Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 247: Intense Battle

Chapter 247: Intense Battle

Old Devil Feng was no idiot. If anything, he was a crafty old man. He had already guess correctly what SongZhong’s intentions were when he saw his actions. He could not help but cursed, “Darn fatty, that direction is where the Lightning Eagle King is. Even if you were to lure me over there, I will still be able to leave at any moment. But you may not escape from them. Why not you just follow me; at the very most, I promise to not kill you.”

Obviously, Old Devil Feng didn’t expect himself defeating the ten thousand underlings of the Lightning Eagle King. While they may not really end up fighting, he will not want to risk that chance. If they were to really fight and allow SongZhong to escape in the confusion, he would not even get the chance to cry. As such, he took a step back. However, SongZhong did not bother with him and replied with a cold laughter, “Haha, you’re afraid? A pity it’s too late! Let me tell you the truth, even if I am to die, I will definitely drag you down with me!

“You… You are an idiot! I am giving you a chance to leave and you want to seek death?” Old Devil Feng replied in exasperation.

“Do you really think that I will believe your nonsense?” SongZhong replied with disdain.

Seeing how SongZhong was skeptical of him, Old Devil Feng could not help but sigh. Then, he said anxiously, “I’ll make an oath!”

“Oath?” As SongZhong heard that, he was startled as he thought to himself, ‘Is this old man really scared? But even if he is willing to make an oath, I still cannot entrust my life to him.’ “Sorry, I won’t believe you even with an oath. If you are really afraid of the Lightning Eagle King, you can just leave now. I will promise not to spread your secret when I escape!”

Just as how SongZhong did not believe Old Devil Feng, Old Devil Feng did not believe SongZhong as well.. Even if SongZhong is reputable, this matter concerns his life and death. How would Old Devil Feng dare to believe him so easily?

Thus, Old Devil Feng gritted his teeth and scolded, “Darn fatty, you forced me into this!”

As he said that, Old Devil Feng attacked even more relentlessly, as if he was experiencing a spasm. As Old Devil Feng gave it his all, the palm strikes fell down from the skies like rain as water pillars filled the sky. At the same time, SongZhong who was in the water, felt immense pressure. Despite trying his best to dodge them, he was still sent flying to the left and right from the remnant force. The protective light of the Blood River Pattern on him also became shaky as though it was about to break apart at any moment. The moment this protective light were to break apart, SongZhong’s body would receive a large shockwave for sure and he would definitely be injured. The moment he gets injured, he would no longer be able to maintain his agileness. At that time, he would most likely be struck by Old Devil Feng’s palm strikes and no one would be able to save him. But at this moment, SongZhong was completely helpless. He can only watch as his protective light becomes fainter by the moment and finally disappearing. Following which, the water pressure rushed at him from all directions as Old Devil Feng’s palm strike struck out again.

Just when SongZhong was about to be assaulted by the water pressure and killed by Old Devil Feng’s palm, there were countless of Lightning Eagles which appeared in the sky. They charged over at the speed of lightning while releasing countless of lightning bolts from their wings, over a few kilometres away. Without exception, all the lightning bolts struck towards Old Devil Feng.

If it was during normal times, Old Devil Feng would naturally be able to defend himself with a magical artifact. But now, his only magical artifact had been destroyed already, making him a poor broke. Under such circumstances, Old Devil Feng would not dare be careless. He then invoked a Wind type spell to avoid them all instantly. However, he also lost the ability to continue attacking SongZhong.

As the despairing SongZhong witnessed such a situation, he was completely elated. Without a second word, he summoned his copper bell and blocked that palm strike. Even though he was injured by the blow’s recoil, it was still much better than dying on the spot. Now that Old Devil Feng was forced to escape, the heavily injured SongZhong finally had a chance to take a breather. Right at this moment, the Lightning Eagle King who was riding a gigantic Lightning Eagle also appeared. Her adorable countenance had feelings of worry all over it, as she shouted out to SongZhong in concern, “Oi, little highness, are you alright?”

As SongZhong and Old Devil Feng heard that, they were dumbfounded. Especially SongZhong, as he thought to himself, ‘Since when did I become their little highness? What is this Lightning Eagle King playing at?’

