Chaotic Lightning Cultivation

Chapter 244: Devil Entering The Body

Chapter 244: Devil Entering The Body

With Old Devil Feng giving it his all, SongZhong immediately felt an immense pressure. The bright skies were then filled with hundreds and thousands of weapons, continuously attacking SongZhong’s copper bell.

There were large blades, sharp spears and gigantic hammers, all raining from above. Each and every of these attacks landed squarely on the large copper bell. The wind copper outer shell was unable to endure such a powerful attack as it began to crumble.

Very quickly, the copper bell which was already riddled with scars became even more pathetic. However, after so many years of layering the copper bell, there was a thick layer of wind copper over it. While it was constantly being shaved off by the cloud weapons, it would still take a long while before it is completely penetrated.

Thus, SongZhong was also not extremely anxious. However, as he was below the copper bell, listening to the sounds of impact from above, he also became a little nervous. The problem is, apart from bearing with it, SongZhong did not have any other idea to solve it.

You have to know, SongZhong’s strength had increased too quickly, and he did not have the time to search for treasures. The magical artifacts which he had on him now just weren't much. Apart from the large copper bell and Nine Beauties Painting, he only had the Five Element Essence Sword. Now that the Five Element Essence Sword was on the five sword cultivators with the Nine Beauties Painting fighting the Wind Snakes, SongZhong was only able to defend himself with the copper bell. As such, SongZhong was reduced to a state where he did not have any treasures to use. He is only able to watch as others attack him with nothing he could do.

In truth, as a lightning cultivator, SongZhong should be able to throw out his divine lightning at such a moment to retaliate. The problem was, after fighting the Black Shark King twice and escaping from the thousands of black sharks, he had thrown out far too much divine lightning. His accumulated lightning from the past few years was almost completely depleted. Currently, he only had the divine lightning which he had just newly refined. If he were to throw them out now, he would not have anything left to escape with later. As such, SongZhong could only laugh bitterly without being able to do anything.

But, Old Devil Feng would not be bothered with that. He only gave it his all to unleash the spell, sending countless of cloud weapons to attack SongZhong as though they were free. Seeing the wind copper layer being shaved away, Old Devil Feng could not help but feel ecstatic. The only thing that made him a little depressed was the number of cloud weapons he had sent out already. Even with all those, he is only able to shave the bell down but not destroy it completely.

That darn fatty still had a look as though he was saying, ‘No matter what you do, I only need a single bell’. That was really ruling the world with a single bell! It was as though he was unafraid of anything.

Seeing this, Old Devil Feng who was unable to gain the upper hand could not help but grow angry. The seals which he formed then changed as he said with a cold laughter, “Darn fatty, if this old man still can’t break your tortoise shell, I will really admire you!”

As he spoke, Old Devil Feng turned his hands palms up and took out a green coloured spell scroll. At the same time, the weapons above all vanished, gathering towards each other instead, even drawing the clouds nearby to form a towering mountain with a circumference of over 5 kilometres!

Seeing the frightening shadow over his head, SongZhong was frightened to the point his face turned green. A weapon over a few hundred feet long was already enough to shave his wind copper layer off. Now that this mountain is over 5 kilometres long, wouldn’t he end up smashing into a hundred thousand feet crater? Even if the copper bell is able to withstand it, he as the owner may not be able to withstand the recoil of that attack!

No matter how strong SongZhong’s body was, he also knew where his limits were. At the very least, his own body was definitely still unable to compete with a mountain!

Thus, after he saw the mountain, SongZhong no longer dared to be on the defense already. Thankfully, Old Devil Feng required quite a bit of time to activate the spell. SongZhong made use of this opportunity to take out 10 divine lightning, forming the Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning at the fastest speed before throwing it out.

As Old Devil Feng saw that, he could not help but sneer as he continued to unleash his spell. At the same time, he said in delight, “Idiot, this is a mountain formed by the clouds. Do you think your divine lightning will be able to destroy such a huge mountain? You must be kidding!”

