Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 291 - Second Form


“Of course, the Golden Dragon Boat actually has two states, the one you used before, Master, is the first form, also known as the saving form, and there is also the second form, which is the full power form. The other Heavenly Demoness saluted, “Please let us estimate the repair time after the master chooses!”

“Strange, how come I didn’t know there were two other forms of golden dragon boats before?” Song Zhong was surprised.

“Master, actually we also did not know before. It was during this war, because of using too many cores of the golden dragon boat, we communicated with it more deeply before we barely noticed the secret!” A Heavenly Demoness explained.

“So that’s it!” Only then did Song Zhong understand, and he hurriedly asked, “Then what do both of your forms look like?”

“Yes!” The nine Heavenly Demonesses promised, then they explained which Song Zhong was able to understand.

It turned out that the golden dragon boat in Song Zhong’s hands right now was powerful, almost as strong as a distracting Cultivator. But in reality, it couldn’t be compared to other Virtual cultivator’s vehicles, and was not worthy of the name of a Virtual cultivator’s masterpiece and the reason for this was solely because the current Golden Dragon Boat had been weakened, so its power was greatly reduced.

The reason for weakening of the Golden Dragon Boat was easy to understand. A golden dragon boat in its prime was comparable in power to a Virtual cultivator, if not more so, but it just terribly consumed top-grade spirit stones. After all, top-grade spirit stones didn’t grow by the side of the road, and even if it was a Virtual cultivator, he couldn’t squander it freely. Therefore, he had no choice but to abate the size of Golden Dragon Boat, thus reducing the consumption of aura.

After figuring this out, Song Zhong suddenly realised and he then began to ask about the difference between the two forms, and the Heavenly Demonesses told him about each of them. The results shocked Song Zhong greatly on the spot.

It turned out that the difference between the two forms was simply huge to be called heavenly or subterranean, and could be seen with a little comparison.

Golden Dragon Boat First Form

Three hundred feet long, three hundred feet, and three hundred feet high, young.

Flight speed about 1,000 miles per hour.

Xuan Zhongdan.

Weapon 1: Golden Lightning Towers, 0 in total, including a large Thunderbolt, a medium Thunderbolt and a small Thunderbolt with a range of 100 miles.

Weapon 2: Violet Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon, the range of the Violet Lightning Yellow Dragon Cannon is 1,000 miles.

Protective Golden Body Light

Bodyguard Taoism 2 colorful auspicious clouds

In the first form, it consumes 1,000 stones per quarter hour for daily driving, and 10,000 stones per quarter hour for fighting.

The second form of the Golden Dragon Boat

Long, five hundred feet wide”. Height of ten feet “Tian zhang

Flight speed about a quarter of a degree.

Weapon 1: Golden Lightning Towers, a total of three of them. Large thunderbolts, medium thunderbolts, and small thunderbolts with a range of 100 miles.

Weapon 2: Violet Lightning Magic Dragon cannon, the range of the cannon is persuasive and consumes 0 pieces of precious stones.

Weapon 3: The dragon’s Tail, costs 100,000 pieces of precious stones.

Protective Golden Body Light

Protective Daoism 2 Colorful Mascots

The second form consumes 3,000 spirit stones per quarter hour for daily travel and 30,000 spirit stones per quarter-hour during battle.

Obviously, the second form of the Golden Dragon Boat surpassed the first form in every way, but the consumption had increased a lot. Especially the three new skills, one is more powerful than the other, but unfortunately the consumption is also higher than the other.

One of them, the Purple Electric Yellow Dragon Serial Cannon, was an upgraded version of the Purple Electric Yellow Dragon Cannon, which could fire three cannons in a row, with each cannon consuming Spirit Stones but twice as powerful as the previous Purple Electric Yellow Dragon Cannon. These three cannons could attack a single target intensively, or three targets separately, extremely flexible.

As for the Dragon’s Wagging Tail, although its name seemed unremarkable, it was extremely powerful. It was actually the strongest strike of the Golden Dragon Boat. When it is used, the originally unattractive tail of the dragon will suddenly swing, creating a golden sword Qi powerful enough to destroy the sky and the earth, splitting the mountain! Just by looking at its frame that consumed 100,000 top-grade spirit stones in one go, one would know how perverted the power of this attack was.