Old Devil Feng’s face also contorted in doubt. However, he quickly realized that the Lightning Eagle King must have made a mistake. As such, he shouted out, “Lightning Eagle King, Lei Shan’er. This is a matter between us human cultivators. I would recommend that you do not intervene. If not, do not blame this old man for being rude!”

Under different circumstances, Lei Shan’er would most likely turn around and leave the moment Old Devil Feng shouted out. While Old Devil Feng was looking rather pathetic, he was still a completed YuanYing cultivator. Usually, even if an expert like him is unable to win against the 10,000 Lightning Eagles, it wouldn’t be an issue for them to kill a few thousand before escaping. Lei Shan’er was also no idiot; she would definitely not sacrifice so many of her underlings on a human cultivator.

But this time, Old Devil Feng obviously made a wrong bet. Lightning Eagle King then frowned as anger suffused her eyes. Pointing to Old Devil Feng, she scolded, “Darn bastard, you actually dare to attack the descendant of the Eastern Ocean’s Emperor. You really deserve to die! Little ones, attack! Kill this bastard for me!”

As the Lightning Eagles by the side heard that, they did not waste any time, unleashing lightning bolts like a thunderstorm, striking Old Devil Feng from all directions.

Old Devil Feng was not someone with a good temper. After being attacked for no reason for so many times, he also became angered. He first made a beautiful dodge with a Wind spell. Then, he sent out a few palm strikes, emitting blasts of air over ten thousand feet away. All of the Lightning Eagles who were struck by the blasts were all injured with their bones broken without exception. They fell down from the skies with a groan, obviously with no further chance of surviving. Old Devil Feng was indeed a completed YuanYing cultivator. With just a few palm strikes, he killed almost a hundred Lightning Eagles, scaring all the other Lightning Eagles into retreat.

At the same time, Old Devil Feng did not forget to sneer, “Lei Shan’er, you can only bully the younger generation in the Eastern Ocean. It is a pity that you are still not a match for this old man. If you are wise, scram immediately and this old man will forget everything. If not, I will kill all of these mixed feather birds here!”

As Lei Shan’er heard that, she was first startled. She then looked towards her dead underlings before looking at SongZhong. Then, she said resolutely, “I don’t care what you are. In any case, you cannot bully the little highness in the Eastern Ocean. If you are wise, scram now. If not, I will risk my life to hold you here!”

Old Devil Feng erupted in anger as he scolded, “Good, good, good! You idiotic fool! Let me show you how I’ll take care of you!” As he said that Old Devil Feng charged over, sending out a palm strike to Lei Shan’er.

As the head of her clan, her fame is not without credence. Before Old Devil Feng approached her, she relied on her agility to dodge the palm strike. At the same time, she shouted out, “Kill him!”

As the 10,000 Lightning Eagles heard that, they began to charge over again. Some of them tried to bite Old Devil Feng, while some engaged in a brutal melee. As for the rest, they sent out lightning bolts from afar, all with the resolution to fight to the death.

No matter how fierce Old Devil Feng was, he could not help but let out a roar after being tangled with by all these Lightning Eagles that were prepared to fight to the death. At the same time, he sent out a continuous wave of palm strikes, sending out green shadows in all direction and slaughtering many of the Lightning Eagles. However, the Lightning Eagles were completely uninterrupted, attacking wave by wave, with increasing ferocity!

When the Lightning Eagles were using their lives to fight for time, Lei Shan’er shouted at SongZhong who was in the water, “Little highness, run! We will hold him back!” As she said that, she had personally joined in the battle. As she saw her many comrades die, her cute face also became filled with tears. That emotional expression on her face had completely conquered the heart of SongZhong! Despite not knowing why Lei Shan’er would do this, as a man, how would SongZhong allow a lady to guard his rear while he escaped?

Seeing how the beautiful Lightning Eagles died for him, with their beautiful feathers smeared with blood, falling from the sky like rain drops, coupled with the countless groans and shrieks and tears in Lei Shan’er’s eyes, SongZhong completely exploded in anger.Finally, SongZhong gave out a loud roar as he rose from the ocean like a cannonball. His hands then stretched out as 10 different divine lightnings appeared.

