Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 290 - Burning Huo Qianwu

CHAPTER 290: Burning Huo Qianwu

Seeing the situation, Huo Qingyun knew that she couldn’t continue to dwell on that issue. It would only anger Song Zhong more, so she hastily added with a forced smile, “She was not young at the time, but was still a bit childish. However, Song Zhong, you should also know how badly she was harmed by your father at that time, so her revenge was certainly a bit more ruthless. But it’s not a cause for anything, or is it?”

“Are you saying that my parents deserved to die?” Song Zhong became annoyed.

“No, no, what I mean is that since it’s over, why hold on to it? As long as you let her go, I guarantee that you’ll be able to restore your reputation and return to Xuantian Bieyuan. How about it?” Huo Qingyun enticed.

“No need!” Song Zhong coldly said, “That place of hiding dirt is not worth staying for me. I only want to do one thing now, and that is to avenge my parents. Let’s start by getting you all destroyed!”

Saying that, Song Zhong stretched out his hand and tore at the front of Huo Qianwu’s chest. With a piercing sound, Huo Qianwu’s front was torn open, revealing a snow-white pastry breast, which actually had an extremely colorful peony flower tattoo on it.

Seeing that tattoo, the surrounding cultivators couldn’t help but be taken aback, and they all took a breath of cold air. One of the famous cultivators even involuntarily exclaimed, “Seven-colored peony? Isn’t this the sign of the goddess of Qianyumen peony?”.

The so-called Peony Divine Envoy was actually a peripheral member of the Qianyumen, all of whom are female cultivators, specialized in the Yin Gong of Yin and Bu Yin, which are usually done by everyone**. Huo Qianwu, as the daughter of Xuan Tian’s different academy, turned out to be a peony divine envoy of others. The turtle really came out of its shell.

Seeing this tattoo, Those words said by Song Zhong reappeared in their minds, and now Huo Qingyun’s tense expression. The original suspicious cultivators have woken up, knowing that the matter is indeed as Song Zhong said, this child was wrongly accused! In fact, the real villains were the Huo Qingyun’s siblings!

This result was truly unbelievable. The respected heads of the Xuantian Bieyuan and the Hui Hung Pavilion, the two most famous sects, were actually trying to cover up a family scandal. Going as far as to frame the junior members of their sects. This was definitely the biggest scandal of the vast mountains in tens of thousands of years.

At this point, Huo Qingyun and Huolong Daoren were both ashamed. From that day, their faces were considered to be completely lost!

While the news shocked everyone, Song Zhong remained clear headed, watching the people who were either confused, disdainful, sad and with different expressions such as regret and so on, made him feel so refreshed. In particular, the look on the faces of Huo Qingyun and Huolong Daoren’s made him feel more comfortable than ever before.

“Haha, that’s great! Daughter of the Academy of Xuantian Beiyuan, turned out to be the most effective Peony Divine Ambassador. Huolong Daoren, isn’t your face glorious?” Song Zhong laughed and grabbed Huo Qianwu using one hand.

Huolong Daoren’s face instantly turned green. He held it in for a long time unable to say a single word.

Seeing the situation, Huo Qingyun held back her anger. She took a deep breath and then said coldly, “Fine, Song Zhong, you win this time. I can promise you any condition. I only ask you to let Huo Qianwu go.”

“He he, let her go? Do you think that’s possible?” sneered Song Zhong.

As he spoke, Song Zhong grabbed Huo Qianwu’s neck with one hand and lifted her up in the air. With his other free hand, he pulled out a Yin and Yang Five Elements Mixed Divine Lightning, then gently sucked it into his arm. Causing Song Zhong’s arm to glow with seven-colored divine light. It was extremely beautiful.

But for Huo Qianwu, the taste was not so good, as the spiritual power of the Yin-Yang Five Elements Mixed Divine Lightning was used by Song Zhong to use the chaotic aura in his body to slowly refine and eventually form a unique flame. Slowly releasing it from his palm.

