Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 245: Extremely Pathetic State

Chapter 245: Extremely Pathetic State

This was the first time SongZhong saw something like this and his face turned white from shock. Seeing that the nine beauties were back beside him, he could not help but call out towards them, “Who can tell me what is going on?”

A demonic witch immediately replied, “Reporting to master, Old Devil Feng is using a demonic spell called ‘devil entering the body’. To put in simply, it is just drawing the spirit of his magical artifact into his body and burning it to release a frightening amount of spiritual Qi. He would then have a temporary increase in his spiritual Qi by a few times! Because both of the Wind Snakes are 6th grade demonic beasts, the amount of spiritual Qi they are giving out when being burnt completely is a lot! At this moment, Old Devil Feng is probably at the completed YuanYing stage already. Facing a cultivator with such strength, us sisters would have no way of dealing with him at all. Master should leave quickly!”

As SongZhong heard that Old Devil Feng was at the completed YuanYing stage, he did not give it a second thought and shouted out, “Okay, run!” As he said that, he grabbed an essence sword and escaped with all he had.

However, how was it possible that Old Devil Feng would let him escape? This ‘devil entering the body’ is not an ordinary spell. Not only does it require the use of two precious 6th grade Wind Snakes, it will also harm the vitality and meridians of a cultivator. After all, the explosion of spiritual Qi is not something which his body will be able to endure. Thus, he would definitely be harmed greatly the moment he uses this spell and will have to recuperate for at least 10 years. Furthermore, his 8th grade magical artifact which he had just refined had also turned into trash with the Wind Snakes gone.

After paying such a heavy price, how is it possible for Old Devil Feng to let SongZhong escape? After adjusting to the increase in spiritual Qi, he gave out a loud roar, “Darn fatty, where do you think you’re going?!” As he said that, his body expanded as he shot out like lightning. In just a blink of an eye, he appeared behind SongZhong with a frightening speed. In that moment, SongZhong could not help but feel a sense of despair.

You have to know, SongZhong is already a completed foundational cultivator. He would be able to unleash at least 80% of the Five Element Essence Sword’s might. Thus, the speed at which he was flying was almost 3000. In other words, he is able to fly 3000 miles in just 10 minutes. Such a speed was definitely not considered slow and comparable to an ordinary JinDan cultivator. But as for Old Devil Feng, he did not even require his flying sword. With just his frightening magical Qi supporting his Wind movement spell, he is able to catch up to SongZhong in such a short amount of time. In other words, Old Devil Feng’s speed was at least 8000! It was much faster than the speed of an ordinary YuanYing cultivator! This is just too frightening!

In truth, Old Devil Feng’s speed is not the only frightening thing. His attack is also perverse to the extreme with the support of the large amount of spiritual Qi. As he appeared behind SongZhong, he did not say a second word and let out a palm. Following which, a 1000 feet green light smashed towards SongZhong’s back like a dragon!

This green light was extremely powerful. The moment it appeared, it made a thunderous roar. Just that roar was capable of shocking a person to death!

Facing the frightening palm, SongZhong would not dare to receive it with his body no matter how confident he was. Thus, he summoned his copper bell and placed it behind him.

The moment the copper bell appeared, the green light had also arrived. The next moment, there was a loud bang and over 30 feet of wind copper shell was shaved off. With just another palm like that, the wind copper layer would be completely penetrated!

While this palm did not break the copper bell, the frightening strength of it sent the bell flying a few hundred kilometres. SongZhong was also caught up within the impact, being sent flying together with the bell. He felt as though he was struck by a large mountain, being indented into the wind copper layer as he was sent flying.

Thankfully, SongZhong’s Blood River Pattern activated at this moment. While the green light was not able to defend against the frightening recoil, it reduced the impact by at least half. Thus, SongZhong did not fracture any of his bones but only felt dizzy with bruises all over.

Just when SongZhong was still in a daze, Old Devil Feng took a step and travelled over a few hundred kilometres, appearing in front of SongZhong again. He then raised his hands with a malevolent laughter, obviously wanting to get rid of SongZhong for good. At this moment SongZhong was already in a daze, how was it possible for him to retaliate? If Old Devil Feng were to attack at this moment, SongZhong would be dead for sure!

Thankfully, the demonic witches were still on the outside. The moment they saw that their master was in danger, they charged forward without any concern. The next moment, the attacks of nine JinDan cultivators could be seen, with sword lights flying all over and the lights of the treasures lighting up the sky.

However, their opponent this time was just too perverse. A completed YuanYing cultivator who was half a foot into the FenShen stage. In this world, that was an existence that it almost omnipotent. When Old Devil Feng saw the attacks of the demonic witches, he only laughed with disdain coldly. Then, he gave out two palms as he sniggered, “What can the Nine Beauties Painting be considered? Break for me!”

