Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 292 - Preparing for Revenge

Chapter 292: Preparing for Revenge

“Holy shit, that’s not too much?” Song Zhong didn’t know whether to laugh or cry.

“Your Highness, our Eastern Sea is tens of millions of miles in radius, it is only right to have more tribes but…” the old steward Ao Tian said hesitatingly.

“But what? If you have something to say, just say it!” Song Zhong was a little impatient.

“Yes yes!” Old steward Ao Tian then frowned, “Your Highness, the East China Sea Alliance in this area really cannot afford to let us out from here, especially some distant tribes, whose armies have been coming to us for several decades. So, in the view of this old slave, let’s mobilize some tribes near the East China Sea Alliance and pack them enough!”

“Well, I will let you arrange everything!” Song Zhong was quick to say, “But I kind of can’t wait, so this had better be done quickly!”

“This is easy!” Old steward Ao Tian immediately smiled, “There are only five large tribes near the Cangtian Mountain. As long as they give the nod, the remaining small tribes will definitely agree. Old Slave will immediately send someone to bring those four. The tribal leaders will invite them over, and you will be able to meet with them in two days at the most!”

“That’s good!” Song Zhong nodded. Then suddenly remembering something, he hurriedly asked “Wait. Why four chiefs? I thought you said there were five big tribes?”

“Heh!” Old steward Ao Tian smiled slightly and said, “Your Highness, Old Slave is not talented and is the leader of one of the Xuan Turtle clans. Your Highness’s matter is Old Slave’s matter, so I don’t need to ask here. It will also support you!”

“Oh, so that’s the case, thank you very much!” Song Zhong smiled and arched his hands.

“I Don’t dare, I don’t dare, this is the old slave’s duty!” Old Butler Ao Tian hurriedly and politely said. He then got up and saluted, “So, Old slave will retire first and send someone to deliver the news!”

Song Zhong nodded slightly. Old Butler Ao Tian then turned around and left. Gazing at the old steward’s back Song Zhong’s thoughts however drifted to the East Sea Alliance, saying in his heart, “You bastards, wait for me, Master Song Zhong Dao is back to bid you farewell again! It’s a few lines of harmony.

While the East Sea Demon Clan was rejoicing over the bumper harvest, the East Sea Alliance was in a state of sorrow. The experts of the various factions that were chasing Song Zhong originally had them. There were around three digits, but the number of people who came back alive was less than three digits, only a few dozen. Not only that, but they also lost the most precious large magic flying ship of each faction.

Instead of taking advantage of the situation, they lost their troops and also provoked a big enemy. Those factions that had nothing to do with this matter but had been persuaded by Huo Qingyun and the others to participate in this matter were now broken with remorse.

After a group of people escaped from danger by the East Sea Alliance’s Master, they all gathered in the lobby of the palace where East Sea Alliance’s Master, Dongai Sanren lived and cursed. All the spears were aimed at the Demonic Daoist.

It couldn’t be helped that Huo Qingyun died because of the death of her daughter. Too stimulated to become an idiot, Huolong Daoren hugged his sister and flew off somewhere. And so. Of the people who had encouraged everyone to chase after Song Zhong, there was only one Demonic Daoist left, and if the fire of the crowd wasn’t directed at him, who should it be directed at?

Even though the Demonic Daoist was exceedingly strong, and could definitely be ranked in the top five or even top three among these people. He was alone and didn’t dare to talk back at all, for fear of angering the crowd and suffering a group beating. After all, the people present are also YuanYing cultivators, not as good as the Demonic Daoist in individual combat, but if more than a dozen people swarmed on him, they could absolutely eat him to death.

Without the Thousand Desires Gate to back him up, Demonic Daoist was alone, and even the heads of small sects that were usually extremely respectful to him dared to point at him and yell at him. The poor Demonic Daoist was stunned and became a punching bag for everyone.

Although the Fengyun Maiden Sisters were also from the Thousand Desires Sect, they had already had a grudge against the Demonic Daoist. When they saw his wretched appearance, they were too happy to care, but they just kept sneering.

