Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 248: Large Affair

Chapter 248: Large Affair

Though the Lightning Eagles were having the upper hand, they were helpless if a YuanYing cultivator really wanted to escape. They could only watch as Old Devil Feng disappeared into the horizon with his Wind movement spell. After the Lightning Eagles chased him for a while, they gave up on the chase and returned to where Lei Shan’er was. What followed after the end of this intense battle, was the ocean’s surface littered with countless of feathers and carcasses.

While the battle on the Green Bamboo Island was considered intense, it also can’t really be considered to be very intense. After all, they did not make a large commotion on the Green Bamboo Island and quickly left, without anyone being alerted. However, the effects of this battle were extremely huge.

Old Devil Feng’s initial intention was to come to the Eastern Ocean stealthily and get rid of SongZhong surreptitiously. Then, he would leave silently, and not make a huge commotion.

However, Old Devil Feng never expected SongZhong to be so difficult to deal with. As such, when they were escaping, there were many cultivators who saw him. At that moment, Old Devil Feng was only concerned with chasing SongZhong and did not silence them.

After what had happened, this news can no longer be kept under wraps. Together with the fact that Mu ZiRong, whom he kidnapped, had an esteemed status, he did not dare to be too unbridled at such a moment. Since he was unable to conceal the information, he can only release Mu ZiRong. As such, Huo ** also found out about this news.

Following which, the Mystical Sky Yard whipped up a commotion in the Eastern Ocean under Huo **’s lead. They had directly presented this matter to the Alliance head of the Eastern Ocean Alliance.

The Eastern Ocean Alliance head was a completed YuanYing stage loose cultivator, called Sectless DongHai. He did not have a sect and was a loose cultivator. Together with the fact that he was powerful and amicable, he was made the Eastern Ocean Alliance Head of the Eastern Ocean.

Of course, as a completed YuanYing cultivator, Sectless DongHai will not have the time to manage the Eastern Ocean Alliance. He would usually be in seclusion, to prepare to assail the FenShen stage. Thus, management of the Eastern Ocean Alliance fell onto the shoulders of the four vice heads.

These four vice heads are the YuanYing cultivators from the various sects. There are two righteous and two devil cultivators. However, they usually were unwilling to manage the mundane affairs of the Eastern Ocean. They rather cultivate bitterly in their own residence. As such, all the affairs in the Eastern Ocean were managed by the JinDan cultivators.

However, such a big commotion had happened this time, which concerns a YuanYing cultivator, Old Devil Feng. The JinDan cultivators would no longer be able to handle such a matter anymore. Thus, Huo ** directly alerted the Eastern Ocean Alliance head and four vice heads.

After they have heard Huo ** and Mu ZiRong’s explanation, they were all enraged, criticising Old Devil Feng for being so shameless. Even the two devil YuanYing cultivators also stood on the side of the Mystical Sky Yard. They then rushed to the Green Bamboo Forest, wanting to seek an explanation from Old Devil Feng.

The reason why they would do this is because there’s a bottom line to the unspoken rules of the Eastern Ocean Alliance. Old Devil Feng had obviously passed that bottom line this time round. If they did not teach him a lesson, all the YuanYing cultivators from the other sect would probably also come to the Eastern Ocean to kill the elites from the other sects. If that’s the case, wouldn’t the Eastern Ocean fall into a mess?

If the Eastern Ocean Alliance were to fall into a mess, the number of demonic beasts they kill would also be affected. If the mission of killing the demonic beasts were to be affected, it may possibly result in a demonic beast tide. If the demonic beast tide were to occur, all of the sects in the Vast Mountain, be it devil or righteous, will definitely suffer.

Thus, Old Devil Feng’s despicable actions had already upset everyone’s interests. As such, all five of them, regardless devil or righteous, to be opposed to his actions.

In fact, Old Devil Feng knew that his actions this time would definitely make him a public enemy. It is just that he hated SongZhong far too much, to the point he was not able to endure it, thus risking such course of actions. But even if this was the case, Old Devil Feng was not willing to blow the matter up, lest troubles find him. Thus, he planned to execute the plan in secret to get rid of SongZhong. Even if the Mystical Sky Yard were to question him in future, he would deny it for sure. While he would still face the ire of the Mystical Sky Yard, he would not be public enemy for sure.

However, this matter had already exceeded Old Devil Feng’s realm of control. While he managed to trick SongZhong, he was unable to kill him and even leaked news out. Old Devil Feng was no idiot either. Seeing how matters had been ruined, he dare not continue to stay in the Eastern Ocean, and had long escaped.

As such, when the authority of five came to the Green Bamboo Island to interrogate Old Devil Feng, all they could find were the remnant JinDan cultivators.

While they were not able to apprehend Old Devil Feng, they still have to get matters straight so they can give the Mystical Sky Yard an explanation.