As for the Golden Scales Reflecting Sun, when it was launched, all the golden scales of the Golden Dragon Boat would shoot out a shadow of its own around the Golden Dragon Boat Floating according to mysterious patterns, they were used to defend against attacks from all directions. Even if these golden dragon scale shadows don’t shatter, as long as the Golden Scale Reflecting Sun in the Golden Dragon Boat is still in operation, they can be born again . It was truly endless.

It was just a pity that the consumption of spirit stones was just a little bit horrible, just to start this formation, every quarter of an hour would cost ten thousand top-quality spirit stones, plus the consumption during battle was simply an astronomical amount today. It was no wonder that even great cultivators at the Virtual stage were somewhat unable to bear it and had to turn it into its first form in order to reduce consumption.

However, there would be rewards for the effort. The Golden Scales Reflecting Sun was certainly consuming, but its protection was extraordinary and once opened YuanYing cultivators without powerful spiritual treasures basically couldn’t even break through this layer of protection, even the attacks of a Distraction expert would be able to block most of it, and the remaining power would just not be able to penetrate the enhanced Golden Body protection Light.

…Pin Xuan said that by opening the Golden Scales Reflecting Sun of the Golden Dragon Boat, a few humble people would be able to distract the attacks of the master. It could be seen how powerful this golden dragon boat was in its prime.

After hearing the explanation of the Heavenly Demonesses, Song Zhong couldn’t help but suck in a mouthful of cold air, his heart was both loving and hating the golden dragon boat, loving it for its terrifying power, and hating it for its mighty power consumption.

After some celestial battles, Song Zhong finally decided that he would simply upgrade to the second form. Wasn’t it just spirit stones? Although I had suffered heavy losses in the last battle, I had only consumed many tens of thousands of top-quality spirit stones, almost equivalent to the increase of half of spirit stones by the Plum Blossom Goddess.

Moreover, Song Zhong’s original space was also producing spirit stones, and as long as the aura exceeded the limit standard, it would automatically condense into low-grade spirit stones and as long as these spirit stones remained in the space for three whole years, it would absorb enough spiritual energy to fade away the impurities and become a middle-grade spirit stone. After ten years, the middle-grade spirit stone would be upgraded into a top-grade spirit stone again.

Ever since Song Zhong had obtained the Golden Dragon Boat, he had paid special attention to the cultivation of the upper-grade spirit stones, and the middle-grade spirit stones were sent out for treasure fragments. It was newly formed and he kept all those aged spirit stones. During the eight years that the Eastern Sea Empire had been in seclusion, thanks to the ample treasure fragments obtained, the piece that had grown to a few dozen square feet of the Black Earth just barely rested, constantly decomposing large amounts of treasure fragments, breaking down tens of thousands of pounds of fragments almost every day. After all of the aura they contained was released, even with the Five Elements Lightning Gathering Stage on, it couldn’t be completely consumed, and every day it would produce over 100,000 Pieces of low-grade spirit stones. And Song Zhong would only need to take out a very small portion of them to compensate for the cost of buying these pieces.

In this way, Song Zhong had more and more spirit stones on his hands and had already piled them up into two small mountains, one medium-grade spirit stone, one lower-grade spirit stone, and the upper-grade spirit stone was still few. But in eight years, he had also accumulated several hundred thousand pieces.

Adding the ones left in Song Zhong’s hands now, the total amount reached as many as a million.

It was precisely because of them that Song Zhong had the courage to upgrade the Zhuo jin Dragon Boat to its second form.

Naturally, the Heavenly Demonesses wouldn’t have any meaning to Song Zhong’s order, but even though the giant warehouses inside the Gold Dragon Boat had readily available materials, to repair the Gold Dragon Boat that was so badly damaged and upgrade it to its second form would take a full year just by relying on the eight Heavenly Demonesses to do it.

This was still because the Heavenly Demonesses had the insight and experience of a Distracting experts, and if it were a YuanYing cultivator, it would be impossible for them to complete it, even if they were given a truckload of years.