It then began to slowly burn Huo Qianwu from bottom to top.

The power of the Yin-Yang Five Elements Mixed Divine Lightning was too violent. But after it was refined, it became extremely gentle, and yet its power actually increased. In particular, the Chaos Technique had the ability to harmonize all things and refine impurities. The spiritual fire formed by the Yin-Yang Five Elemental Mixed Divine Lightning, after being refined, had a terrifying burning power.

Although Song Zhong had minimized his output as much as possible, this flame was immensely powerful. After it touched Huo Qianwu’s body, it directly began to slowly erode her body. The tremendous pain of being slowly incinerated caused Huo Qianwu to feel an excruciating pain, and she couldn’t help but plead, “Mother, save me, save me! “

“Huo Qingyun was such a mother, she spoiled Huo Qianwu so much, even the moon in the sky can’t wait to be taken off for her. How could such a mother could afford her sweetheart burn alive right in front of her.”

So Huo Qingyun hurriedly shouted, “Song Zhong, Song Zhong. If you have something to say, please stop me.” Saying that, Huo Qingyun attacked Song Zhong’s protective golden light as hard as she could. But unfortunately, apart from a few ripples, it had no effect. Even the cultivator YuanYing couldn’t do anything to him. Huo Qingyun was even more powerless by herself.

Facing Huo Qingyun’s attack, Song Zhong only sneered. His hands did not stop in the slightest, continuing to slowly burn Huo Qianyun. The colored flames burned open the muscles and some places even exposed the bones. Huo Qianwu was crying out in pain, calling her mother and father. Unfortunately, Song Zhong was stone-hearted and didn’t care about her feelings at all. He just kept on burning her.

Seeing her daughter in such a miserable state, even the always calm and shrewd Huo Qingyun couldn’t help but lose her cool. She could no longer keep her calm and she hurriedly shouted to Song Zhong, “Song Zhong, I tell you, Qianwu’s father is a member of the Hong family of Xuantian Temple! If you dare to kill Qianwu, her father won’t give up unless he killed you! You have to think about it.”

“Huh?” Song Zhong heard the words and sneered, cursing angrily, “You shameless bitch, shut up! So what if you’re a master at distraction? Are your big shots parents, while mine aren’t parents? I’m telling you today that the enmity of my parents dying is too great to be ignored. Even if my Song Zhong’s body is torn into pieces… I won’t let it go. I won’t let go of the culprit who killed my family! Huo Qianwu, You will suffer!”

As Song Zhong snapped, the flames on his hands sped up, turning Huo Qianwu into a fireman, with Mournful screams coming out, and large pieces of limbs burned into ashes. Then, in the blink of an eye, Huo Qianwu was burned alive into ashes, with not a single scrap left.

Seeing her own daughter die miserably in front of her, Huo Qingyun, as her mother, was dumbfounded on the spot. She then screamed and spewed out a mouthful of black blood before passing out. Huolong Daoren hurriedly held her in his arms as he used his aura for first aid and shouted, “Big sister. Big Sister!”

Huo Qingyun then opened her eyes and looked at Huolong Daoren with a dazed face. But it was as if she didn’t know him. It was as if she was now a walking corpse.

Upon seeing this, he was suddenly dumbfounded, when he realized that his own sister was so severely stimulated that her entire spirit had collapsed and turned into an idiot. Seeing her daughter, who had been raised for over a hundred years, burned alive, his sister froze and became an idiot. Huolong Daeron finally became angry, and he glared at Song Zhong viciously as he gritted his teeth, “Good, Song Zhong. I, Huolong Daoren, will remember you. We’ll never be on the same page again!”

After he said that, he hugged Huo Qingyun and rode the Li Lai canoe, killing anyone along the way. It seemed that he had abandoned everything here. Even including the disciples of the Xuantian Bieyuan.

Huolong Daeron’s escape directly affected the other cultivators. At this point, they were finally able to clearly see the situation in front of them. There was absolutely no way to win, so the rest of them didn’t dare to delay any longer and returned to their own canoes, retreating to the vast mountains.

