Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 246: Catching

Chapter 246: Catching

Initially, SongZhong also did not know what was happening. But when he raised his arm and saw bizarre scales on them, he came to a realization to what this was about.

It turns out that all of this was due to Blood River Pattern! The Blood River Pattern was refined from the essence of the black tortoise. Usually, it would only be able to stick onto the person superficially. However, SongZhong’s case was different as he used the Primal Natal Fire to combine with it completely. As such, SongZhong now had the blood lineage of the black tortoise. Furthermore, the lineage is from a top grade black tortoise with a Blood River Pattern!It must be understood that this black tortoise is not an ordinary demonic beast. It is said that this black tortoise is the descendant of the divine-beast Black Tortoise, the ancestors of all Water type demonic beast, the absolute ruler of the seas!

Thus, after SongZhong entered the water, he felt as free as a fish. As long as he wills it, the Blood River Pattern will shroud him with a green light, augmenting his speed greatly in the water. Together with the Water Essence Sword, it made SongZhong even faster than he was in the sky, almost reaching a speed of 5000 units.

Of course, this speed was still far from Old Devil Feng, but he can lengthen the time taken for Old Devil Feng to catch up. The key point is, Old Devil Feng was actually afraid of water. He only dared to scold SongZhong from the sky but dare not dive down to give chase.

From the start, SongZhong thought that Old Devil Feng only wanted to toy with him for as long as possible. But after realizing that Old Devil Feng was really anxious, SongZhong came to a realization. This Old Devil Feng was a Wind type cultivator, coupled with the fact that he absorbed the Wind Snakes, he was full of Wind type spiritual Qi. Wind, naturally could move freely around in the skies, enjoying boundless freedom. As such, his flying speed was able to reach 8000 units.

But the moment he dived into the ocean, would he be able to move around freely? The moment Old Devil Feng dived down into the ocean, his speed would definitely be greatly reduced, and thus be unable to catch up to SongZhong. Hence, he was anxious. After realizing the logic behind all these, SongZhong realized that this may be a good chance for him to escape. Thus, he was reluctant to resurface. He then gritted his teeth and continued to dive deeper. At such a moment, SongZhong could no longer be bothered with the ferocious demonic beasts in the ocean. He only wanted to get rid of the trouble behind him. In any case, no matter how powerful the demonic beasts were, they cannot be more powerful than a completed YuanYing cultivator.

As Old Devil Feng, who was chasing SongZhong above the ocean’s surface, saw how fast SongZhong was beneath the ocean’s surface, he became even more anxious. It must be understood, the Eastern Ocean was not a good place. Especially in the deeper parts of the ocean, there were many 6th or 7th grade demonic beasts cultivating there. While his ‘devil entering the body’ increased his strength greatly, he is not able to maintain it for a long time. If this were to drag on too long and the Wind Snakes are completely burnt up, his strength would be greatly reduced. If he were to meet with a 6th or 7th grade demonic beast at that time, he wouldn’t even have a place to cry!

Anxious, Old Devil Feng could care no longer. He came near the water’s surface, and gave a palm strike onto the water’s surface. Following a loud explosion and water splashing all over, Old Devil Feng’s palm actually managed to open up a large crater of water over a 10,000 feet deep, with the force of his palm still charging straight at SongZhong.

Despite the force of the palm’s strike, there was still a large water body separating him and SongZhong. By the time the impact of the palm passed through the water and arrived at SongZhong, he had already dodged it like an agile fish, with only the pressure from the water resistance as obstruction. However, such water pressure was not capable of destroying the protection offered by the Blood River Pattern, and would naturally not cause any damage to SongZhong.

As SongZhong saw how he was able to dodge Old Devil Feng’s palm so easily, he became ecstatic, and was filled with joy of being able to escape death. He then laughed at Old Devil Feng, “Haha, darn old man, you already can’t hit me! I will definitely escape from your hands today! Just wait for me, I will definitely let you and your other half pay the price!”As Old Devil Feng heard that, he felt like he had been thrown into a tub of hot oil, almost puking blood from anxiousness.

If SongZhong were to escape today and reveal the adulterous relationship between he and Celestial QingYun, her reputation would definitely be ruined. At that time, how was it possible for her to let go of Old Devil Feng so easily? She was an actual completed YuanYing cultivator, different from Old Devil Feng who relied on a spell to temporarily increase his cultivation base. If he were to really anger Celestial QingYun, she would be able to let Old Devil Feng perish with a simple wave of her arms. Even the sect master of the Thousands Desire Sect may not be able to defend him.

As he thought about how severe the consequences would be, Old Devil Feng broke out in cold sweat from fear. How would he dare to continue hesitating? He immediately used more palms strikes, with the intention of using the continuous strikes to murder SongZhong.