After scolding everyone for a while, the Demonic Daoist just kept quiet with a cold face, and everyone held their own identity. It’s not good to be too coercive, so it slowly faded down. Then everyone began to discuss what to do in the future.

There were grumpy people who said on the spot “Mobilize the army to kill and take back your own sect’s treasures”. This guy was directly sneered at by a group of people. What kind of joke was that? The East China Sea is such a large territory, the number of demon beasts adds up to an unknown number of billions, how can humans compare? How many people rushed in is also unknown.

Others said that it was best to use peaceful means and negotiate to get the things back, not to fight and pay spirit stones or valuable materials. This proposal was also quickly rejected, the East China Sea is extremely rich in products, much stronger than the Cangyan Mountain, in terms of spiritual stones and materials, but this is not comparable to others. The only advantage humans have is manual dexterity, and they can make large magic flying ships. Therefore, according to reason, it should be the demon race who should exchange the materials for the human’s canoe. Now if it’s the other way around, no matter how many things they take out, people won’t exchange them.

These people then argued for half a day with each other. Neither had come up with a reliable solution to the problem. In the end, they could only disperse unhappily.

For this. As a result, the Demonic Daoist actually already knew, if he hadn’t been stalked to death and was afraid that escaping would lead to a siege by these crowds, he would have run away long ago. Now it’s not easy to get through this hurdle, he naturally doesn’t dare to wait for long. Two or three companies didn’t even greet the Wind Cloud Maiden, so he hurriedly left.

Although nothing came out of this contentious meeting. There was still a consensus. That was that although the demons had taken advantage, I’m afraid that they would not give up.

Especially Song Zhong, whose beloved golden dragon ship had been destroyed and who had been unjustly framed and chased by these people for tens of thousands of miles. With his temper, it was strange that he could swallow this anger. Coupled with the fact that Song Zhong seemed to have an extremely high status in the demon tribe, the crowd could almost foresee him leading the demon tribe in massive retaliation.

In order to guard against Song Zhong’s possible retaliation, the East Sea Alliance was in a state of panic. The alliance master, Donghai Sanren, even more unhesitatingly issued a top-level alert order during this period. All activities out to sea were halted, and everyone was concentrated on standby. Covering the entire. The vigilance array along the East Sea coast was fully opened. As soon as the demons came, they would get an alert from far away. At that time, whether it was an ambush or an escape would all be determined based on the intelligence.

And here was where Song Zhong’s reputation became legendary among human monks, but this time it was a bad reputation. Destroying two major sects in succession and killing tens of thousands of monks, Song Zhong had suddenly become everyone’s nightmare. After the thunder of the snap of his fingers, Song Zhong finally got a brand new nickname, the Great Devil King!

While the East Sea Alliance was on full alert, in the East Sea Prince’s Palace, the Great Demon King Song Zhong, who was spoken of by human monks, was talking at length with five sixth-level demon beasts.

In addition to the old steward Ao Tian, there were also the God Vulture King Xiang Dang, Iron Arm Ape God Hou Qing, White Whale King Bai Hua, and Octopus King Zhang Qiang.

The original body of the Divine Vulture King Xiang Dang was a demon beast called Evil Vulture, which was a particularly sinister and cunning demon beast. It is good at sneak attacks. It likes to eat dead bodies. Xiang Dang’s appearance resembles a balding middle-aged man. He looks thin but has a large skeleton with glowing eyes.

I saw the Divine Vulture King Xiang Dang holding his hands and politely said to Song Zhong, “Since the Prince wants to fight the East Sea Alliance, Xiang Dang is not so talented and is willing to withstand with him!”

“We did it too!” The black-clothed man on the other side followed. This person was Iron Arm Ape God Hou Qing. With the strength of a sixth rank high realm, it was considered to be a powerful character among several people. It was just extremely ordinary looking, looking like a skinny monkey, only with extremely thick arms. It was extremely incongruous.