Want to leave? It’s not that easy. Song Zhong had been furiously chased by these guys for tens of thousands of miles. His good golden dragon boat was almost ruined. How could he swallow such a huge loss for nothing?

So Song Zhong didn’t say a word and immediately ordered his men and picked up his horses to resume driving the golden dragon boat to catch up. And so, the army of tens of thousands of demon beasts began to chase after the Li Lai canoe.

Since there were demons joining the intercepting team from time to time on the way, although the human cultivators’ canoes weren’t slow, they were still being chased by one after another. However, they were still being intercepted one after another. This time. In order to recover his losses, Song Zhong didn’t forcefully destroy the flying boats again, instead choosing a gentler approach. Using his own golden dragon attacks to break the defenses on the opponent’s flying boats, then allowing the demon beasts to charge up for a melee, and eventually, with the advantage of their numbers, they Kill all the humans and fully occupy the canoe.

In the beginning, the cultivators were reluctant to part with these town treasures, so the former desperately wanted to bring the canoe back, but as more and more After the interception appeared. They were forced to choose between abandoning the canoe and running for their lives. Eventually. Most of the high ranking cultivators were extremely smart in choosing to abandon their canoes and flee, and the speed of the canoe was three thousand. It was the same as the Golden Dragon Boat as well as the Thunderbird, but the YuanYing cultivators speed could reach Dan Gong, and some Golden Dan cultivators were able to even exceed that speed.. These people’s speed increased greatly after abandoning their canoes. In the end, they relied on their strong fighting power and super-fast speed to escape from the Eastern Sea.

But there were a few greedy guys. Not relinquishing the canoe. In the end, they didn’t have time to escape and were besieged to death by countless demonic beasts. Among such fools, there was even a YuanYing level expert.

It was a pity that no matter how good his skill were; he was still bound to die! Even if a YuanYing cultivator was powerful, he simply couldn’t stop millions of demon beasts, so he eventually died of exhaustion.

Song Zhong led the army of demon beasts and chased them all the way for tens of thousands of miles. It wasn’t until the people of the Eastern Sea Alliance got the news and gathered over a hundred thousand cultivators to meet them. Only then did he return in high spirits.

This time, Song Zhong was at a great loss, but the demon beasts that came to support Song Zhong were all fat. Of the Li Lai’s flying boats, only a small boat was destroyed and unusable. The rest were all seized.

As the biggest contributor to the reinforcements, Li Shan’er, with Song Zhong’s small favoritism, finally got his wish of getting the Huolong Daeron’s throne ship. The other East Sea Patrol Ambassadors also got a lot of goodies based on the amount of merit. Among them were flying boats. As for Song Zhong, who possessed a golden dragon boat, he didn’t care for these junk. Therefore, he didn’t take them and only asked to continue exchanging the spirit stones for the fragments of treasures produced in this battle. As for the magic treasures that weren’t destroyed and could continue to be used, Song Zhong generously gave them to those who had captured them. Anyway, Song Zhong now was lacking nothing, it would be better to trade them for a good reputation.

As expected, Song Zhong had made the greatest contribution to this battle, but had taken the least, or even nothing. After all, those fragments of his also had to be exchanged with spirit stones. Such a selfless spirit instantly won him a wide audience at the bottom of the East Sea.

After fighting this protracted war, Song Zhong wearily went straight back to his princely palace without attending the celebratory banquet.

In fact, on the way back, Song Zhong met Ao Tian, the great Steward above his own name. He had come to support Song Zhong when he heard the news that he was under siege, but unfortunately he was too far away, so he came a little late. He only arrived after everyone was done.

But that didn’t prevent him from learning about the entire battle. When he heard that Song Zhong had once used his own strength to fight **a YuanYing cultivator without losing a fight. The old steward laughed openly and was secretly proud of himself. Thinking that he was with the right person this time. But then he heard that Song Zhong seemed to be acquainted with the human cultivator chasing him and seemed to have had a good relationship in the past. This could have taken Old housekeeper Ao Tian by surprise. The heart said. Isn’t the crown prince a demon? How did he have relations to humans?