Old Devil Feng’s tactic was indeed useful, following a few streaks of green light and water pillars rising all over, large craters that were 10,000 feet deep appeared all over the ocean’s surface.

In the water, SongZhong immediately felt the large pressure and could only try his best to dodge them all. At times, the force from the palm would brush past him, sending him rolling from the impact, and looking extremely pathetic.

There were a few times when SongZhong was not able to maneuver his body appropriately, and almost received the palm’s strike head on. Thankfully, the Blood River Pattern unleashed its immense effect at such a moment. As SongZhong used a large amount of Water type spells and absorbed a large amount of Water spiritual Qi, the effect of the black tortoise’s lineage began to show gradually. Countless dense scales began to show up on his body, and on his back appeared a tortoise shell. The scales helped reduce water resistance, thus further increasing SongZhong’s speed. It also helped him increase the amount of spiritual Qi absorbed, making him extremely energised. The tortoise shell displayed a frightening defensive power; not only was it able to defend against the impact from the palm, it also strengthened the protective light from the Blood River Pattern. SongZhong estimated that the existence of the tortoise shell increased the strength of the protective light by several times. From the start, the protective light would be destroyed if it rubbed past the force of the palm. But now, it would only tremble for a few moments before returning to normal. Thus, it allowed SongZhong to deal with Old Devil Feng’s crazed attacks easily.

However, SongZhong looked extremely hideous at such a moment. Apart from his hair, his whole body was covered in scales. Together with his tortoise shell, he looked like an actual black tortoise.

As SongZhong was escaping and saw his own appearance, he could not help but laugh bitterly, “Though Mu ZiRong did not humiliate me, but I am still becoming a cuckold by become a tortoise!”

Despite how depressed he felt, he still continued to escape for his life.Soon, he no longer felt depressed as he focused all his energy to escaping death. As for Old Devil Feng, he only wanted to kill SongZhong with everything he had. Both of them, one was escaping while the other was pursuing!

On the surface of the Eastern Ocean, the cultivators which they met occasionally would witness a horrifying scene. A black figure, fleeing in the ocean while another green figure was sending out palm strikes continuously into the water. Every time the green palm was sent out, a 10,000 feet crater would appear in the water, with water pillars rising up a thousand feet high. Before the first water pillar subsided, the next one would explode into the air. From afar, it looked like a whale sending out water sprouts continuously. As such, every cultivator who saw the both of them could not help but exclaim as they guessed who these two cultivators were.

SongZhong and Old Devil Feng could not be bothered with the bystanders. One of them focused on escaping while the other was focused on chasing. With their perverse speed, they had already travelled thousands of kilometres in a short few hours. At this moment, they were already in the territory of the demonic beasts.

At this moment, SongZhong was both physically and mentally exhausted. Dodging countless of palms necessitates a large amount of concentration. After an extended period of time, he was obviously fatigued. Furthermore, he did not have the time to tend to his injuries sustained from Old Devil Feng’s attacks, enduring all injuries as he escaped. It would be a wonder if he is able to endure all of this. Old Devil Feng has yet to cease with his attack. For his own survival, SongZhong has no choice but to endure.

Old Devil Feng was also almost exhausted. After chasing SongZhong for so long, he had used countless palm strikes, and his Wind Snakes were on the brink of being exhausted. However, in order to protect his secret and life, he was forced to muster every final bit of strength, in a bid to kill SongZhong who looked a little wobbly.

It can be said that the one who would emerge victorious would be the one who was able to endure it better. Obviously, Old Devil Feng, who had the more profound cultivation base, had an advantage over the injured SongZhong. If the situation were to persist as such, it was extremely likely for Old Devil Feng to emerge victorious.

But right at this critical moment, the loud cry of a bird sounded from afar. The exhausted SongZhong and Old Devil Feng could not help but be stunned, raising their heads up to take a look. In the end, they saw a beautiful lightning eagle over a 100 feet large, flying over from afar. After spinning a round above the both of their heads, it returned to where it came from, obviously to send back information. As SongZhong saw the lightning eagle, he thought of the beautiful yet dangerous lady, Lightning Eagle King. At that moment, SongZhong thought to himself, ‘If this were to continue, I would definitely lose to Old Devil Feng. If that’s the case, I would be dead eventually. Why not I lead the exhausted Old Devil Feng to the Lightning Eagle King. With the Lightning Eagle King and her fleet of ten thousand lightning eagles, she would probably be able to take care of this Old Devil Feng who is at his wits end. Hehe, let me give the Lightning Eagle King something fun to settle! It can be considered compensation for the last time!’

Thinking about this, SongZhong laughed coldly and sprinted towards the direction the lightning eagle flew towards, obviously wanting to meet the Lightning Eagle King earlier.

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