Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 35: Keeping the Treasure

Chapter 35: Keeping the Treasure

“That may not be the case, I have a way to store them!” Little Fatty thought about the dimension in his Natal Artifact, the 5 elements in it was definitely dense enough.

“Eh? How will you find a place for them?” Han Ling Feng immediately asked in astonishment.

“I’ll talk about this later!” Little Fatty then pointed to the pond and said “This pond water should be the renowned purest 5 element essence water! It is said that after drinking this, one can recover his Qi in a short amount of time.”

“Yes, they are condensed together by the purest of the 5 elements spiritual Qi. Drinking it would allow the wilting spiritual Qi to replenish quickly. It is even more effective than normal Replenishment Elixirs!” Han Ling Feng said “Plus, the amount which it restores is also very substantial. A single drop would satisfy the needs of a foundational stage cultivator, and anything more would be a waste!”

“That’s great!” Little Fatty immediately said excitedly “I was just feeling frustrated because normal replenishment elixirs are unable to replenish my Qi quickly enough. With this, I would be able to support the black iron bell while flying. I would be able to protect all of you to go back to the Mystical Sky Yard!”

“Haha, does that mean that we are saved?” Monkey immediately said in excitement.

“That’s about right!” Little Fatty then continued, “The only problem now is that we definitely have to bring this 5-element lotus away with us!”

“How do we bring it with us? Don’t tell me you want to uproot it and plant it in your hut?” Han Ling Feng asked in doubt.

“I will not be so foolish and uproot them. What I mean is to bring the whole pond with us!” As Little Fatty said that, he took out his lightning wind sword. He injected a fraction of spiritual Qi and the sword immediately emitted sword Qi. Little Fatty then used the sword Qi to slash the ground surrounding the edge of the pond.

The pond was made of a gigantic 5 element jade stone. The jade stone was extremely hard, and Little Fatty’s sword Qi would not be as strong. He was obviously unable to deal with this special jade stone. But the pond was surrounded by normal rocks. It was also being eroded by water over a long period of time, thus it wasn’t very hard. As such, with just a casual slash, there was a deep cut on the ground.

At the same time, Little Fatty called out to the two others, “Don’t stand there in a daze, come and help. Help me dig out this precious jade stone pond!”

Han Ling Feng and Monkey looked at each other then slowly took out their flying sword. As Monkey started to take action, he laughed bitterly and said “Fatty bro, are you sure you can bring this pond away? It is over 100 feet in diameter, and weighs over 10,000 catties. How are you going to bring it back?”

“Yeah, you seem to only have an old and tattered dimensional storage item. I’m afraid it will not even store an item of a few hundred catties!” Han Ling Feng also asked doubtfully.

“Don’t worry, I have the confidence to bring it away. The dimensional storage item which I have is very gorgeous!” Little Fatty said proudly.

At this moment, after growing for over 3 years, the dimension in Little Fatty’s Natal Artifact has expanded to about 10,000 feet in diameter. There were multitudes of materials inside. The wind copper, which was the greatest in quantity, was piled like a mountain and weighed at least 100,000 catties. This was because Little Fatty used all the black iron to coat the exterior of the copper bell.

But, even with the large amount of materials, the dimension was also not too full. The materials only occupied about 3 quarters of the surface area. There was still a large area that was empty, and a place which was occupied by the various elements spiritual stones which were condensed from the dense spiritual Qi. Little Fatty intends to place the pond here, with the spiritual density of the place, the 5-element lotus would definitely be able to grow.

“Really?” As Han Ling Feng heard that, she immediately asked in curiosity “What is your dimensional storage item? Take it out for us to see!”

“It is just an egg, and there’s nothing to see!” Little Fatty continued, “Hurry up and work, if we take this baby away, it will belong to us in future!”

“But, are you sure that you can keep it alive?” Han Ling Feng asked with worry, “The 5-element lotus requires a very high spiritual density for it to grow. Don’t defile it for nothing!”

“Don’t worry, I have a plan. If I am not completely confident, I would definitely not do this!” Little Fatty said, “Think about it, this thing is so important to us, why would I not be serious?”

“If that’s the case, then I’ll trust you!” As Han Ling Feng, her hands didn’t stop moving and shot out countless of sword Qi, continuously slashing the ground.

With the trio’s combined efforts, the gigantic jade stone pond was finally dug out. Although only 3 feet could be seen, but the actual depth of it was over 10 feet. The three of them were exhausted and only managed to dig it out after resting for a few times. Little Fatty then successfully kept it into his own Natal Artifact.

Seeing Little Fatty being able to really store such a large jade stone pond, Han Ling Feng and Monkey were shocked. They did not even see Little Fatty take any treasure out, what was going on?

Little Fatty could not be bothered with their shocked faces. After keeping the jade stone pool, he wiped the sweat on his head with satisfaction and said, “Okay, we now have hope to ascend in future!”

Han Ling Feng and Monkey’s heart also began to grow excited after what Little Fatty said. But they calmed down very quickly. Han Ling Feng then curled her lips and said, “Nobody can tell what is going to happen in future. We have been trapped here for almost two days already, you better think of a way to escape!”

“No problem! This is now a small matter to us.” Little Fatty then continued, “Wait here for a moment!”

As he said that, Little Fatty disappeared and went into his Natal Artifact’s dimension. He first looked at the 5-element lotus in the pond, and there was nothing wrong as expected. Instead, because it was even denser in here, it looked even better. Furthermore, the water beads which is condensed on the centre jade pillar increased. Little Fatty could even feel the surrounding spiritual Qi being absorbed by it, then excreting it out in 5-element pure essence. Since it had only been placed here for a short period of time, Little Fatty could not tell if this situation would continue to persist.

The time now was tight, and Little Fatty did not have the energy to be concerned about that. He took out a larger container in his dimension, and carefully filled it up with the 5-element essence before going out.

Han Ling Feng felt Little Fatty suddenly disappear, then suddenly appearing again. Such a weird thing startled the both of them.

Han Ling Feng hurriedly asked, “Little Fatty, where did you go just now?”

“Senior sister Han, in what way do I look like a fatty? I am only very buff, please call me Song junior brother in future. Thanks~” Little Fatty said with some grievance.

Hearing what he said, Han Ling Feng was first stunned. She then carefully inspected Little Fatty. As she looked, she really saw something. Little Fatty’s clothes were in tatters and his top half was naked, displaying his well defined muscles. To say that he was fat was not a hyperbole. After all, he was really large and round. But the problem is, his body was not full of fats, but it was all filled with muscles. Due to the large muscles, he looked a but fat when he wore clothes.

Han Ling Feng then blinked her eyes and said, “Although you do not have any fats, but you look fat. You’re almost twice as heavy as me!”

“That is me being buff, not fat.” Little Fatty could not help but reply helplessly.

“Hehe, Fatty bro, you are really fat. Look at yourself, you figure is exactly the same as the fat monk in the temple.” Monkey then said suddenly, “But talking about this, why are you so well built? You arms are almost as thick as my leg!”

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