“Count me in!” Octopus King Zhang Qiang also shook his floppy arms. His original body was a large octopus with reciprocal merit years of training, with no bones all over his body, and even after turning into human form, his arms and legs were still soft. However, if someone despised him for this, it would be a big mistake. Although he and Iron Arm Divine Ape Hou Qing were both at the same sixth level of high strength, he was even a tier higher when it came to a real fight.

As for the last one, it was a big fat white man. Rich and always with a smile but although he looked harmless, his strength was second only to the old steward Ao Tian among all the others.

As a great white whale that had cultivated for more than five thousand years, White Whale King Bai Hua was very calm, often being the last, to speak, and this time was no exception. He only gently took a sip of his teacup before he nonchalantly said, “Those guys of the Eastern Sea Alliance are indeed very annoying. A certain family has actually long been uncomfortable with them. It’s just that the East Sea Alliance has one main, four vice masters and five allies, each with extraordinary strength, plus they’ve been operating in the East Sea coast for many years and have set up quite a few security boundaries. If there were many of us, they would have run away long before we could kill them with much fanfare. But if there are few of them, they will take advantage of the formation and terrain to sneak in and will be at a disadvantage instead. That’s why I have a great headache with them, I wonder if the Prince has a good strategy to take care of them ah?” Obviously White Whale King Baihua was asking with good intentions, but secretly the meaning couldn’t be clearer. If Song Zhong didn’t have a specific charter that could not convince him to send his troops to win, then he definitely wouldn’t rashly bring his hands to the war.

Faced with Bai Hua’s request, Song Zhong wasn’t in a hurry. He only smiled slightly, then said, “The East Sea Alliance’s defense is indeed well done, but it can’t stop me! I’ve already got a way to deal with it!”

“Uh, yeah, I’d like to hear more about that!” White Whale King Bai Hua immediately smiled.

“Gentlemen, please look!” Song Zhong wasn’t rude and directly shook his hand to release a glow, forming a map of the Eastern Sea before pointing to three of them, “Today’s Eastern Sea Alliance is indeed winged and all outward activities have been banned. And all the great formations that are on alert have been opened. However, there are three places that can be breached without a word!”

The crowd followed the direction of Song Zhong’s finger and then frowned. White Whale King Bai Hua couldn’t help but say, “Your Highness, that place is the territory of the Three Demons of the Eastern Sea, those three guys are ruthless and extremely strict under the emperor, and their younger brothers are as clear as Tie Tong. Forgive my ignorance, I really don’t see how this place can be breached without a word!”

“Yeah, this is obviously the strongest place, everyone is controlled by the three demons of the Eastern Sea and condensed into a rope. On the other hand, the rest of the place is scattered sand, and it’s much easier for us to hit there when they’re each doing their own thing!” Iron Arm God Ape Hou Qing followed.

“Hehe, the two seniors have a point, but you guys undercounted a bit!” Song Zhong smiled.

White Whale King Bai Hua and Iron Arm God Ape Hou Qing heard that Li Xuan Shan saved the ship out of the wrong eye, then they couldn’t help but ask! “May I ask Your Highness, why did I came out of the continent?”

“You’re counting less on their reactions!” Song Zhong smiled slightly, then explained, “Don’t forget, our purpose this time is not a military parade, if we go over there with a lot of fanfare, I’m afraid that we won’t be able to kill a single person and people will run away. That’s why we’re after concealment, it would be best if we don’t let them find out until we reach the Eastern Sea Alliance headquarters!”

White Whale King Bai Hua nodded, then was puzzled, “Your Highness is right, but what does this have to do with the Three Demons of the Eastern Sea?”

“It’s a big relationship!” Song Zhong immediately laughed, “If the place was scattered, when we hit in, we would definitely alert the others. Even if we bribed some of them, we wouldn’t be able to keep it absolutely hidden, and news would still spread 80% of the time. But the territory of the Three Demons of the Eastern Sea is different, the people here are all their confidants and are under their absolute control. Therefore, as long as we can take care of the Three Demons of the East Sea, then, under their cover, our army will be able to kill our opponent’s hinterland without being aware of it, thus giving a heavy blow to the East Sea Alliance.”