As Old Devil Feng said that, SongZhong’s divine lightning had exploded and a fireball filled the air, destroying the surrounding clouds. However, while plenty of clouds were destroyed, it only reduced the size of the mountain by an extremely limited amount.

With the aid of Old Devil Feng’s spell, the blown up part was quickly repaired by clouds in just a few breaths time.

As SongZhong saw that, it would be a lie to say that he wasn’t disappointed. However, he quickly regained his energy and said with a cold laughter, “While I may not be able to destroy this mountain, I do not believe that you will be able to block my divine lightning at such a time!”

As he said that, he condensed another Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning as threw it towards Old Devil Feng himself.

As Old Devil Feng saw that, he burst out into laughter, “Brat, this old man will teach you a lesson. Don’t even throw something at a cultivator who specialises in the Wind element! You will only embarrass yourself! HAHA!”

As he laughed, Old Devil Feng became a gust of wind and disappeared. Only after the explosion of the divine lightning did he appear far away with a face full of delight, “Darn fatty, if you want to use that trashy thing to harm me, you better throw out a few hundred of them at least! If not, this just isn’t much! Hahaha!”

As SongZhong heard that, he was almost angered to death. In his hands, he did not have a few hundred divine lightning, what could he use to attack?

Right at this moment, Old Devil Feng’s spell was also about completed. It formed a large mountain made from clouds, almost 50 kilometres in diameter. With the aid of Old Devil Feng’s magical Qi, the clouds were as firm as rocks and as heavy as a mountain!

Old Devil Feng then gave out a malicious grin, “Darn fatty, take a look at how I crush your tortoise shell!”

As he said that, Old Devil Feng waved his hands and the mountain smashed towards SongZhong.

SongZhong knew that he was unable to dodge it and so he did not even attempt to do so. Then, he summoned the copper bell in front of him and face the mouth of the bell at the mountain. Then, he circulated his magical Qi to form a greyish spiritual talisman. Following which, his palms smashed on the base of the bell as he roared, “Break for me!”

After SongZhong used all of his spiritual Qi to smash the spiritual talisman into the copper bell, a loud ring sounded from this 100-foot gigantic bell. Then, a visible sound wave shot out from the mouth of the bell and smashed onto the mountain like a roaring dragon.

This gigantic mountain which was unhindered by the Lesser Positive Negative Five Element Divine Lightning began to gradually break down into mist under the impact from the sound wave. It caused the surrounded few kilometres to be surrounded by a thick mist. However, this mist was quickly blown away by a strong wind, making the sky clear again.

The only reason why the white clouds were able to form the mountain was because Old Devil Feng used a special spell to connect the messy clouds into forming a single structure. However, the copper bell specialised in the breaking down of structures. Wherever the sound waves passed through, the structure which Old Devil Feng creates would be broken down. As such, the mountain was reduced into harmless clouds. The killing move which Old Devil Feng had spent so much effort into making was broken by SongZhong just like that.

As Old Devil Feng saw the situation, he was startled. He did not feel any heartache about his killing move being broken but shocked at the sound wave attack the copper bell gave out.

“Sound attack? A sound attack which can break my killing attack is definitely not an ordinary magical artifact!” Old Devil Feng could not help but shout, “Darn fatty, just what is your bell exactly? It definitely isn’t made from wind copper!”

In the cultivator’s world, a treasure which is capable of generating sound attack is the most powerful and difficult to make at the same time. It was just far too difficult to generate a sound attack. If the dimensions were just off by a little bit, it would affect the vibrations of the air, thus reducing the magical artifact into nothing but scrap metal.

Thus, it was extremely difficult to make a sound attack type treasure. The materials involved is also extremely select, requiring only the best kind of materials. After it is refined, these magical artifacts would be known for their powerful sound attacks. If not, it would trap an opponent into a mirage. All of the attacks are extremely hidden and hard to guard against, thus receiving the liking of many.

It was also for this reason that musical instrument type treasures are extremely high end. While there existed instrument type magical tools, they would definitely not be made from wind copper. In fact, from the way that attack was able to destroy the mountain, not to mention wind copper, even a magical artifact made from top grade materials would not be able to do so. As such, Old Devil Feng would ask SongZhong that.