Following a power green light, the formations of the nine beauties were broken and they let out a shriek. Their physical bodies were then broken and they were forced to recuperate in the Nine Beauties Painting.

After dealing with the demonic witches in an instant, Old Devil Feng could not help but laugh maniacally, “HAHAHA, darn fatty! The Nine Beauties Painting has already been defeated by me. What other moves do you have?”

SongZhong finally regained his senses in the time the demonic witches were fighting Old Devil Feng. As he saw how the demonic witches were defeated so easily, he could not help but scolding himself for being weak. If his own strength was at the YuanYing stage, the demonic witches would be able to appear with their full strength. Nine FenShen cultivators would then be able to play this guy to death for sure! But, they were dragged down by SongZhong’s strength and could only fight with the cultivation of a JinDan cultivator. How would it be possible for them to defeat the completed YuanYing cultivator in front of them?

However, despite being in such a pathetic state, SongZhong was not afraid at all. Instead, his vicious nature was stirred as he sprinted with his flying sword while scolding, “Darn old man, try and break this copper bell of mine if you can! Didn’t you say that you wanted to break it just now? You’ll be a puppy if you can’t break it!”

“En?” As Old Devil Feng heard that, he was enraged as he said with a crazed laughter, “Good, good, good. This old man will grant your wish! I don’t believe that I will not be able to destroy that trashy bell of yours!”

As he said that, Old Devil Feng appeared behind SongZhong again and sent out another palm. With a loud bang, countless of wind copper shards fell off again as SongZhong was sent flying with the bell. But despite that, the bell was still not destroyed.

Seeing how he failed once again, Old Devil Feng could not help but be frustrated. Without saying anything else, he attacked with all he had and sent out palm after palm.

The copper bell and SongZhong was sent flying continuously by Old Devil Feng’s attacks. Finally, they arrived at the ocean. At this moment, the outer shell of the bell had already been almost destroyed, revealing a glimpse of what was hidden within. That striking gold colour and majestic appearance immediately drew the attention of Old Devil Feng.

Being a knowledgeable YuanYing cultivator, he was able to tell that this was definitely an amazing item. He then could not help but laugh heartily, “Haha, darn fatty. So there was really a treasure hiding inside? It seems that it is also a spiritual artifact. Haha, I’m rich! Getting two spiritual artifacts! I really have to thank you for that! Darn fatty!”

As SongZhong saw how his greatest secret was seen through by Old Devil Feng, he was also startled. However, he said with a cold laughter, “Darn old man, stop dreaming. Even if I were to die today, I would definitely not give you this bell and the Nine Beauties Painting!”

At this moment, SongZhong was already full of injuries after being sent flying so many times. No matter how strong his body was, he wouldn’t be able to endure the continous impact of a completed YuanYing cultivator.

As Old Devil Feng heard that, he could not help but burst out into laughter, “Haha, this isn’t your choice! Now, I want to see just where you can run to?”

As SongZhong heard that, he could not help feel a sense of helplessness. Indeed, his speed and strength were both inferior. He would not be able to find anyone to help him in this vast ocean either. There were indeed no options left for him to take. This is a completely hopeless situation!

However, now that things have turned out this way, how was it possible for SongZhong to make things easy for Old Devil Feng? Seeing that he was not able to escape, he kept his copper bell while he was being sent flying. Then, he dived into the ocean as he scolded, “Darn old man, I would rather throw all these treasures into the ocean then give it to you!”

Old Devil Feng never expected SongZhong to do this. Furthermore, SongZhong wasn’t slow either and dived into the ocean in a blink of an eye. As such, he was not able to stop SongZhong either. The moment he reacted, SongZhong was already a thousand feet down in the ocean, rapidly descending.

SongZhong originally thought that even if he were to dive into the ocean, Old Devil Feng would easily catch up to him with his frightening strength of a completed YuanYing cultivator. The only thing he wanted to do now would be to scatter his treasures before he dies, making things difficult for Old Devil Feng.

However, SongZhong never expected that Old Devil Feng to become so helpless the moment he dived into the ocean. He did not dare to give chase as he scolded in the air, “Darn fatty, come out now!”

As SongZhong heard that, he was elated! He could not help but laugh, “Darn old man, I am enjoying myself in the ocean and do not want to go up! It’s best you come down!”

In fact, SongZhong was not boasting as he said that. Ever since he entered, he felt the ocean to be extremely close to him. He did not even need to circulate his Primal Chaos Formula and a wave of pure spiritual Qi would enter his body automatically, replenishing the spiritual Qi he exhausted.

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