As such, in the main hall of the Green Bamboo Island, an emergency meeting took place. The head of the meeting was naturally the Eastern Ocean Alliance head, Sectless DongHai. He was an amiable looking old man, easily mistaken for a rich merchant if one does not inspect him carefully.

On the sides of Sectless DongHai were the four vice heads of the Eastern Ocean. To his left were the two devil cultivators, one was a scrawny and cold man like a rock. The other was a fierce looking burly man dressed in robes. To his right were the two righteous cultivators, one male and the other female. The male was a suave and charming middle aged man. However, the female was an old lady holding a walking stick with a dragon’s head. Her hair was completely silver and she had a look of viciousness on her face, not resembling a righteous cultivator at all.

Besides the five, there were also Mu ZiRong and a licentious female cultivator from Thousands Desire Sect, called Cui’er. Cui’er is the one in charge of this place.

After sending the unnecessary people away, Sectless DongHai said calmly, “Today, Huo ** from the Mystical Sky Yard is pitting charges against Old Devil Feng from your Thousands Desire Sect for bullying a junior and killing the elite of the Mystical Sky Yard, SongZhong, for no reason. Let me ask you, is this true?”

“This?” Cui’er frowned for a moment before quibbling, “Reporting to seniors, that SongZhong indeed came to the Green Bamboo Island to seek trouble. In the end, he met senior uncle Feng who comes here occasionally. That SongZhong was only taught a lesson by senior Uncle Feng because he was extremely rude!”

“Full of nonsense!” As Huo ** heard that, he scolded, “Old Devil Feng obviously received the news of the Naked Skinning Witch, thus waiting for him there! My poor SongZhong was duped by that witch, thus falling into the trap of the Thousands Desire Sect!”

“Daoist brother Huo!” As Cui’er heard that, she could not help but snicker, “This Green Bamboo Island is the property of my Thousands Desire Sect! Who asked that darn fatty to overestimate himself and come snatch it?”

“Bullshit!” Huo ** scolded, “The Green Bamboo Island is obviously a public property of the Eastern Ocean Alliance. Since when did it belong to your Thousands Desire Sect? My junior nephew received an Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrant because he killed the Black Shark King. If he wants this island, it would belong to him. What rights do you have to chase him away?”

“This~” As Cui’er heard that, she was rendered speechless.

The Thousands Desire Sect was indeed not the legitimate owner of the Green Bamboo Forest. Now that she was in front of the five figures of authority, she was unable to stand on any moral grounds. As such, Cui’er really had nothing to retaliate with.

Being a sharp person, the moment Huo ** saw that Cui’er was speechless, he intensified his argument, “My SongZhong had came to the Eastern Ocean Alliance only for a few months and he had already repelled the Lightning Eagle King away, killed the Black Shark King and saved tens of cultivators. His contributions are extremely outstanding! However, someone with such outstanding contributions did not die in the hands of demonic beasts but was backstabbed by those beasts from the Thousands Desire Sect! Furthermore, it was a YuanYing cultivator who took action personally. He is only a foundational cultivator! This Thousands Desire Sect bullied him with their despicable actions. This is truly infuriating! I plead for justice to be served!”

This sly old fox spoke until tears rolled down, making him seem extremely emotional. As such, the five head and vice heads began to feel empathetic for him.

“Hmph!” Sectless DongHai did not even give Cui’er a chance to reply before asking, “You, speak truthfully, did Old Devil Feng take action personally to deal with SongZhong? Did he, or did he not?”

Now that things have developed to such an extent, Cui’er dare not face the wrath of the few YuanYing cultivators. She could only reply meekly, “He did!”

“Dammit!” As Sectless DongHai heard that, he cursed with rage, “He actually took action personally? This Old Devil Feng is too shameless!”

“That’s right, how can he do this?” The male righteous cultivator said with anger.

“Totally despicable!” The only female YuanYing cultivator also scolded, “Old Devil Feng is too despicable, we cannot let him off so easily!”

“Not just Old Devil Feng!” Sectless DongHai pointed at Cui’er and scolded, “Your Thousands Desire Sect as well! You do not have the ability to kill an ambassador from the Eastern Ocean Surveillance Corps and can only backstab others, despicable to the extreme!”

Cui’er was scolded till her neck shrinked in, and dare not retort at all.

Huo ** who was by the side did not forget to fuel the flames. “Alliance head, we can leave punishing them for later. I hope that you will be merciful and save SongZhong first! That poor child, even if he is dead, we should find the complete corpse so we can bury him properly!”

In truth, Huo ** was not concerned with SongZhong’s life or death. He just wanted to use SongZhong’s death to agitate the five head and vice heads further, so as to secure the greatest benefits for the Mystical Sky Yard. Especially Mu ZiRong, as SongZhong’s wife, she should have full claim to SongZhong’s entire inheritance. While the rest were negligible, there were only four Eastern Ocean Island Head Warrants. This is something which is related to the possession of a spiritual island. Under such circumstances, if he were to secure the Green Bamboo Island with SongZhong’s death, this would be the best!

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