After entrusting the matter of repairing the golden dragon boat to the Heavenly Demonesses, Song Zhong entangled himself with Yufeng for a few more days before rushing out of the customs.

Actually, for a cultivator of Song Zhong’s level, a mere one year really wasn’t very long and it would pass quickly. But Song Zhong was holding fire of anger in his heart ah, it was really unbearable.

Thinking about this Song Zhong, he was obviously a good man, avenging his parents, destroying hunger and extinguishing a thousand desires. There was nothing wrong with it, and it could be considered righteous and justified and it had nothing to do with anyone else.

But these bastards of the Vast Mountain had to unite to hang him, especially those so-called famous sects, even though Huolong Daoren losing his words and telling the truth, not a single person stood up for Song Zhong’s injustice. This made Song Zhong feel incomparably bleak and angry, and also made him completely disappointed in these hypocrites.

From that moment on, Song Zhong’s inner worldview completely reversed, changing from a very discerning and righteous cultivator to a terrifying existence that was shrouded in shadows.

Aren’t you guys wrongly accusing me of being a spy of the demon beast clan? Okay, I’ll be a spy and show you!

With this exasperated mood, Song Zhong went out of the gate again and immediately found the old butler Ao Tian in the hall, Song Zhong directly said, “Ao Tian, this time the human cultivators are bullying people so much that they’ve come to my door, I can’t swallow this!”

Old Butler Ao Tian was first stunned, then frowned and asked, “What do you mean, Your Highness?”

“Of course it’s the same thing as the others!” Song Zhong coldly said, “Since they dare to come to the East Sea to spread their wildness, why can’t we counterattack the vast Mountain?”

Hearing that Song Zhong was about to launch a full-scale attack on the vast Mountain, Old Butler Ao Tian was taken aback and hurriedly said, “No, no!”

“Why not?” Song Zhong was immediately annoyed, “You’re afraid of them?”

“Your Highness misunderstood, not that I’m afraid! It’s really not that condition!” Old Butler Ao Tian hurriedly explained, “Our Eastern Sea Demon Clan is still dominated by the demon beasts in the water. With only twenty percent of the number of birds counter-attacking Vast Mountains, you obviously can’t rely on fish and shrimp to go, right? Furthermore, since the humans established the Eastern Sea Alliance, the demon beasts on our coastal islands have suffered extremely heavy losses. So if we forcefully attack the human cultivators’ The mountain gate, just people’s mountain guards alone can wear out our troops, ah!”

Song Zhong frowned after hearing this and became a bit annoyed, “So this time are we just going to let it go?”

Old Butler Ao Tian thought about it and said, “Your Highness, it’s actually not completely impossible if you want to take revenge!”

“Well? What do you mean by that?” Song Zhong hurriedly pursued the question.

“It’s simple, you just want to take out your anger, it’s not like you have to attack their mountain gate. I’m sure ruthlessly exterminating their city should be enough for you to get out with.”

“Good, if I can give them a huge blow, I’ve got this breath out of me!” Song Zhong then said, “Then what do you suggest?”

“The Eastern Sea Alliance ah.” Old Butler Ao Tian hurriedly said, “It’s not very well defended and has a large number of disciples from various factions, so if we can break it down and make a big killing of the other party’s disciples, then not only will you be able to take out your anger, but our descendants along the Eastern Sea will also be grateful to you!”

“Good idea.” Song Zhong then slaps his thighs and excitedly said, “I’ve actually been looking at those rabble-rousing bastards of the Eastern Sea Alliance for a long time, and this time let’s just wipe them out. Let’s see if these bastards still dare to be as arrogant in the future!”

“Your Highness is right, but the Eastern Sea Union has hundreds of thousands of human cultivators, it’s considered a huge thing and there is also one group of four masters and five YuanYing expert allies sitting in town. Relying on just you, Prince, even if you add me again, you won’t be able to beat them!”

“Well?” After hearing this, Song Zhong couldn’t help but say strangely, “Don’t I, the crown prince, have the power to deploy troops to the trough”

“Uh, yes!” Old Butler Ao Tian then explained, “You don’t have much prestige in the Eastern Sea yet and if you want to send troops, you can, but you must first talk to the great tribes. The chiefs of the group are summoned here for deliberation, and if they agree, then naturally they can send troops!”

