitable place.”

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