It was only after the crowd heard that they understood what Song Zhong meant. After White Whale King Bai Hua pondered a bit. Frowning, he said, “Your Highness’s words do make some sense. But the problem now is that we have no ties with the Three Demons of the Eastern Sea, so how can we get them to our side?”

“You don’t have to worry about that!” Song Zhong directly waved his hand and said, “In a word. I’m responsible for taking care of the Three Demons of the Eastern Sea. And your task is to lead the army to quietly pass through their territory. Then give me a ruthless kill!”

“No problem!” The militant Iron Arm God Ape Hou Qing directly slapped his thigh, then excitedly said, “As long as you take care of the three demons of the East Sea, we guarantee that we can kill them. Even if it’s the headquarters of the Eastern Sea Alliance. We’ll be able to bring it down for you!” “Good!” The God Vulture King Xiang Dang followed, “With our strength, we are not afraid to fight them. We’re just afraid of them running. As long as you can let us come to the Eastern Sea Alliance headquarters unnoticed, then we’ll definitely be able to bring him down!”

“Well, in that case, let’s make a deal!” Song Zhong slapped the table, and then asked, “Do any of you have any objections?”

“No more!” Everyone was nodding their heads to state their position. Even the White Whale King Bai Hua, who had just been somewhat opposed, was now full of agreement, not dragging his feet at all.

“Lights!” Song Zhong immediately got excited, “Now that this matter is settled, let’s get drunk today!” With that, Song Zhong had the banquet set up. The group of people then drank to their heart’s content.

After a fierce sparring session on the wine field. The crowd that drank hundreds of jars of wine directly became friends. For others, this much wine might be out of reach. But for these monsters, it was simply the same as drinking cold water. So after one drink, no one got drunk and instead, they all became drinking buddies.

The banquet lasted for two whole days before everyone left. At the wine table, a detailed plan to attack the East Sea Alliance had been drawn up, and everyone had been given a division of labor.

After sending off these big shots, Song Zhong took a nap before a beautiful morning. Taking Huan Yufeng with him, he disappeared into the vast Eastern Sea.

In the territory of the Eastern Sea Alliance, there was a small island that was a thousand miles in radius, and its name was Lieyu Island. It was a volcanic island, only a few thousand miles away from the Cangyan Mountain, the demons on it had long been cleared away, instead, some cultivators, fancying the short spiritual vein here, lived here. Later on, people found that it was extremely convenient to travel to and from various places, so it slowly formed a place where the cultivators gathered and liked to settle.

Later on, when the number of cultivators increased, they would inevitably exchange some of their goods with each other. Naturally, they would inevitably exchange unused materials and other things with each other. As a result, a small bazaar was formed here over time.

The marketplace of the cultivators was naturally not as chaotic as that of the mortals. In fact, there were only a few dozen people. Most were still innate cultivators.

This morning, while these lazy fellows were languishing in the sun, a black dot suddenly appeared in the sky. Those with good eyesight immediately recognized it as a cultivator flying with his sword. As time passed, the black dot gradually grew larger, and the crowd soon discovered that the person who had come was not one, but two.

The visitors were a man and a woman. The man was tall and sturdy, with a loyal appearance. Only that his smile was a bit silly though. However, those eyes were extremely agile, revealing a shrewd color.

As for the lady, she was actually just a small child, and she looked like a magnificent girl. Extremely Cute, no matter who looked at it. No matter who saw it, they all wanted to go over and kiss it.

When the little girl came, she sat on that big man’s shoulder, waiting for the big man to get off the flying sword without waiting for the big man to speak, the little girl excitedly jumped down, and then extremely excitedly ran to the stall, looking around.

Looking at this. They were clearly a brother and sister. Only, the big man was very shabby, with only a middle-grade magic flying sword. The little girl was even more simply bare with nothing on her body. There wasn’t even a flying sword, only a shabby low-grade storage bag. From this, it could be seen that the brother and sister were both poor cultivators.


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