Song Zhong would naturally not reveal the secrets of the copper bell to Old Devil Feng. Thus, he smiled and taunted, “Make a guess!”

“Darn SongZhong!” As Old Devil Feng heard that, he scolded in anger, “Just continue to be arrogant. When this old man catches you, you will definitely be regret it!”

“Haha!” After SongZhong heard that, he laughed to the skies, “Old Devil Feng, if you were not made captive by the Mystical Sky Yard, it would not be considered arrogant for you to say this. But now, you have already used all of your moves but you’re still unable to deal with me. It seems that you cannot capture me today!”

As Old Devil Feng heard that, he could not help but lament bitterly in your heart, ‘This darn fatty also knows a thing or two. If not for the fact that I was caught by the Mystical Sky Yard, I would have at least a dozen magical artifacts on me and I would easily be able to take care of this darn fatty. But ever since then, the treasures on my body have almost all been destroyed. After a few years, I only managed to make a 8th grade flag with all of my effort which is now being stopped by the Nine Beauties Painting. I only have my own fists to deal with him but he has that perverse copper bell. All of my moves are unable to do anything to him. Just what should I do? Don’t tell me I should let him escape like that? Goodness, I have told him everything already just now. If he were to run away and spill the beans, I would be dead for sure!’

Thinking about this, Old Devil Feng broke out into cold sweat. Just at this moment, there was also a change in the battle between the Nine Beauties Painting and Wind Snakes. Despite the Wind Snakes having the strength of a YuanYing cultivator and were stronger than the JinDan beauties, they were lacking far too much in intellect.

As magical artifacts, these two Wind Snakes would naturally not have any sentience. They are only able to do battle based on their instinct. But, the nine beauties were different. They were all spiritual artifacts which had their own thought. Furthermore, they are able to cooperate with each other as well. Together with the Five Element Essence Sword, they would naturally be able to win against the Wind Snakes.

The first to accomplish something was the four nuns. Their golden buddhist light swept passed the Wind Snakes’ soul once and the Wind Snakes’ soul was at least half destroyed on the spot. It pained the Wind Snakes to the point they rolled on the spot in pain and the four buddhist artifacts smashed onto them immediately, crippling them.

The five sword cultivators on the other side also were not any much weaker. After a moment of observation, they had grasped the rhythm of the Wind Snakes’ movements. Then, their Five Element Essence Sword formed a cage to await their arrival. Following which, they left behind five long injuries on the snakes, injuring them to the point they twitched in disarray for a long while before their injuries were healed by magical Qi.

Seeing this, SongZhong could not help but laugh, “Old Devil Feng, it seems that your subordinates are as unreliable as you! If that’s the case, I will be leaving first!”

As he said that, SongZhong really displayed a posture that he wanted to leave. Since he was not able to do anything to a YuanYing cultivator, he would not dream of getting rid of Old Devil Feng now to take revenge for his parents. He only wanted to escape from here and wait for the day his cultivation is high enough before he take his revenge.

But as Old Devil Feng heard that, he revealed a vicious glare and roared, “Darn fatty, unless I die, you will not escape!”

“Old Devil Feng!” SongZhong said calmly, “You have already exhausted all of your abilities. What are you going to stop me with?”

“Hmph, hmph! How is it possible for a brat like you to understand the means I have!” Old Devil Feng then said with a malevolent face, “Since you already know so many secrets, I will definitely keep you behind no matter what. Even if I have to pay a little price, this old man will do so!”

As he said that, he called out to both the Wind Snakes and shouted, “Devil entering the body!”

Following Old Devil Feng’s roar, the two Wind Snakes became excited and let out a shriek. Then, they charged towards his body and dug themselves in.

After the Wind Snakes entered, Old Devil Feng’s body began to expand as agony filled his face. However, the spiritual Qi which he was unleashing increased extremely rapidly. In just a short while, it had already increased by a few times. He was almost able to suppress SongZhong with just his spiritual Qi!

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