“But what if they don’t agree? Song Zhong asked with a frown.

“If they don’t agree, then they’ll have to follow the rules of the demon beasts, and they’ll send someone to fight you alone, and the loser will obey the winner!” Old Butler Ao Tian said.

“Damn, do I have to beat up all these demon leaders one by one in order to send troops? Song Zhong then laughed a bit cryptically.

“Hehe, of course it’s not like that.” Old Butler Ao Tian smiled, “After all, you are a crown prince, and an extremely promising Xuan Turtle, you definitely have a bright future. As long as you’re not an idiot, who would want to offend you at this time ah? So, this is a formality and I’m sure that no one would dare to object, given your status, especially with this wonderful performance of yours.

“My brilliant performance this time?” Song Zhong couldn’t help but laugh bitterly at the words, “I’ve been chased for tens of thousands of miles, wretched as a mourning dog, and not only did I destroy the golden dragon boat and killed so many demon beasts of late, what kind of brilliant performance is that called?”

“Haha, Your Highness, you can’t say that. Although we have lost some juniors, the humans have lost more in comparison, and we have made a huge profit, the humans had just faced a loss, no advantage at all ah.” Old Butler Ao Tian smiled. Song Zhong immediately woke up to his words, then asked, “You mean those flying boats?

“Of course, although we lost many juniors this time, it’s nothing compared to the ten or so canoes that were captured!” Old Butler Ao Tian smiled.

When Song Zhong heard that, Lixuan said strangely, “With so many treasures in the Eastern Sea, you guys are still missing a flying boat?

“Of course!” Old butler Ao Tian hurriedly explained, “Don’t look at our Eastern Sea treasures, but our demon race has no talent in refining weapons, so like the flying boat we can’t even refine this kind of large magic, we can only rely on robbing humans! Unfortunately, humans are also very cunning and do not easily enter the hinterland of the East China Sea in a canoe, so we seldom seize this thing. The seizure of a flying boat was still more than four years ago when just one flying boat less than a hundred feet long was seized and it calmed the entire Eastern Sea. And this time, we have seized a dozen or so large flying boats, how can it not be a great joy?”

“Ah, so the canoe is worth that much, huh? It’s a pity that all of them were casually distributed to those meritorious tribes, if I knew earlier, I would have kept one for you.” Song Zhong helplessly said.

“Hehe, Your Highness doesn’t need to be concerned, those juniors won’t swallow this kind of treasure even if they take it, they will all turn it over to their elders.” Old Butler Ao Tian then smiled and said, “Old Slave’s son is quite filial, he has long since transferred the flying boat rewarded to him by His Highness to Old Slave!”

“Oh, in that case, congratulations.” Song Zhong smiled.

“I don’t dare, it’s all taking advantage of Your Highness’s light ah!” Old Butler Ao Tian then laughed, “I’m not the only one who’s gotten the glory this time” the other tribes have as well, those guys don’t know how happy they are. The heart definitely appreciates you. So you let them send troops, basically, it’s just a word, 80% of the guys won’t object!”

“Haha, I see, then I’m relieved.” Song Zhong nodded his head in satisfaction.

“Hehe, actually, if it were Her Majesty the Queen, she could have skipped this step and just dispatched the troops. It’s a pity that it’s your first time disposing of such an important matter, everyone doesn’t know you and it would be rude to issue orders rashly, which would make those chiefs think that you don’t respect them, even if you reluctantly carry out the order, you’ll still have goosebumps in your heart, so I think it’s better for you to go through the motions!” Old butler Ao Tian smiled.

“OK!” Song Zhong directly nodded his head and promised, “It’s just a formality, it doesn’t matter. You’re going to invite those big chiefs to the proceedings in my name at this banquet!”

“Yes!” Old butler Ao Tian immediately promised.

“Right.” Song Zhong suddenly said, “How many great chiefs of the Eastern Sea Demon Clan are there?”

“Heh, it’s not much, a thousand or two thousand!” Old Butler Ao Tian smiled.


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