His left hand was filled with negative lightnings while his right was filled with positive lightnings. This time, he did not mix the divine lightnings up together but merged them into his arms. As a result, his arms became prismatic and resplendent. This was a special lightning spell in the ancient lightning talisman he exchanged for, Divine Five Lightnings Fist. The meaning of the spell was to absorb the divine lightnings into his arms, infusing it into his fists. The advantage of the Divine Five Lightnings Fist lies in the concentrated attack of the divine lightnings. It was not like an ordinary divine lightning which would disperse the moment it exploded. As such, the strength of it also increased by several fold. Of course, there were disadvantages to it as well. The lightning of the Divine Five Lightnings Fist were from an external force as well and it was a berserk form of energy. Thus, it would also injure the body. As such, the prerequisite of using the Divine Five Lightnings Fist was a strong physique. If not, the body would be destroyed before even unleashing the attack. Even if he were to unleash it successfully, the user would suffer from excruciating pain or maybe injuries. This was also the reason why SongZhong was unwilling to use this spell.

This time, SongZhong was really forced in a corner. Thus, he ignored his own body and used this spell. As such, he speed increased greatly, appearing in front of Old Devil Feng in an instant. Then, he unleashed his wild fists, smashing at the unprepared Old Devil Feng.

Old Devil Feng was indeed a YuanYing cultivator. Despite being distracted by the Lightning Eagles, he quickly noticed SongZhong’s ambush. However, he was too confident in his own body. After the ‘devil entering the body’, almost nothing would be able to harm him. Thus, he ignored SongZhong’s fist and gave SongZhong a palm instead. A tragedy occurred.

While SongZhong had a tortoiseshell currently, even if it was that of the Black Tortoise, he was still unable to defend against the attack of a completed YuanYing cultivator. Thus, his ribs were all shattered as he flew out. Before he was even able to say anything, he spat out a mouthful of blood and fainted on the spot. Before he fainted, SongZhong could vaguely feel that he landed onto something soft, with a voice full of anxiousness crying out to him.

As for Old Devil Feng, while his body was extremely powerful, SongZhong was no weakling either. SongZhong’s body was already comparable to a peak 5th grade demonic beast with over ten thousand catties worth of strength in both his arms. Together with the 10 divine lightnings, a frightening positive and negative energy exploded after smashing onto Old Devil Feng’s chest. The protective light which Old Devil Feng was so proud of was also destroyed from this frightening positive and negative spiritual Qi. Following which, the frightening impact of tens of thousands of catties of strength smashed onto his body, sending him flying and heavily injured on the spot!As Old Devil Feng saw that SongZhong landed in Lei Shan’er’s arms after receiving his palm, he was both angered and anxious. He was extremely clear that his palm did not kill SongZhong. Not only was it because of SongZhong’s perverse body, it was also because Old Devil Feng was too fatigued from the prolonged battle. If it was when he first used the ‘devil entering the body’ spell, SongZhong would most likely be killed from a single palm strike. It was a pity that Old Devil Feng was also at his wits end and unable to kill SongZhong.

Lei Shan’er obviously realized this point as well. After receiving the unconscious SongZhong, she hastily fed a few elixirs to him. Without a second word, she hugged him and escape. As Old Devil Feng saw such a situation, he was overwhelmed with worry. While he wanted to give chase, the Lightning Eagles around him let out an even more ferocious wave of attack than before. No matter how big of a sacrifice they were going to make, the Lightning Eagles would never let Old Devil Feng catch up with Lei Shan’er.

Old Devil Feng had only tangled with the Lightning Eagles for a short while before he could no longer take it. At this moment, it was also the time limit for the ‘devil entering the body’. Furthermore, he was also heavily injured by SongZhong, his organs shifting from their original position and bones fractured. If he still doesn’t retreat, he would probably end up as food for the Lightning Eagles.

Helpless, Old Devil Feng can only let out a mournful sigh, carving out a blood path and escaping back to land.

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