While feeling puzzled, the old housekeeper inquired about this to Song Zhong. Song Zhong was naturally a little nervous after hearing it. He was now afraid that his identity as a human would be exposed. After all, he was already notorious in the human cultivator world of the vast Mountain. It would no longer be possible to establish himself. If the Eastern Sea Demon Clan didn’t treat him well anymore, then he would truly become a poor homeless child.

In order to avoid this from happening, Song Zhong had to lie to the old steward. Saying that he, after transforming into *human* form, had stayed in the human world for a while, so he had dealt with all those guys. It was only after his identity was revealed that he was a demon that he was hunted down and even got a couple of his parents robbed! Thus, it was for the sake of trying to avenge his adoptive parents that he had caused so much trouble.

In fact, Song Zhong’s words, on the surface, were extremely logical, so there would be no mistake to tune in. But once one went to the human world and asked around, then Song Zhong’s identity wouldn’t be so real, and there might even be ironic leaks.

The problem is that the demon race and humans are bitter enemies, and the demon race doesn’t have the habit of going to the human society to ask for information. , even though Song Zhong’s lie was not yet as seamless as it could be, he was not very worried that it would be revealed in a short period of time. At least the old butler Ao Tian easily approved of the lie.

Because in his opinion. Song Zhong was good everywhere. It was simply impossible to be a bad person. Especially that innate demonic aura that was absolutely impossible to fool. Besides, even the Queen had approved of his identity after meeting him, so Song Zhong naturally had nothing to be suspicious about.

Thus, the old steward would explain this. Bringing his own additions, he said it to those who had some doubts, after dispelling these hostilities. Only then did the old steward bring Song Zhong back to the Prince’s Palace again, the original Zhenshui Palace.

Upon his return, Song Zhong immediately announced his closure, and the old steward naturally had no objections and immediately made arrangements for him.

After starting the retreat once again, Song Zhong immediately entered his native space, then looked at the wrecked golden dragon boat and fumed.

Huan Yufeng, who had been hiding in her native space, saw this and gently came to him, slightly surprised, “Senior brother, what have you been through? What kind of battle was it? I can’t believe you’ve even damaged the golden dragon boat like this?”

“Aah, it’s really hard to say!” Song Zhong then told Huan Yufeng about his series of battles.

As she listened, Huan Yufeng’s expression kept changing. When she finally finished listening, she hurriedly said, “Senior brother, this time was a real thrill. Don’t ever be so adventurous in the future!”

“Hey. I didn’t really want to, but who knew they were so devious that they made a trap for me to exploit! It was really a narrow escape, and to be honest, I feel lucky to be back alive myself!” After Song Zhong finished speaking, his face then straightened. Once again, “However, although I suffered a loss this time, I have also learned to remember, and I’ll take care of them again next time,”

“Huh?” When Han Yufeng heard this, she immediately exclaimed, “Brother, you don’t even have the golden dragon boat anymore. How else are you going to clean them up?”

“Who says there’s no more?” Song Zhong smiled slightly and said, “Although the Golden Dragon Boat is heavily damaged, it is not beyond repair.”

“Hey, you don’t know that!” Song Zhong smiled slightly and said, “In fact, the Gold Dragon Boat’s internal warehouse stores a large amount of yellow dragon wood, in order to repair it at any time!”

“Really?” Han Yufeng immediately exclaimed, “That’s great!”

“Of course, I can’t lie to you!” After Song Zhong finished speaking, he casually beckoned out the recruited nine Heavenly Demons. Smiling, he asked, “How much time will it take to repair the Golden Dragon Boat?”

“May I ask you which state you are trying to repair it to, master?” One of the Heavenly Demon suddenly asked.

“Which state?” Song Zhong was stunned, he then frowned, “Isn’t the Golden Dragon Boat just like that? Does it have other states?”


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