Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 33: Cave Investigation

Chapter 33: Cave Investigation

“Nothing much, the cultivation method which I am cultivating is a bit unique. After cultivating it, my body is as firm as a bodily cultivator, but I can still refine diving lightning. All in all, I think that it isn’t too bad!” Little Fatty said casually.

“My goodness, this is still not too bad? This is considered a top tier cultivation method already!” Han Ling Feng and Monkey both exclaimed.

“Little Fatty, is this cultivation method easy to practise? I want to practise it too!” Han Ling Feng could not help but ask.

"Don’t need to think about that!” Little Fatty shrugged his shoulders and said complacently: “This is only compatible for those geniuses with an average talent in all 5 elements. Apart from me, none of you can practise it!”

“What? Average talent in all 5 elements? That is a genius? In my memory, that is an extreme trash!” Han Ling Feng said in shock.

“Are you implying I am trash?” Little Fatty pretended to be angry.

“Ah, hubby, of course, you’re not. But, other people are saying this. Ah, don’t tell me it is because your cultivation method is special?” Han Ling Feng quickly said.

“It should be so!” Little Fatty nodded his head and said, “Okay, let’s not talk about this. Let’s talk about our situation now! Although the Blood Ravens are blocked by the waterfall and cannot come in for now, but we also cannot exit. They seem to want to wait for us, what should we do?”

“Why not wait for a few days? Maybe the egg essence on our bodies would be cleansed by the water and the Blood Ravens wouldn’t be able to find us!” Monkey said.

“I heard people saying that the Blood Ravens would hold a grudge. Those who offended them before would be attacked by them if they returned. Now the Blood Ravens have already recognised us, even if we do not have the egg essence on us, we would still be attacked if we went out.” Han Ling Feng said helplessly.

“What should we do? Don’t tell me only death awaits us?” Monkey replied helplessly.

“Since we can’t go out, then we can only in!” Little Fatty pointed to the interior of the cave and said, “If we are lucky, we may be able to find another exit. If not, we can only await our deaths!”

“Ah ah, ever since I met you, my luck has been pretty good!” Han Ling Feng smiled and said, “I have confidence in you!”

Little Fatty and Han Ling Feng smiled to each other. Fatty said: “Understood. Since this is the case, let us go!” Saying that, Little Fatty took the lead and walked inwards. Among the 3 of them, he was the most resistant to beating, so he would naturally take the lead. Monkey followed behind him and Han Ling Feng at the rear.

The 3 of them slowly walked into the interior of the cave to investigate. They were careful along the way and they held onto their flying swords, preparing for battle. The vast mountains had myriads of weird demonic beasts appearing. Investigating a cave in the wild required them to be even more careful. The Mystical Sky Yard had such records for the students’ perusal. There were many records which recorded many seniors encountering dangers in a cave. Most of them died within and could only let others describe what happened. With so many past events, the 3 of them did not dare to be careless.

Actually, according to what the Mystical Sky Yard recorded, the elders do not recommend low-grade disciples to investigate caves. If not for the fact that they were forced to such a state, they would not dare to casually investigate a cave.

Talking about this, the cave where Little Fatty and all were in was not small. The cave was over 100m high and was extremely deep. The smooth rock walls had a faint green glow, there were many layers of stalactite, and the ground was full of pot-holes with a pond occasionally appearing. At the same time, the 3 of them could clearly feel the effluence of dense spiritual Qi. The deeper they are, the denser the spiritual Qi.

But, at this moment, as they faced an even denser spiritual Qi, they could not help but be increasingly jittery.

After moving forward for a few miles, they did not realise any dangers. They only occasionally saw some remains of demonic beasts skeleton. Little Fatty casually picked up a piece, which had obviously been torn apart, looked and said, “The spiritual Qi here is dense, and there are demonic beasts remains. It really fits the description in the sects records. The description of the habitat of a high-grade demonic beast.”

“I have also seen some relevant materials and it is indeed similar. However, did you realise that the bones here are all very old?” Han Ling Feng continued, “It seems as though it is tens of years old. There isn’t even any stench. On the records, the place where high-grade demonic beasts stay are all very smelly. But the air here is very fresh, and there isn’t any noxious smell.”

“En?” As Little Fatty heard, he took in two deep breaths and said, “There is indeed no weird smell. Unless I am thinking too much?”

“Anyway, we do not have anywhere to retreat to. Let’s continue walking!” Han Ling Feng suggested.

“Sounds good!” Little Fatty nodded and continued walking.

After a certain distance, they reached a split road. One was wide, one was narrow. One had a denser spiritual Qi, and the other a little less dense.

Seeing such a situation, Little Fatty could not help but turn back and ask “Where should we walk? The big or small path?”

“Let’s go to the larger path, there is a higher chance of finding an exit!” Monkey replied.

“Nope, I feel that walking towards the small path with denser spiritual Qi would be better!” Han Ling Feng suddenly said, “This place has such a dense spiritual Qi, for all we know there may be a treasure!”

“Treasure?” Hearing that, both Little Fatty and Monkey’s eyes lit up. After being reminded by Han Ling Feng, they also thought about this point. But, Little Fatty regained his composure and said with worry “There is quite a high chance that there is a treasure. But the problem is, under normal circumstances, there will be a stronger demonic beast guarding the treasure. The 3 of us are XianTian stage rookies. We have been just chased around like dogs before that, can we beat it?”

“This, I am a little worried!” Monkey replied honestly.

“I think that there isn’t much of a problem. The Blood Raven Ridge was after all not an extremely precarious place. The strongest demonic beast here would be at most of the 4th or 5th level, which is about a foundational stage cultivator.” Han Ling Feng could not help but laugh bitterly and say, “Don’t see that both Monkey and I are XianTian stage rookies, but you, Little Fatty are different. Don’t forget about your divine lightning. You are a cultivator who knows lightning spells, how are you comparable to normal people?”

“Oh~” As Little Fatty heard this, he was instantly stunned. :He was long used to do things as a weakling, and completely forgot about his identity as a lightning cultivator. Lightning cultivators were cultivators which grasped the strongest attacking techniques in the cultivation realm. Their combat prowess was naturally different from normal cultivators. Normally, a lightning cultivator would be at least of the foundational stage. Once there is some accomplishment, just their offensive abilities, would be comparable to JinDan stage cultivators.

Although Little Fatty belonged to a different sort of lightning cultivator, but he had lightning spells which were not weak. After expending his negative water lightning previously, he still had a few hundred pearls. Just based on this killing technique, he really had the ability to challenge a foundational stage cultivator. Besides, Little Fatty also had his big bell. Although Little Fatty was unable to unleash its other abilities, but with just its frightening defence, it was sufficient for Little Fatty to ignore the attacks of foundational stage cultivators.

With the destructive lightning spell and the large bell with a strong defence, Little Fatty could not be considered to be a rookie anymore.

After understanding this, Little Fatty could not help but laugh at himself. He then shrugged his shoulders and said, “Okay, I admit that I underestimated myself. If that’s the case, then let us go and take a look if there is anything!”

After saying that, Little Fatty pulled himself together and walked cautiously towards the small cave with denser spiritual Qi. Although it was the smaller cave, but it was still over 20 feet high, with the sound of water dripping coming from the inside.

After walking in the cave for over an hour, they still could not find the end. But at this time, Monkey who was in the centre suddenly exclaimed: “Fatty bro, look at that~”

Saying that, Monkey tugged on Little Fatty’s clothes and pointed at a green protrusion at the wall of the cave.

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